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Twin Flames And Shadow Work.

Twin flames can propel each other in opposites directions for the rest of their lives within minutes; moving from a stage in which they have it all, to having nothing. Separation clearly indicates that shadow work might have been overlooked. In fact, shadow work never ends, but as a couple persist, hold on to love and work on themselves and on getting to understand each other, life gets much easier, and so does the relationship. 

Shadow work makes both people in the relationship stronger. It builds character, strength and allows a deeper understanding of the self, as well as of the loved one. 

Avoiding shadow work by choosing personal comfort and running away from the relationship creates the opposite effect. A distinct sense of weakness enters the journey, and from then on, the journey is up the hill. There´s much to say about how running away affects future relationships. 

Avoiding shadow work or to admit to a new personal truth is surely the fastest way to lose the love and respect of your twin flame.

If there´s a relationship in which two people might want to invest time and energy in shadow work, that is that one that involves twin flames. But who wants to put themselves through the excruciating pain that brings along when life is ´Days of Wine and Roses´? What a great film!

There is no place to escape to when dealing with your twin flame. They sense and know the answers to any questions/issues before one gives an answer. This element in the twin flame relationship can be daunting, but also an incredibly useful tool to accomplish personal growth. As one continues developing and finding renewed strength, the relationship builds on a different energy; the yet unknown energy of your higher self that allows to create magical worlds.

One of the difficulties in all relationships, not only the ones formed by twin flames is that shadow work begins from day one. The fact that the twin flame is an identical mirror which sees and reflects every shadow about you is debilitating. This part of the process must not be confused with neither weakness of character, nor depression. It´s simply the process of separation from the old self towards the new self. It takes time to shed the old skin to grow a new one.

At this point a new journey within begins. The foundations of personal truth are shaken up in such violent manner that one is constantly pushed towards the abyss of a new truth. Someone might not be ready to take the leap of faith towards a self-knowledge, or it could be as simple as not being aware of how the process works. It´s normal to feel hesitant, to doubt which way to go, so tempting to hold on to a lie one has know from the beginning of their existence and remain loyal to the vibration of ego.

Sometimes the window of opportunity to embrace a new truth is a matter of seconds. There might not be another chance after that.

Recognising a new personal truth, so as to separate from what no longer serves us is the easy part in a twin flame relationship. There´s no confusion about it. It resonates differently to every emotion experienced previously. An eloquent silence follows when it is presented for the first time. It is an unmistakable moment, and one that when faced and dealt with correctly offers an incredible opportunity to become a better person. Admitting to a new truth does not make one a liar if up to that point one has been unaware of such a burden. What one learns and are taught from an early age cannot be blame on them. However, once he or she becomes aware of a new truth, it's their responsibility to accept it and change it. It´s time for courage. 

Courage is that one eloquent silence. How we take on it determines who we are from that moment on.

Facing a new truth presents us with a new emotion, often overwhelming. Feel it for as long as you need to and wait patiently to meet the new you. You won´t regret it.

If you´re in a twin flame relationship or suspect that you´re in one, feelings and emotions might drive you crazy, as it´s possible that you no longer recognise yourself. Do not give up. Talk about it and keep loving. Discuss your new truth with your partner, so as to make the journey more comfortable. A twin flame is also a best friend. There´s a chance that they´ll understand and help you to go along with this new feeling. 

Take into consideration that it could take weeks, even months to adapt to a new personal truth. The response to feelings and emotions could be excruciating. Hold on to love, move towards loving and healthy practices and continue having fun. Shadow work doesn't  mean that one has to be be in pain and suffering throughout. Let yourself rest and seek activities that bring you back to life. After all, you´re in what it could be the most beautiful relationship of your life. However intense it is, hold on to it. Give in and surrender to new truths.

There´s a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel; and that light just happens to be you. It´s worth the intensity, the pain, the suffering and the waiting. 

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Gamble Everything For Love And Remember Who You Are.

The story begins at birth. A child born of love, and In Love. A child still in touch with consciousness born into an unconscious world. Through those wondrous eyes full of love and connection to the higher self the child still has access to portals to different dimensions. He and she are still beings of light, magic and love. At that age, everything is still possible. We are limitless.

