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If Giving Up On Life Seems The Only Solution; Read This.

I planned to write on a different topic today, but as the day started with this question: Manel, why do people commit suicide? I feel that it is the right time to tackle the subject. Every day people commit suicide. Those who are left behind rarely understand their reasons for leaving unexpectedly. 

I believe that suicide is an idea that has crossed everyone's mind at some point or another. Life can be tough on people and turn sour from one day to the next. However, this is not the solution to any of our problems. Life is much more precious than a moment of madness or lucidity. 

December, with the Christmas celebrations can be particularly taxing on individuals who are alone or simply feel alone. We are never alone, but we fail to recognise the Divine support we have around. Being alone is a period to learn about ourselves. It does happen to everyone. The universe is not punishing you, just trying to teach you a lesson. Our response to this feeling is paradoxical. The lonelier we feel, the more we seek company, which is the opposite of what one is supposed to do. We must learn to be alone, so as to feel our loneliness and realise that we are not; that everything we need is here and now, within each of us.

One of the reasons why I am not fond of Christmas and I don't allow anyone to give me any presents during this period is because I refuse to be participant in the collective madness that it has become. When a family of 5 can spend more than £200 on a Christmas meal on food only, something is very wrong with this world. No one can eat that much. Christmas is supposed to be a period for celebration, to gather and enjoy the day, but it has become a very stressful time to seek gifts that most likely will be forgotten in a few months. This, of coruse does not mean that everyone has turned Christmas into a circus. 

To understand why people commit suicide, we have to bare in mind that everyone is born with a memory we carry from before the moment of birth. The memory of home. We are eternal, Divine beings having a human experience. For some people this experience is harder than for many others. There are many facts we have to consider while treating this topic. First, however traumatic our experience is, we chose to go through it in order to learn lessons from it. The ultimate learning is unconditional love, which in our human form can be very difficult to achieve.

From the moment of conception we are bombarded with information, expectations and in many cases demands that involve our future. Most parent's have their children's future mapped out, not considering that a child is a soul and each soul is granted with free will. No one likes to be controlled, but somehow this perception changes when we are the ones who tell others what they should or shouldn't do. For as long as our free will is limited we live in a state of permanent rebellion. 

Being born human is the beginning of a personal quest for love and freedom. The concept of freedom is almost non-existent for a child, being told what to do, what to say, how to behave and what we can or cannot believe. Our parents are the first ones to send us off track from our mission in life.

Our parent's intentions are usually good; caring for our well-being and future. However, in most cases their intentions clash with who we are and what we want to do in life. Soon we are thrown into an education system that does the rest. The memory of home begins to vanish or disappears, although not entirely. Deep within we all know that there is a better state of being. We feel it, but we cannot identify it. This memory somehow becomes otherworldly. It is a place we miss, even though it seems one that we never visited. The only place where we can find it is within.

It is our responsibility only to make our lives extraordinary. We cannot blame anyone else. 

The more interference we receive from the outside world, the bigger the disconnection with the soul. Being disconnected from the soul can be as unbearable, as living with this memory throughout life and not being able to pursue our life mission. The society that we have conceived and created does not encourage the soul to express itself so as to expand towards love and freedom. 

I have written since I remember and never lost connection with the soul or the memory of home. To me, life always made sense, with the exception of those moments in which I decided to listen to others. The amount of times I have been told that writing would never get me anywhere! However, a part of me never listened. By the age of seven I had already lost the will to live, but there was a stronger force within that helped me to go through every experience no matter how unpleasant it was. Childhood was extremely unpleasant. 

At the age of thirteen and while running long distance a car came out of the road, hit me and sent me to a different dimension. The only part that I am going to share about such experience is that I wanted to stay there. It was home. But I was told that it wasn't my time and I was sent back to what at the time I thought to be a life of misery. 

That experience changed my life for worse. From one day to the other I was much older. And I was angry, extremely angry. If I had fought everything and everyone from the age of six onwards, the following period was a constant battle field with or without reason.

I was given a second chance to remember the essence of home, but for years I also lived with the idea that I didn't belong here, that this world was not the place for the soul to express itself. Like many others, I also considered giving up, but there was an inner voice, an inner call that kept telling me I had to keep going. And so I did until I found a way to live in peace with myself and the world. 

Years ago during a conversation with a friend she told me: "anyone in your situation, with a life like the one you had would have killed themselves long ago, but not you. You fall and every time you get up stronger."

This is what we do. We fall and get up again and again when we are ready. If you listen carefully through meditation and silence, you will find that inner voice that will help you to keep going. That voice is the source of the belief in ourselves. 

For many people the human experience is presented in as many different ways. For some it gets harder and harder until they lose all hope of life ever getting better or easier. Those who commit suicide have conquered their fear of death. Death is not death, but life. We continue existing. But suicide is not the answer. We might get rid of the problem now, but we will be back until we manage to accomplish our life mission regardless of the way we die. 

An this is a message for everyone, not only for those who decide to take an early exit. If we don't manage to fulfill our soul's mission, we will be reborn, only that the next time it will be harder. What reasons most people may have that they prefer to live an unconscious life, being so attached to a way of living they do not like is beyond me. 

