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When A Man Loves A Woman.

This article is especially written for men with the intention to inspire a healthier approach to relationships between man and woman. There are so many things a man can do to have a successful relationship with their partners. Relationships are never easy. Even knowing everything a woman needs and wants is not a guarantee of a successful relationship. What matters is that we try, that we're not afraid of falling in love, and that when we try we do our best. 

The difference between a boy and a man is that, a man would never be afraid to say, "I Am In Love."

It would be easy to write this article from the view of someone who's going to begin a new relationship, when no mistake has yet been made, even though it's not always the case. Perhaps the first belief that one could change in relationships is that everyone makes mistakes. Admit it, accept it and do your best. Again and again and again. Show persistence. When there's love, mistakes are easily forgiven to a certain extent. Some actions are harder to forgive than others. In any case, with love, intention and the appropriate actions, any man can change, and begin to explore their existent relationship in healthier ways, if this is what's required. Not everyone is in an unhealthy relationship. And not every relationship fails because of a man. 

All relationships face obstacles, however healthy they may seem. It's how we handle and overcome these obstacles what makes the difference. Every day is a new opportunity to begin anew in a relationship. Every man has what's needed within to make their relationship healthy and successful. It might take time and perhaps we make every mistake in the book, and some that have not yet been written, but eventually anyone can get there. Everyone wants to love and be loved. And after all, love is all there is. Sometimes it takes time to understand this.

Relationships have to be balanced in terms of giving and receiving. If one gives more than the other, the imbalance might be a reason for the end of the relationship. Sometimes giving too much it is as unhealthy as giving too little. When we give too little is because we either don't care, don't know how, or both. When we give too much it might be due to the natural expression of a loving, generous heart, but also because we are in desperate need to be liked by the other person. This article, however, is not  focusing on problems, but simple solutions, to suggests new ways. One way to find solutions is to focus on them. While we look at the problem, the problem only grows. Also, this blog post is about improving, not to state that any relationship is unhealthy. 

For the sake of this argument, let's say that a man is beginning a relationship tomorrow. If someone is already in a relationship, tomorrow can also be a new beginning, if not today. In life we have an opportunity to improve and better ourselves anytime we choose to. Most people don't change because of what others would say or think. Change does take courage. A man would have this courage, would not listen to what anyone says and stand by his decisions at all times. There's beauty in courage and nothing more beautiful than one that chooses to show the best of his new self to the himself, as well as to others. This is courage. 

When a man loves a woman, the most beautiful gift they can offer them at the beginning of a relationship is to create a space for both, in which they can exchange freely without expectations. Expectation is a plague in relationships, and the downfall of everything. I give, so you have to give me back. This belief is unhealthy. The role of a man in a relationship is to support his woman. This does not mean that he goes to work while she stays in the kitchen, or that he has to buy two hundred pairs of shoes for her. No one needs so many shoes. Expectation makes us insecure tyrants. 

The space that is provided is free for either to enter it whenever they want to. When they choose to have time and space and remove themselves, this is also freedom. It doesn't mean that a woman doesn't love you, simply that she wants time and space for herself. Everyone needs that from time to time. Men need it too. Do worry if someone doesn't need their space and time. When the space shared between two people is filled with love, trust and this kind of freedom, it becomes magical, creative and expansive. It is a space in which both, man and woman can grow and develop together, as well as individually. 

Once we begin the relationship, let's consider that before today, she was a free woman to make her own decisions, choose to see whoever she wanted to and do whatever she pleased. And so were you. Commitment to a relationship perhaps excludes certain activities and whom one might or might not see, but it should never be a prison for anyone. Not for a man; not for a woman. The bond created by love is and should be enough.

It is important to understand that everything in life is a paradox. By offering such a beautiful space, full of love, trust and freedom, what we create is also a magnetic field to which both partners would want to come back again and again. Letting go of the loved one at the beginning of the relationship is a wonderful gift. Consider that this woman might have never been offered such freedom. It's new and it's exciting. Keep love and freedom flowing and she will feel safe and loved. Letting go is a sign of strength in a man, character, self-belief and confidence. 

If with this freedom a woman chooses to go and never come back, it has nothing to do with you, but with them. Eventually they would do so with or without freedom. The sooner they're out, the better for everyone. Sometimes love is not enough. Keep loving them no matter what their decision is.

