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Women's International Day: Women Transforming The World.

It's incredible, although not surprising that there's still a large part of the population opposing feminism and the demand for equality for men and women. The reasons men believe to have to oppose such change is based on unfounded fears of what might happen the moment women reach equality and respect, as any other human being would ask for. We're asking for human basic rights, not the submission or exploitation of the male population. Someone might want to check what equality means. There are so many wonderful facts to share about the role of women in transforming the world, so as to create a society that serves everyone's needs. It might be understandable to a certain extent that men, and some women oppose the unstoppable change that's coming, but to remain uninformed in the age of information is nothing but utter ignorance. 

Women's rights are human rights, as it is the rights of children and men. 

We're well past the times in which ignorance was considered to be a blessing. There's nothing blissful when what it is demanded in many cases is a matter of life and death, and in the case of hundreds of thousands, even millions the consequences that women must carry for the rest of their lives after being subjected to sexual aggressions. 

Last year Women's International Day caught me in Murcia, south Spain, where I arrived with the intention to stay only a few days. It didn't take me long to decide to stay a bit longer. After living England's apathy for 25 years and another period in France, spending time in Murcia turned to be a blessing.

There was a significant difference between Women's International Day in Spain and the rest of the world, and media offered an extensive coverage of the events taking place. Women went on strike to show the world, what life would be like without their participation. It was certainly noticed and noted. On the day, there were demonstrations with a large number of women protesting and claiming the right to equality and a life without fear and violence. 

What differentiates these events from any other protest or demonstration was the energy that women infused in the city that day. Not only they raised their voices to claim what's just. At the same time there was a celebration of being a woman, and all together in the streets they showed the world one voice, one love. Together. Anyone could tell that the energy of the city had changed. It was colourful, vibrant and powerful. Yet, at no point there were violent incidents, nor anyone felt threatened by it.

The lack of violence or disturbances should raise some questions in the most sceptical. The answers are simple. Women are advocating for a world without violence. A fair world that provides for everyone, and in which we all feel safe, in order to life a happy life. Anyone opposing equality can ask all the questions they want. The answer always lead to the same place: a nurturing world in which kindness, love, creativity or cooperation to name only a few, are the norm. 

In the patriarchal society we live in, these values are, somehow commended, but competition, greed and violence are leading the world to its end instead. It's a cruel world based on the obsolete values and rules of a system that is no longer necessary. Everyone loses, not just women, although this seems to be a truth that most people do not quite understand yet. 

As I norm, I give these blog posts a more universal voice that reach both, men and women, as the intention is to deliver messages to those who are seeking, thus there's no point to differentiate between genders. This one is to women. If you happened to be a man reading this, you must be seeking or are simply curious, so I hope you find in these words new ideas or information that may change your perspective. If only one man begins to change the way we see women, patriarchy and the damage that is causing to individuals and the collective, this time spent writing was worthwhile. 

There's a large number of men opposing feminism because we're afraid that we're going to lose our 'rights' inherited from a patriarchal society in which male domination was the norm, and women, subhumans who were placed on earth to serve the needs of men. The fear of losing such rights shows in some men as a tantrum  who for many reasons have not developed empathy towards others, not just women and who want to continue with the world as it is for selfish reasons, not understanding that there are better ways. We believed what the patriarch told us without giving it a second thought. 

We men believe that when women achieve what they're demanding now, we're going to be treated as women have been treated throughout centuries; that we're going to be the recipients of an illusory revenge. Revenge is male thinking and nothing, but a naive belief that lives in seriously misinformed men. Anthropologists who studied matriarchal societies stopped their studies because they found no evidence of hierarchy, violence or conflict due to unfair ruling, therefore, it was not interesting to continue such studies. Lack of all these issues in a matriarchal society doesn't give any material for sensationalist headlines. 

This fear is based on the fact that many women had to adopt a series of masculine traits to make it in a man's world. It could be argued that these women have lost somehow part of their femininity, but no one can claim that they're no longer women, they just did what they believed they had to do in order to succeed in their lives. It's a cruel and unfair society; no one escapes from becoming what we're not and that includes men too.

Men have also adopted some traits of what today is described as 'toxic masculinity'; traits that do not have much to do with being a man.  

