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Women's International Day: Women Transforming The World.

It's incredible, although not surprising that there's still a large part of the population opposing feminism and the demand for equality for men and women. The reasons men believe to have to oppose such change is based on unfounded fears of what might happen the moment women reach equality and respect, as any other human being would ask for. We're asking for human basic rights, not the submission or exploitation of the male population. Someone might want to check what equality means. There are so many wonderful facts to share about the role of women in transforming the world, so as to create a society that serves everyone's needs. It might be understandable to a certain extent that men, and some women oppose the unstoppable change that's coming, but to remain uninformed in the age of information is nothing but utter ignorance. 

Women's rights are human rights, as it is the rights of children and men. 
We're well past the times in which ignorance was considere…

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