The supporting role of a man in a relationship can be understood from the perspective that he enables a woman to achieve her dreams. This could be a course she wants to take, a career, a trip she's been dreaming of, or simply a hobby. She could be a young singer and songwriter, the most beautiful woman you've ever seen, without the means to buy a new guitar to play. This is the time when a man finds the money even if he doesn't have it, and buys that one guitar, not because he wants something in exchange, but because this woman, this talented artist is going to show him her soul through her music, her lyrics and her enchanting voice. And when she sings for you, this will be a moment you will never forget. A guitar is a magical tool to create more magic in itself, but when is bought with the heart, we allow another part of the soul to come alive in both, man and woman. Don't forget, this is love and you're in love. Anything could happen.

If there was ever a most beautiful, magnetic mermaid, this is she.

Love and relationships are about collecting such memories. The more moments and beautiful memories we create, the stronger love will be. Even if the relationship ends, love remains, and that moment when she sang that song for you, it's only for you and her; forever in time, just for you both. Imagine that!

When buying this guitar, the action must also be fuelled by the same intentions, love, trust, freedom, and again, no expectations. For the uninitiated, a guitar might just seem another item, but when purchased with this intention, it becomes magical. Only good things can come out of it. Imagine the sound of that guitar when she's playing alone in a different room and you hear a song she picked just for you; calling you. "Hey Mr Tamborine man, play a song for me." This is the magic of love. You will recognise it. You will know it's for you, and you only. You will feel the happiest man alive. In love. And you'll never forget. Once you love a woman, you'll always love her. Make sure she knows.

There's one other element to consider that's introduced in the relationship when providing freedom to a woman. She feels safe and more willing than ever to express her feelings, emotions and open up more of her soul for a man to see. When a woman feels free to express herself in whichever way she wishes, magic does happen. You'll see it in her green/hazel eyes.

I will keep saying this until the end of time. For centuries women have been consigned to a secondary role in society; time that was used to nurture others, but also to remain more in touch with the soul. In a way, one could say that women are the keepers of the collective soul. If they don't show it, and perhaps they don't even know it, it's due to the fact that they've never been allowed to express themselves freely. Freedom allows creativity. Creativity is what the soul is and looks for.

A relationship is the perfect scenario for a man to see himself through the eyes of a woman. Together you will experience the most beautiful expression of love. In love and in freedom, this woman will expose openly the wild woman within herself. If you are a man and want to know who you are, look with love and respect into the eyes of the woman you love and you will see that you and her are the same, that we are one. 

It is essential that within this freedom you never ask anything from her. When you allow this freedom, she will give much more than you could ask for. Well, perhaps you could allow yourself to say, "hey my beautiful mermaid, write a song for me." You will know when the time is right. 

As I wrote in my previous blog post: 'Sacred Sex', while feeling free, there's a magical moment that takes place between a man and a woman in which one can see themselves in the eyes of the other, as if souls have changed bodies momentarily. Having this experience, no man would look at a woman in the same way again. It is a truly magical moment. 

At the same time, a woman will gradually get to know herself in a deeper level, as she is now allowed to express herself with freedom, as she chooses to, without expectations. No need to please or to entertain anyone. At reaching this moment, miracles do happen. This space is magical and creative. We see little of the soul because there's no such freedom present in relationships. People remain guarded even when in love. This new freedom is unfamiliar, unexplored and it's full of surprises even to the self. Let's not forget that it works both ways. 

Let's not underestimate how creative the soul can be. Remember that you're in love, and in love, creativity is spontaneous. All that is needed is that freedom we were never allowed to experience. Now you know where to find it. It's in her eyes, in her heart, in her soul.

Finally, do let her know she's your Goddess and treat her as such. She will then know that the poetry of your soul is for her, just for her

The book 'Reuniting with the Twin Flame' is now available on Amazon. Dealing with dynamics and a detailed exploration of the twin flame relationship, the content is exclusive to the book and cannot be found on this blog. 

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Sacred Sex: Honouring Heart, Body, Soul And The Miracle Of Love.

Sacred sex is the most beautiful expression of love between man and woman -there's no better sex-, although like all things spiritual only a minority of people enjoy its true pleasures. The same applies to same sex couples. Love and the Divine do not follow any man made classification or any preconceived ideas of whom should have sex with whom. Love is love. Everyone chooses how to express it in whichever way they wish to and with whom. As everything natural and free for everyone to enjoy, sacred sex is still a mystery and one that if explored would allow anyone to reach the freedom they're looking for everywhere else.

