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How Social Media Can Contribute To The Shift Of Consciousness.

These days everyone is connected to everyone else around the world. People create friendships with others without meeting and we all learn about and from each other by sharing experiences, posts, blogs or uplifting messages. 

This is great news, as there is no longer need to meet others physically. However, the reality of physical distance or the lack of means to move around the world and meet personally could cause anxiety and frustration. Love does not require to make everything physical. It is not about what we can get, but what we can give. What we give returns to us in many other ways. Love in whichever form comes is what truly matters.

There are 7 billion people in this world. Touching everyone physically is not possible.

Let's understand these communications from a different perspective; as a new path opening to multiple possibilities. The angle from which we understand human relationships is still very narrow. There is a sense of incompleteness unless communication is physical. The almost desperate need to understand love through another person is the clearest indication of this. Somehow we still don't understand that before we can love someone fully, we must find that love within. Without we can never love another person as one ought to do. 

However, there is nothing wrong with it. We are here to love and understanding love only from a romantic sense is simply another stage we must visit until we understand that love is not really there, but within. 

The internet has to be understood as what is, a platform in which we can create energetic webs. It is a wonderful media that when used properly could connect the entire world. The use that we make of the tools that we have at hand determines whether we are creators, mere informants or agents of negativity. 

There seems to be a wave of disbelief to what we as creators could accomplish. First, we must understand the notion that we do this together, or not at all. We all want the same, so why not join forces and move together collectively? While without an inner revolution that raises our own consciousness first, the shift of consciousness will never take place, we fail to recognise the wonderful opportunity that we miss in every word, every thought and every action. Sadly, we miss this point every day.

"We" in this case refers to the collective. There are of course many people already aware of this fact and they are doing a wonderful job by creating websites, alternative news, blogs and different platforms from which to spread a new message everyone longs for: Love. Our role can be as simple -which is not simple or easy at all- as a Facebook admin to a writer, philosopher, thinker, film-maker warrior, etc. The list is endless and we all know what we must do. It is important to understand that no role is more important than the other. This is team work and everyone must carry out their duties. We all have a mission, and each one is essential. 

What matters most is that the message to build a new reality gets out there and it is embraced and shared by as many as possible. Media users and readers, viewers are equally important, and so it is the message we share.

The part that we are missing is that telepathic communication among humans is very possible in a higher state of consciousness. When we allow ourselves to just be, we can engage with anyone in the world. We can also read others, where we are, where we come from and even see the soul in others. 

In order to create a mass energy field that helps to raise consciousness what we choose to share with others becomes precious items. It's a new energetic currency. I wouldn't share with others anything I wouldn't like to see or read myself. What we need more in this world is encouragement, love, kindness, compassion, empathy and support. Sharing videos of cats every now and then might help to break up with the belief that in order to heal we have be dead serious or continue suffering as religion taught us to do. The path to enlightenment can also be fun and should indeed be fun. That's what the soul truly craves: fun, dance, movement, artistic expression.

The part we all play in this transformation, however small you may believe is can be overwhelming. We begin here today with something small, but we never know how far the ripple effect is going to take our message. Do I or you want to read another message that perpetuates fear?

The ripple effect is also a force to which we pay little attention. It's influence in the world can be overwhelmingly encouraging. If what we want is love, a shift in consciousness, peace, this is what we ought to share and talk and write about. This is our contribution as creators. One initial share might be multiplied by thousands and reach even more readers, observers, viewers who are also looking for love. 

Being a creator seems to be a mystified term or a figure of biblical connotations that enables someone to reach epic achievements, while we underestimate that making someone feel better or loved is in itself an extraordinary accomplishment. This is not a difficult goal to reach. Anyone can do it and know that you contribution is much more important that what you might perceive at the time. We only have to make that choice.

Recently I wrote something very similar from a more physical perspective in the role of women in society that can be read here: 'Losing the feminine: The dangerous turn of Damsel in Distress.' Everything is energy and it is up to us to create it. The energy we choose to create is that which the world will experience.

If what we share with others brings love, hope, happiness, motivation, trust, kindness, courage, compassion and a long list of positive qualities we all hold in our quest of love, reaching and touching everyone in the world, as a collective we become an incredible creator that contributes to shape a new world. Imagine an invisible web of energy which speaks only of love and new possibilities for the human race and the world. Let's make love our new oxygen and a new way of living while still dealing with the old ones.

We must let go of the idea of individualism and competition, wanting to do everything by ourselves. Every word I write is stored in the collective consciousness and my belief is that I must write it and share it with anyone who's interested in reading. Can I claim to be the author? Yes and no. Let's say that my role is more that of a channel to convert knowledge to words that come from a higher place. 

Many readers have expressed their joy in finding in physical form what they couldn't articulate, but somehow knew already. This and many other writings you will read have the same impression, the recognition of universal knowledge in someone else's words.

In my experience, we can communicate with anyone through thought, energy and intention. This is another fact most of us seem to be oblivious about. See some examples here and how by taking the time to honour someone else's soul, we can make a real difference in their lives. All it takes is to look at each others eyes and recognise each other's souls. Anyone can do it, but first we must invest the time and effort. 

Be and allow yourself to be the creator you really are. No matter who you are or what you've done in life, your soul is still intact and when we lock eyes with someone else, we are somehow inviting a dance of souls. Know that you are a wonderful creator. Don't underestimate yourself. What to create from now on is only your choice. 

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