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Write to a Healer.

Write to a healer . The proposal of this blog post is simple; to invite readers to write with their healing and emotional issues and get a response. Often we obsess in finding a solution to our problems that we don't see it, even if we have the answer right in front of us. Everything in life is a paradox . It seems that the Universe wants to play with us, in order to make us look deeper. In my experience as a healer, coach and therapist I've come to realise that what often works is the opposite of what we intend to do. How to get there is the key.  Every week a question or issue will be chosen. The answer will be publish, so others may benefit from it. Any personal details will, of course, remain private. Needless to say that all information given to me during sessions remains confidential, but assurance may be necessary.  Write to a therapist . Throughout years of working with numerous clients, it's easy to perceive that by introducing slight changes in our acti

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