It is a fact that not only men are worried about what changes a more equal society may bring. The system is worried too. As the world irreversibly is changing, corporations and governments are on their toes observing and waiting to see what happens next. Men fear to be excluded, a theory that is misinformed and which some pressure groups are promoting. Corporations fear that an ethical economy might be established, and governments do fear to lose influence and the power to control the masses that they have to this date and the current hierarchical systems allow. All together fear a more conscious society and the rise of collective consciousness.

This is a lot to fear, as it leads men to the gates of the unknown, a territory in which we have not managed to move comfortably. It's also an opportunity for every man to embrace the best part of themselves, so as to serve, support and create a world that meets everyone's needs. In the end is matter of perspective and it's easy to reach out for the known topics and clichés. We're not so courageous after all, as we have not gone deep enough in the beautiful adventure of personal and collective transformation. This begins with individual transformation. 

To serve and support the world is a move from individualism so well promoted by patriarchy and neoliberalism, as it contributes to separate people. Moving from individualism towards universality is a way to expand showing leadership and taking responsibility for our actions and how they might affect the collective. It's also a move from the selfish needs of the ego towards a better society. It doesn't mean that anyone must deny themselves their needs, nor sacrifice their wellbeing, but to aim at living in a society in which everyone thrives in abundance, instead of the current system that promotes lack and separation. 

The amount of benefits for everyone is countless, but we won't see this until we allow equality and freedom to reign the world. What kind of person negates freedom, equality and their human rights to another person? The answer is simple: a very small one. 

If only men knew to what level of submission we do exist under a patriarchal and hierarchical society, every man would be on the streets demanding equality and a major transformation in society. But we don't. We only think we think we know. 

Years ago I wrote that women will change the world. This is a fact, as women have such ability and it's a matter of time they see the incredible power of transformation they have, both individually and collectively. Women do have something that can't be quite explained in practical terms; a closer and deeper connection with the soul. 

But it's not only with the connection with the soul that the world changes to what is supposed to be. Women are also proposing practical changes, such as education or an ethical economy; changes that will only benefit the collective and everyone in it. 

Perhaps the most important part in such transformation is what most people are missing, the fact that once equality for all and the rights and safety of women are achieved, what we're going to see is not the masculinised woman who had to play hard to make it in the world, but a new kind of woman who thrives in freedom and love. We have not seen this woman yet, not collectively at least, and this is a vision worth working and waiting for. 

With these changes, we're also going to see a new man. More and more men are moving towards the transformation that's coming, a new and equal society. It's not only women who desire this change. 

One of the biggest difficulties that we face as human beings in the transformation of the world towards an equal society is that people do not take the time to be informed, choosing instead to rely in the cultural misinformation, -not that it contains any culture-, use clichés as absolute truths or personal experiences, such a conflict with an ex-partner to define a collective. This can be seen in politics when people decide to vote headlines full of lies, false promises that are never delivered, and lacking a clear knowledge of what a political party proposes. 

Such outlook on life denotes a clear lack of leadership in individuals who still believe that the authorities would do what's necessary to provide for the needs of people. It has never happened and it will never happen. Thus, people prefer to live an unconscious life, as long as reality doesn't affect them, even though, every day we experience the consequences of our fearful choices. To live an unconscious life might seem the right choice, as the impression is that everyone is doing it, therefore it must be the right choice. Many are separating from this approach. The unconscious has never brought any good to the world. 

Personally, I can't wait to see that day. Perhaps the only note before ending this piece of writing is that women need to include men in this transformation, a different kind of man, maybe, but we need to be included, but this is a subject for another day. The world is going to need everyone's contribution in order to change. 

Finally, we've been following a system in which women were disempowered centuries ago, being excluded from any decision making in the development of society. It seems to me that it's a good idea to consider a new system. This one is not working, and it's not working because under the current one, no one is free. Not even if you're a man and think that you are. 

This transformational process is unstoppable, and people must decide whether they want to be part of it or not, whether they want to live in a free world or not. There are many things that we men are not telling women due to fear of not being enough or being criticised. It's a matter of looking at what we can do now differently, not at what we did or what we believe we are right now. Our current beliefs might have helped us to get to what we are now, but want take us to where we want to be, nor will show us who we really are. It's called taking responsibility, to look within and show our most authentic self. Being authentic and responsible, no one desires the submission of others. In freedom, we thrive. Are you thriving and living or just surviving?


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