There is another aspect to suicide that must be considered, and the best way in which I can depict this is by sharing another story. Years ago I went to visit a friend. That evening we were going out for a meal and live music. The musician was my friend's friend and as he lived outside London she accommodated him for the weekend. As soon as I walked in I wanted to come out.

There are many details I could share about this experience, what I saw and felt, but what I'd like to say today is that the musician's son had committed suicide in his teens. I was unaware of this fact and I only learned the details later on, although to me it became obvious as soon as my friend opened the door. 

Within five minutes and after formal introductions I excused myself and left. I told my friend I was not willing to deal with that situation and would meet her at the bar at the end of the street. She pleaded and argued that I never liked that bar, which it was true. All I said to her was: "today I do. I can't deal with this today." In any case, there was nothing I could do for any of them. 

Those who can feel energies know that the presence of death is a very dense energy, but it is not threatening. However, the energy of a suicide is overwhelming, and that was an episode I was no willing to go through that day. The father did not have a choice, and having not yet managed to let go, he was trapped in a emotional state from which it is incredibly difficult to come out. Being constantly surrounded by such energy becomes familiar. Not knowing or not being willing to let go makes such energy familiar and one accepts that this is all there is. 

People who commit suicide do want to reunite with the soul and return home, not being able to do so in this human experience. The part that they're missing is that there's a come back. It's neither right, nor wrong, just the way it is. 

If suicide seems the only solution right now, you have reached the darkest and loneliest place there is. This is a place in which only you can be. No one else is allowed in that space. You know this, so the feeling of loneliness is overwhelming, greater than has ever been before.

While pain and suffering seem unbearable, as it is much more that what you believe you can cope with, if you go through it, the rewards are also unimaginable. This is also a place of solace and believe it or not, you have reached the gates to your soul. You met the darkness before the light, your greatest fear before you find your endless source of love. Only you know what you fear most.

You are now on top of a cliff. There are two possible falls or you can remain there paralysed for the rest of your life. One fall will take you away from pain and suffering the easy way. But remember; the easy way now is not the easy way later! The other fall is a leap of faith, your opportunity to go beyond fear and allow your soul to experience everything you've always wanted to be. In this second fall you will keep falling while learning to live in a different way. The ways that took you where you are no longer serve you. 

If there is nothing else to lose, there's nothing else to worry about. It's time to use your free will, stop listening to everything you've been told and begin to listen to yourself. You are an amazing, Divine creation. The world might not see it. It is not for the world to see, but for you to feel it and experience it. Home is here and now. And it's all within you. 

In this dark place where you are today you have found despair and desolation. If you look closely, you will also find the answers to all your questions. The same lucidity that you can take you home now, can help you to find home here. 

Seek assistance, talk to someone. It is always possible to find someone to talk to. If you're reading this, you probably have hundreds of contacts. Ask for help. You will be surprised what people can do in order to help others. It is not all lack of compassion and carelessness. There are many who care. 

In the end, what you do is your decision only. No one else is responsible for it. Whether you decide to stay or go, either way do it with love. 

When everything seems to be against you and life doesn't seem worth living, the greatest act of rebellion is to keep living. Find the intangible sword that your soul has presented you with and "kill your darlings." They are the ones that took you here and you no longer need them. Stop the fight and start living. Remember that in this place where you are now you can find love and inner peace if you dig deeper. You are about to transcend heartbreak and that is the door to enlightenment. Listen, just listen, your soul is speaking loudly.

Below you can will find different links to other blog posts that might help you get through what you're experiencing right now. And if you think that no one cares, at least know that I do.


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How Helping Others Increases Your Possibilities Of Success.

There are several ways in which you can improve your the chances to succeed by helping others to be successful. The key is to see the opportunity even when your reality seems to point out that there are none available. 

This is an exercise to train and expand your creativity and imagination. First you must consider what you want to achieve. When doing so, it is as important to have the idea and direction, as it is to be flexible with the outcome. In order to do so, you need a purpose, but you also need as you go along, to be open to recognise a new opportunity even if it doesn't look like what you imagined at the beginning. Allow yourself to be surprised by what might come.

The exercise is to help anyone -you- who has the drive and the intention to succeed to enter the unknown and discover all those opportunities one couldn't think of due to personal circumstances. Let's imagine that you are unemployed and broke. It is not the worst case scenario. You are still healthy and able to produce an incredible amount of work with persistence and dedication. Plus you have time on your side. 

It is usually the case that when someone is unemployed, they feel the need to gain employment before life begins to happen again. This kind of thinking is simply a waste of life. Something you don't want to do. You have most likely been employed before and you will be employed again. You might not have material resources, but you do have time to create a better future and what you do today determines what you will have tomorrow. Instead of passing time waiting for luck to strike, seeing days gone by without any results, you might want to inspire others.

Everyone has an unique talent that no one else can offer. Knowing this, the first fact to consider is to know that you have no competition. In a world that encourages competition as a way of living and to prove achievement and success, you are holding a treasure, which is very likely untapped and yet to be discovered. This is your dream. A dream that perhaps you have given up because society has to many requirements to allow it to happen. It's time to change your perspective. 

