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Real Men: Are Real Men Another Urban Legend?

There are numerous quotes on social media on what 'real men' should or should not do, how we have to behave, what to believe or what to say. While I understand the intention of such memes, often debatable, and that in many cases only serve to condition men into a new set of beliefs with the only purpose to satisfy someone's ego or that of a collective, there are other ways, more loving and kinder to introduce new values in the male psyche.

Telling others that they're not enough is how patriarchal society has been teaching for centuries.

The first question that raises is this; what is a man when he's not a 'real man'? 

Let's take this one as an example; "Real men love curves, only dogs like bones." What I read from this is that when a man doesn't like a woman with curves, he is a dog. This quote is not only written by an interested part, but it is also discriminatory to all women who are naturally slim or skinny. These women do not have to starve to keep their bodies in such shape. It is natural to them. Every woman deserves love regardless of the shape of their bodies. But so do men. It works both ways. 

A man is naturally attracted to a certain type of woman. He might like a slender body in a woman, as many would prefer a more voluptuous one. The point that is being made here is purely physical, while everyone wants to be seen for who they really are inside. The irony!

Why can we just not all accept the diversity of humankind and seek a deeper meaning to our existence and broader understanding of the collective? Integration sounds like a good option instead of further promoting separation, discrimination or competition.

Any man should be entitled to make his own mind about that he likes or dislikes, in which way to behave or what to think. Through experience and living, a man will be able to grow and develop to be a better person, but when all he's told is that he's not good enough for this world, he will close down to new experiences and learn to distrust everything that comes from others. This is called freedom. And freedom is what every man wants. Freedom of choice and expression. There is not a human being alive that does not wish this kind of freedom. 

In previous articles I have written about patriarchal society and its effects on men and women. What we have today is the result of centuries of indoctrination through fear and control. We are products of this society, but we also belong to it and it is everyone's responsibility to change it for the better. Complaining about what we don't like is not enough. We can't blame society, sit down and wait for others to do the work for us. 

While the actions of many men might be reproachable, not every man is a pedophile, a rapist or a murderer. As men, we also want to be loved and to love. We just don't know how. Not yet. We need a break and certainly what we don't need is being coerced into believing what only serves a group of people. The answer is in integrating diversity, so everyone is accepted for who they are regardless of what they look like. 

It is true that men as a collective are behind compared to what we could be, but this is who and what we are right now and only by working together to create a better society we can create a better world. Women are not that far ahead either, and there is still a lot of work to do for both genders.

It is far too easy to blame men for everything that is wrong with this world. Centuries of tradition and education against the true nature of human beings cannot be changed from one day to the other. We have to work with what we have here and now. While I agree that the behaviour of many is wrong, I also know that this is the effect of generations of false beliefs and the natural inertia of what history taught us.

There are many other quotes about real men, one of them stating that a real man wouldn't break a woman's heart. While the intention of this quote is also understandable from the point of view that a man may create a false interest in a woman having ulterior motives to only satisfy his needs, it is also true that in our way to healing, heartbreak is necessary. If interested you could read more extensively on this subject in this article: Heart Break And The Death Of Ego.

To add injury to insult, some male public figures -not all- have also taken a superior stand to disqualify other men. Again, here we have another example of more discrimination and competition promoted by people whose only credibility is fame. Looking down on others makes their statements rather questionable. And if this is what a real man is supposed to be like, I definitely do not want to be one of them, because the underlying message is based on fear.

Anyone can inspire others by bringing the best in them, not by putting others down. Anyone is a leader. Anyone can teach anyone else to do something better and to improve themselves. There are no exceptions. Just about anyone is a teacher with their unique experience.

What is important to understand is that if we want love, we have to teach with love and from a place of love. Fear is never going to bring love to our lives. When humanity understand through feeling the true meaning of love, we will all transcend the physical, as well as our insecurities, fears and egos. 

What men want is a childhood in which love is plentiful. To love and be loved. Not be shamed as children when expressing love, sensitivity or kindness. We want an education, a system and a society that tells us that our dreams are possible. That it is OK to cry and express our emotions. 

We want a childhood in which we are not voiceless and invisible, taken for granted or pushed around. Men also want to be loved for who we are. An adolescence in which we are not pressured to lose our virginity at all costs. Men want equality. And an end to violence and competition. A world in which we all live in peace and harmony. 

What we got instead was to fear freedom and self-expression. To insult the soul with every choice that is available in the current world. A world in which the feminine is something everyone should be ashamed of and how to fear it. We got boot camp instead of childhood. We were taught to be providers in a world that doesn't provide for humankind, but we were never taught to be leaders. 

All this we have to learn by trial and error, making innumerable mistakes because we don't know the extent of the consequences. We want love and forgiveness. A second chance.

Everyone has been born in a world of halves, not of unity. A world of Egos, not of love. Let's work together to shape a new one, where love, values and universal laws become natural. And let's first find a conscience, both personal and collective. Then we can focus on a revolution of consciousness. One step at a time. We can't build a new world from the top. 

What the world doesn't need is another tag that implies negative connotations. 

Yes, there are many things men could and have to improve. Many things to regret, as well as taking responsibility for our actions, but nothing will ever change promoting more fear, manipulation and coercion. One day we will understand that the way to become better men is by becoming a better person, and this is not achieved by fear, but through love. Let's create a better world through that love we long and never had.