Picture this: There's a woman standing in the kitchen chopping vegetables. She's fully clothed. I approach her and stand behind her body close enough for her to feel my presence, but there's no contact. Our silence makes the moment intense, intimate. This closeness alone makes the rest of the world disappear. There's no movement from either of us. My body gets closer, but not close enough. I place my hands on her hips barely touching. She's free to move and go anytime she chooses, but as she feels safe, loved and wanted she remains standing still. Waiting. 

We have known each other for seven months. During this period we never fell into the temptation of lust and waited until this moment. I talk to her ear. At times I whisper. At times she can feel my face touching her hair, but that's as far as I go. What I say is only between her and I. There's a strong intention in my approach and in the tone of my voice: love and desire. It's sensual, as well as sexual. There's still no touch and throughout there will be none. The vibration of my voice alone reaches every part of her body and it's flowing through her senses, to which she responds with surrender. All erogenous parts are now activated. I surrender to the present moment too. My words sound familiar, but I don't recognise them. It's my soul speaking to her soul with love and devotion. If there's a world or an Universe out there we don't know. We forgot that anything else exists. We are the Universe.

The moment goes on and on, but I can't measure it. Not then, not now. There's no time. Only the here and now. As I keep talking, I hear and feel her gentle sighs and moans increasing in calm intensity. She is mine, as I am hers, but there's no sense of possession. Expanding in freedom and in love we just wish to remain there. Only two souls playing and dancing to the rhythms of love, passion and desire. Towards the end she lets go a deeper, prolonged moan. I feel it's the right moment to stop. I don't move and remain with her, holding the space. I want her to feel safe, loved. It takes her a while to turn around and talk to me. 

"You have no idea what your voice does to me". She says. I do know, I could feel everything she felt, but I listen to her, as she listened to me. My silence honours her silence. It's her time to talk, although she doesn't have much to say. It's all feeling and deep, warm emotion. 

"You could have done anything you wanted to me just now." I keep listening. In a way I did, as all I wanted was to love her and for her to feel loved.

"You just gave me an orgasm." She says. I only listen and feel that deep connection we have. That's all we need. That's all I need. Love turns to whispers, then silence. More love follows and yet, there will be no touch for hours and playfulness continues.

Do I have your attention now? Do you begin to see the endless possibility of sacred sex?

What I just described is a moment, an ode to love that is recorded in time in a different dimension for either of us to revisit anytime we wish to. This is a sacred space created for her and I. It cannot be changed or corrupted by anything or anyone, not even by the reader now. 

For experiences such as this to happen it is necessary to surrender to the present moment, so as to allow body, mind and spirit to converge. When the soul is allowed to run free and in love, everything the soul touches and creates turns into a masterpiece. And this is what sacred sex is; a canvass for two souls to express their love for each other.

The outcome is irrelevant. It will always be fulfilling and a unique experience. Love and intention are not. When engaging in sacred sex set a strong intention to satisfy your lover, expect the unexpected and see, feel and experience magic and the miracle of love happening again and again and again. Be a witness to love in a different dimension.

One could think that a woman reaching orgasm at the mere sound of the voice of a man would invite ego to participate. Ego cannot enter any sacred space that is created by the expression of love of the soul. Not then, not now, not ever. And this scene I just shared can only be shared with love.

Introducing the element of the voice in sacred sex is very important to intensify and amplify feelings and emotions. One of the reasons why humans feel incomplete is due to the fact that we do not use our bodies and senses as a whole. The lack of coordination between body, mind and soul is such, that day after day we fail to use the incredible qualities we all have and that could take us to explore different pleasures and dimensions. There's no need to seek the artificial, the quick external stimulus, when we have everything that it is required to achieve our goals: our bodies, souls, minds and hearts.

Sacred sex is a perfect opportunity for role play. As long as it is done with love any role serves the purpose. Use your imagination and engage in the moment and recognise and embrace the God and Goddess in you. There cannot be sacred sex without recognising the Divinity in us. Play it until you feel it and from there explore the possibilities with your partner. Playfulness is also an important part in this sacred act. 

