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What To Do When Your Partner Is Not On The Spiritual Path?

Whether we know it or not, we all are on a spiritual path. It might not seem so seeing how some people lead their lives, or what their interests, characters and behaviours are like; but everyone wants a better life. Everyone hurts and everyone suffers. The spiritual awakening happens at a different stage for everyone, and all of us are waiting for that miracle. They might not admit it, but the fact is that everyone has a soul, everyone is a soul and in one way or another we all feel it pushing through.

The fact that one lives in denial due to life long exposure to a set of beliefs usually causes others to resist the beliefs of others. When we initiate the spiritual path openly, our attention is focused on these practices. Wanting to evolve in the spiritual journey  is something that should come from within. We can never force anyone to take it. It does not work in any other way.

It is very common that people in relationships are affected by this. The number of women interested in spirituality is far greater than men. I know of many women who suffer due to such imbalance. In order to change attitudes towards spirituality we have to integrate the beliefs of others, not to dismiss them and accept people as they are now. There is always a good reason for people's attitudes and behaviours. Men have not been trained to seek the spiritual; our attention has been directed towards a more material life, so as to be providers, but in a world in which currently most people provide for themselves, this idea is obsolete. Yet, many men are following the spiritual path. Everyone wants to find inner peace and men are not the exception.

The first thing we have to do is to look at ourselves. In 'How most people sabotage their spiritual growth' I gave a few reasons as to why spirituality is not taken seriously, neither by those who practice it, not by those who see it from non-practicing position. A partner that challenges our beliefs is still a valid partner. Why are they challenging us? and why did we attract and felt attracted to that person in the first instance? If you are in a relationship, you chose to be with that person.

There is at least one belief and one activity that the non-spiritual follow which can be related to. Pain and suffering is the same for everyone even if expressed differently, and neither can be removed without seeking truth within. There are several problems when we disagree on these matters. We need to explain processes, concepts and practices clearly. If we cannot do so, we might not understand it fully. I do remember years ago someone looking at my writing and the only thing they could say was that they "only believed in the universal truth". When I asked them to expand on it, there was a silence that continues until today. Of course, they never were given the opportunity to give a glimpse at my writing again.

This is another problem. There are people in the spiritual path using the theory against others, instead of treating them with love, kindness, understanding and compassion. At least once a week I  receive a comment from an occasional reader throwing these theories like knives. I call this the 'Text Book Syndrome." And the only intention is to prove others wrong. More to it, the comments are usually off topic and I know they have not even read the blog post. Whilst everyone is entitled to an opinion, using our knowledge to try and harm others has nothing to do with spirituality.

A person could be doing their own research in many different ways. To give an example, I have been a keen reader of classics and contemporary literature, but also in philosophy, economics, politics, art, psychology, plus a long list of disciplines including theory of mathematics, which is not my forte. In the end all that mattered to me was to live the experience, not the theory, as this is what made a difference in my life. Spiritual or self-help books hardly ever got my attention. The interest is in the universal and all answers can be found in any book if read with intention. Find the intention of your partner and together, begin to work with it, not against each other.

Open new channels of communication and find out what your true intentions are. Are you trying to change your partner? Whilst this intention might seem very loving, it is not. Only when someone decides to grow spirituality a change will occur. Let's change ourselves first and when we do, others will follow. When we try to change a person against their will, the reaction is defensive and causes them to close down. No one likes to be told what to do or that they are doing it wrong. There is a time in life for everyone in which we do realise our own truth and that we might have to change it, but it is always our choice.

We cannot force our beliefs and opinions on others. Give space, but also make sure yours is safe and respected. It is possible to be kind and loving and still stand our ground strongly. It is not a battle, but a strong belief in your convictions. Watch for that belief that is being challenged and ask yourself why without reacting to it.

Sit down for thirty minutes with your partner and express your feelings, emotions and ideas and what you would expect from a them. It is essential that we do not to give ultimatums, such as, "you do this with me or else!" It is important to get it out of your system. Ask your partner to listen to you without their comments and opinions. Being spiritual does not make us better than anyone else. No one is above or below, we are just different and we will continue being different regardless of how much complicity we find in others.

This is an exercise to express yourself. A time to be listened to. It is also important that you are not interrupted. Ask your partner to do the same, to express what they feel about themselves, not about your beliefs and practices. And listen, do listen and stay with your feelings and their feelings.

It is not about correcting the beliefs and ideas of others, but about listening to each other with respect, hence the importance of no interference during this process. It is very rare to listen to our partners or to talk to them without interruptions for such length of time. Once again, be flexible and decide in which way you want to do it. Don't prepare a speech, be spontaneous and express what you feel at the moment. Preparing for this exercise does not work. You already know what you feel and what you want to say. Say it! It is not a time to throw accusations either, but to express your feelings and what it means to you regardless of what happened in the past.

If you are reading this blog post is very likely that you are facing this situation right now. Use this opportunity as a constructive tool to improve the situation and create a new reality if possible. When you have gone through the experience, answers and insights will undoubtedly come to you and you will know what to do next. Sometimes relationships have to end, but if there is love, doing anything you can to improve it and take it to a different level of understanding might be worth the effort.

If they love you, they will understand the concepts of love, respect, understanding, kindness and compassion. If they don't and you are attacked, ask yourself why it is happening, and most importantly, is it worth it?

The book 'Reuniting with the Twin Flame' is now available on Amazon. Dealing with dynamics and a detailed exploration of the twin flame relationship, the content is exclusive to the book and cannot be found on this blog. 

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A Quick Word On Understanding Women: By Understanding Others, We Understand Ourselves.

