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Rising Above: Transcending Familiar Obstacles.

Regular readers must have noticed that blog entries have not been as frequent as they used to. I am going through a technological nightmare and getting a new broadband provider is proving almost impossible. It feels as if the Universe had decided that I have to take a break from writing and sharing myself with the world. There's not much left for me to do, but to go within instead.

There is a lot to learn from this experience; a lot of practicalities and especially from having been so trusting and permissive with people nearby, but this is not the topic of today's blog. The actions of others in this case is more a personal reminder that I am sure will resonate with many. 

What interests me today is the place where I am now and where I am going from here. My last blog treated with the first step of this process: when everything goes wrong. As the situation is right now, I could give a long list of things that are going wrong. Even trying to get access to an already existing broadband has been futile. The sooner I can get a new provider is January 2nd. And that's that! 

But, are things really going wrong or is that the impression? Certainly it is making my life difficult and very expensive. And yes, it has been suggested that I use the public library, as it provides free internet access. Unfortunately this path has already been tried. The result is that blogs are not permitted, therefore, it is impossible to access my blog and share it from there. As it happens, the UK is living under a spell of fear from its Prime Minister, therefore, censorship is shamelessly promoted by the government. 

I am seriously looking forward to writing a blog on the war on consciousness. A war they don't know yet they are losing, but this is topic for a different day.

When everything seems to go wrong, the first thing to do is to pause and see the situation from a different perspective to what we have seen before. We can either react, fight everything and allow ourselves to be dragged by circumstances, or we can stop fighting. I admit that reality is far from what I expected and what I have been working for. The present situation is inviting enough to give up, move on and do something else; something I can see an immediate result from. 

Having reached this state, which is well beyond the comfort zone, ideas as to what I could or couldn't do instead do not even cross my mind. Trust and belief is so rooted in me, that I see no alternative to this way of living. I see a better future not far from now, but one that needs to be created. To make it possible, the immediate step is to sacrifice most things. What I need will come. 

To separate from current circumstances, I've taken on a very simple exercise, which I can do all day long: deep breathing. By breathing continuously with my stomach I am detached from immediate events, removing any resistance. I call this, rising above. In a way, breathing separate us from a world that has forgotten to take the time to breathe or to simply pause and look at life from a different angle. At some point, I went into such a deep meditative state that I found myself in a place where I could just be: I Am.

After a while I had to make a conscious choice so as to know where I was or who I was. This is a place where no countries existed, and I had no identity, no name. No past, or any idea of any immediate future. Nothing seemed to matter then. 

When circumstances take us to such situations where everything seems wrong, it is important not to give up. This is how far we've reached before; never giving another step forward. I have gone too far, and looking back is not an option. The message I keep hearing is, "when you have nothing, you will have it all."

I have been falling on a leap of faith for too long to give up now. One crucial step about a leap of faith is that part where there is no safety net. It is risky and if it doesn't work, there's no other place where to go to, no one to ask for help. 

The place I described earlier: no country, no identity is the same place I described in my first blog post; "Coming Out Of The Cocoon Towards Personal Transformation." This is a place we can visit anytime. It is within everyone. A place full of possibility. A place where everything is possible. The more we know about it, the more possibilities we can find to succeed and achieve what we want.

Everything else happening around is circumstantial. It's not who we are. The fact is that we are so used to a series of patterns happening in our lives, that we believe that this is the only way reality can present itself, with one outcome only. By going within, any reality we face is rendered powerless, as there is no attachment, no feelings or emotions. 

Life will continue testing us in the same old ways until we decide that enough is enough and we go through the experience see a different outcome. This is the reason why we get easily discouraged. We do see our projects been challenged by the same old obstacles that we have experienced before. Even this is an illusion, but we have seen it going on for so long, that we believed it as the only truth. A truth of impossibility. If reality suggests that it is impossible. It is not the truth, but a lie. Keep going. Truth lies where everything is possible.

Every person can have more than one rebirth. Rebirth can be a small step, or something that changes our lives forever. What I know is that every rebirth takes place beyond what we know. This is the reason why giving up never works for anyone. Giving up means that we alight the train before it reaches its destination. We have to keep going, keep walking until we get there. All the luggage we need is trust and belief. The universe has our backs. If we never reached better horizons before it is due to our lack of patience before the unknown and the urge to find everything as we pictured it before we started the path. 

I know what I want, somehow how I want it, but I am also aware that the beauty of the unknown is going to bring something I have not experienced yet. I am not giving up and neither should you. Let's consider what we are leaving behind and if this is what we really want. Our dreams never materialise because we stay for too long in a place where we never wanted to be in the first place, but we remain there anyway because it is familiar.

One of the greatest human tragedies is to become fond of all things familiar, even of the worst scenarios one can imagine or experience. If it is working for you, stay there and enjoy it. If not, see you where all dreams come true.  

Finally, one important note. If you are involved in a project, however small this is, and there have been people around you somehow causing trouble or stopping you from achieving what you want, this is a clear sign of toxic relationships. Sometimes people make us believe they have our backs when they do not. It's time to let them go and move on. You can do it without them and once you realise this, your life will be much easier. And most likely, you will also be free from attachment to impossibility. 

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