The best way to engage in sacred sex is when it appears spontaneously and this is when playfulness becomes a crucial part. There is a beginning to it, but there's no end. In this way, a man and a woman can have sex for days, even weeks. It could begin in the privacy of your home or during a walk along the beach. What matters is the intention. And love, above all love. During sacred sex, ejaculation is not important to a man. He can wait for days and days. It's not the goal for a woman either, although when done right she could reach multiple orgasms that a man would also feel through his body. This is an act of love, in which two people honour each other through touch, feeling and emotion. The physical sensations are enhanced and when experienced, what one feels, the other can feel too. 

During sacred sex it is important that the intention is to satisfy your partner without asking anything in exchange, allowing them to express themselves freely and reciprocate in whichever way they want. It is always a mutual exchange and when done with such love and freedom, the other person would want to give you as much pleasure as they've been given. It could go for hours or days. It can be stopped and continued. In freedom and in love there are endless possibilities.

It is a matter of surrendering to the present moment and allowing the soul to take over. When this happens we create a connection with cosmic energy, allowing currents of electricity to flow through the spinal fluid until it explodes at the back of the head. This is a natural feeling for women during orgasm, and any man who has experienced this kind of orgasm would know that ejaculation is truly overrated. The longer one waits, the greater the pleasure. One of these moments could take place during that walk by the beach. There's no rush. Love is patient. It can wait. The dance of two souls have begun, but never ends. What's important is the exchange of feeling, emotion and energy.

Sacred sex is also an excellent vehicle to regulate sexual energy as it allows it to flow throughout the body. Sexual energy is imbalanced in most people, which can lead to all sorts of sexual problems. 

If you never had sacred sex before, when you have your first experience, even if you had sexual partners previously you will know that you have never been touched by love or with love. Although it is better to be introduced to it by someone who's experienced, with love, anyone can do it. It takes practice. That's all.

When the soul is allowed to take over, words come from a different place, never from the mind or thought. One knows which part of the body to touch and how to do so at anytime, which increases the pleasure of the partner, as well as our own, since there's an exchange of sensations. The soul is directed by universal wisdom. If you have a new partner they will undoubtedly ask you how you always know what to do and where to touch next. There's not much one can say to this. Sacred sex is not the time for lectures or explanations. You know by feeling, energy and through your connection to the Universe. Your soul is the most beautiful and impressive of lovers.

Sacred sex creates a sense of 'addiction' to your partner, some sort of complicity that only you and them know about. This is transmitted to others by just being together and keeps possible suitors away. It is clear that what you two have is truly special. This does not mean that a relationship cannot end. They do when the time comes. A conscious person knows when to let go of another with love, knowing that this connection between two people is always there, and that even when they're gone, there's nothing lost. 

This feeling and belief increase when during sacred sex, one can see and recognise their souls in their lover's eyes. The intensity and beauty of this moment cannot be described with words, and it is certainly one to experience. Such recognition is spontaneous and both we'll see their souls in their lover's eyes at the same time, as if their souls had exchanged bodies for an instant. Once this is experienced, regardless of what happens in the future, you will always love that man or woman, as you know they're within you, that you are one. Forget about the idea of twin flames or soul mates. Such experiences show that with love, anyone can be that special person you've been looking for all your life. We just have to open our hearts to them and allow ourselves to become vulnerable in order to receive the limitless pleasure a soul can produce. It does take a lot of trust. 

If you have experienced one of these moments, know that wherever you are or whatever you're doing, you are still loved by that man or woman and that you'll always be in a very special and sacred place in their hearts. Never doubt this. These moments are forever. To me reaching this place is to show the other person that this is love, this is safe, and this is home. Perhaps the relationship does not last forever in human terms, but it is forever to both souls. And the connection is always sacred. 

Let's remember than in love, we are prepared to do anything for the other person. Sometimes letting go is the most beautiful expression of love we can offer them. Everyone has their own path. Love understands if they have to go.

Sacred sex is also a deterrent for people who only look for a lusty quick fix. While it makes you more magnetic and more attractive, it also allows you to set  stronger energetic boundaries. Others may approach, but not close enough. The benefits of sacred sex are multiple. It increases confidence and sense of self-worth. It does improve your health, the sense of space and time or happiness. It is a life changing act. One that helps to reconnect with the soul. A door to a higher consciousness, as well as being a pathway towards enlightenment. 

If you are single and have experienced sacred sex, the benefits remain with you. It allows to wait patiently for a partner at a similar level or to seek someone curious and willing enough to experience it and be introduced to it. If by any chance you fall for someone driven by lust, it is very likely that this relationship never begins. The Universe will produce the right circumstances to prevent it. The difference between both energies are abysmal and in a way are protecting you from making mistakes you're no longer prepared to go back to. 