A month I published a blog post, 'Leadership tips for men: Understanding women'. Considering that "women are the biggest mystery of the universe" is one of the most tiresome and humourless jokes in the world, I expected a better reception than the one that had at the time of publishing, even though I had already foreseen the lack of interest. When I wrote it, I already said that lack of interest would cause the series to be cancelled and until today I have seen no reason to write on the topic again. The fact that the only questions, comments and requests, as well as being the majority of readers, were women, only shows that men still want to be understood without making an effort to understand others. It cannot longer be our way only, we have to meet somewhere in the middle.

No one is under any obligation to understand anyone else, but understanding others opens new channels for better communication. The reason I am writing this new blog post is to respond to the needs of a reader. And yes, she is a woman. Although I am writing this blog post from the perspective of understanding women, the same principle applies to understand men. There cannot be a healthy communication between man and woman if we do not make an effort to understand who they are, what they want and why feelings and emotions come out in daily situations.

The problem that most couples face is not only lack of communication, but the fact that we take our partners for granted. Taking someone else for granted is an open invitation for them to take the high road. If you have not yet read the first blog post and you were interested in the topic, above there is a link that will take you to it.

Today I am going to suggest that men happily agree to go shopping with a woman. The intention is to see what they buy and why they buy it. There is much more than shopping. By now most men reading this must shaking their heads. The expectation and the anticipation of what a shopping trip might be is what truly kills the experience. This is the shopping experience and any other experience we might face. Expectation is a killer, so I am going to suggest that people go on a shopping trip with the intention to be surprised. It does not have to be a torture. We face what we project. Avoidance will never make our fears to go away.

Shopping does not mean to go hunting for shoes only. There are many types of shopping. The woman you chose to be with, probably liked shopping before she met you and most likely you knew of the activities she enjoyed before the relationship started. When a man excludes himself completely from some of the activities of a woman, he is also separating from her heart.

As someone who is the worst possible customer for shops, I wouldn't recommend anyone to go shopping, but we all need to by something every now and then. This experience has a different purpose.

When and if you agree to this trip, you go without asking anything in return. What you get in exchange is to be one step closer to understand the woman you love. If you are not in a relationship, you can choose go with a friend.

Be creative and flexible. Show initiative, go to a farmers market or to any other market nearby. Turn the occasion into a date, stop for a coffee, a drink or a snack. If the outing takes longer, you can both stop for another coffee, visit a different place where to take a break and perhaps end the day having something to eat in a different restaurant. Make it light and simple and enjoy it. The intention is to enjoy the trip with a woman, so as to learn what motivates them to go shopping and why they buy what they buy.

Relationships crumble because of small details like this. Accompanying a woman on a shopping trip will allow you to learn part of who she is. Even if this teaching is not done consciously, this woman is trying to show you part of who she is. When the experience is shared, the objects they buy become secondary. What they want is company, understanding and love. And understanding a woman is also a great expression of love.

The book 'Reuniting with the Twin Flame' is now available on Amazon. Dealing with dynamics and a detailed exploration of the twin flame relationship, the content is exclusive to the book and cannot be found on this blog. 

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Money, Money, Money: Can Money Be Spiritual?

Money. We hate it, we love it, and we hate it again. It is the object of our desire whether we have it or not. A fact we live in denial of. As a collective, humanity has no yet managed to understand what money is or how to use it, and those who do are the ones who own it and control it. The rest, which is the vast majority lose their  humanity to make ends meet. The truth is that we cannot live without money as the world is today. It is possible to live without it, but only a few are prepared to sacrifice that this entails.

There are only a few people in the world who truly understand that money is an energy. It has been said that money is an energy far too many times, but I never heard anyone expanding on it. To me is sounds like text book rhetoric; something-we-say-because-we-heard-it and that sounds as we are in control. We are not in control.

The elites have a very clear understanding of what it is, and as such, they use it in ways convenient to them in order to produce and have more of it. It is too easy to say that money is an energy without giving an explanation as to what it means. The first problem we face is that most people cannot feel the energy that surrounds us. Everything in the universe has an energy, but as we don't feel it, we look and understand everything literally. Money per se is nothing. The way we use it and perceive is what contributes to give it energy. The energy that is currently attached to is negative. Any energy can be transformed from negative to positive and viceversa.

Money is used by the elites, banks, governments and corporations to create a neurotic energy in which most people feel trapped. As money is deliberately withheld from us, the general feeling is of scarcity. We never have enough. The consequences are that we work more and harder to have less and to have more of what we don't want. Our attitude towards money follows the same pattern that has been imposed on us. We withhold money from others in a climate of distrust. The result: money does not flow and any energy that doesn't flow is a block on our wellbeing.

We have the power to change the way money is being used, hence changing also the energy. The truth is that humanity has the power to change everything we put our hearts and minds to. The reason why the world is not heading in the right direction is because we are living in a state of apathy. The overall belief is that change is not possible. This is nothing but a lie that we keep telling ourselves by making governments responsible for everything that happens in the world, but the only way in which we can change this world is by taking responsibility, and this requires taking actions that help transform the world for the benefit of all, not just a few.

Humanity has been led to believe that this is all there is. The current situation of the world is a lie. Too much emphasis has been put on the idea of individualism in order to fragment the collective until it has been rendered powerless. Humankind, as a collective has given all its power and trust to people who do not care about the general population. In this case, governments represent the figure of a bad father without the care and love of a mother. It is paternalistic and condescending. They tell us what to do and how to do it or else. Any cry for freedom and protest from the population is followed by a repressive action from the security forces which function under the false pretense that they are here to serve and protect us. The evidence says otherwise.