Competition is exhausting. It denies individuality and one must follow already established patterns which do not leave much room for personal expression. In order to compete, most people have to tick the boxes. Once they're ticked, this is what we become, a job description, a formula, a pawn within a greater game in which our expansiveness is limited. Think outside the box and you are out. 

The possibilities are endless whether you know it or not. If a job is what you are looking for, the most obvious choice is to find someone else in the same situation and create a partnership or a group. Help them to find a job even if it's not on your field. By doing so you will come in contact with different people, employers or companies that might have a position for you. You might also gain a friend in the process. 

The idea is to be proactive and seek new opportunities. A period of unemployment tends to be discouraging. By creating a group, you will find encouragement, ideas and how to look at it from different angles. Life is something we do together and this is also a fact essential to remember. Together we can go further than we can do alone. Don't allow your circumstances to isolate you from society. 

You might have a specific skill that could be applied immediately in a professional environment. Add this to your intention and approach companies that might benefit from it. Offer them your expert help and advice. Volunteer your time if necessary to show your worth. This could be a skill you have developed in your career. Remember that many might be able to do what you do, but no one can do it as you do it. Your very particular way of doing things is the magic touch that is required. Add your personal qualities and life experience minus personal problems you might be having. Focus on the outcome, not the current situation if it's not working for you.

When approaching someone, do your research and make sure that there is something there for you. Sometimes helping a company could secure you employment or an excellent reference that would allow you to approach the next company from a more confident position and perhaps charge them for your services. It's a great opportunity to build your portfolio. Think big and allow yourself to approach anyone you believe that could integrate your knowledge, skill and experience. 

It is important that you receive something in exchange. Be selective with whom you choose to help. Unfortunately there are people out there willing to take only, but never offer anything in exchange. 

Bare in mind that the most successful companies in the world are always looking for innovative ways to improve their services.

When offering your help, have a clear idea of how far you are willing to go. Do not allow anyone to overload you with work and do not take over their work. Someone else's project already has an energy. What you want is to add your energy in order to contribute, not to do someone else's work. If you approach the right people, both parties would recognise this. The secret is to join creative forces, not to cancel each other out.

You might have a partner who is unemployed and job seeking. In this case, the goal is not only professional, but personal as it involves feelings. The natural tendency is to do as much as you can to help. It is important to remember that the person seeking is the one who has to do most of the work. Your assistance could help polish and improve their proposal. It is team work after all, and with the right attitude a common effort can only add up. Ask yourself this question. What's in it for you even if the goal is to help them to find a job? 

When we do things for others, we must also benefit from it. This is not a case of I-do-this-for-you,-so-you-have-to-do-this-for-me. Sometimes the pleasure of seeing someone coming out of a difficult situation is enough. Your reward does not have to be tangible either. This is a question that only you can ask yourself and answer. Helping others is satisfactory enough, and the energy you produce will certainly return to you with unexpected rewards if you believe it will, but we also live in a practical and material world. 

The purpose of this blog post is to remind you that you cannot give all your energy to someone and receive nothing in exchange. What you get is a different matter. In this sense one must also be creative and flexible.

If you'd like something specific in exchange, ask for it from the beginning. And if you offer to do something; first, do not promise what you cannot keep. Make sure that you deliver what you commit to. Initially it is better to offer less and deliver more as you grow, rather than offering the sky and not being able to reach it. You are building an image and a reputation. Make sure that it grows steadily. 

The intention of this exercise is to channel your creative energy through others and with others. It might be difficult to find someone immediately. In this case, you might want to approach a friend that is already in business. Choose carefully and if you do, consider whether this is a giving person, or someone who's in the business of taking as much as they can from others. You know your friends better than anyone else.

It is also important to remember that when you offer your skills and cooperation you have time for yourself. What we are looking for is a healthy exchange, not to work for free in an dead end job.

In some cases your contribution will be essential to the success of a project, especially if this is at the early stages. Make sure that your contribution counts and it is recognised, but also offer something that only you can deliver. It could be a long term project that offers no immediate returns. Take your time to think and feel how you can contribute and how you can create an opening that allows you to continue offering your unique skills and experience. Consider important questions: what do you want to achieve? How do you want to be involved in this project? And perhaps the most important of all, how could your creative energy expand within this project? Keep asking questions until you find the answer you are looking for.

There is not one way of doing things. Everyone has their own. Read this text as a starting point, take what might work for you, dismiss the rest and let your imagination roam wild. This is neither advice, nor a step by step process. Turn it into an adventure. Be as flexible as you can. After all you have nothing to lose. Take risks, get excited and make it your own. Help and be helped. 

Remember that you are an extraordinary being of light and that within you there is a place where everything is possible. Everything you need is already with you. Love, trust, belief, courage. Keep repeating it to yourself until you believe it and don't forget that all these things require practice. Start slow and keep increasing your input and energy. The universe is generous with those who give. And never forget that you have to be open to accept its gratitude. Everything is possible. Whoever told you that something is not possible was lying to you, even if they didn't know that it was a lie.

Finally, be careful who you share your dreams with. There are those who will always find obstacles and ways to make it impossible. 

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Looking Into Each Other's Soul: Opening The Door Of The Soul.