Keep loving them, but allow them to keep falling in lust with more lust until their ego's plan collapse and have no option but to recognise the Divine in them. Love and lust are two different paths. One cannot travel with the other. 

At the same time it emits a higher vibration that would attract more appropriate mates. By thinking and entering previous moments of sacred sex with a different partner, the energy of the those sacred spaces created returns to your body and can re-enact similar sensations to the ones described above. The key is to keep loving. No man or woman who have experienced sacred sex for a prolonged period of time would doubt themselves as lovers. They will always be attractive to others.

Nothing positive can be said about those religions which have engraved the human psyche with fear, guilt and shame of sex in order to control the masses and to keep humanity unconscious by preventing people from exploring their bodies and souls freely. Shame also on a society which delivers a pornographic message with each item sold and bought; from a vibrator to a sandwich, but that equally has placed a taboo on the free expression of our sexuality. We got to the point in which if we don't buy it, we can't enjoy it. 

Needless to say that the same partner is required for sacred sex. And a little warning here. One could memorise these words I've just written and learn them by heart in order to seduce others, but sacred spaces cannot be used to either satisfy ego or lust. You might be able to fool a few, but there are always consequences to such actions, which in turn will return and hit you back. Sacred spaces are for love and love only. 

If you have been introduced to any sacred spaces by someone in order to make your life better, but told that it was a little trick and you used it to obtain a positive answer to satisfy your ego, whatever method this is becomes a trick on you and consider yourself, the trickster, tricked. Someone experienced in sacred spaces would share freely, but would also know of your real intentions, wording their sentences carefully. If it's sacred, use it well, or not at all. 

There's so much to say about sacred sex, a poetic passage between two souls that lingers in time, but there are no rules to follow. One has to allow themselves enough freedom, trust and vulnerability to experiment. It is the ability to explore each others body's with love, with courage, without fear, openly exposed to each other's love and wisdom. 

Perhaps to add that sacred sex can be used to heal sexual traumas, but that might be more appropriate for a different blog post.

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The book 'Reuniting with the Twin Flame' is now available on Amazon. Dealing with dynamics and a detailed exploration of the twin flame relationship, the content is exclusive to the book and cannot be found on this blog. 

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Love Deprivation: When Expressing Love Seems Impossible.

Last night I was having a conversation with a friend online until the connection got lost in the mysterious abyss of the wireless universe. My guess is that technology has not yet evolved sufficiently to handle such strong human emotions. The disconnection, however, gives me the opportunity to provide her, as well as many others with a more paused answer. When we read, however emotional the subject is, one can stop and soak on the information provided in their own time, as well as to release those emotions when and where we wish. 

The question is not one easy to deal with when one has experienced it throughout life. More than a question, her plea was a statement. As she was deprived of love from a very early age she finds it very difficult to give love to others as an adult. Today I'm writing this blog, as a man writes to a woman, and at times it might even read as a letter. I know that many readers will identify with it. If you're a man experiencing the same, which is very likely, change the gender of the writer. The same applies to both, men and women. 

Deprivation of love in childhood is very common. I was born in a household where the stick danced from morning until bed time and where love only appeared sometimes during a family celebration after a second glass and it was too embarrassing to beat the child for no reason. The effect this had on me later in life was significant. In past relationships I would ask most of my partners to save their 'I-love-you's' for family and friends. It wasn't that I didn't want love. I just couldn't trust love. 

Signs of affection were suffocating to the point I put a stop to it on endless occasions. The same applied to showing affection to others. I was not a match to them, but never I doubted my love for them. The fact is that it was almost impossible to express it. As this was the way I grew up, until it became part of my character and personality and my many reasons and excuses to run away. 

In time this feeling disappeared to the point that I can show love to anyone who needs it anytime, anywhere without reservations. What you see in me it's nothing but a future representation of you.

Not being able to express love as we often see others doing makes existence wearisome, especially when one knows that all there is within is love, and day after day the best part of ourselves cannot find an outlet to connect with the people we love most in the way we want to. It makes us look insensitive, selfish and careless. It is an unbearable feeling to know that the heart is on fire and not being able to show to that one person who matters most.

In the case of my friend, as in many others, this is a stage we have to go through and like everything else in life, it will pass. What is important at this moment is having the awareness, the courage to admit it, feel it, and shed as many tears as one has within. This world holds back too many tears that must be shed if we really want to heal. Tears make us stronger.