The role of corporations is not better. They are bad employers giving little reward in exchange for our efforts and time. The underlined message is that we are not good enough and we don't deserve more than we get. Corporations made us believe that we are disposable.

There is a practical solution in order to change the way we use and understand money. First we need to reconsider what we really need. How many material things do you need? How many activities and what is the nature of such activities? Are you decisions and actions giving you what you want or are they some sort of escapism.

Money is a powerful energy, which is currently used to keep people down. Most people are giving too much in exchange for what we receive. We know it and yet, we return to a 9 to 5 every morning in order to survive. The intention to change the trend cannot come out of greed, but from a place of equality, kindness and a fair exchange. We all should have enough to live comfortably. There is one way to use the energy of money in ways that could make a difference. This is by beginning to give our money to causes that matter.

There are already many people who have set a small part time business, often running it from home and in their spare time. You might not need another necklace or earring, but there is always an time in which we need a gift for a special occasion. We seem to be very happy to go to a high street shop to buy a present, often forgetting small businesses. We can purchase a piece of art from an unknown artist, a jar of strawberry jam from someone we know or vegetables to make a healthy meal. By doing so, we are exercising our right to use the power of money and focusing it on a person. We are not giving to a corporation. It helps to empower others in their enterprises, as well as to stop feeding the businesses and institutions that get most of our money. You do have to power to change the way in which money is used, as well as making the choice to use this energy in a different way. Giving our money to those who use it to render us powerless is the essence of our beliefs. Sadly most of us keep feeding this energy and belief.

When it comes to spirituality I often hear that we have to offer our gifts for free. To a certain extent I agree with this statement. There is an universal knowledge that belongs to all and should be shared with everyone. However, this statement also carries a sense of entitlement that begins when people demand time and energy from someone else. The fact that someone has a gift and willing to share it with others, should never be a draining experience for them. The idea that we do not have to pay for spiritual services is one of the reasons collective consciousness remains so low. It shows that we give too much importance to the material, and that everything ethereal should flow freely.

People who dedicate their lives to help other in whichever discipline they choose to, also have to eat, dress and pay bills. If we do not manage to making a living, we can hardly help anyone else. Time and energy has to be paid for as long as money rules the world. Whether you choose to hire these services or not is a different matter. Many people need guidance, hence the existence of this blog, but it is not a carte blanche for anyone to demand my time and energy, as it is not to demand it from others. There are limits to what one person can give. By honouring others, we are honouring yourself.

Giving without receiving causes and energetic imbalance, that could have terrible consequences for the giver, such as illness, exhaustion or lowering consciousness. Let's remember that what we do to others, we do to ourselves. In my case I have never approached anyone without meeting their expectations and demands. When there is an amount to be paid I pay it without bargaining. It is important to consider that this is an investment on ourselves.

When we hire spiritual services, we do so in order to improve ourselves so as to regain a part that we feel is lost. While all the answers are within, sometimes we need the help of others. Money in this case make us accountable. In the past I have offered help to some people free of charge who could not even be present at the time set for our meetings. The reason is that by not offering money in exchange, we do not give the service the value that truly has. If it is free, it cannot be that good. We are in many ways addicted to paying for what we want, although we do not always purchase services that benefit us. I believe that it people paid for happiness, ethereal and invisible as it is, they would be happy by making it a conscious effort. After all they paid for it.

Those who choose to set a spiritual service could very well function in the private sector earning a good salary in a different activity. No one is made of money or time. We do have to make money and time.

Money and spirituality is a touchy subject. The reason that people do not have money for spiritual services is not that they do not really have the money, but that we choose to spend it on something else. Sometimes a £1000 spiritual retreat would bring more benefits to us than a £3000 holiday in another part of the world. The way we use our money is also who and what we are. And one question we have to ask ourselves, is dining pizza and beer every weekend more important than our happiness and spiritual growth? I believe it's not, but then, it is always a matter of choice.

The way we use money can give all of us freedom and happiness. It does not buy the love of others, but it can certainly help us to find love within, which is what really matters. Paying for spiritual services transform money into a positive energy that can then be used to continue helping others. Let's know where our priorities lie.

Perhaps only to add that in my previous blog post 'How to reconnect with your higher self to writing' I already offered my opinion on what we all should give for free to one another. Before we demand someone's time and energy, let's consider if we would work for free.

The book 'Reuniting with the Twin Flame' is now available on Amazon. Dealing with dynamics and a detailed exploration of the twin flame relationship, the content is exclusive to the book and cannot be found on this blog. 

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How To Reconnect With Your Higher Self Through Writing.

Since I have been publishing my work in this blog, many readers have expressed their affinity with my writings and how it resonates with what they have believed in throughout life, but someone they never managed to give it expression. This raises a question and at the same time offers a collective answer to all. Is this work really my work? Yes and no. It is my work because I dedicate my life, my time and energy to it. and I worked hard throughout in order to be able to access this information in order to share publicly without interference from any of the false beliefs that so deeply affects humanity.

Recently, in a non-related blog post I encouraged everyone to share their knowledge with others. Another reader commented on my disregard towards copyright. But how could I have a copyright or any sense of entitlement over universal knowledge, which is something that belongs to all of us? The source of universal knowledge is endless and I am certain that it will provide me with enough material to write for a lifetime. This is a source to which we all have access. Perhaps the difference between me and most readers is the ability to connect with this source through writing since I remember. What made a difference is the fact that I never stopped writing despite the opposition that I encountered. I never stopped believing in myself.

