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Using Creativity To Transcend Ego Towards Universal Love.

Years ago my friend Grazia was talking to me about the futility of feelings and emotions, referring to as how people react to them, and how through creativity we can expand to get what we want. What we want is what the soul wants and this is a place we can never get to while ego is in control. Ego is never in control, but it a comforting idea and sounds great when we lie to ourselves.

This is what she shared with me: "One of the things I learned from Claudio is that in order to expand we have to use art and creativity. We begin with what we have here and now, where we are, and move towards the universal." This idea that comes from Claudio Naranjo

Even though I couldn't figure it out at the time, Grazia's words had the sound of truth and that was enough for me. From that moment on I wrote more than 4,000 pages, all handwritten, in a quest of that place where I wanted to be. I knew I wasn't there, and even though writing has given me everything, I always knew there was more. Writing taught me who and what I Am. 

A few months later I lit a bonfire with it and burned everything I had written. Before everything turned into flames, every page was offered free to someone who asked for my writing so he could use if he wanted to. The offering came with a warning. "These pages are the destruction of ego. See if you can do anything with them." Of course, he didn't take the offer.

I remember writing already at the age of 3 and by 6 I started writing poetry. I have not stopped since, as through it is how I found most answers even when I didn't know I had a question. One can write with ego or one can be connected to and write with the energy of the Divine Feminine. When ego wrote the stories, even though they were filled with wonderful insights or beautiful language, they were also cold, lacking humanity and touched with a very aggressive energy. I kept trying, but in different ways. What matters is that I disconnected from source. Writing is always there. 

As I always felt an incredible urge to find my "voice" through writing, I've always known that what I wrote wasn't it. We always know. Also, I have always been very good at burning and deleting throughout life. One cannot find their voice without going through a long period of trial and error, without ego taking over universal  wisdom, where true knowledge lies. 

The fact that hundreds of readers wrote to tell me that what I wrote is something they somehow knew, but couldn't express only confirms that we are all connected. Reason for which is important to seek the sources that resonate with us, without dismissing others. It might be that we're not ready to understand someone's experience or story.

There's nothing wrong with using ego to create. Even when we're doing it wrong, we're doing it right. One wrong might take us to one right. Wisdom only comes with experience, however unpleasant it is. When that happens, the realisation is that the voice we were looking for was there all along, and that this voice is the same voice we spoke with as a child, when we are connected to source; when we are in love. 

In between, there was a period in which I wrote with the energy of Divine Feminine. It shows in the energy and how the story flows, but ego is a very clever entity -not intelligent- that finds new ways and disguises so as to take over again, leading us to another moment of separation from the soul. We can keep going in and coming out if there's not enough awareness. Falling in love and falling out of love. It is possible to be permanently in love. The answer lies with the child we all have within and that we are all so good at ignoring. There's no worst expression of self-abuse than that we inflict on our inner child. 

Meanwhile in unconscious reality, lost souls playing adult go from tantrum to tantrum unable to express emotions, connect to love or even explain their actions.

A year later after that conversation took place I still had to find that universal voice. I listened to Grazia's wisdom, as I listened to the message. Everyone is a messenger when we pay attention. Too often we ignore the signs and what others tell us to help us grow. I was determined to find that voice and reach the universal. How I did it was no longer important. 

It was also very important to remove any attempt to reach perfection and celebrate every mistakes.

Over a year ago another friend suggested that I wrote a blog. Not only that, she put it together for me and this is how I began sharing. It was the day I wrote my first blog post that I realised that I had already found that voice long ago and had been using it publicly. Committing to it was what helped me to see it. I had been wanting to connect to this source for years and follow its dictate to write, something that I had since I remember. Something we all have when we allow ourselves to listen. 

All I had to do in order to move towards and reach the universal was let go of the  idea of writing fiction, be the best writer ever, writing 'The Best American Novel', -especially not being American, and create material that helped others to remember who we are. Once competition was removed, I had no competition. My voice is your voice. Your voice is my voice. Universal wisdom has billions of voices in human form, but is only one; different expressions in search of love. 

It is my personal experience, talent and how I apply this knowledge that gives it form, but there's no longer sense of possession, as in intellectual property, because love cannot be owned, only felt, lived, given, accepted or danced. Humanity does not yet seem to see, nor appreciate the unique beauty of every individual. 

Take my friend Sarah as another example. Sarah sings in public for the love of music and singing only. When she sings she's free, transcends humanity and limitations, for the soul has none. Listen to her music, fall in love with the soothing, calming voice, break your heart at the sounds of home, the nostalgia of something you remember, but which is not quite here yet. The fact that you do remember is the reason why it is so moving.