One of the things that I found, both, interesting and disturbing at my arrival in England in 1992 was the lack of eye contact and even physical contact for that matter. In time I got used to it, and as one of my beliefs is to adapt to what every country has to offer, I let it go. I must admit that I didn't do such a good job. I kept and keep looking at people in the eye, with different results; some positive, some truly challenging. 

On the challenging front, we can find the infamous expression: "what the f*** are you looking at?" or its politer version "what are you looking at?" There have been interesting stories around these episodes, usually defiant, but what matters today is the answer. I am looking at you. And the words unsaid. I am looking at your soul. 

As years went by living in England, I was rather shocked in one of my brief escapades to Barcelona, where people do indeed look at each other in the eye all the time. It's the natural thing to do. My non-verbal reaction when I realised it, was the same I had been surrounded by for years. Why were people looking at me? Getting used to an unhealthy habit that interferes with the natural flow of communication with others, is not a habit that I can support, or would like to encourage. This episode worked for me as a reality check. Awareness helps to change. In my case, it helped me to return to what I had already experienced prior to my arrival in this country. 

Avoiding eye contact can be interpreted in different ways. The situation I described above seems to be an adopted attitude by men to preserve the male territory. I could be understood in a way as a invasion of personal space. But what personal space can one maintain in public and against someone else's glance?

It does affect women also, especially when the eye contact comes from a man, as it could be misinterpreted as hidden flirtation or desire. 

There is a degree of fear, but also of self preservation in avoiding eye contact. The reason goes deeper than what meets the eye, and it is certainly not one to be judgmental about. Everyone walks their journey at a different pace and at different levels of awareness. The best we can do is to raise awareness, as it is only when someone has a life changing experience that one can be moved towards change and a more positive inner space. 

Every one of us at some point during childhood decided to build a barricade to contain what we perceived as ugly and harmful in order to survive the madness of the world. This is an energetic barrier that protects the best of each soul, for within us, we all keep the most beautiful place there is. The block we create against the world works effectively and helps us survive, but it does also prevent us to come out and express to others who we really are. 

The energetic barrier works at once like the tall walls of a prison. It stops the world from coming in, as well as preventing us from escaping from it. By the time we create this protection, our only aim is survival. The architect of such intricate masterpiece is the inner child. A child that remains stuck in time without evolving and that for life will keep holding the fort against what they believe is harmful and ugly. What we protect is the soul and at that age, we simply don't know better. 

Instead of giving ourselves a hard time, what we should do is praise ourselves for having gone this far in ways we thought were best, loving each mistake we made. Each mistake we ever made is a teacher and a lesson. Giving ourselves a hard time for it, is not who we really are, but the voice of collective consciousness which helped to shape the perfectionist in all of us. 

The answer to this question is to return to that stage in our childhood in which we were still love and in love. We have been protecting the soul for so long, that we forgot that is still there. We forgot what it feels like, what it looks like and sadly, how to express it to ourselves and others. The barrier we created no longer serves the purpose. It's time to open all doors and windows and let it run free. The soul is always protected. Human perception might make us believe that the physical can protect the Divine in us. The Divine is eternal and there is little the physical us can do to protect it.

The obvious representation of this can be seen in very young children. If we observe children closely in a playground, we see that when they meet other children, what they do is to stare at each other. One soul feeling and recognising another soul. It might take them a while to begin to play and even longer before they exchange words. The soul does not need small talk to be introduced, only feeling and perception. 

Breaking the walls of our prisons is not an easy task to accomplish. We have been trained to do the small talk; the get to know each other in formal and socially acceptable ways. But what if, instead of distracting the belief of inadequacy and insecurity contained in small talk we stood in front of each other, looked at their eyes and felt each other's soul?

It is possible that people do find my eye contact challenging, as I know who I Am and what my soul has to offer, but my eyes hide no ulterior motive behind the first glance. What someone might fear is after all their fear. I don't own any of it. 

I know that when I look at someone in the eye, my intention is to greet and recognise their soul. And all I want is to play with that soul even if this is only for a few seconds. And when you take the time, take a deep breath and look into my eyes, you will know that the name of my soul is: I Am In Love. 

What's the name of your soul?

The book 'Reuniting with the Twin Flame' is now available on Amazon. Dealing with dynamics and a detailed exploration of the twin flame relationship, the content is exclusive to the book and cannot be found on this blog. 

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Rising Above: Transcending Familiar Obstacles.

Regular readers must have noticed that blog entries have not been as frequent as they used to. I am going through a technological nightmare and getting a new broadband provider is proving almost impossible. It feels as if the Universe had decided that I have to take a break from writing and sharing myself with the world. There's not much left for me to do, but to go within instead.

There is a lot to learn from this experience; a lot of practicalities and especially from having been so trusting and permissive with people nearby, but this is not the topic of today's blog. The actions of others in this case is more a personal reminder that I am sure will resonate with many. 

What interests me today is the place where I am now and where I am going from here. My last blog treated with the first step of this process: when everything goes wrong. As the situation is right now, I could give a long list of things that are going wrong. Even trying to get access to an already existing broadband has been futile. The sooner I can get a new provider is January 2nd. And that's that! 