The source is my higher self; and my higher self is also yours. In fact it is ours. It does not belong to anyone and belongs to all. The best way I can describe it is that when I sit down to write, words begin to flow and fill the screen, as if someone else had taken over and when it is finished I wake up. While I am very conscious of the fact that I am writing and what I am writing about, the feeling, is as if I am writing by dictate and all the information I am requesting is presented to me. Writing is a gift that was given to me and for which I am very grateful. As neither the gift, nor the source belongs to me, the way to express gratitude is to share it with others. To share is a pleasure, a way to open my heart to the world. Now, imagine that you have written these words.

This information has been kept from humanity for too long and it is time that we begin to share it, so as to raise the level of collective consciousness. When we write, we are connecting to our consciousness. The intention we set when we decide to write determines the outcome. We can write to satisfy the ego, or we can write to honour our higher self. To use this knowledge against others, so as to keep them living in ignorance, manipulate or to look down upon them, would bring consequences that we do not want to experience.

The book 'Conversations with God' was written in such a fashion. The author sat down to write and realised that all answers came to him. This is a method that anyone can follow. It is also very easy when we manage to provide the appropriate space and circumstances. It is what I consider to be a collective answer to all. And it is so simple, that in a world in which we do not seem to be able to function without struggle, we do not believe that simplicity can give the answers we need.

The suggestion is that everyone tries to connect or reconnect with the higher self through writing. Writing, as I described earlier is a meditative state. It is also healing and will provide answers to all existential questions you may have. In order to do so, we have to pause and make time to write. Once you are ready to write, clear your mind and don't focus on the end result, but in what is coming to you at the time.

At this stage we are not writing for publication, which does not mean that the material could not be used for such purpose at some point in the future. The intention is to write everything that comes to mind, whether it makes sense or not. The answers might not come immediately, but with practice, answers will appear. If we have been separated from the higher self for too long, it could take longer. It is a matter of practice, and what you will be practising is, a state of being; to live in the here and now.

The more we practice, the more results we get. I would like to emphasise that we have to make time. Making time for ourselves and for the things that really matter to ourselves. To give you an idea of what you will find if you decided to engage in this activity that I highly recommend, the information that you are looking for is the knowledge that you were born with and that during the first years of your life made so much sense. We disconnect from this knowledge somehow when we begin to listen to the noise of the world and others, but the knowledge is still there and you have access to it when you pause and make time for it.

It is also very important that once we access this knowledge we follow it and use it to improve our lives, as well as sharing it with others from a place of humbleness. To use this knowledge for personal gain might not bring the results that you may want. This knowledge is given to us selflessly and giving away must also be a selfless act. This does not mean that if you are dedicated to a spiritual professional career, you don't charge for your services. You do. People must pay for your time and energy, as they pay when they go out to a restaurant to have pizza and beer on a Friday evening. The general misunderstanding about money and spirituality is a topic I will cover in my next blog post.

Don't worry too much about syntax, grammar, punctuation, etc when you write. All these rules are only distractions and this kind of writing does not need any of it to begin with. You can always go back to it and edit it at convenience if you decided to do so. This is a great way to listen to yourself and your intuition, and perhaps the inflection point in which you begin to stop listening to the noise of the world. In this case, the noise of the world is every wrong belief and false idea, such as the competitive nature of humankind which prevents us from sharing our knowledge with others. This idea comes from fear. And you, deep inside are love, just love.

I suggest that to begin with you choose to hand writing instead of typing. In this way you it is easier to bring feeling and emotion to your writing, which is where the healing process takes place. Buy a writing pad and use pen or pencil. Make it a ceremony. After all, you are going to honour your higher self. Make it count. As you listen to your intuition, be flexible with the process and do what is best for you. My suggestions are only a starting point. Remember that you are a leader, not a follower and that you must do what is best for you.

Listen to yourself. The answers you are looking for are very simple and you may want to begin to believe in the magic of simplicity. With writing alone we can heal from all our existential ailments. The healing power of writing could remove depression, stress, anxiety and a long list of fabricated fears to which we bow daily. Pause and make time. And that time is now.

Please share this blog post with others. It is time that we begin to lose our fear to share with others. We are not competing against each other. We all are in this together.

The book 'Reuniting with the Twin Flame' is now available on Amazon. Dealing with dynamics and a detailed exploration of the twin flame relationship, the content is exclusive to the book and cannot be found on this blog. 

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The Wild Woman: The Underworld's Muse.

"Underworld's Muse"

I heard at dusk the tapping of your glance
Green luminous rapture between my hair.
Your mouth's desire shaping in lustful dance
A dream of truth softly coating my lonely lair.

From the dark chimney a possibility so rare,
A throbbing heart before green mirrors met;
And I, filled with doubt, for I hadn't trusted yet
The exquisite essence of a stranger's stare.

They called you a four distilled in deepest darkness.
I saw The Muse seeking in Dionysus' Underworld
A sinister companion pouring in glass, red to sadness.

They called me a four, intolerable lust in madness.
You saw the Orphic poet startled by beauty unfurled,
Waving in tears to the loneliness of departing sadness.

We walked down to Gypsy Lane; now broken,
In Lust, In Love; where I said, and you heard,
The most beautiful words one has ever spoken.

And in the fields we danced and waved at love,
Intoxicated nights towards the farthest edge,
And when fallen; In Love, In Lust we pledged
Our indomitable souls forever to wisdom above. 

More about the wild woman, 'The Return Of The Wild Woman.'

The book 'Reuniting with the Twin Flame' is now available on Amazon. Dealing with dynamics and a detailed exploration of the twin flame relationship, the content is exclusive to the book and cannot be found on this blog. 

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Living Self-Love: Week 7. Tapping Into Courage And Finding A New And True Expression.

