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How Giving Oral Sex To Women Benefits Men In Relationships.

Men giving oral sex to women seems to continue being a taboo subject, both in discussions and in practice. It's a well known fact that the number of men skilled in the art of pleasing a woman orally is low. Women's complaints of neglect and lack of ability echoes all around the world in a period in which they had enough and decided to push for equality, as well as what they believe they deserve. The message is loud and clear for those who want to hear. These claims are what everyone without exception should have.

It's a fact that understanding women has been, and it still is today one of men's obsessions, as it is true that most men make little to no effort to explore a woman where it matters -not just her body-, so as to access this knowledge that can only be reached through a different kind of connection to what we had so far. A more sensual and humane approach. We have to meet women in their terms; the feared unknown. It's not possible to understand any individua…

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