You've been strong enough for too long and what you don't see is that engulfed by the belief that you're not giving enough, you are giving too much instead. 

The fact that we are beings born in love, but we have to learn how to love later on in life borders tragedy. It's not your fault. It was never your fault. What is important to remember is that people who have suffered from deprivation of love at such an early age are more in touch with the soul, as they remained closer to it and put up a fierce battle daily to protect it from others. Once you finally connect with the most beautiful expression of yourself, its manifestation will be one of the most loving and caring, if not the most. 

The truth is the soul is always protected. Nothing can destroy it. It's time to drop the guard, be vulnerable and allow feelings in and out. 

There are many ways in which to express love. Love is not just saying I love you. There's not a quota of love expressions one must fill in every day. Cooking for someone is a way to say I love you, as it is to take them to your favourite places or simply going for a walk to the farmers market. 

From the outside it is easy to see how on countless occasions my friend has showed me love unconditionally, expecting nothing in return, but this is something she cannot yet see. The idea that one has to be over-expressive with continual signs of love is rooted in the endemic, desperate need of a world that lacks in love and seeks constant confirmation that one has to be loved and deserves to be loved. Everyone deserves love. Everyone! But love must be expressed freely and when felt, not when others need it or demand it. 

This feeling carries deeper consequences that one might think on the surface. First, it stops people from seeking love with those they'd wish to be loved by, as the feeling is that they cannot be met as equals. Love is not a competition to prove who loves more. 

There are men who could hold the space for you to explore any fears, demons or anxieties in a safe manner. Love is patient too. Any man who values himself and appreciates who you are would happily wait for that moment in which a spontaneous expression of love melts their hearts. That is a moment and a feeling worth waiting for, however long it takes. One spontaneous, sincere expression of love last longer and moves deeper effect than all quota-filling-signs put together. 

Furthermore, the same feeling becomes a prison, a habit, and a way of living in which people continue pursuing and falling in 'lust' with people they don't have to show affection to -not for long anyway- and with whom they can't really fall in love. The belief is that if I can't show love, I don't deserve it either, being one resigned to go from heartbreak to heartbreak, seeking lovers and partners which in the majority of cases are emotionally unavailable. Every escapade is the last one until the next. Sadly, this self-destructive cycle might never end.

What truly matters to a free man is that you choose to be with them one day after the other, until you can see that your presence alone is in itself the most beautiful expression of love one can receive. What's important is to have the opportunity to choose you every day among all women, not how many times you're capable of producing an 'I love you'. Men like me, like them, already hold all the love we need, thus we can hold that safe space for you. We might not tell you everything you want to hear, because we know that doing so is the easiest way to seduce others, so as to keep them unconscious and under control. 

What my friend and many other women and men out there don't seem to see is the magic they hold within. She's a magical woman, incredibly talented, generous, loving and caring even in her 'unfeeling' and for now 'inexpressive' ways. Anyone who can feel energy would feel the amazing warmth flowing from a heart on fire that has not yet learned to speak love loudly enough. But love is a feeling, a way to be, holding a silence, whispers. That is love.

And yes, she has a flaw or two, but who cares about flaws when she's an enchanting source of surprises, magic and wonders that would make any man fall in love with her every day of their lives for the rest. 

For now stay safe, be selfish and get what you want and need without taking from others. This is a healthy way of being selfish. Trust your intuition, find your own truth, stop listening to others -including me-, have compassion for yourself and above all, follow your heart and never be afraid to fall in love with a free man if that is what you wish. They understand and would support you while you're working your magic on your way to be a star.

Finally and to clear the air. If I had to do it all again, I'd go back to the same household with the dancing stick and all. Yes, I'd do it all over again and wouldn't change one bit. There's a moment in life when the black and white of our past turn to colours and we realise that it was always there, and that there was love all around. We just couldn't see it.

The book 'Reuniting with the Twin Flame' is now available on Amazon. Dealing with dynamics and a detailed exploration of the twin flame relationship, the content is exclusive to the book and cannot be found on this blog. 

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Betraying Magic And The Dream Maker.

The second part of this three blog piece states that once you have come in touch with magic or with the dream maker, any previous contracts you made in life no longer have any validity. Understanding this is essential to guarantee that your path continues in the light, not in darkness. 