This is the last week of this series on self-love. From here on I could keep suggesting new ideas and tools to find self-love and own it, but there is a time in which we all have to find our own direction and solutions to what we are looking for. If you followed this series from the first week, by now you must have had your own insights and be ready to create your own manual on how to find love within. When we find love within we find it everywhere we go. Self-love is the door to universal and unconditional love.

The main reason why self-love is so elusive is because we keep listening to everything negative that has been said to us and about us in the past. It is a tiresome, monotone soundtrack that we keep playing in our minds. The truth is not that we cannot find love, but that we fear love. We fear reconnecting with who we really are in order to begin to play the music we all carry within. A few people no longer listen to the noise of the world, but to their own music.

When we fear love courage is needed to discover it. Courage will lead us to love and to the incredible and endless beauty that we all have within. The path to self-love is an inner journey, so the experience is not being courageous about the external. In some cases the expression of this courage will be projected outwards, as we are all part of one collective consciousness and how we interact with others is crucial to find self-love.

However, there is a great misunderstanding in regards to courage. It is not being the hero who saves the day in public situations, but the hero who saves each day by finding the true voice of the soul and finally expressing it to the world in ways we only dreamed of even. And we do so even if our voice is shaking. It takes practice to give true expression to the soul. When we hear it, we recognise the sound of self-love.

Use courage to admit who you are at the moment and bring truth to life. Before we remember who we really are, we have to experience what we are not. Every flaw that you might believe you have is only there to show you what you have to improve and change. This could be jealousy, anger, insecurity, selfishness and a long list of traits which are considered negative. It is OK to be all of it until we stop being any of it.

A way to know whether this trait you doubt is negative or not is to see it if helps everyone around or just you. We are here to help and uplift each other. To make this world a better place together and all our actions should benefit everyone involved. In the case of selfishness I already discussed it in previous weeks and it is OK as long as we do not cause harm or take something from others.

The way to change this is to admit what we are now. Admitting to any of it does not mean we have to broadcast it to the world. We admit it to ourselves. Yes, I am jealous. Yes, I am selfish. You might chose to do so publicly or to share it with a friend or a trained professional. There is nothing wrong in admitting who we are at the moment. If we really want to lead a life worth living we have no option but to forget the things we have learned and adopted from others. None of these traits are who we really are. We might act it, but it is only a learned behaviour. As we have used it for so long, we got the impression that it is real. It is not. That flaw that you believe is your real identity and self is only covering your true self and the only route we can take to remove is by bringing truth. This is the part in which courage is essential.

Courage is necessary to admit to it, as it is to feel all the emotions and feelings that follow without reacting to them. Think of it as if you were returning a flaw back to the universe, not as a part of you which is crucial to give you identity, character or personality. Courage is about learning to find your new expression and to stand firm to voice it. You might surprise others as you change. It is your right to change and to improve yourself every day of your life. Your soul wants to expand and be free, through truth, love, and self-love. You owe it to yourself, not to anyone else.

Courage is also needed to go through this experience, as when we admit to a trait that we have been denying until today, feelings and emotions inevitably follow. This is certainly to weaken you. Don't worry and do not give it too much thought. This weakness is not real either. When you come of the feeling process you will be strong as you have never experienced. That day, all your actions will be love and self-love. It might be a painful experience to begin with, but it is certainly worth it.

If you missed the previous weeks you can either find the links in archives or click on week 6 and follow the links to the rest of blog posts.

Finally, do not give yourself a hard time when you realise that you are something you are not and you couldn't see it for so long. It's not your fault. It is not anyone's fault. Humanity is too keen in finding escape goats to blame for everything that went wrong. Please do not fall into this trap. You might also feel that you have been lying for most of your life, but this is also fine. We all live and express a lie unknowingly until we see the truth. Forgive yourself. You know that the intention you always had was good. If it came out in the wrong way is because we don't know better. We are here to learn to love and whether we like it or not, we make mistakes. This is what was taught to you at an age in which you didn't have to awareness or the tools required to challenge it. Now you do and deep within you know the truth.

The book 'Reuniting with the Twin Flame' is now available on Amazon. Dealing with dynamics and a detailed exploration of the twin flame relationship, the content is exclusive to the book and cannot be found on this blog. 

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Food For Thought. The Industry Of Food, Mind And Soul Poisoning.

Comfort food may seem a good idea at the time and maybe even necessary every now and then. For the past few months I have experimented with food to experience what and how the food industry functions and what is doing to all of us. What follows is an account of it, raw as it comes.

In this experiment I make my own fast food with the occasional home delivery and ready made meals. It might be healthier than a chain fast food and certainly cheaper, but it sends me off track almost immediately. The results are disastrous. I feel bloated, if not all the time during parts of the day due to the intake of salt. As I am treating myself to fast food, mostly sandwiches, salt has an overwhelming effect on my body. To compensate, I have cravings for sugary treats and for a while I indulge. It does have the expected effect, but of course not the healthy one that I would like.

Bloating takes over my body. I feel sluggish. My eyes are droopy and I am constantly tired. I want to sleep, but I obviously can't. I just got up and my body is rested. It's only an illusion. I gain weight immediately. I know it's all water retention and in order to counteract the effect of salt, I drink from three to six litres of water daily. Still to no avail. I am always thirsty and no amount of water seems to satisfy my thirst. I am constantly hungry and even when I am not hungry I want to eat, but of course I don't want to eat anything healthy.

