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Integration: Being In Peace With The Self And The World.

No one can experience inner peace fully while we are still finding fault with the world and others. While the list of things that could be changed, so as to make it a better place, to disagree with and to dislike is endless, we must learn to integrate what we see outside, accepting it as a part of ourselves without judgement. 

Humanity is one big family. Everyone is different, but we all complement each other. This is the beauty that we do not seem to perceive. Everyone is different, because each one of us has a different purpose and only by joining forces together we can create a magical reality.

Without embracing the good and the bad in ourselves and others there will never be a peaceful living situation. We don't have to agree to what is happening, but casting a stone while hiding the hand and separating from all responsibility from the state of the world will never make it better. 

Blaming the rest of the world or society for the current state of affairs, as if we weren't part of it only causes separation. What we are seeking for is unity. One World, one race, one heart, one soul, one feeling. And it is everyone's responsibility to contribute to reach this goal. 

Accepting any reality however unpleasant this might be, is the first step to integration and to embrace what we see in others. Understanding and perceiving this stage is no different from accepting a personal flaw, unwanted feelings or behaviours that concern the self. One could be driven by hate for years acting accordingly, but living in denial of this fact. Denying any reality, whether personal or collective only serves to perpetuate it. 

When we accept that this is what we have at the present moment, we raise awareness. Then and only then we can consider promoting change. It doesn't mean that this is who and what we are, but it is where we are now as a collective. All humans are incredibly beautiful beings of light. Our true nature is love and only love. Everyone is looking for love for this reason, so as to return to our natural state of being, and one in which are born and forget. Everyone. No exceptions. We must help each other to remember what we lost.

One can only be in peace with the self when our actions, thoughts and words stem from love and we offer ourselves and other our best version. We cannot control anything else and it should be our good actions what promote change by example. Opposing to an ugly truth it is also possible from a place of love and peace, reason for which the only way in which we can change the world is by means of a peaceful revolution. Hate, violence, criticism, judging right or wrong never worked so far, and yet, we continue promoting this way to solve all our problems. Violence creates more violence. Hate creates more hate. What we feed not only continues, but grows.

The sad truth is that in such ways we are avoiding responsibility by pointing fingers at others instead of helping each other to grow. Imagine a village in valley being flooded as a result of heavy rain, but as I live at the top of the hill and my house has not been affected, I blame others for not foreseen to what to me is now obvious. Not only this, I laugh at everyone's lack of wisdom and of course I refuse to contribute with rescue or to help them. I am right and they're wrong. In this line of thought, the feeling one has is one of false superiority, but it's also lack of compassion and love and detachment from the soul.

We can witness what we see, dislike it and be at peace with it by transcending the moment and the truth that is presented. In the same way that we look at ourselves and know that deep within there's an amazing being, but sometimes we do not act it, we can see others in the same light; with love, kindness and compassion. Anyone acting out of anger or hate is trapped in a different state of consciousness. It is possible that they are not aware of it. Everyone has been there or is still in this uncomfortable stage. Judging does not do the job. 

Accepting, however has a more powerful effect, as we have recognised the difference in others, perhaps disagree and begin a discussion with the intention to change it in a peaceful way. When we accept the differences in others, we are honouring that person or the collective, as we have established a platform to find a common ground. We are also honouring their souls. Everyone wants to be seen and this is one way to achieve it. 

Certain truths are hard to accept, and this is where the challenge is presented. 

We can choose to react or respond. No one should take personally the actions of others however hostile they might be. What others do has nothing to do with ourselves, but with them, their level of perception and understanding. Responding to others with the same negative energy only helps to create more negativity. 

It is a matter of refusing to continue living in a world or reality bowed to fear in which actions of hate, anger or violence are far too frequent, and choosing to continue living with love and in love. By not reacting we evoke the soul and not the ego to act. 

Let's consider that there are many people around the world who have not been treated with love, kindness or compassion for most of their lives. Unless they are treated with our positive qualities and shown that there is another way, they will never see it. It is not about changing anyone, but inviting others to integrate in a world that is kinder, more compassionate and loving for everyone. 

In love we feel safe. It is everyone's choice to move towards love at their own pace and in their own time. Once love has been offered, everyone will want to join at one point. No one can live without love all their lives. Life without love is not life, but something else.

By transcending the actions of others seeing who they really are, we also transcend a part of ourselves reaching closer to our own soul. What we do to others, we do to ourselves. 

This article is not an invitation to accept reality as it is and expect others to do the work. We still have to denounce, oppose and do our best to change what insults the collective soul until we live in a world we all wish for; in peace, in love, in freedom. How we do it determines who we are. Let's accept diversity and use our fingers to point out where love is.

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