Sarah sings away the beauty of her soul, to let others know that she's here; to remind others that the soul is here and very alive. Some listen, some don't. Everyone is touched even if they don't know it. Some even hear and feel it. Listen to her and see how she defeats the classic figure of the passive Muse. As she writes, composes and sings her owns songs she is the living, Thinking Muse. An Artist with a unique sound and expression of universality. 

There's no ego because this part of her never separated from her soul and each song carries the vibration, wisdom and beauty of the Goddess.

Listen to her music and fall in love, then let go, let go of her, of possession, of the humanity and limitations you have been led to believe, and until you get there, keep breaking your heart, die every night and live your own rebirth with each new dawn. Fall in love, then let go and see how your life changes, how your soul and my soul and Sarah's soul speak with the same voice.

This is her voice calling you to come home, to listen and see the soul and to recognise each other. When you listen to the music know that ego is also listening, and that ego will hear the chants of the Mermaid, the accent of the sensual enchantress and while you fall for it and remain narcotised by another dream of being human you will never return to Ithaca. 

But remember, the Mermaid only appears because that is what we want to hear. She is only real because we want her to be real. Listen instead to the voice and sounds of the healer she is. The message lies in the energy, the intention, the vibration.

Fall in love now. Then let go. Listen with your heart. Feel the nostalgia, follow it through until you remember home. And fall in love again, to realise that love is all you are. Find your art, follow it, break your own heart, cry inconsolably and keep falling in love. 

Write your song and sing it out loud. The world wants and needs to hear it. And when we hear it, we will all remember that we are already home; that there is nothing, but here and now; that love is all there is.

The book 'Reuniting with the Twin Flame' is now available on Amazon. Dealing with dynamics and a detailed exploration of the twin flame relationship, the content is exclusive to the book and cannot be found on this blog. 

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Photo: Sarah Clayton

How Social Media Can Contribute To The Shift Of Consciousness.

These days everyone is connected to everyone else around the world. People create friendships with others without meeting and we all learn about and from each other by sharing experiences, posts, blogs or uplifting messages. 

This is great news, as there is no longer need to meet others physically. However, the reality of physical distance or the lack of means to move around the world and meet personally could cause anxiety and frustration. Love does not require to make everything physical. It is not about what we can get, but what we can give. What we give returns to us in many other ways. Love in whichever form comes is what truly matters.

There are 7 billion people in this world. Touching everyone physically is not possible.

Let's understand these communications from a different perspective; as a new path opening to multiple possibilities. The angle from which we understand human relationships is still very narrow. There is a sense of incompleteness unless communication is physical. The almost desperate need to understand love through another person is the clearest indication of this. Somehow we still don't understand that before we can love someone fully, we must find that love within. Without we can never love another person as one ought to do. 

However, there is nothing wrong with it. We are here to love and understanding love only from a romantic sense is simply another stage we must visit until we understand that love is not really there, but within. 

The internet has to be understood as what is, a platform in which we can create energetic webs. It is a wonderful media that when used properly could connect the entire world. The use that we make of the tools that we have at hand determines whether we are creators, mere informants or agents of negativity. 

There seems to be a wave of disbelief to what we as creators could accomplish. First, we must understand the notion that we do this together, or not at all. We all want the same, so why not join forces and move together collectively? While without an inner revolution that raises our own consciousness first, the shift of consciousness will never take place, we fail to recognise the wonderful opportunity that we miss in every word, every thought and every action. Sadly, we miss this point every day.

"We" in this case refers to the collective. There are of course many people already aware of this fact and they are doing a wonderful job by creating websites, alternative news, blogs and different platforms from which to spread a new message everyone longs for: Love. Our role can be as simple -which is not simple or easy at all- as a Facebook admin to a writer, philosopher, thinker, film-maker warrior, etc. The list is endless and we all know what we must do. It is important to understand that no role is more important than the other. This is team work and everyone must carry out their duties. We all have a mission, and each one is essential. 

What matters most is that the message to build a new reality gets out there and it is embraced and shared by as many as possible. Media users and readers, viewers are equally important, and so it is the message we share.

The part that we are missing is that telepathic communication among humans is very possible in a higher state of consciousness. When we allow ourselves to just be, we can engage with anyone in the world. We can also read others, where we are, where we come from and even see the soul in others. 