Even though I know my body is craving for fruit and vegetables, what comes to mind is a quick fix of salt or sugar. There seems to be no way to stop these cravings resulting in eating more than I should or want to. It also causes me to spend more money than I should. As I feel sluggish and constantly fatigued, some days I use all the energy left to order some food. After all it's Friday, but after-all-it's-Friday becomes after-all-it's-Saturday-and-Sunday and why not on a Monday too. The immediate consequences do not matter as long as I get my fix.

I need a coffee first thing in the morning to wake me up, although coffee doesn't always work. I also experience cravings for beer. The attitude is, why not? Beer contains yeast and gluten; ingredients I should not put in my body, but as the experiment is about going through the unhealthy effects in indulge. I know that beer is not going to fix it either. Nothing seems to satisfy the cravings. They are constant and come more frequently.

As the immediate physical consequences of feeding my body with this kind of food is very unpleasant, as soon as I finish the last slice of pizza the determination is to return to a healthy diet the following day. The intention is there, but as soon as I get up in the morning that determination wears off. There is always another tomorrow.

Visiting the supermarket doesn't make this process better. I can buy two ready meals for £4, while the cost of the ingredients for a healthy home made meal amounts much more. It is also the fact that as soon as I get home the meal would be ready within five minutes. The cost of buying canned food is three times cheaper than the same fresh produce. One would think that the process to can five tomatoes would make it more expensive. Someone wants us fat, lazy and unhealthy and this is the food industry, with the acquiescence of governments. Food prices do not match salaries and what most people can afford. It is possible to survive on canned food for as little as £1 per day, and that is unfortunately the reality of many people today.

I cannot breathe properly. The influx of air does not reach my stomach. The nasal cavities also seem to be blocked. Somehow I feel anxious. I know I need to drink more water, but frankly, I cannot be bothered and I don't have the energy to move. Vital energy is very low.

Physical symptoms in this kind of diet are not the only effects. I keep working and doing what I have to do, but I do feel lazy and willing to stop working as soon as possible. But certain things are left for the next day, as they are not that important. Soon I realise that some things have been neglected for too long even if they were not that important. This is one sure way to increase the levels of stress, which in turn would bring more emotions, feelings and cravings, which no doubt would bring more unhealthy food and back to square one the next day.

Going for a long walk seems an ordeal. The body is heavy and the pace is slower. I want to stop every twenty minutes to sit and have a coffee. More money goes and it keeps me away from experiencing a long walk by the sea. I don't feel as I have the energy for it. I have to force myself to move and go out. Of course when I do and walk I feel better, but often the sluggishness and apathy get the best of me and I delay the moment. This is the same for anything else that requires physical activity. The effect of food and toxins intake work like an anchor reducing my movement and stopping from fully enjoying living the present in hope for a better tomorrow.

None of this is experienced without thoughts and feelings. Although I can process feelings very well as I observe them and I know they're not real, I still have them for a few seconds. I don't feed thoughts with inner conversations and don't react to feelings or emotions, as I simply let them flow, but it feels uncomfortable. This is the only reason I can afford to put myself through such an experience. I know I can let it go and change it at the right time. As soon as half of the pizza is gone guilt appears, as well as ambivalence; indecision. Should I finish it tonight or leave it for tomorrow? Another slice provides immediate comfort and I keep going until it is completely gone. I've eaten twice as much as I should have.

The process is a crude confirmation that food produces emotions, feelings and thoughts and none of them are positive. I can feel sadness, as if somehow I don't love myself enough, and certainly following a diet like this I don't, but if this helps even one person to gain knowledge and insight in order to improve their life, it is worth it.

Paranoia attacks. Opening a letter from the bank is an ordeal. One of this letters tells me that my bank owes me over £200 to confirm that negative feelings and thoughts are useless and we should not pay any attention to them. They don't change life, we do. There is slight anger and even fear. These are feelings I don't experience, as I keep doing what I have to do. Nothing is real.

It also affects somehow my sense of self-worth and confidence. As I feel uncomfortable I believe that everyone around is going to feel it and in a way they are. It doesn't stop me from going out and mixing with people and I definitely don't complain or have conversations about it with anyone. It is my choice and I face the consequences alone. Today, however, I can share it. The belief that I am not defined by others is still strong, but I know that if I continue with the process for a few more months I will end allowing this feeling to become my reality.

What this experience shows is that comfort food makes us feel unworthy, overweight and produces an overwhelming amount of feelings and unwanted emotions, which can turn our lives into a nightmare. It is a vicious circle, not easy to break from. I have broken with it already and will write a different blog post on the experience.

There is much more information to share about this process in different writings, such as food consumption and physical attraction, as well as the law of attraction, vibrational levels and consciousness. As this is an important topic, I will be happy to write on demand if anyone else was interested, so please leave your comments so as to see what comes next. This is a serious matter and if not tackled globally will certainly keep us low in mood and consciousness. We do have all the answers we need to improve our lives. The path to this is to raise consciousness, but how can we do this if our habits unconsciously keep us from doing so?

The truth which became clearer in the process is that this is slow food poisoning, and it is not only the body that suffers, but the mind and the soul by prolonging the low levels of individual and collective consciousness.

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The Power Of Kindness: Kindness As a Very Effective Tool That Could Change Your Life.

The word is out there; we have to be kind to each other. Everyone heard about it and everyone wants to be treated kindly. But how can one be kind in such an unkind world? How can we be kind to the unkind? The answer is simple. The practice, however, is not. All of us at one point or another have been unkind.

To receive kindness, we have to give it first. We cannot expect to be treated kindly when we leave a trail of unkindness behind everywhere we go. This does not mean that being kind is always going to have the expected results. Even the kindest people are treated unfairly, as this seems to be the norm. We should not expect immediate results if this is a practice we are beginning today. It takes time, although treating others with respect, love and compassion would certainly increase the chances to obtain an equal response immediately. We are not kind because we expect something, but because we want to change our life and the world with it.