But, are things really going wrong or is that the impression? Certainly it is making my life difficult and very expensive. And yes, it has been suggested that I use the public library, as it provides free internet access. Unfortunately this path has already been tried. The result is that blogs are not permitted, therefore, it is impossible to access my blog and share it from there. As it happens, the UK is living under a spell of fear from its Prime Minister, therefore, censorship is shamelessly promoted by the government. 

I am seriously looking forward to writing a blog on the war on consciousness. A war they don't know yet they are losing, but this is topic for a different day.

When everything seems to go wrong, the first thing to do is to pause and see the situation from a different perspective to what we have seen before. We can either react, fight everything and allow ourselves to be dragged by circumstances, or we can stop fighting. I admit that reality is far from what I expected and what I have been working for. The present situation is inviting enough to give up, move on and do something else; something I can see an immediate result from. 

Having reached this state, which is well beyond the comfort zone, ideas as to what I could or couldn't do instead do not even cross my mind. Trust and belief is so rooted in me, that I see no alternative to this way of living. I see a better future not far from now, but one that needs to be created. To make it possible, the immediate step is to sacrifice most things. What I need will come. 

To separate from current circumstances, I've taken on a very simple exercise, which I can do all day long: deep breathing. By breathing continuously with my stomach I am detached from immediate events, removing any resistance. I call this, rising above. In a way, breathing separate us from a world that has forgotten to take the time to breathe or to simply pause and look at life from a different angle. At some point, I went into such a deep meditative state that I found myself in a place where I could just be: I Am.

After a while I had to make a conscious choice so as to know where I was or who I was. This is a place where no countries existed, and I had no identity, no name. No past, or any idea of any immediate future. Nothing seemed to matter then. 

When circumstances take us to such situations where everything seems wrong, it is important not to give up. This is how far we've reached before; never giving another step forward. I have gone too far, and looking back is not an option. The message I keep hearing is, "when you have nothing, you will have it all."

I have been falling on a leap of faith for too long to give up now. One crucial step about a leap of faith is that part where there is no safety net. It is risky and if it doesn't work, there's no other place where to go to, no one to ask for help. 

The place I described earlier: no country, no identity is the same place I described in my first blog post; "Coming Out Of The Cocoon Towards Personal Transformation." This is a place we can visit anytime. It is within everyone. A place full of possibility. A place where everything is possible. The more we know about it, the more possibilities we can find to succeed and achieve what we want.

Everything else happening around is circumstantial. It's not who we are. The fact is that we are so used to a series of patterns happening in our lives, that we believe that this is the only way reality can present itself, with one outcome only. By going within, any reality we face is rendered powerless, as there is no attachment, no feelings or emotions. 

Life will continue testing us in the same old ways until we decide that enough is enough and we go through the experience see a different outcome. This is the reason why we get easily discouraged. We do see our projects been challenged by the same old obstacles that we have experienced before. Even this is an illusion, but we have seen it going on for so long, that we believed it as the only truth. A truth of impossibility. If reality suggests that it is impossible. It is not the truth, but a lie. Keep going. Truth lies where everything is possible.

Every person can have more than one rebirth. Rebirth can be a small step, or something that changes our lives forever. What I know is that every rebirth takes place beyond what we know. This is the reason why giving up never works for anyone. Giving up means that we alight the train before it reaches its destination. We have to keep going, keep walking until we get there. All the luggage we need is trust and belief. The universe has our backs. If we never reached better horizons before it is due to our lack of patience before the unknown and the urge to find everything as we pictured it before we started the path. 

I know what I want, somehow how I want it, but I am also aware that the beauty of the unknown is going to bring something I have not experienced yet. I am not giving up and neither should you. Let's consider what we are leaving behind and if this is what we really want. Our dreams never materialise because we stay for too long in a place where we never wanted to be in the first place, but we remain there anyway because it is familiar.

One of the greatest human tragedies is to become fond of all things familiar, even of the worst scenarios one can imagine or experience. If it is working for you, stay there and enjoy it. If not, see you where all dreams come true.  

Finally, one important note. If you are involved in a project, however small this is, and there have been people around you somehow causing trouble or stopping you from achieving what you want, this is a clear sign of toxic relationships. Sometimes people make us believe they have our backs when they do not. It's time to let them go and move on. You can do it without them and once you realise this, your life will be much easier. And most likely, you will also be free from attachment to impossibility. 

The book 'Reuniting with the Twin Flame' is now available on Amazon. Dealing with dynamics and a detailed exploration of the twin flame relationship, the content is exclusive to the book and cannot be found on this blog. 

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When Everything Goes Wrong.

One of the most beautiful things in life is the unknown. However uncomfortable uncertainty might make us feel, it is there for a reason, and it is usually to show us a lesson, to give us direction and the possibility to find and express free will. In order to find the right path, we must allow it even when everything that could possibly go wrong does indeed go wrong. When something is not meant to happen, everything relating to it will appear as obstacles. It is best to surrender, take a deep breath and let it go. 

Whether we know what we want to do with our lives or not, everyone has different ideas or projects in mind. Thoughts and ideas develop in order to see them through. Sometimes the simplest things in life are the most difficult to accomplish for unknown reasons. This has been my experience recently. And what an experience! 