As the child grows up they experience a slow process towards the unconscious, learning the fear of the world and its limitations. At some point this child experiences the loss of love and abandonment. From then on, the child will dedicate his life the best they can on a quest of love, to find the love once lost. Unfortunately, some people will resign themselves to live without it, and depending on the degree of hurt, perhaps abuse they will convince themselves that they either don't want love or don't deserve it. 

The journey begins In Love. Perhaps we shouldn't call it journey, and call it life instead. Or let's call it love, for love is all there is, the only word we speak. 

Through others we begin to love again. We're attracted to other people in whom the traits that are dormant in us are vibrant, clearly visible. Then we fall in love. In the quest of love one might find obstacles and doubts that match their belief's system. Love might not be reciprocated, I'm not enough or I'm undeserving of love, though the main obstacle is fear of love. Fear of being hurt or being abandoned once again. 

Everyone without exception is deserving of love and being loved.

One can always stand on the fence and take the safe bet or go beyond their fears and in love find what we really want. Being in love holds the possibility to create magic, a wonderful reality. When one opens their heart and decide to live in love and for love, there's hardly anything they cannot attain, including the person who might not be or seem to be interested. If one, however, falls in the trap of fear or doubt, there's little one can achieve. Love is a magnet. In love one has the courage, vitality and creativity to make all things possible. 

If love is underestimated or believed not to be enough, it's only due to humanity's inability to recognise its true power. There's only love.

As a child who experienced the loss of love fairly soon, I started the quest for love young and eager. I trained myself not to cry -as boys do- and not to fear anything. Against popular belief and family advice and support, I ran away from the comfort and security that most people crave, but which is filled with routine and unhappiness. The only vision in the horizon was and still is love. 

For love I gave up everything on countless occasions. I moved from city to city, wandered from heart to heart -until they could take love no longer- with the energy of a fool in love, my thumbs, the poetry in my heart and little else. The belief has always been that everything would be provided for, and so far it has. Too bad that not everyone could understand with the enchanting uncertainty of the unknown, which is always there to provide when one truly believes. Losing love to safety and comfort hurts. Losing love to fear of love or being hurt or being abandoned hurts even more so.

However unconscious the world tried to make me, love has always been the only safety and comfort I sought. We're nothing without love. Throughout this adventure, constantly I heard that love is not enough. Sad to say that the people I heard it most from are those I love more. 

Last summer love took me to France to follow a dream with the same, unique energy that love can only provide. Once again I left all comfort and safety. Before the choice of love or something else, the decision is clear. 

Love is a tribute to myself.

Arriving in a different country with love as the only plan raised questions. On the one hand I received admiration for such dedication, belief and courage to do so, on the other, fear of what the future might bring, meaning, what it might not. 

By the end of relationship due to fear of love on the other part, I was asked how could I, no matter what keep loving, keep the faith and believe in love, about the regrets I would have having lost everything. My response to this was simple. Love is who and what I am. There's nothing I can, nor would do to change it. 

I Am In Love ... and so are You.

If one thing I've learned and gained in this life, in this adventure called love is to remember who I am, to be able to feel who I am and live what I am. Perhaps I would have loved to know earlier that the path to love is through the self, instead of associating it to another person, but returning to love is a personal experience in which we learn the best we can.

Yes, there were times in which I feared love or pretended I didn't want to be loved. Times in which I feared to be abandoned. Times in which I chose to be with people I couldn't truly love, so it wouldn't hurt. But after this wonderful experience in which love has been generous and abundant, I know that the only path to remember who I Am was love. 

Once again I took a gamble for love. Once again I had to leave due to fear of love. Sometimes the only thing we can do for those we love is to let them go. I lost nothing. Everything is here and now.

When asked if I'd do it again knowing the outcome. My answer is: yes, I'll do it again. I'll visit France again and again until love is no longer feared.

Follow your heart and gamble everything for love. Somewhere along the way you'll meet the essence of who you truly are. Fall in love, stay there and remember how powerful you are. Only in love you'll find true safety.

To be continued ... 


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A Love Spell: You May Try This At Home.

Perhaps the most underestimated element of love is its simplicity. Love enjoys simplicity, a kind ear, a gentle gesture, a pause, silence, and above all: commitment. Commitment to make it lasting, as well as to allow it to flow, to create true magic between two people. 