Finally, this article remains unfinished and it is here for other men to add their invaluable contribution towards a better world. There are many out there and one day we'll be majority. Up until then, let's all work together.

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Integration: Being In Peace With The Self And The World.

No one can experience inner peace fully while we are still finding fault with the world and others. While the list of things that could be changed, so as to make it a better place, to disagree with and to dislike is endless, we must learn to integrate what we see outside, accepting it as a part of ourselves without judgement. 

Humanity is one big family. Everyone is different, but we all complement each other. This is the beauty that we do not seem to perceive. Everyone is different, because each one of us has a different purpose and only by joining forces together we can create a magical reality.

Without embracing the good and the bad in ourselves and others there will never be a peaceful living situation. We don't have to agree to what is happening, but casting a stone while hiding the hand and separating from all responsibility from the state of the world will never make it better. 

Blaming the rest of the world or society for the current state of affairs, as if we weren't part of it only causes separation. What we are seeking for is unity. One World, one race, one heart, one soul, one feeling. And it is everyone's responsibility to contribute to reach this goal. 

Accepting any reality however unpleasant this might be, is the first step to integration and to embrace what we see in others. Understanding and perceiving this stage is no different from accepting a personal flaw, unwanted feelings or behaviours that concern the self. One could be driven by hate for years acting accordingly, but living in denial of this fact. Denying any reality, whether personal or collective only serves to perpetuate it. 

When we accept that this is what we have at the present moment, we raise awareness. Then and only then we can consider promoting change. It doesn't mean that this is who and what we are, but it is where we are now as a collective. All humans are incredibly beautiful beings of light. Our true nature is love and only love. Everyone is looking for love for this reason, so as to return to our natural state of being, and one in which are born and forget. Everyone. No exceptions. We must help each other to remember what we lost.

One can only be in peace with the self when our actions, thoughts and words stem from love and we offer ourselves and other our best version. We cannot control anything else and it should be our good actions what promote change by example. Opposing to an ugly truth it is also possible from a place of love and peace, reason for which the only way in which we can change the world is by means of a peaceful revolution. Hate, violence, criticism, judging right or wrong never worked so far, and yet, we continue promoting this way to solve all our problems. Violence creates more violence. Hate creates more hate. What we feed not only continues, but grows.

The sad truth is that in such ways we are avoiding responsibility by pointing fingers at others instead of helping each other to grow. Imagine a village in valley being flooded as a result of heavy rain, but as I live at the top of the hill and my house has not been affected, I blame others for not foreseen to what to me is now obvious. Not only this, I laugh at everyone's lack of wisdom and of course I refuse to contribute with rescue or to help them. I am right and they're wrong. In this line of thought, the feeling one has is one of false superiority, but it's also lack of compassion and love and detachment from the soul.

We can witness what we see, dislike it and be at peace with it by transcending the moment and the truth that is presented. In the same way that we look at ourselves and know that deep within there's an amazing being, but sometimes we do not act it, we can see others in the same light; with love, kindness and compassion. Anyone acting out of anger or hate is trapped in a different state of consciousness. It is possible that they are not aware of it. Everyone has been there or is still in this uncomfortable stage. Judging does not do the job. 

Accepting, however has a more powerful effect, as we have recognised the difference in others, perhaps disagree and begin a discussion with the intention to change it in a peaceful way. When we accept the differences in others, we are honouring that person or the collective, as we have established a platform to find a common ground. We are also honouring their souls. Everyone wants to be seen and this is one way to achieve it. 

Certain truths are hard to accept, and this is where the challenge is presented. 

We can choose to react or respond. No one should take personally the actions of others however hostile they might be. What others do has nothing to do with ourselves, but with them, their level of perception and understanding. Responding to others with the same negative energy only helps to create more negativity. 

It is a matter of refusing to continue living in a world or reality bowed to fear in which actions of hate, anger or violence are far too frequent, and choosing to continue living with love and in love. By not reacting we evoke the soul and not the ego to act. 

Let's consider that there are many people around the world who have not been treated with love, kindness or compassion for most of their lives. Unless they are treated with our positive qualities and shown that there is another way, they will never see it. It is not about changing anyone, but inviting others to integrate in a world that is kinder, more compassionate and loving for everyone. 

In love we feel safe. It is everyone's choice to move towards love at their own pace and in their own time. Once love has been offered, everyone will want to join at one point. No one can live without love all their lives. Life without love is not life, but something else.

By transcending the actions of others seeing who they really are, we also transcend a part of ourselves reaching closer to our own soul. What we do to others, we do to ourselves. 

This article is not an invitation to accept reality as it is and expect others to do the work. We still have to denounce, oppose and do our best to change what insults the collective soul until we live in a world we all wish for; in peace, in love, in freedom. How we do it determines who we are. Let's accept diversity and use our fingers to point out where love is.

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Dancing With The Wild Woman.

It is not possible to follow a chronological order in which I could describe the multiple encounters I had with the wild woman. Time, as understood and used by humanity, submitted to the tyranny of a clock desperately ticking with false expectations towards a better future is only an illusion. The only time we have is now. Past, present and future are here and now, not in history books, not in science fiction novels. There is no other time than this. Now!

