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The Suppression Of Free Will And The Search For Love And Freedom.

Free will is a given at the moment of birth. The interpretations that humanity may give or have given to this universal right might differ depending on personal interests or that of the collective, often small groups of power, which by manipulating or by influencing the rhetoric, create a series of the beliefs that often deplete or remove altogether someone's true power. Your power! There can be discussion about it. We can philosophise on the subject until the end of time; but no human indoctrination can deny the divine in free will; it's intrinsic to the human being. It's in our spirit. To deny someone's free will is to deny yourself. 

When free will is denied with the intention to receive something from someone against their will if necessary, it might be possible to feel an immediate sense of victory, satisfaction or power. The truth being rather different. A small victory turns into a defeat that only serves to accentuate a character flaw and the fear to lose contro…

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