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CONTACT US FOR A FREE 20 minute consultation to discuss your needs.


FACE TO FACE OR SKYPE SESSIONS: Either face to face or on Skype, these weekly sessions are designed to work on and strengthen your natural resources and abilities. I use a combination of Gestalt techniques, psychodrama, visualizations, guided meditations and counseling tailored to everyone's individual needs, so as to improve your state of well-being.

RELATIONSHIPS: These sessions can also be used to improve relationships by identifying the root of the problem, frequent patterns, habits and reactions and finding practical solutions to these common issues that someone might not be aware of. There's a special emphasis in intimacy and the intimate relationship with the self and others.

WHY DO I DO IT: These sessions are designed to create an effective and permanent state of well being in people. Driven by a strong sense of knowing in the needs and willingness of people to heal, my practice is founded on the belief that as someone heals, they contribute to the healing of others and the world in general.

SOUL READINGS: Perhaps the best way to understand how powerful these sessions are is to book a reading. A soul reading is basically a print of someone's core and inner truth in words. It provides and immediate shift in energy, and it includes a number of messages, so as to see what steps someone may take in order to gain clarity, inner peace and a renewed sense of purpose. Samples and reviews can be seen on this link.

BENEFITSImmediate relief for conditions such as depression, trauma, stress, anxiety heartbreak, low self-esteem and general well-being. During these sessions you learn practical methods and healing techniques that can be applied to daily situations in order to create healthy responses to usual triggers and problems, which in turn it helps to shift perceptions and create well being. The flexibility of the methods allows anyone to develop an unique healing system that serves their individual needs, and which can be applied without supervision.


  • Rates vary according to individual needs, the number of sessions and forms of payments. Every week I have two low cost sessions. Please contact me for further information. 

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