Once we've been touched by the wild woman, there is an element to her that remains with you. A vibrant memory, mixture of love and nostalgia that strokes with a smile even the most distracted heart; for she brought hope, and one knows that before she continued in her journey, she left behind an important of her heart. Wherever she goes she makes an indelible connection with others. She loves people without attachment. It is a bad idea to challenge or compare the love she once felt. To the wild woman, love is always sacred and should be celebrated. Everyone she loved, we must love too, as they're now a part of who she is. 

The wild woman is many things and perhaps one of the most important ones is to serve to integrate each soul into the collective consciousness. One body. One soul. One feeling.

I visited her at home years ago. After a while and seeing she had books on the shelves I asked her about what books she liked read. They were reference books. "I don't read books." She said. "You don't need to read books. No one needs to read books". She told me. "Everything you need to know it's out there." Pointing her hands to the infinite wisdom of the Universe. 

While I'm writing this, I am still feeling that moment. How could one forget a meeting with the Goddess?

Having been an avid reader all my life, had any other woman told me those words at the time, I would have stopped listening after "books", excuse myself shortly after, and leave to never return; but to the passion she spoke with I could only listen with the heart where memories of eternal love returned, as if remembering her from a other dimensions and different periods that came back to the present moment. The wild woman was speaking to the Goddess and with the voice of the Goddess within. And in silence I bowed and listened to both; to one.

The essence of the wild woman lives in all of us. The only way to remember and bring it out in ourselves is to dance and dance and dance with her. The wisdom of life lies in the untamed movement that our souls long for. The unrestricted soul, playful, daring explorer. The wild woman being the best teacher. For she dances with love, and only love.

I danced with the wild woman at night, in the fields; under the moon. We laughed, we wept. In the mud we fell and with hands scratched we got up back on our feet. And we're still dancing there, as we are dancing here now. A memory as vivid as this can only be stored in the heart, never in the illusion of time. And that's how we know a heart is alive. When we remember with joy.

For most people, there's an ambivalent feeling when meeting the wild woman for the first time. Her essence lies in each woman, even though not every woman chooses to live their lives as deliberately as the wild woman does; facing each fear with a courage she might not know she has, stepping into the unknown in the quest of freedom. Always with love. 

Yes, you will be faced with fear because her reality is not the lie of this world. But you will also feel love. And it is perhaps fear of love, not fear of fear what stops you from getting to know her. Fear of not understanding or the urge to control whom is obviously most uncontrollable.

It is impossible to write about the wild woman with sadness or nostalgia, but with love and a smile in my heart, even knowing that we broke each other's hearts; as that moment, and that love is always here. To the artist, the wild woman is the only Muse that never goes away even if she's no longer there, a constant inspiration. The reason is simple: she opens each wound in the heart, and when we let it bleed, as artists do, we become free.

She is a catalyst for change and perhaps that's her only mission in life, to break each other's hearts. One should never fear a broken heart, for this is the only way back to love and freedom. The wild woman is also the wounded healer, and if a broken heart is what you need to set you free, that is what she'll give you.

Only the wild woman could help me to break my heart, and for this, I'll be eternally grateful.

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Why I Love Mercury Retrograde And Why You could Too.

Mercury has just gone retrograde again. This time in Gemini, the sign it rules. 

All the planets, except Sun and Moon, go in apparent backward motion from time to time, yet the Mercury retrograde seems to be the most famous one. Almost everyone knows about it, including the people who know nothing about astrology and those who don't even believe in it. 

In astrology, when a planet is in retrograde, it doesn't actually move backwards in the sky. It only appears to change direction, so it is really an optical illusion. When this happens, the energy turns inward and backwards, resulting in slightly unusual effects. 

So should we just stop living every time Mercury goes retrograde? Of course not. Mercury retrograde happens three or even four times a year, and it usually lasts for about three weeks. I even believe that the most challenging moments don't happen during the retrograde motion period, but during those slow and stationary periods, right before Mercury changes its direction. Mercury is a quick planet which rules all kinds of movement, so it gets a bit awkward when it slows down or stops (to be exact, when it appears to slow down or stop), because it's contrary to its essential nature. 

Mercury rules our nervous system, mind, memory, thinking, learning, perception, communication, data, telecommunications, electronics, contracts, commerce and transportation. 

So what happens when Mercury is in retrograde? You might get unusually nervous, frustrated, confused and prone to make mistakes. It might be hard to focus on anything. Misunderstandings, lies, deceptions and delays are likely to happen. You might get stuck in traffic. You might lose some important papers or computer data. Or it might seem as if you're losing your mind. Computers and electronic devices may break down. Messages might get lost or just sent to wrong recipients.

During the Mercury retrograde period things don't work in a precisely exact way we want them to. And basically, it seems that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. The nature of whatever we begin during the Mercury retrograde will likely change. And more than likely we'll be coming back to all the new ideas, projects and connections that mark this relatively short period of time. 

I'm not going to tell you: "Don't buy computers or any other electronics!", "Don't sign contracts!", "Don't go on a first date!", "Don't get married!", "Don't travel!" or anything like that. Not only because I don't really like the don'ts and I usually do most of the don'ts just to see what happens, but because you can find these warnings already posted all over the Internet. 