For over a year it has been my intention,and still is, to create a charitable foundation so as to find an alternative treatment for PCOS -Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome-; a medical condition suffered by millions of women for which traditional medicine does not provide any solution. As the Christmas period is approaching, the idea was to run a raffle and raise funds in order to be able to register it and set the first stone. There is much more to say about this, but the details are irrelevant to what I would like to express today. 

The idea is simple and in theory, easy to carry out. It is as simple as ordering raffle tickets online, advertise it in local coffee shop and sell the tickets. But simple does not necessarily mean possible. Ordering the tickets is a fairly easy operation. It takes a phone call and a small amount of money to place the order. In this case, the communication I maintained with the supplier was excellent. They also offered a fast delivery service without additional costs, unlike most companies that delay the delivery for up to ten days. 

Within 3 days the tickets had been delivered. As I still had to find someone to design an original poster and logo, I never thought to check the tickets until it was too late. When I did, I realised that they had not been numbered. I must say that I spent an entire evening laughing at the very mischievous sense of humour of the universe. 

To make things even more interesting, the two people who offered to design the poster bailed out shamelessly one after the other. Not everyone is cut out for charitable work. In my experience, most people are very happy to ask for help, but when something is asked from them in return, the discourse changes and many of them vanish into thin air. Fortunately, there are also true gems who constantly offer help and support. This fact also has to be mentioned. 

The comment about people in this story is as unavoidable, as it is purely an anecdote. The fact is that, everything that could go wrong, did. Again, these are just details that do not add up anything to the message I want to convey. When every single step in a process is an obstacle, it can be interpreted either as a challenge that one has to overcome, or as a sign from the universe to give it up and move in a different direction. There is always something to learn from the experience. 

When a situation like this appears, it is important to read the signs. It is not a matter of what I am doing right or wrong, but what are the possibilities available. The  process is still simple and with not much invention could still be carried out, but when every aspect of the operation faults from beginning to end, one must consider whether to carry it out or not. 

I have been working on different projects for over a year. Even though everything is advancing, the progress is slow. Due to circumstances I have currently been left with only one option and one project. It involves a lot of work, mostly writing one draft after the other until the business proposal I am preparing is finished. Even the internet at home has died without a logical reason. Coincidentally, a friend who is also involved in the preparation of this project has been experiencing similar problems with the broadband and connectivity. 

Rather than feeling frustrated due to circumstances I cannot control, I immediately accepted and understood all the wrongs as rights. Instead of seeing everything as an obstacle, I look at everything as signs directing me towards the right path. A raffle campaign is seasonal, has an immediate effect, but also has a limited lifespan. None of the other projects are feasible in the near future. However, the one I have am working on, although is one that requires time and patience until the moment that offers a return, it is one with a certain future, as well as being what I want to do.

Everyone is presented with similar situations at one point in life. Some projects go through successfully, while others never see the light of day. The more we try, the higher the possibility to have a long list of failed projects. The question is, are they failed or did they appear in such way to stop us from entering a situation of doom. There are times in which failure should instead be considered success. Not getting into a career that would eventually make life miserable is as good an example as any. 

How we interpret these events will undoubtedly shape our lives. One can enter a period of doom and gloom where nothing appears to work and read it as their destiny. "This is what the rest of my life is going to be like." "No matter what I do it is always going to be the same." "Nothing I do works." I am almost certain that everyone is familiar with these expressions, either because we have said them or heard them from someone else. What we belief is what we get. 

Awareness is in this case very important to change the outcome. Every successful person has a long list of failed attempts behind. No one becomes successful without the strife. We can either give up or move on and try in a different way or do something else. What matters is that we try. Accepting that nothing will ever work is one certain path to self-defeat. It creates an energy that will lead every project to failure. Every project has a different life span. We cannot bring the same energy to the next one. If this is the case it is better not to begin at all. 

When a project seems to fail, it is essential to accept that this is they way it is and let it go. By doing this we can focus the attention and energy on something else. It is a way to train and transcend ego. After the initial feelings of frustration, negativity, etc, the way forward is to detach from the situation. It is impossible that everything we attempt is successful, especially when it involves the participation of other people. Ego has everything mapped out and when the simplest change appears, it creates resistance. We can either fight the situation or find new ways in which to move forward. 

This text does not intend to encourage anyone to give up at the first difficulty that appears. In many occasions, we just have to find a different way of doing things, something we never tried before. This is the beauty of the unknown, and we will never know about it until we have tried. There are, of course, projects that require persistence during a long period of time. This blog post is written to illustrate that perhaps the project we are focusing all our energy on is actually distracting us from what we really should be doing instead. 

By letting go, one transcends the ego and gets closer to our divine nature, the true expression of the soul. This particular situation can be applied to multiple episodes people experience in life. Not achieving what one had in mind is not really a failure. Failure is to have never tried. Let's keep trying and persevere. One day we will get what we really want and it will be the most unexpected, something we could never think of. Only when we enter the unknown. 

There is hope after a 'wrong' episode. One only has to explore all possibilities.

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Being Single Is Healthy And You Don't Have To Explain Or Excuse Yourself For It.

For nearly two years I have been asked on multiple occasions why I was single. While I don't believe this is a question I have to answer, I feel that writing this blog post would be beneficial for many people who are currently in the same situation. My answer to that question might surprise many, which is in itself a good reason not to respond to relentless questioning.