In order to create a mass energy field that helps to raise consciousness what we choose to share with others becomes precious items. It's a new energetic currency. I wouldn't share with others anything I wouldn't like to see or read myself. What we need more in this world is encouragement, love, kindness, compassion, empathy and support. Sharing videos of cats every now and then might help to break up with the belief that in order to heal we have be dead serious or continue suffering as religion taught us to do. The path to enlightenment can also be fun and should indeed be fun. That's what the soul truly craves: fun, dance, movement, artistic expression.

The part we all play in this transformation, however small you may believe is can be overwhelming. We begin here today with something small, but we never know how far the ripple effect is going to take our message. Do I or you want to read another message that perpetuates fear?

The ripple effect is also a force to which we pay little attention. It's influence in the world can be overwhelmingly encouraging. If what we want is love, a shift in consciousness, peace, this is what we ought to share and talk and write about. This is our contribution as creators. One initial share might be multiplied by thousands and reach even more readers, observers, viewers who are also looking for love. 

Being a creator seems to be a mystified term or a figure of biblical connotations that enables someone to reach epic achievements, while we underestimate that making someone feel better or loved is in itself an extraordinary accomplishment. This is not a difficult goal to reach. Anyone can do it and know that you contribution is much more important that what you might perceive at the time. We only have to make that choice.

Recently I wrote something very similar from a more physical perspective in the role of women in society that can be read here: 'Losing the feminine: The dangerous turn of Damsel in Distress.' Everything is energy and it is up to us to create it. The energy we choose to create is that which the world will experience.

If what we share with others brings love, hope, happiness, motivation, trust, kindness, courage, compassion and a long list of positive qualities we all hold in our quest of love, reaching and touching everyone in the world, as a collective we become an incredible creator that contributes to shape a new world. Imagine an invisible web of energy which speaks only of love and new possibilities for the human race and the world. Let's make love our new oxygen and a new way of living while still dealing with the old ones.

We must let go of the idea of individualism and competition, wanting to do everything by ourselves. Every word I write is stored in the collective consciousness and my belief is that I must write it and share it with anyone who's interested in reading. Can I claim to be the author? Yes and no. Let's say that my role is more that of a channel to convert knowledge to words that come from a higher place. 

Many readers have expressed their joy in finding in physical form what they couldn't articulate, but somehow knew already. This and many other writings you will read have the same impression, the recognition of universal knowledge in someone else's words.

In my experience, we can communicate with anyone through thought, energy and intention. This is another fact most of us seem to be oblivious about. See some examples here and how by taking the time to honour someone else's soul, we can make a real difference in their lives. All it takes is to look at each others eyes and recognise each other's souls. Anyone can do it, but first we must invest the time and effort. 

Be and allow yourself to be the creator you really are. No matter who you are or what you've done in life, your soul is still intact and when we lock eyes with someone else, we are somehow inviting a dance of souls. Know that you are a wonderful creator. Don't underestimate yourself. What to create from now on is only your choice. 

The book 'Reuniting with the Twin Flame' is now available on Amazon. Dealing with dynamics and a detailed exploration of the twin flame relationship, the content is exclusive to the book and cannot be found on this blog. 

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Losing The Feminine: The Dangerous Turn Of Damsel In Distress.

The archetype of Damsel in distress speaks of a young, beautiful woman affected by dreadful circumstances beyond her control. Damsel in distress is found in mythology, literature, art and film. In a world that wants everything here and now, and where romance seems to have lost its meaning, with the pass of time, her myth has been demoted to urban legend, the fairies of childhood grown up and unemployed; O Cinderella where art thou?

The misinterpretation of this figure comes when both, men and women believe that a modern Damsel in distress still needs to be rescued by someone else. No one can save anyone else unless they want to be, and in any case, one has to take responsibility for their lives and heal themselves. No one truly needs to be saved. 

Patriarchal society had a powerful influence in how we view ourselves leading everyone to believe that the answer is always with someone else. Historically this was the father figure, now obsolete. Religion did the rest by making us believe that we all need salvation, and that this can never come in human form.

It is important to understand that Damsel is a woman who went through numerous, adverse experiences in which she experienced pain and suffering. These experiences against popular belief made her stronger, never weaker. She is not a woman that needs rescuing, even though her personal circumstances might invite to believe so. Weak is the one inflicting pain and suffering on others, never the survivor.

Such experiences and circumstances will lead her and others to believe that the answer is outside and with someone else. As the role of men has changed and we have lost the ability to embody the traditional roles imposed by patriarchal society, the figures of the hero, prince valiant or prince charming no longer exist. However, the energy that promotes such characters is still living in contemporary society causing an internal conflict in both, men and women.

What a man wanting to save Damsel really desires is to save his mother, but also himself; whereas every woman still believing that a man can save her has given away her true power, self-belief and independence. If love is not uplifting, it is not love.