Slow down, breathe, take a break, go on vacation, meditate, reflect, think before you speak, listen carefully to others, read the fine-print, do a research. Make sure to explore all the available options before making a final decision, but still be prepared to make a wrong one. Be patient, go with a flow, make a data backup, make a backup plan for a new idea you have, check the recipient before you hit the send button, double-check the recipient before you hit the send button. Make use of your intuition and imagination, raise your awareness, and most importantly, keep a good sense of humor, if you're lucky to have it. 

I don't think it really make sense telling you how to avoid mistakes. Imagine a mother yelling to her child: "Don't fall!" And the child replies: "Oh, I really wanted to fall. But now I won't. Thanks, mom!" We don't make mistakes on purpose. They happen no matter what we do to avoid them. And they happen all the time, no matter what direction Mercury takes. Right? 

Sometimes you'll make a wrong decision, but you'll know it was once a brilliant idea. Sometimes you'll send a message to the right recipient and wish you sent it to a wrong one. It can get tricky!

So, when it comes to the Mercury retrograde, don't be afraid of making mistakes or wrong decisions. Think in terms of changing direction, changing perspective, old and new, lost and found. 

Yes, you can lose or forget some data. But you can also suddenly stumble upon something you thought was lost forever. Or you can recall something you previously forgot about.

So, let's not talk about how to survive this period. Since Mercury is not currently in Leo, there's really no need to be dramatic. Let's rather talk about how to use the Mercury retrograde in the best possible way.

There are many great ways to use the Mercury retrograde. Researching, redoing, reworking, rethinking, reanalyzing, rewriting, rereading,  rebranding, reinventing, recharging, retreating and reconnecting. Just choose you favorite "re-" action and don't be limited with my suggestions.

While the Mercury retrograde might not be such a great time to start anything new, it's the best time to finish old things and to deal with any ideas, decisions, projects, products and contracts from the past. And by doing that, you're actually decluttering your mind and making space for new ideas and new projects. You're freeing your mind and your mind will be grateful to you. 

It's also a great time to reconnect with friends you haven't heard for a while. That's one of the main reasons I personally love Mercury retrograde. And that's something that happens to me a lot, especially because Mercury in my chart rules the 11th house, also known as the house of friendships. Two days ago I finally arranged a video call with my best friend, who now lives in New York, and whom I haven't properly talked to for a while. Huge joy! Thank you, Mercury, for being in retrograde! 

That same day I received a message from Manel (Blanco, the owner of this website). We haven't heard for a couple of months, and I thought: "Ah, Mercury retrograde strikes again!" But there was another surprise in the message. He actually asked me if I would write an article on Mercury Retrograde, that he would post on his website. What a synchronicity! So, not something you want to say no to. And I (obviously) didn't. Though, I wasn't sure I could make it. I do write personal astrology reports, but I have never before written an article on any astrological topic that would be published anywhere. Besides, as I told Manel, I am a quick thinker, but a slow writer, and English is not my native language, so I had all kinds of fears and insecurities about this. But then again, with all these synchronicities and Gemini energy all around, I said to myself: "Ok, challenge accepted! And if I fail, I can always blame it on Mercury retrograde." :)

So, yes, with the Mercury retrograde you can expect and joyfully anticipate reconnections, reunions and second chances in all kinds of relationships. 

The biggest problem with the Mercury retrograde seems to be things going the way we don't expect or want them to. That's where all the panic, fear and frustration come from. So, what makes us struggle most during these periods is our need to always be in control and a fear of change. First of all, relax, because nothing is under control. Ever. And second, the only constant thing in life is change. Like it or not, that's the fact.

The retrograde motion of Mercury is also considered the shift from the predominantly left-brain way of thinking and perceiving things to a right-brain way, which is more creative and intuitive. 

So, use this period to cultivate your creative and intuitive powers. Listen to the music, write, paint, dance, sing, play an instrument, make something with your hands. If you don't consider yourself an artist, you can still be creative in all kinds of ways. 

And if you happen to be one of those right-brain oriented individuals and don't usually feel comfortable in everyday life, dealing with practical issues that seem to be normal and logical to everyone except you, now you suddenly feel at home and you have no idea why everyone around is freaking out. Congratulations!

If you find it hard to express yourself with words or if you find it hard to figure out what someone else is trying to tell you, forget about the words and pay attention to all other ways of expression and communication. Pay attention to signs and synchronicities. Pay attention to body language. Pay attention to the energy in and around you. 

Pay attention to how you feel. Pay attention to the physical sensations in your body. Your body never lies. Did you know that you can test your subconscious beliefs with a little help of your body? And your body will give you straight yes or no answers. Yes, you read it right. Just search for "muscle testing". It's a technique that comes from the field of Kinesiology, and it's very easy to learn and apply.

Just a day before Mercury turned retrograde, we had a New Moon in Taurus. So consider this a perfect time to set intentions and start (New Moon) rethinking and reinventing (Mercury Retrograde) the way you perceive (Gemini) your body, your own personal values, money, possessions and the material world in general (Taurus). Reconnect to your body. Reconnect to nature. Accept and embrace the duality (Gemini) we live in. Let's engage and expand both our mind and our heart. Let's not separate the spiritual from the material. And let's remember there's no day without the night, no beginning without the end, no life without the death and no light without the dark.

