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Women: The Thousand Faces Of The Goddess.

In Greek mythology, the Goddess used different faces and disguises when in the presence of men. Often she hid her real identity, asking devotion from strong, mythological heroes. 

In 'The Odyssey', Athena presented herself to Odysseus as a Goddess, and asked him; a powerful, non-religious warrior to trust and worship her. She also presented herself in disguise on different occasions. Athena's intention throughout was to protect, inspire and empower Odysseus. So why did she use disguises?

Even though that at times Odysseus fails to recognise the Goddess, her methods, however tricky they might seem, resulted in what Athena initially planned, and served to return him home safely. In fact, when Odysseus returns home, he also uses a disguise so as to find out if he could trust Penelope's love, as well as testing her loyalty. 

What Homer tells us is that a powerful man trusted a Goddess, a woman when asked and through trust he travelled protected, felt inspired and empowered. 

One other reason why the Goddess concealed her identity in the presence of mortals was to decide whether they deserved her love. The love of the Goddess will only be revealed when a man surrenders in trust and true devotion. 

The analogy of a mythological Goddess with the 'modern' Goddess is evident, although the end results in the interactions between men and women -the Goddess-, differ notably from that of the Odyssey. 

Patriarchal society has removed the belief that within each woman there is a Goddess, and that she is in fact a Goddess, as it has obliterated any signs of the Divine in men. Thus, modern society is a prosaic representation of Godless men and women, a race that no longer believes in miracles or magic. 

However, the Goddess remains within every woman. She has always been here. This is a fact that most of us cannot see. As society turned women into commodities serving the needs of men, a commodity is what we still see and expect even when we know this is no longer real. It is not only men who fail to identify the deity in women, but also women seem to overlook the Divine reflected in the mirror. Society as a whole lost faith in a God we never see and whom never seems to act. Without faith we continue acting accordingly, to the point that humanity has become passive, hopeless and motionless under such false beliefs. 

First, we fail to recognise the Divine within. Second; we are constantly expecting the miracle to come from elsewhere while doing nothing to manifest such miracles. Fortunately this is a tendency that is changing and more and more people are beginning to believe that the path to God goes through the journey within. The inner revolution. 

The behaviour of the Goddess is reflected in every woman. The different disguises, the thousand faces. This is not by any means to validate mind games or manipulation, but to expose a truth that we all face daily. 

Anyone of a certain age and some experience can witness every day the thousand faces in a woman, the different roles and what to appears to be the outer representation of another woman within the same woman. This change is also physical and can be perceived if one pays close attention. The physical change is due to an energetic change that can make someone look younger or older. Women are ever changing, like the Goddess. This phenomena also affects men, although not so visibly. No man is the same from one day to another. We are just better at covering our emotions, but not so brave at facing our own truth. 

Due to the lack of belief in the Divinity within, what we expect from one another is our mere, hopeless mortality; beings trying to find the meaning of existence through the mind and the ego to no avail; never expecting miracles. While Odysseus is a fictional character and his story might not seem to resemble modern life, the moral of the story applies to the present day. 

A man gets to meet the Goddess in disguise when he surrenders to trust and devotion. Breaking with thousands of years of history in which God was an idle, bearded white man in an identified place in the sky is not an easy task. But we were also told that God is in everything and in everyone. 

The popular saying that "women cannot be understood" is both tiresome and true. Women were not created to be understood, but to be loved and so were men, although the roles of one and the other must be carried out differently. The modern hero -man- is that one capable of unconditional devotion, love and trust. We are warriors of love, not of war. Only then a man will recognise the Goddess within each woman. In return, she will reveal the Divine in men. 

Men are supposed to facilitate the emerge of the Goddess. Once she appears, men will see the reflection of God in them.

This is a fact that cannot be intellectualised or understood without experience. Trust requires a high degree of unconditional love, patience and above all, the courage to live such experience. In most cases, that woman whom you only believe to be a mere mortal might not even know that she holds the Goddess within and quite possibly she doesn't know what she's doing. And what is not expected from us will never be represented in real life. Trust that she's following her intuition while making as many mistakes any human can make and believe that her soul knows best. 

If we react to the daily changes of a woman, or any other person for that matter, what we are doing is to coerce their expansion towards their own divinity. And we only have these reactions because we want to control everything. We must recognise the limitation in ourselves when we see someone acting differently due to our imperative need to control everything and everyone. Instead we must allow and accept regardless. 

There are many ways of letting go and accepting that someone has evolved and behaves differently is one of them. We are ever changing creatures with each experience. After each experience, no matter how insignificant it may seem, no one is ever the same. Let go and allow others the freedom you want to experience yourself. By limiting someone else's expression, we're limiting our own expression and experience. Dive into the unknown with love, and trust that best things are about to come. 

The unknown is right in front of you, dip into it and see where it takes you. The unknown is not a mystical place that we'll never see in life. It's all around us. We only have to allow ourselves to move into it.

True magic does take place only when we believe. Deep within we all are beings of light and love, only that we have been led to believe a set of limitations that do not allow us to see beyond our frail humanity. We are much more than this. Only we can manifest those miracles we are looking for. Miracles will never come from outside. It is time that we change such obsolete set of beliefs that no longer serves anyone and begin to believe in ourselves. 

We are here to love and be loved. And ask yourself this question: How wonderful is the feeling you have when despite of your actions, however irrational they might have been someone still loves you?

Women are more in touch with their emotions. Consequently they're more emotional and express themselves so. Every emotion is driven by a powerful energy within, so if a man believes that what they do is intentional, that man might want to think again. She might not even be aware of it. Instead take responsibility for the feelings you are experiencing, feel and see where that feeling takes you. Ask yourself why you feel so uncomfortable. Every emotion when felt takes you close to who you really are.

That's where true courage lies, in facing our fears, demons and emotions. Be a hero for someone today by letting go of the need of control. Control is fear, and fear is what keeps humanity unconscious. Be brave and be a hero to someone today. You don't have to cross the seas to find the Goddess. She's already there, right in front of you. Even if neither you nor her know it yet. 

Everything in life is a paradox; and to understand, one must let go of the need to understand. To be truly empowered, men have to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, and that is something we can all learn from women. There is light, as there is love at the end of the tunnel.

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