No one can be truly kind if the action is not heartfelt, although as one spreads kindness, the appreciation we receive in return would increase the feeling until we own it. It is important that we understand that there are many reasons that make people unkind. The main one is that people hurt and suffer. The pain and suffering of others should never be underestimated. Many people don't talk about the problems they're facing. Everyone experiences the same feelings and emotions regardless of their circumstances. The fact that we don't know about it, does not make their pain and suffering any less. What they need is to be treated kindly. It does change the outcome in most experiences.

The fact that we are kind does not mean that we have to passively accept aggressive behaviours from others. When this occurs, we have all the right to stand firm and set boundaries. However, there is no reason why we have to treat others as they treat us. The energy we create in our interactions with the world remains with us. Kindness can only bring positive energy, as we are the creators. It seems that humanity underestimates the power we have as creators. Every action we take creates an energy. Love creates more love. Fear on the other hand creates more fear.

Being unkind is a sub-product of fear. One might believe that it is a way to set strong boundaries that shows confidence. If I am strong enough to be unkind and get away with it, people would respect and fear me, therefore I am a rock and I would get respect in return. This type of behaviour might work for a while, but not in the long term. It is not respect that I would be getting in exchange, but fear and fear will only take me to loneliness to deal with my own fears. If unkindness is being a rock, being kind is being like water. In the end, water will always erode the rock.

Next time you are faced with this kind of behaviour, take into consideration that you are facing a person who is suffering and that somehow lost touch with their heart and feelings. Deep inside, that same person wants to love and be loved, but they forgot how to express it or even how ask for it. An excellent way to measure our responses to others is to pause, take a deep breath and take a few seconds before we do. It might take practice, definitely an incredible amount of patience and we might not be in the mood at the time, but the rewards which follow are worth the effort.

What we give, we receive. It is that simple. No matter how kind you are, there is always going to be someone who suffers and might be unkind. If you are reading this, now you know the source of this behaviour. The other important aspect to consider is the energy that is created by our actions. If our actions are positive, this is the energy that you are creating immediately and which spreads fast. Anyone welcomes an act of kindness. The more people you touch with it, the wider that it is expanded. By the end of each day, your energy could touch thousands of people and all it takes is a small act of kindness.

Kindness improves your mood,  health and has an immediate effect on your sense of well being. Let's say that today you interact with ten people and that in every interaction you treat them kindly. Now imagine that each person you interacted with treats ten other people as they were treated by you, and that those people do so with ten more and so on. Can you do the maths? This is the power that as creators we all have. One action might touch hundreds and even thousands of people in one day. Eventually no one would have a reason to treat you in any other way. By creating this ripple effect, we are also creating the energy of the collective, hence it is essential that we measure our actions and what effect they will have, not immediately, but collectively.

The projection and effect that each of us has on the world is truly extraordinary, but as most of us believe that we are restricted to what we see physically, we miss the beauty of the invisible and the unknown. We don't really have to see. We have to feel. You might not perceive what you are creating immediately, but you are creating all the time. What we create is not only important, but a personal choice. The choices we make determine the direction our lives will take. We can change direction at any time we wish.

Being kind is a sign of strength and emotional and spiritual maturity; a way to show to the world and ourselves that we are in the right path. What we do to others, we do to ourselves. It is not about becoming a people's pleaser, but about transforming our lives and the world. It is a powerful tool of transformation, everyone knows how to do it and there is no need to read a book to understand it. Too often we forget how many tools we have available to transform and improve our lives. And these tools are available to everyone. Whether we use it or not it's a matter of personal choice.

And here there's a challenge for you. Be kind to everyone you meet for a week and see how your life changes, how others see and treat you. You might be surprised of the results. Kindness is an universal language. Everyone understands kindness, but not many understand unkindness. Our actions are a reflection of who we are at the present moment.

Since I created this blog the amount of kindness I have received from readers has been extraordinary. It is inspiring and encouraging to continue writing and sharing my experience with all of you. Unkind comments have been so rare  that is hardly worth mentioning. Therefore the blog posts continue being written with kindness, love and the intention to keep helping as many as possible to find their true path. Thank you to the kind and the unkind, as deep within, we all are love, want to love and be loved. The intention of the soul is always a good one, even if for a while we forgot its true expression.

But it is not only the kindness that I felt during this time. It also the acts of kindness that I have met throughout life and that brought me here. Take a while to reflect on the kindness you have received in your life and imagine how different it would be without it.

The last and very important fact is that kindness is difficult to take in sometimes. People are not kind to us because they want or expect anything from us, but to show us that love is always there, that it is possible and comes in the most unexpected ways. Do accept the kindness that comes your way. If it is genuine you will know the difference. Kindness is something we repay by spreading it. Be kind. Be love.

The book 'Reuniting with the Twin Flame' is now available on Amazon. Dealing with dynamics and a detailed exploration of the twin flame relationship, the content is exclusive to the book and cannot be found on this blog. 

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How To Give An Authentic Voice To The Soul: Things We Never Said.

You might remember this period of your life or not, but there is a day in childhood when we stop talking to our parents first, as we develop a distrust of adults. At that age we are not yet aware of the reality of the outside world/ We are still infants. We are, however, aware that the beliefs, words and actions of adults do not match with the expression of the soul and in order to prevent negative influences from coming in, we close down. Nothing is the same ever again. 

