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Why Men Are Angry At The Gillette Video.

It's not surprising that men are angry at the Gillette video. After all, anger is the one emotion that masculinity seems to have appropriated to express our feelings. An unwritten rule of male domination. However, this article is not a vehicle to bash men's emotions. It's about time we expressed emotion collectively. It's time that we also do something with it. Unfortunately, it's always the same emotion. We don't seem to move passed that point. It's not that men are short of reasons to be angry, but so everyone else. Women too. Some are justifiable, some may not be. It was expected that the #metoo movement inspired people to create other campaigns, and in this case to take advantage of it. 
Anger is the only emotion socially acceptable that men can express publicly. 
Let's begin with the company that created the publicity stunt. Gillette is the epitome of patriarchy; a hierarchical corporation that for decades have been 'teaching' men how to adop…

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