Now let's take it a step further. Mercury, also known as the Messenger, rules communication, words, signs, messages, ideas, thoughts, beliefs, perception and understanding. So let's try to rethink the way we perceive things happening while Mercury is in retrograde. 

What if all the things that happen to you are just signs and messages, delivered by Mercury the Messenger? Not everybody will get stuck in traffic, and not everybody who does get stuck in traffic will feel frustrated, angry or helpless. Not everybody will lose something. And not everybody will be lied to. Right? 

So, depending on what exactly is happening to you, instead of taking it for granted and instead of feeling like a victim of circumstances, you can change the perception of a certain event, take it as a sign and use it consciously to change something about yourself. And by changing yourself, by changing your thoughts and by changing you perception, you're changing the outer circumstances. People and situations that you encounter (or attract, if you like) are there just to show you something within you. They make you pay attention to what really is. Think in terms of reflections and mirrors - Gemini again. 

Let me give you an example. Someone has lied to you. And now you find out about it. How do you feel? Sad? Angry? Betrayed? Now is the perfect time to re-examine the way you treat yourself and the way you communicate with yourself. Are you honest with yourself? In which ways do you lie to yourself? In which ways do you betray yourself? Why don't you trust yourself? There's no point in pondering over why someone has done something to you. It doesn't really matter. What matters is you. 

Since Mercury is in Gemini, be curious and experiment with your thoughts. Turn them over. Turn them upside down. And don't be hard on yourself. Don't run into self-criticizing. Play with your thoughts in a gentle, light and breezy way, just like Gemini is. And since Mercury is now approaching Mars, which is also in Gemini, be determined and take action (Mars). And remember, you always have a choice. You can let your thoughts be your enemy or you can make them your ally.

There's no better time than now to change your thoughts, to release and let go of old beliefs and thought patterns that no longer serve you, and start thinking in a new way, with new perception and new understanding. Rewrite your story. Imagine who would you be, or better yet, remember who you are without all those thoughts and beliefs that you somehow, somewhere along the way adopted to protect you from being hurt or abandoned or rejected. 

There's no better time than now to see things as they really are, to accept what is and to let go of old illusions and (self)deceptions. 

There's no better time than now to deal with past issues and experiences. And if you find yourself struggling, it's usually just a sign of your inner resistance to change. So, again, be gentle but determined. At least soften the resistance by starting questions with: "What if...?" and "Wouldn't it be nice if...?"  

Mercury retrograde is, after all, an optical illusion. So pay attention. Be present. Be aware. Be honest to yourself and others. Be willing to see and hear the truth. Be willing to see and accept what really is. Don't trust everything you hear or see in the media. Turn off your TVs and computers and at least for a while step back and reconnect with yourself and people around you. Gemini is an Air sign, so it's all about connecting, sharing and being engaged. Yes, be the change you want to see in the world, but don't be self-absorbed. Don't be passive. Get out there, get engaged, make a difference. Be inspired. Be an inspiration!

"Happiness is only real when shared" - Into The Wild

By Ines Sulj


With Mercury Retrograde approaching, I felt compelled to ask my multi-talented friend Ines to write an article on it, knowing that only she could bring a new a fresh, encouraging approach to such 'feared' period, with positive suggestions. What can I say. She nailed it!

This is her email address in case you'd like to contact her directly: 


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Women: The Thousand Faces Of The Goddess.

In Greek mythology, the Goddess used different faces and disguises when in the presence of men. Often she hid her real identity, asking devotion from strong, mythological heroes. 

In 'The Odyssey', Athena presented herself to Odysseus as a Goddess, and asked him; a powerful, non-religious warrior to trust and worship her. She also presented herself in disguise on different occasions. Athena's intention throughout was to protect, inspire and empower Odysseus. So why did she use disguises?

Even though that at times Odysseus fails to recognise the Goddess, her methods, however tricky they might seem, resulted in what Athena initially planned, and served to return him home safely. In fact, when Odysseus returns home, he also uses a disguise so as to find out if he could trust Penelope's love, as well as testing her loyalty. 

What Homer tells us is that a powerful man trusted a Goddess, a woman when asked and through trust he travelled protected, felt inspired and empowered. 

One other reason why the Goddess concealed her identity in the presence of mortals was to decide whether they deserved her love. The love of the Goddess will only be revealed when a man surrenders in trust and true devotion. 

The analogy of a mythological Goddess with the 'modern' Goddess is evident, although the end results in the interactions between men and women -the Goddess-, differ notably from that of the Odyssey. 

Patriarchal society has removed the belief that within each woman there is a Goddess, and that she is in fact a Goddess, as it has obliterated any signs of the Divine in men. Thus, modern society is a prosaic representation of Godless men and women, a race that no longer believes in miracles or magic. 

However, the Goddess remains within every woman. She has always been here. This is a fact that most of us cannot see. As society turned women into commodities serving the needs of men, a commodity is what we still see and expect even when we know this is no longer real. It is not only men who fail to identify the deity in women, but also women seem to overlook the Divine reflected in the mirror. Society as a whole lost faith in a God we never see and whom never seems to act. Without faith we continue acting accordingly, to the point that humanity has become passive, hopeless and motionless under such false beliefs. 

First, we fail to recognise the Divine within. Second; we are constantly expecting the miracle to come from elsewhere while doing nothing to manifest such miracles. Fortunately this is a tendency that is changing and more and more people are beginning to believe that the path to God goes through the journey within. The inner revolution. 