I believe that many relationships fail because people fall in the false perception that in order to make love work, one has to make grandiloquent gestures. It's true that everyone has a different perception of what love is, but perhaps we focus too often in forcing upon others a part of us that is not necessary; a part that's already seen and appreciated. Sometimes repetitive offerings may be suffocating. 

Making it louder doesn't mean that one loves more.

It is at this point that we may feel rejected and react or overreact. In every case and in every relationship it's a good idea to listen and to hear what the other person wants, to give them what they're looking for naturally. 

The paradox of love is that everyone wants to love and be loved, but at the same time it can be the most overwhelming force; something that not everyone is ready to receive.

This is too personal a blog post. For this reason I am going to omit many examples of what I want to convey here. To me this is sacred love and for this relationship to remain so, detials must remain private. I believe that the message will come through anyway. 

The episodes I'm prepared to share took place in France. We lived in a small apartment, where our remain was supposed to be temporary. For reasons that do not add any value to the story the stay was longer than it was supposed to be. Eventually this created an uncomfortable situation. However much she loved me and wanted me to remain, she was also in need to recover her personal space.  

One evening I asked her to ask me to stay. "Let's see what happens." I said. She remained silent for a few seconds. When she felt ready, she asked me to stay. When asking her how she felt, she admitted feeling good, in love and certain of what she asked. From then, the energy and connection between us kept growing and flowing. I must add that if she had not felt it truly in her heart, no words would have changed anything that night.

A few minutes later we kissed. This is the most beautiful kiss I've ever experienced. By asking me to remain, I felt accepted; wanted. The kiss was an exchange of energy so soft and so intense at once that she could feel it for the first time. A natural flow of energy similar to a current of electricity connecting two bodies. She asked me how I did it. I did nothing. It was one word, and it wasn't mine.

The following day she admitted to feeling great and having plenty of energy. At that point I only reminded her that it only took one word of love and acceptance to make the magic happen. I felt great too. In fact, we were both in bliss. In Love. 

No matter what life throw at us, this is a moment that remains sacred in time. An everlasting moment. A single moment in time that makes it worthwhile to have lived. 

Every week after midnight we left the house to deliver leaflets as part of her involvement as an animal activist. One of those nights in particular left an incredibly beautiful memory. We walked for a couple of hours in the rain in a winter night. Before that night I could have never imagined that a simple walk could create such beauty, magic and love. Looking back this is a moment that will always beat in my heart, and yet, given the details I'm sharing, one could argue that there was nothing that make the moment that special, though it was. Everything is in the experience. It was, however, an ode to love, created with the simplest of intentions. No expectations, just being. 

On a different occasion, when doubt created another veil of uncertainty and negatives, I asked her again to think of a positive thing about me and to tell me. Once she found a positive and she expressed it out loud, the feeling changed. That night I was called a witch. And yes, magic did happen again.

There are more details to the anecdotes that I'm sharing here today, but I don't believe they add up anything to the message. The intention of this writing is to inspire and encourage others to create their own magic, to focus on love and on those details that can make any relationship a wonderful place to be. Anyone can make magic. Anyone can love and be loved. 

To cast a 'spell' is as simple as setting an intention, and to make a commitment to the relationship. Do it with love and see life changing. Words can either create magic or bring us hell. How we use them determines where we're going next in life and in this case, within the relationship. Do it for love, in love and with love, without ulterior motives and see the relationship growing. 

Use your imagination, listen to what your partner has shared with you already, their desires and anxieties, and in their words you'll find the magical words to cast a beautiful spell. Forget about the futility of what you don't want and focus on what you both want.

Do feel free to cast such spells at home. It's safe and you might and keep falling in love with the same person again and again. 

This requires a constant commitment and the ability to make it work from the heart. Love is not something we can do with the mind. There's not a clever way to love. Do think about it, but do feel it too. At the beginning of a relationship, everyone sees good in others, but as our needs and expectations are not met, too soon we fall into a demanding trap of negatives. Keep seeking the positive, keep seeking love. Use your imagination. In love you'll find that it lies at the centre of your heart. 

I do realise that this might sound to simplistic in a world that has given in to cynicism and hardship. We've forgotten who and what we are. Who we are it's a simple as love; and love does love simplicity. Do try and see what happens.