Damsel in distress is every woman, but she also lives in the unexplored feminine of every man. The damage that patriarchal society has caused to women by suppressing expression of all things female invites to adapt and transform in order to survive. Not every woman wants to be saved. The number of women living independently, thus separating from the once powerful image of the male saviour and turning instead to the potential of the Divine Feminine is increasing. It is a way to assert themselves with a clear statement: love me as I am and take care of my real needs by opening your heart and then there might be a possibility. There's more love in a solitary life than in sharing it with someone standing on old beliefs and standards.

The move towards the feminine indicates a separation from the current flow of male energy that no longer recognises creativity, intuition and balance. While society does not like an independent woman and would find ways in which to increase pressure to set them back to the 'straight path', one in which they can be controlled, follow the standards and submit to what has been expected from them for centuries; setting a distance from the aggression and competitiveness of the male energy is good news for everyone.

This separation can be problematic and would only be solved in time by integrating the male and female energy in order to find balance. Women do have the power to change the world by setting stronger boundaries and demanding equality. However, many women have introduced aggressive and competitive patterns, so as to regain their ground. This is neither the right or wrong way and it has to be understood as the natural course of a process in this period of transition. It can never be a permanent solution, as it is be equally unbalanced. 

The path to freedom of the collective is through being true to ourselves. Transformation of the collective is not different from personal transformation, and it needs an inner revolution before we can consider changing the world. In order to regain the equality that has been denied to all of us, both men and women, so as to balance male and female energy for a better society, the true power of women lies in exerting their natural abilities. By fighting the world with the already known weapons: aggressiveness, competition or a goal-directed assertiveness, we only enter a period where creativity, collaboration, empathy or creativity still remain pending subjects. 

What the world needs is a wave of creativity, love, passion and emotional intelligence that sweeps what's already here and contributes to create a better and truly humane society that provides for the needs of all. The world already knows how to control aggression, competition or assertiveness and in fact, the more of it we have, the longer we will remain stuck in an unconscious society. What the world cannot fight is a colourful wave of love, dance, new rhythms. This is a new energy, that if propelled from all corners of the world would contribute to change the world.

We are what we do, and what we do creates an energy that changes a person first, and then their environment. By creating a new energy, we transform the old ones. In this way, we can achieve integration. There is still great remnants of religious thoughts and the energy of patriarchal society blinding collective consciousness that makes us believe that the world will change through a miracle brought by external forces. The truth is, we are those forces. We raise our voices sometimes in the hope of hope, but what we have to do is to believe by creating that belief in our every day actions. Should we continue watching TV or go out and love and dance?

Very often I come across a Damsel in distress. Most of them still believe in the idea of rescuing and my response to them is always the same, that you have to do it yourself even if that means a period of isolation, heartbreak and loneliness. Everything else would be manipulation, as I know that in everyone of us lies the most beautiful place in the world, still unseen, still untouched and that can only be discovered by taking the plunge within. 

What Damsel wants is to follow her heart, so as to reconnect with the soul. It can only happen through being a woman, not in the traditional way, but by bringing a new expression and meaning to it. For centuries women have been the silent guardians of the soul. It is time to set it free if we want to change this world. By showing the true and beautiful expression of the Divine Feminine, women would be inviting the Divine Masculine to reappear and express its energy as what it was meant to be. 

When the new creative energy emerges, the old ways of society will become obsolete and consequently abandoned. I can only wish that the cleavage vs no-cleavage debate is ended and women uplift other women instead of competing against each other. No one gains anything by competing. Competition is an illusion that has led the world to believe that salvation is in money and then more money.

Damsel in distress doesn't need to be saved. If you are a woman, know that you and her have the keys to wake up the Goddess. Know also that she's within you. If you're a man, there's one way in which we can 'save' our mothers and ourselves, and this is through love. Love them all and the right one will come to you. 

Damsel in distress is a survivor, the strongest woman there is, a Goddess, how anyone could think she needs rescuing is beyond me. If anything, we do this together, no one has to do it alone. She has grown up now and might not be as young as she was, but still beautiful. She's always beautiful.

These days everyone is connected to everyone else around the world. People create friendships with others without meeting and we all learn about and from each other by sharing experiences, posts, blogs or uplifting messages. 

Cover photo: Dani Glitter-Belle Pettit

The Twin Flame Runner And Fear Of Love.

The information in this article applies to everyone, but it has a special relevance to twin flames, as one of the reasons the twin flame runs away is due to an overwhelming feeling of love and the emotions that surface during the relationship. 

