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Dancing With The Wild Woman.

It is not possible to follow a chronological order in which I could describe the multiple encounters I had with the wild woman. Time, as understood and used by humanity, submitted to the tyranny of a clock desperately ticking with false expectations towards a better future is only an illusion. The only time we have is now. Past, present and future are here and now, not in history books, not in science fiction novels. There is no other time than this. Now!

Once we've been touched by the wild woman, there is an element to her that remains with you. A vibrant memory, mixture of love and nostalgia that strokes with a smile even the most distracted heart; for she brought hope, and one knows that before she continued in her journey, she left behind an important of her heart. Wherever she goes she makes an indelible connection with others. She loves people without attachment. It is a bad idea to challenge or compare the love she once felt. To the wild woman, love is always sacred and should be celebrated. Everyone she loved, we must love too, as they're now a part of who she is. 

The wild woman is many things and perhaps one of the most important ones is to serve to integrate each soul into the collective consciousness. One body. One soul. One feeling.

I visited her at home years ago. After a while and seeing she had books on the shelves I asked her about what books she liked read. They were reference books. "I don't read books." She said. "You don't need to read books. No one needs to read books". She told me. "Everything you need to know it's out there." Pointing her hands to the infinite wisdom of the Universe. 

While I'm writing this, I am still feeling that moment. How could one forget a meeting with the Goddess?

Having been an avid reader all my life, had any other woman told me those words at the time, I would have stopped listening after "books", excuse myself shortly after, and leave to never return; but to the passion she spoke with I could only listen with the heart where memories of eternal love returned, as if remembering her from a other dimensions and different periods that came back to the present moment. The wild woman was speaking to the Goddess and with the voice of the Goddess within. And in silence I bowed and listened to both; to one.

The essence of the wild woman lives in all of us. The only way to remember and bring it out in ourselves is to dance and dance and dance with her. The wisdom of life lies in the untamed movement that our souls long for. The unrestricted soul, playful, daring explorer. The wild woman being the best teacher. For she dances with love, and only love.

I danced with the wild woman at night, in the fields; under the moon. We laughed, we wept. In the mud we fell and with hands scratched we got up back on our feet. And we're still dancing there, as we are dancing here now. A memory as vivid as this can only be stored in the heart, never in the illusion of time. And that's how we know a heart is alive. When we remember with joy.

For most people, there's an ambivalent feeling when meeting the wild woman for the first time. Her essence lies in each woman, even though not every woman chooses to live their lives as deliberately as the wild woman does; facing each fear with a courage she might not know she has, stepping into the unknown in the quest of freedom. Always with love. 

Yes, you will be faced with fear because her reality is not the lie of this world. But you will also feel love. And it is perhaps fear of love, not fear of fear what stops you from getting to know her. Fear of not understanding or the urge to control whom is obviously most uncontrollable.

It is impossible to write about the wild woman with sadness or nostalgia, but with love and a smile in my heart, even knowing that we broke each other's hearts; as that moment, and that love is always here. To the artist, the wild woman is the only Muse that never goes away even if she's no longer there, a constant inspiration. The reason is simple: she opens each wound in the heart, and when we let it bleed, as artists do, we become free.

She is a catalyst for change and perhaps that's her only mission in life, to break each other's hearts. One should never fear a broken heart, for this is the only way back to love and freedom. The wild woman is also the wounded healer, and if a broken heart is what you need to set you free, that is what she'll give you.

Only the wild woman could help me to break my heart, and for this, I'll be eternally grateful.

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