The behaviour of the Goddess is reflected in every woman. The different disguises, the thousand faces. This is not by any means to validate mind games or manipulation, but to expose a truth that we all face daily. 

Anyone of a certain age and some experience can witness every day the thousand faces in a woman, the different roles and what to appears to be the outer representation of another woman within the same woman. This change is also physical and can be perceived if one pays close attention. The physical change is due to an energetic change that can make someone look younger or older. Women are ever changing, like the Goddess. This phenomena also affects men, although not so visibly. No man is the same from one day to another. We are just better at covering our emotions, but not so brave at facing our own truth. 

Due to the lack of belief in the Divinity within, what we expect from one another is our mere, hopeless mortality; beings trying to find the meaning of existence through the mind and the ego to no avail; never expecting miracles. While Odysseus is a fictional character and his story might not seem to resemble modern life, the moral of the story applies to the present day. 

A man gets to meet the Goddess in disguise when he surrenders to trust and devotion. Breaking with thousands of years of history in which God was an idle, bearded white man in an identified place in the sky is not an easy task. But we were also told that God is in everything and in everyone. 

The popular saying that "women cannot be understood" is both tiresome and true. Women were not created to be understood, but to be loved and so were men, although the roles of one and the other must be carried out differently. The modern hero -man- is that one capable of unconditional devotion, love and trust. We are warriors of love, not of war. Only then a man will recognise the Goddess within each woman. In return, she will reveal the Divine in men. 

Men are supposed to facilitate the emerge of the Goddess. Once she appears, men will see the reflection of God in them.

This is a fact that cannot be intellectualised or understood without experience. Trust requires a high degree of unconditional love, patience and above all, the courage to live such experience. In most cases, that woman whom you only believe to be a mere mortal might not even know that she holds the Goddess within and quite possibly she doesn't know what she's doing. And what is not expected from us will never be represented in real life. Trust that she's following her intuition while making as many mistakes any human can make and believe that her soul knows best. 

If we react to the daily changes of a woman, or any other person for that matter, what we are doing is to coerce their expansion towards their own divinity. And we only have these reactions because we want to control everything. We must recognise the limitation in ourselves when we see someone acting differently due to our imperative need to control everything and everyone. Instead we must allow and accept regardless. 

There are many ways of letting go and accepting that someone has evolved and behaves differently is one of them. We are ever changing creatures with each experience. After each experience, no matter how insignificant it may seem, no one is ever the same. Let go and allow others the freedom you want to experience yourself. By limiting someone else's expression, we're limiting our own expression and experience. Dive into the unknown with love, and trust that best things are about to come. 

The unknown is right in front of you, dip into it and see where it takes you. The unknown is not a mystical place that we'll never see in life. It's all around us. We only have to allow ourselves to move into it.

True magic does take place only when we believe. Deep within we all are beings of light and love, only that we have been led to believe a set of limitations that do not allow us to see beyond our frail humanity. We are much more than this. Only we can manifest those miracles we are looking for. Miracles will never come from outside. It is time that we change such obsolete set of beliefs that no longer serves anyone and begin to believe in ourselves. 

We are here to love and be loved. And ask yourself this question: How wonderful is the feeling you have when despite of your actions, however irrational they might have been someone still loves you?

Women are more in touch with their emotions. Consequently they're more emotional and express themselves so. Every emotion is driven by a powerful energy within, so if a man believes that what they do is intentional, that man might want to think again. She might not even be aware of it. Instead take responsibility for the feelings you are experiencing, feel and see where that feeling takes you. Ask yourself why you feel so uncomfortable. Every emotion when felt takes you close to who you really are.

That's where true courage lies, in facing our fears, demons and emotions. Be a hero for someone today by letting go of the need of control. Control is fear, and fear is what keeps humanity unconscious. Be brave and be a hero to someone today. You don't have to cross the seas to find the Goddess. She's already there, right in front of you. Even if neither you nor her know it yet. 

Everything in life is a paradox; and to understand, one must let go of the need to understand. To be truly empowered, men have to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, and that is something we can all learn from women. There is light, as there is love at the end of the tunnel.

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One Short Sentence That Could Change Your Life If You Used It More Often.

There is only love. It's the only word we speak.

The previous statement came to me a few years ago in a stream of consciousness and in a moment in which my heart suddenly opened to universal love. Other than this, I couldn't hear anything but love. I even tested the flow of energy breaking free from my heart, seeking in my mind those people who had wronged me in my life. It didn't make a dent in my feelings. I loved everyone and everything. When the heart is open, nothing can interrupt the feeling of love.

Whether you know it or not, everything that people asks from you is their desire to be loved, for love is all we want to be, and all we want to receive. It could argued that people treating us unfairly are not looking for love. One could think that they want to be right, bring us down, or they simply want to antagonise us. 

The truth is that they are looking for love like anyone else. It's a cry for help and love. They simply don't know how to ask. It is a paradox that can only be understood from their past experiences. Humanity has become accustomed to not express love for one another. Hence, we don't know how to express it or how to receive it. Perhaps the worst part is that we no longer expect it from others. Instead, we expect the worse from others. What we expect, we receive.