Fear of love is a paradox that affects almost everyone, hard to perceive, but one fairly easy to understand. The difficulty lies hidden in the fact that everyone is looking for love, to love and be loved, so how is it possible that someone who's looking for love can be afraid of what they're looking for? First, everything in life is a paradox. And second, it is not so much fear of love itself, but the inability to allow it and receive it. 

The signs are fairly visible and can affect both partners in a relationship. One reacts disproportionately to signs of affection, avoiding them at all costs. A person who suffered any kind of abuse in childhood would not feel at ease when they're touched in the most loving and kind ways. They're just not used to it. Some people would let their partners know how uncomfortable it makes them feel. For some others to reject this kind of approach is automatic and perhaps they don't even know the reason for their behaviour.

But fear of love does not require extreme situations such physical or sexual abuse to be present in the psyche and body of a person. The explanation is simpler than this. All children are born in love, and for a period we continue experiencing such blessed state. As we grow up, children are exposed to the challenges of the adult world and the fears of their parents, moment at which the experience and perception of a child begins to change. The older we are, the more fear that is injected in all of us. 

The fear of a parent does not have to relate to a thrilling scenario. Fear is presented to all of us in the form of boundaries and limitations. How parents discipline their children also play an important part. Depending on who the parents are, there is also a sense of abandonment or lack of love. For one, parents cannot be constantly paying attention to the children. Abandonment can be as simple as the first day of nursery school or the birth of a new sibling needing more care and attention. There are also the type of parent that cannot express love because they are not used to it. Sometimes showing affection is as difficult as receiving it, even to their own child. Lastly, there is the kind of parent who should never be allowed to go anywhere near a child.

The other kind would be those parents who do not want children, either due to an unwanted pregnancy or to their natural conditioning. In all these cases, children learn to live without love. This loveless period could last for years and be extended through childhood, adolescence and even extend deeper into adulthood until a relationship is begun. 

A person can be in love and still distrust love. Is it real? What are they trying to get from me? Even if these questions are not conscious, the body and psyche of a person who got used to live without love would be triggered by doubts. The waters need to be constantly tested until one gets the assurance that it is real, and perhaps, only perhaps, true love. One can never be sure. 

Fear of love could lead many people into loveless relationships, as well as making them run from love. One does not necessarily need to stop loving a person to stop a relationship. When someone is not used to love, entering a loving relationship can be as suffocating as someone used to love is to begin a loveless relationship. 

In the case of the twin flame it could go to extremes, as this could be the first relationship in which they truly attempt both, to show and receive love. It is easy for two people sharing such an amazing connection to be in love and reject each other after a period. Feelings and emotions run high and deep with their demons and fears. The experience could be daunting to the extreme that they have to separate in order to survive.

Twin flames or not, anyone involved in a relationship that fears love would eventually begin to show the opposite to the person they claim to love. It is not that they don't love them. It's the inner child most likely reacting and commanding their lover with the same controlling attitude their parents showed towards them. 

The answer to this problem, as well as the solution lie with the inner child. However, awareness is the first step. Without awareness, all the actions described above remain unconscious, causing further damage to the relationship and the self. What we do to others, we do to ourselves. Equally important is the fact that what we do to ourselves, we do to others. 

Awareness opens the door that leads to the root of the problem, allowing anyone to be a witness to their own actions, ask for help and even discuss it with their partners. If one cannot afford professional help, either conventional or holistic, one must find the tools to begin the process of healing.The second step is acceptance. From then on, we are open to discover new dimensions and insights that lie dormant within. 

In a twin flame situation in which the runner has already gone away, it does help to heal the self first. They will never return to stay while we remain in the same unhealthy state. In addition to everything that has been suggested, abundant doses of self-love can work miracles. 

If you recognise any of signs of fear of love in yourself, do not be afraid to admit it. It is important in order to begin the healing process and return to love. If you are already in a relationship, you may want to discuss it with your partner and allow little by little being touched and loved for as long as you can, feel the emotions that run through. Take it as a healing exercise. Feeling is healing in itself, however uncomfortable these emotions might be.

Do it yourself, or seek help. The truth can be hidden for a while, but not forever. And it's healing, your truth, however painful it is when it presents itself for the first time, is healing. I believe it is even more painful to wish love and not being able to live with it, for love is all we are, and all we want. But it's always your choice.

And when or if someone tells you I love you, don't react to it, breathe it in and feel it. Sometimes when someone says I love you, they don't say it because they want something from you, but because you need to hear it. And feel it.

The book 'Reuniting with the Twin Flame' is now available on Amazon.

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