Perhaps the first point to consider is that it is perfectly fine to be single. It is a period that offers incredible opportunities for personal growth when taking healthy steps. Being single is neither a social disease, nor a sign that one is not lovable. Under the beliefs of patriarchal society, being single is frowned upon and somehow carries a certain stigma; as if one was not enough.

The message that we transmit to the world is very important, not only in order to be understood by others, but to understand who we are. Being single is both, a status and a personal statement. Being questioned constantly can create insecurity, low self-esteem and a false impression of incompleteness. Whatever statement we make must have a solid foundation. For this to happen it is essential that this period is used making healthy and wise choices.

During this period we have more time for ourselves. The activities that we choose to take on determine who we are and who we are going to be in the near future. It is a time to join different groups that allows a certain degree of creativity. There are hundreds if not thousands of options to join creative courses and different social groups in which we would meet people. One might choose to join a single's group with the intention to meet someone special. However, most social groups integrate single people. I believe that it is more important to focus our attention in finding the group that allows us to explore our creative abilities and meet our expectations and interests.

We might meet someone special, we might not. What truly matters is that we develop ourselves and grow to what and who we want to be. The rest will come and fall into place when we are ready. Everyone has to be single at some point in their lives. There is no need to be in a relationship to be complete. Living under the pressure of this belief could lead to form relationships with the wrong person, and someone who feels in a similar way.

When we begin a relationship everything changes. Personal worth and self-esteem raise. If we are with the wrong person or believe we deserve better, want better, etc., it is very likely that one or both of the partners continue looking for someone else. It is neither OK to use someone for this purpose, nor to treat ourselves in such a way.

When being single is a personal statement of who and what we are, there are certain aspects to consider. It is a time to be alone and to meet with others. It is possible to maintain a healthy balance. Being questioned about our status repeatedly does not help. I use this time to do what I want to do. We all have a purpose in life and sometimes it is easier to do this alone. Not everyone is going to understand what we do or to reach the necessary compromise to provide sufficient personal space for it. Being in a relationship because it is a must it could be as detrimental as feeling lonely are not worth of love.

There are many people who value themselves more than others and are not prepared to settle for the first person who shows interest. It doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with the other person, but that we can perceive that a relationship with them does not have a future. Allowing this period of solitude would bring the right person at the right time once we understand that it is OK to be single.

Making the need for a relationship imperative, not only creates pressure and instability, but it emits an energy around us that speaks of desperation. This energy can be perceived by others and make anyone a very unattractive person. The most attractive person can become the most unattractive while functioning with this energy. It is very unhealthy. This is shown when someone who has been single for a long period finally enters a new relationship. It is not  only love they found, but relief. It is very likely that functioning with this energy they will sooner or later begin to seek for someone else. As we feel better with ourselves, people tend to believe that now it is time to improve, as if relationships were something we can upgrade regularly.

My belief is that being single is a period to either find our purpose in life or to carry it out. The last time I met with my teacher Claudio Naranjo and the wonderful members of his staff he delivered a few important messages for me. One, "you are a writer, find the right space to write and just do that." While I have not yet found the ideal space to write, I continue writing. One cannot wait for the right circumstances to appear in order to carry out our purpose.

The other message and perhaps the most significant  touched me deeply and somehow I live by it. I am not going to use some of the words he said, so as not to lead anyone to misinterpretation, although the message is equally clear. This is what he said: "Some people want to heal -he used a different word here- for selfish reasons, to have a comfortable life and have a healthy and cosy relationship; but seeing the state the world is in, one would like to think that with a such a gift, they would go out there and help to fix the world."

The priority in life is not to be in a relationship. The best relationship we can have is with ourselves. It is time that we begin to dismantle all beliefs regarding to this subject and we celebrate any relationship status we are currently in. For some people Valentine's day is a real trauma, as they only see themselves surrounded by people who are in relationships. While this is not a true fact, giving our attention to it only allows us to see what we lack and not what we have.

As I mentioned earlier, the message we deliver to the world is very important, but it is also very important to pay attention and realise what the world is asking from us and why it is asking. I could give numerous examples, but today I am going to used only a few. I am a father. When I let someone know, no one has ever asked me why I am a father. At the same time I am a writer. The same applies here. No one has asked me yet why I am a writer. However, in the majority of cases when someone realises that I am single, the question is almost inevitable.

What most people don't seem to realise when asking this question is that what they are really asking is, "what is wrong with you?" Very often we are unaware that when we disapprove the actions of others or nudge them to change their situation, what we really do is to express our fear of being connected to a reality that we would not like to be in. Being single makes most people feel uncomfortable, hence it is normal to express concern and nothing one can say would ease such discomfort.

There are many reasons why one is single. I could have given an account of my personal circumstances, beliefs, wishes and desires, but as I said, explaining ourselves to the world is not necessary. What it matters at this moment is that we all have a responsibility towards others and to help and make this world a better place. As I am aware of this fact, as well as to what my life purpose is, I live every day with what I create and what is presented to me. Thoughts of a new relationship, come and go, but it is not what rules my life. Perhaps I meed someone very special tomorrow; perhaps I am meant to spend the rest of my life alone. Either way, I live here and now and what is not here does not have any influence in my life.