There is a moment in childhood in which everyone falls out of love. At this point we begin to distrust others and live in fear unknowingly. The further we separate from the source of love we were born with, the more fear we express. When someone screams at someone else, even if it doesn't appear to be that way, what they're expressing is their fear of not being loved. Screaming back at them causes separation for everyone involved. There's no need to elaborate, as we all have been there.

At the same time, we have forgotten to receive love. There's a certain age in which our parents stop being vocal in their expressions of love, but even when they continue doing so, it is us who reject their offerings until we forget to accept love. We are grown ups now, and grown ups don't love.

The result is a society in which expressions of love are reduced to intimate circles of friends and family and rarely in the open. Fortunately, this tendency is changing. As the world is opening to love, it is possible to see more signs of affection even among strangers. Thee collective consciousness is returning to love; that sacred place where we belong.

How long has it being since you said I love you to someone? Is this a daily occurrence or something that happens from time to time? When was the last time you said I love you to yourself? Even though it might seem a ridiculous statement to say I love you to ourselves, this simple sentence could help boost your energy and self-esteem gradually. You heard it from others before. You told others before. And in this we are all the same. We want to love and be loved.

Perhaps you have not heard the expression for a while. You might be single, or feeling very alone in the world due to personal circumstances. Humanity has become so used to immediate gratification that if something is not happening now, it is not happening at all. This is where we all go wrong. 

Everything is energy. It never dies. The energy of one word lingers in time forever. This means that if someone said I love you to you years ago, the energy is still there, even if that person is no longer with you. The energy remains. But as we separate from love, we need constant confirmation, something that proves almost imposible in a world that has not been built to love each other, but to compete against each other.

From the moment of birth until the present moment, everyone has heard more negative words than positive ones. And, I love you is that one expression we rarely hear. 

Today and every other day we all have the opportunity to change such negative dynamic. Tell I love you to everyone you can. Begin with friends and family. Use social media. Call others on the phone. You don't have to reach everyone, but you can suggest others to do the same. One 'I love you' from one person only can cause a ripple effect that reaches thousands without you knowing it. Anyone who feels loved is more likely to express love to others.

Keep it light and keep it simple. Some people might not understand the expression or even misinterpret it. Don't judge them. They're separated from love and they need it most. 

Go on! What are you waiting for? Go and tell everyone you can 'I love you.' You never know what's going to happen. You could be at the end of the ripple effect. Somewhere, sometime I heard that "what goes around, comes around." Say I love you and keep saying I love you and see how your life changes.

Just one more thing: I LOVE YOU!

Forgive Your Parents, Forgive Yourself.

There are questions which, depending on someone's current state of consciousness cannot be answered with the rational mind. Trying to rationalise some of the actions of our parents is one of them. From our own personal experience and perspective only, this can prove impossible. As we are missing knowledge and important facts about  their lives, the image we create of them can only be a partial one.

Details of their childhood are missing, or how they were educated or the experiences they went through. The fact that they don't share such experiences with their children does not help us to understand the whole spectrum of who they are. It is not always easy to share our experiences and traumas with others, and for a parent; this is not different. In addition, some parents do not share traumatic experiences that shaped them into who they are, as they have assimilated them and perceived them as normal. 

By assimilating negative experiences anyone can be led to believe that if they survived the experience, others, including their children can survive and be strengthened by them. To change this cycle, we must take responsibility, transcend the experience and break with such patterns so as to make sure that the energies of these erroneous beliefs end with us. A common example would be, if our parents abused us physically, we don't use the same methods with our children as a corrective. There is always a better way.

As long as we look at the situation from our unique personal angle, one will never find the peace that only acceptance can provide.   

Let's begin with the fact that the actions of some parents might seem unforgivable from any perspective. Such actions do no go unnoticed to the Universe. No one gets away with anything forever, even when this seems to be the case. While it might seem that these actions remain hidden to the public eye, and that someone is the only person suffering their consequences, the truth is that many people determine what they will receive from life in later years. 

This text is to encourage understanding and letting go. Forgiveness is optional and a very personal decision. One must always follow their heart. Some actions are inexcusable and one might not feel that they do not deserve forgiveness. Yet, any action can be forgiven when we open our hearts to love.

In situations of abuse, it is not only what a parent can do to their children, but what one human being can do to another. There is no need to expand on this, as examples of humanity's cruelty and brutal treatment of others are well known and far too common. Even those who hide their heads under the sand, so as not to see, can see them. 

A reminder: the heart never follows the path of hate, only the ego does. In order to heal it is essential to transcend our experience, regardless of what it might have been. The answer to all our questions is in love. 

Everyone does their best from their level of consciousness.

Abusive parents aside, what the majority want for their children is to offer them the best they can, better opportunities than they had.To begin to understand our parents, we must realise that however difficult our experience has been, in most cases, they had it tougher. Parenting does not come with an instruction manual and mistakes are made no matter how well-meaning or conscious a parent is. 

Whether someone has been the victim of abuse or not, everyone carries a trauma, even those with what appears to be very nurturing and comfortable childhoods.

A parent, like the majority of us, is someone whom at some point in their lives, and due to personal traumatic experiences, unknowingly lost touch with their soul, their heart and their natural ability to love, to become a product of their circumstances. If you believe that you are the only child interrupted, take a look around; everyone's childhood's was interrupted in one way or another.