When you first met the dream maker you made a wish and asked to explore new experiences that made your life better. If he or she agreed to help you, by now you must have experienced everything you asked for and more unexpected surprises, things you never believed were possible. As the dream maker is someone that moves a lot and hardly ever stays too long in one place or in someone's life, it is very likely that you have returned to your all routine. 

The first days of your return will feel almost as magic and eerie as they were with him or her, but as time goes by, your old life and habits become more suffocating. Now you have a different reality to compare, so it is no wonder that these previous arrangements now seem too disproportionate or uncomfortable.

Let's say that you asked to experience a healthy relationship in which nothing is taken from you and in which you can give freely or love or freedom or all of it. Once you have gone through the experience, you will recognise the energies of those men and women who approach you and be able to differentiate between a healthy energy or a negative one and act and choose accordingly. This is the perfect opportunity to change patterns that no longer serve you. 

If you asked for love and freedom, you might feel that your family, relatives and friends keep you in a prison they call 'love', but which offers little of it, which is what you most desire. The dream maker would have warned you about returning to such habits and the consequences that come with it. 

In most cases when we enter the realm of magic, we tend to associate it with certain people or places. The fact is that once you experience magic, it follows you everywhere, as the forces of the Universe move accordingly to make it possible. Returning to old habits, such as alcohol, drugs, mindless sex or an unhealthy relationship to name a few will make you reality feel worse and you might not know why. 

By now you know that all feelings and experiences you had with the dream maker were enhanced and amplified. The 'betrayal' of magic is nothing but returning to old habits. If you have one of these experiences, you must follow the healthy steps you learned during that period and be true to yourself. One does not have to renounce to family or friends to have a healthy and magic life, but setting boundaries might be required. At the same time, one does not have to renounce magic to keep family and friends.

As the experience with the dream maker is a jump into a fully conscious life, it could be too intense for some people and even tempting to return to old habits to have some sense of normality. Not everyone is ready to move into consciousness so suddenly, and it is OK not doing so. Just remember that every action and decision you make might take you far apart from magic, and the colourful fairy tale you lived with the dream maker turn to darkness.

The further and deeper you insist in going into darkness the more unbearable magic will make it for you, so you finally wake up, follow your dreams and return to the ways of the soul: playful, creative and magic. 

If this is the case, the reason is that there is something to see in darkness and do not forget, this is the path you chose, the hard path. No one is to blame for it but you. Make your darkness conscious and bring truth to your life. This is your own truth. 

You might have asked help from a dream maker not knowing who they were, but you recognised their abilities and their willingness to help you. If this is the case, honour your agreements and see your life returning to light. If you asked help from someone and after a period of 'enlightenment' your life turned to darkness, this might be the reason.

Beware of betraying the dream maker. They might not seem much to the outside world, but they are the strongest of people and are very well protected by the forces of the Universe. And never; never play with the heart of a magical man or a magical woman, for their heartbreak will return to you tenfold when least expected. 

The dream makers live in love and are In Love and will continue loving you regardless of your actions, words or what you do to them. In time you will wonder why they never hit you back. This is because they are here only to show you the way home and everything they do is with love, only love. Their heart might break one minute to heal the minute after. Their souls and hearts are on fire. This is how they heal the world. 

In love they will patiently wait until you look back at that time they touched your life, see their expression in the eyes and you realise that this is love, that this is safe and this is home. Then you'll understand, that there's nothing to forgive, that everything is forgiven; that they loved you all along.

If you decided to separate from magic and the dream maker, remember what they told you, that what you experienced with them you can create yourself, that it is not necessary to return to them. He or she will always let you go. There's not in them any sense of possesion, only love. Dream makers don't create dependency, they provide ways for your to find and live in freedom. If you forgot, the way back to magic is to honour yourself and honour yourself, and be, just allow yourself to be, here and now.

And in case you doubt, if once they loved you and fell in love with you. They're still in love. They're always be in love with your beautiful soul. 

The book 'Reuniting with the Twin Flame' is now available on Amazon. Dealing with dynamics and a detailed exploration of the twin flame relationship, the content is exclusive to the book and cannot be found on this blog. 

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Part 1: The Magic Of The Dream Maker.

Part 2: Moving Towards Magic, Love And Freedom. 

Moving Towards Magic, Love And Freedom.