When we try and explain ourselves to the world to be misunderstood and misinterpreted anyway, we lose our true power and we buy into the lie of social conditioning, separating from the true purpose of the soul. No matter how we explain ourselves or how often, there is always someone ready to misunderstand our reality. It is their fear and who they are at the present time, not who you really are. You don't need to explain yourself. Just be.

We continue trying to explain and even excuse our actions, as we were conditioned to do so in childhood. You are no longer a child and your choices and decisions are as valid as anyone else's. As long as we don't harm anyone, we have all the right in the world to be ourselves and in whichever way we choose to be. Let's celebrate the magic of our individuality and learn to integrate with and accept the idiosyncrasies of others. Our differences put together and working towards an unique goal is what humanity craves and what we are here for: Oneness.

The book 'Reuniting with the Twin Flame' is now available on Amazon. Dealing with dynamics and a detailed exploration of the twin flame relationship, the content is exclusive to the book and cannot be found on this blog. 

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Shadow work: Taking Responsibility For Our Healing.

The following is a very effective tool for personal healing that anyone can use at convenience any time they wish. Everyone is responsible for their own healing. Having the support and direction of others might feel and it is in fact wonderful, but no one can heal for us. Too often we put too much emphasis on what others can do while overlooking what we can do ourselves. Feeling is an act of self-love.

This method is a simple as to feel every feeling and emotion that we face. Humanity as a group is unfeeling. Living in a society in which each individual has been led to believe and encouraged to compete with each other, giving priority to our individuality above all, feeling has become a human need widely ignored. And yet, everyone has feelings and suffers silently due to avoidance. Follow your intuition, trust the process and above all, trust yourself.

Allowing our feelings to run through is essential for our well-being. Every feeling has an energy and when suppressed, the energy continues in our bodies and will transform into a different feeling, usually one to which we are used to express without shame, as it is considered normal. In the majority of cases, the feeling most of us are comfortable to express is anger. Anger has somehow become an acceptable feeling, regardless of the consequences and the feelings that come next. Usually shame follows anger when expressed to others. It is also unfortunate that we feel so comfortable expressing anger in front of the people who love us most and often against them. 

Human beings are designed to feel. There is no shame in feeling. When someone has a reaction that it is considered excessive or over dramatic, the reason that lies underneath is the long term suppression of feeling. We have put too much emphasis on expanding the mind and the intellect with the belief that our minds alone will solve our problems, but as long as we hide feelings and emotions, the heart and the soul will continue pushing to come through and interfere with the most brilliant ideas one might have affecting also our behaviour.

An unfeeling heart will resort to distractions and self-harm in a wide array of practices which are considered normal: drinking, drugs, comfort food, over exercise, procrastination, casual sex, excessive use of the internet, video games, watching TV and a long list of distractions that each individual will practice according to their knowledge, experience and personality. 

By feeling we separate from what no longer serves us and begin to forget what keeps us trapped in our journey towards light and personal development. As we forget and stop these, in appearance, harmless practices, we begin to remember who we are. Feeling is the key to remember our true essence. 

This is a simple experiment that you can try at home at any time to give you a first hint towards the right direction. Choose any evening of the week to do this. Disconnect all gadgets, mobile phone, TV, radio, computer, etc. Make sure that you are alone in a room and don't allow any interruptions. Don't check your messages or reply to any of them. Just be and do nothing with it except feeling. If you use any of the above gadgets regularly, you will feel withdrawal symptoms very soon. While disconnecting from technology is not the answer, you will experience feelings that are hiding the reason why you need the use of such distractions in first instance. Disconnecting from technology is only an example.

Do the same with any feelings and emotions you have: sadness, jealousy, loneliness, anger, hate, etc, without taking any action, just feeling. By feeling you will release the energy of the feelings you have been holding in your body throughout life. The more you feel, the weaker the emotion will become. This is a long term practice, so don't expect to be healed from one day to the other. The emotion might return throughout life, but as you have taken responsibility and are used to deal with it, it will appear weaker and with little influence over your behaviour and natural response to situations that trigger such feelings and emotions. 

Don't over do it. This is not a 24/7 practice, but something you begin by doing for short periods of time when convenient, otherwise it could be overwhelming and lead to a new way of suffering and self-imposed torture. 

It is essential the you spend time alone to do this. You might choose to go for a long walk, but always alone and somewhere where you know you are not going to meet someone. Avoid all distractions as mentioned above. It does take courage to engage in this practice, but you already have more than you require within. You might not know this, as you have avoided feelings for years. Every feeling and emotion that is felt will make you stronger and will allow you to reconnect with the true expression of the soul. 

In order to heal, we have to take responsibility. In the end, you are the only one who can do it. No one else can feel for you. It is your choice and you can make this decision now. Give it time and be patient. It takes time. After a while, you will thank yourself for it. Don't forget to take care of yourself and have fun along with. I have highlighted other articles that might help you with this practice. Enjoy the process.

The book 'Reuniting with the Twin Flame' is now available on Amazon. Dealing with dynamics and a detailed exploration of the twin flame relationship, the content is exclusive to the book and cannot be found on this blog. 

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