Their dreams are most likely buried deep within, unexplored and possibly, in a not so feeling heart.  Sooner or later unfulfilled dreams return to everyone with a vengeance and full of regret. Depending on what we have done with our lives, that day in which one rejoices or regrets what they didn't do comes to everyone. It is everyone's responsibility to make their lives a better place. 

Blaming others for what is going on in our lives is an easy way out, and an excuse not to grow which never helped anyone to develop. How long someone holds on to the past, so as to avoid the responsibility to live the present fully, it is a very personal decision. 

If we could go back in time and witness what the childhood of our parents was like, we would see that most of the patterns and behaviour they have towards their children was also inflicted on them. When exposed for a prolonged period of time, such as childhood, to a set of values and behaviour, many individuals understand that this is normal and the right thing to do. According to their education and society's standards, they might introduce changes; thus evolving and breaking somehow with the past. But not always. Some parents continue being as strict with their children, as their parents were with them. 

Somewhere along their path, they forgot that some methods used to discipline and educate them didn't bring the expected results.The energy of such methods are already deeply ingrained in them, and their reactions are as automatic, as they are unconscious. It comes without thinking. This means, that even though they don't mean it, they will in many cases, behave as their parents did. These patterns will continue until they reach a new level of awareness and consciousness. One of the unspoken roles of children is to educate their parents from a most conscious state, and to remind them of a higher consciousness they might have forgotten.

Let's not underestimate the power of the energy to which we became accustomed to live with. If as a child, we were constantly told to behave in public situations while visiting others, forcing a child not to move, and sometimes to not even to talk; this child is going to grow up to be an adult that might find difficult to express themselves with ease in public. Our field of action was restricted, and due to the fear of suffering the consequences of breaking the rules, little by little, a child begins to live within these imaginary walls, thus creating a prison. This child is very likely to become a parent one day, believing that we all belong in the same self-contained prison.

Throughout history, children have been considered more of a nuisance, than complete and fully formed human beings. Society has learned to control children and to put a lid on anyone's dreams and aspirations. This applies to everyone, including your parents. Every form of control is also a form of fear. Every action taken to suppress creativity in an individual equals to an injection of fear. In this case, it is an injection of negative energy contributing to separate from the soul. 

Every experience we go through comes with an energy that accumulates in our bodies and remains within, controlling and determining our future actions and adult life. Getting rid of this energy in a world that bows to fear is not an easy task, as it can be a slow and painful process. No one wants to admit to their own truth. No one wants to deal with fear. The result is a world that bows to fear refusing to confront our reality. There is no change without reality. 

Living with this energy within can make life a living hell for any individual. A part of us wants to love and be loved, do the right thing and create a better world for ourselves and everyone else, as we still remember where we come from and what we are here for. The feeling and idea of freedom is very strong in any human being, and it is also the one that will eventually allow us to live in a free world. It is a personal choice to follow it or to keep living in fear. 

The only way to face fear, so as to overcome it, is to allow ourselves being completely vulnerable and feel it for as long as it takes. Instead, we follow the dictate of fear, even when we believe that we are being defiant. Everyone has been touched by fear. Everyone lives with this energy within until the moment we choose to leave it behind and surrender to love. 

Understanding this energy is very important in the healing process. Unconscious actions are those that even though might come from our best intentions towards personal freedom, become acts of rebellion still dictated by fear and at the service of fear. At a certain age, we begin drinking, smoking, taking drugs, mindless sexual experiences, violence and a long list of actions that do not help anyone. All these substances and actions only serve to keep feeding fear, even if our egos validating them by telling us that we are breaking with conformity and the unconscious rules of society. 

In this way, and under such energy, we become parents. It doesn't mean that we become bad parents, only that we make decisions from the perspective and understanding of what we know. What we know better is fear. There is love, of course. It is not as if every action is driven by fear. But these loving actions are coerced by a subtle fear. 

It is never too soon nor too late to forgive our parents, and in the process to forgive ourselves. I had reasons not to talk to my parents for the rest of my life. The past tense in the previous sentence is very deliberate. I had. I no longer have any excuses or reasons today. My past has not changed. I have.

Instead, I see a wonderful family. Loving and supporting parents who did their best, and to whom I am very grateful. Two marvelous siblings. An incredibly beautiful daughter in every sense of the word. A fantastic and inspiring life filled with magic and all sorts of experiences. I have amazing friends. Love within and love all around. I have witnessed miracle after miracle throughout. Only in gratitude and forgiveness I learned to see this and be able to live In Love and in Freedom. 

Today, I wouldn't change anything from my experience, not even from my childhood. Believe it or not, we choose our parents before we are born, and so the experiences that shape us into what and who we are. The secret to see the beauty and magic in our lives is not so secret and a very simple one: return to childhood and remember what made you smile. 

When I took responsibility for my life and chose to become a better person and to continue doing so every day I realised that the possibility to follow my dreams and my passion were there all along, that it was a choice I choose not to take. Today I know that writing to inspire and encourage others is a daily choice. And that this realisation is freedom.

My past remains the same and it's different at once, as now I look at it from a different perspective and with different eyes. Perhaps the best part is that I no longer have to look at my past. It's not who I am.

Every day is an opportunity to follow your dreams, to improve yourself and to make this world a better place. The choice is yours. No one else can make it for you. 

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