This is a tragic moment, as it is not only ourselves who stop expressing, but the soul itself and all its beauty and magic. It is an instinctive action on our part, not a conscious decision. This is also the time when we begin to forget all the universal knowledge we were born with, and instead begin to follow the path of fear. The reason why we take this stance is very easy to explain. As children we explain stories that are full of magic, but which sound only fantasy to our elders. 

At the beginning these stories are received with joy. We hear compliments, see people smiling and even find encouragement, but as we grow older, such stories begin to feel uncomfortable. The characters, imaginary or not turn into threats as the plot conflicts with a reality adults have become so accustomed to that it is no longer challenged. Childhood then becomes a landscape without magic. Real or not, we become accustomed to reality as we are told and what is worse, we begin to question ourselves. 

The feeling of nostalgia for something we cannot really define and which seems we never had conquers our bodies and minds. The truth is, the nostalgia is for something we lost; our connection to universal knowledge. We still hold the feeling that there is more to life than this. What determines whether we recover this knowledge or not is the choices we make in life and how far we distance ourselves from that moment in childhood in which everything was simply magical. 

In more practical terms, what happens next is that we stop sharing with the world anything that is beautiful about us. The protective wall grows taller, stronger. We are determined to never let anyone in. This is, after all, the most beautiful place there is. It is home; a place where we feel safe, only that we have locked ourselves out and somehow we forgot where we left the key. Home is the place within where we really belong, but from which we separate trying to protect it. We are preventing others to come in from the outside. The struggle to defend it is so fierce that we become more and more entangled with the outside world. A sense of loss inevitably follows.

We have to consider that the one who makes such a choice is the inner child. The inner child does not grow in age or form. He or she always remain the same. The other fact to be aware of is that the inner child is stronger than its adult, and for as long as we neglect to reconnect, they will continue preserving paradise with all their energy. This is an energy created to survive in the 'real world', and its source is usually anger or even hate. 

There is a way to reverse this process, so as to allow the soul to be free again, and this is to give once again a true voice to the soul by beginning to open up to the world and speak up all the things we have been holding in. It has been so long that perhaps we don't remember, so we begin with our feelings now and the beauty we still perceive. Perhaps the motivating element in this journey that will take us back to the full of expression of the soul is that without it, we will never really know who we are. We can read as many books as we like, philosophise as much as we want to, but without the feeling of home within, we will never know. In order to live it, we have to feel it. 

The formula is very simple, although in a world that has forgotten magic and in which beauty, love and a hopeful future seem to have become rare species, it also takes courage. Everyone holds a beautiful treasure within; a treasure that we have turned into the deepest secret and which we are somehow ashamed of. It is not the fact that it is shameful, but a place of such beauty that the general belief is that it has no place in this world. We all want it, but only a few of us dare to express it.

These treasures we all hold in, are the things we never said. Comments as simple as I love you are in fact rare expressions in this world. By beginning to express the inner beauty, we would not only make our lives better, but we would, day by day, change the world. Think and feel all those things you never shared with others, neither in private, nor in public and what would happen if we set them free all at once. Unknowingly, we are holding love hostage and depriving ourselves of a life of freedom. It is not only beauty and wonderful expressions, but our love for life, love for ourselves, for others and the world. 

By opening up again, we would undoubtedly become more vulnerable. In vulnerability we will find the key to healing, as we experience new feelings and emotions. The reaction of others might be of surprise and even scepticism, as they may have never heard such expressions from us before. Let them wonder while you shine. Shame might appear. In order to conquer our fears, whether this is shame, anger or any other negative emotion, we have to feel. There is no healing without feeling. 

As we progress in this new journey, such negative feelings will eventually disappear, as we are replacing them with inner magic, love and beauty; everything that this world is lacking. Words have an incredible power to heal, hence we all should be more thorough with the things we share with others. One of the reasons our speech is in most occasions negative is due to the fact that we are still protecting the soul while being unaware of the power of our words. The fact is, no one can touch the soul. The soul is already protected, untouched. We can separate from the soul, but we cannot destroy it. The soul is much stronger than anything else in this world. There is a lot of mythology and fiction about losing or selling the soul. It is only fiction. We have been sold too many ideas soaked in fear and the majority bought it. 

There are many people who are in touch with the soul, but whom are afraid to freely express what they see and feel fearing the reactions of others. As it is not the norm, we are somehow too cautious in the ways we speak. The other restrictive fact is the human resistance to change, what others may think of us when we speak of beauty and love, while what we really should be afraid of is to live a life without true expression. 

Both our dreams and deepest desires are not real because we don't find ways to express them. Instead we allow the voice of collective consciousness to define the world and who we are, without any serious resistance other than the occasional tantrum. Withholding our true nature in a voiceless state makes us weak. From then on, the path most of us follow is one in which we seek answers outside. We look for love and beauty in others, so as to obtain some sense of confirmation that we are worth loving. Each of us holds the key to change this world. This is of course a collective effort, but before this happens, we have to begin with ourselves. 

Let's make a kind, loving word not to be understood by others as an ulterior motif to get something from someone, but the norm. It is only when we lose the fear to express our true beauty that we can all become free. Be the first one to step up and express it to the world, as well as to remind yourself of who you are. It is your choice to be an outspoken leader or to remain a passive follower of a truth that you no longer believe in. The time to speak up is here and now. The world needs your individual contribution, so as to transform into what it really should be, not what it is now. Your words matter; and it is the wish of your soul to set them free. It is your choice. 

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and imagine what this world could be like and what your life would be if we all expressed all the beautiful things we never said to each other. 

The book 'Reuniting with the Twin Flame' is now available on Amazon. Dealing with dynamics and a detailed exploration of the twin flame relationship, the content is exclusive to the book and cannot be found on this blog. 

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