You asked for freedom. You asked for love; to love and be loved. You asked to play, to dance, to sing; to go on adventures. All these things you asked before you were born, and the purpose of the soul is to explore and achieve them all until you live in freedom and in love. 

A free person can be free in a man made prison, for the soul can never be imprisoned.

In a world that has been designed to be a prison for the soul, freedom is a constant act of rebellion. Freedom is the natural state of the soul, but little by little we lose as we grow up. In most cases the people who love us most turn to be the cruellest jailors, as they impose limitations and strict set of rules, so we can become the person they wish us to be. Everything has been mapped out for us. 

In the family equation what we want is never important. Some people are not built to fit the norm. In fact, no one is, but there are cases in which it is clear that the soul is on a mission and has a message to deliver to the world. Artists, singers, musicians, writers, performers being the most obvious. If you have a thirst for adventure, travelling, know new places, new cultures or even you resort to little escapades so as to be free, you also belong that that group. 

Humanity's lack of adventure leads most people to escape through drugs and alcohol, food, prescription medication, violence or sex to name a few. At this stage, in our minds everything is better than reality. When we follow this pattern we pay the highest prices for a little escapade, offering our bodies, time and minds to lesser gods, and worse, to people who don't care about you. Escaping from reality comes at a high price. There's no one we can blame for it but ourselves.

In some cases our loved ones would go to extremes to keep us from following our dreams of love and freedom. This phenomena is represented in different ways. Guilt is thrown around in the name of love. When a child is submitted to this kind of control, it is also possible that psychological 'problems' appear. While the mind is easy to control, the soul is not, and an internal battle begins. Prescription medication inevitably follows in an attempt to numb all senses. Ghost conditions might also appear, also diagnosed by a mother or father. OCD, ADHD, etc,. 

Welcome to Numb City, where you'd be just another passive citizen watching your dreams and talents wither throughout a lifeless existence intended to survive, not to be confused with life.

While this type of behaviour is mostly unconscious and it is very likely that parents truly do not know that they are inflicting a terrible damage to their children, as all they want is to protect them, ignorance doesn't make the harm lesser. As someone grows up and begins to interact with the world, new elements are introduced in the journey. If freedom is what you are seeking for, a man or a woman might come into your life. Rest assure that anyone that comes into your life speaking of love and freedom while your parents are still trying to control you, they will throw the first accusations to defame or exclude such people from your life. 

This is no longer ignorance, it is malice, cruelty and unconsciousness as it worst, speaking words of fear. No free man or woman would be affected by this. We are free because we never listened or bought into the lie of others. The irony is when a father who's also her daughter's prescription drug dealer in an attack of panic and fear accuses another man who speaks of love and freedom of drugging her with his dreams. Yes, your daughter got high on consciousness. Now go and report that and tell everything about magic. We fear nothing, and as we hide nothing, we are easy to find if you're looking hard enough.

The term for this is called 'Gas Light'. 'Gas light' is a 1944 film by George Cukor in which a husband convinces her wife that she is insane. In order to do this, he leaves the house during the day and changes the intensity of the gas so the lights flick and change at his will. When he returns home and his wife tells him, the lights are back to normal and don't change. 

Magic begins as soon as we are born. Then in most cases gets lost in translation. After a period in which we no longer believe in magic, we begin to wander in search of it. We might not believe entirely, but deep within we always know that it is there. Often, these men and women I referred to above are warriors of love and freedom that reintroduce you to it. As they are free, they will always allow you to make your own choices. You may follow them or return to your prison after a little escapade. It will never come from them to force any acts upon you so as to set you free. Freedom like everything else in life is something we owe to ourselves. No one else can do it for us. 

Life changes when we enter again in the realm of magic. You might have been called by a mad man in the street, touched by the kind hand of The Muse or taken to an entire new world where all dreams are possible. The most important fact to remember here is that once you have come in touch with the dream maker, all arrangements you might have made previously no longer have any validity. 

The book 'Reuniting with the Twin Flame' is now available on Amazon. Dealing with dynamics and a detailed exploration of the twin flame relationship, the content is exclusive to the book and cannot be found on this blog. 

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Part 1: The Magic Of The Dream Maker

Part 3: Betraying Magic And The Dream Maker

The Magic Of The Dream Maker

Perhaps the most unrecognised figure in modern times is that of the dream maker. Everyone knows the dream maker, but only a few would recognise them. In most cases meeting them might appear to be a coincidence or an accident, but not quite so; if they receive you, it's only because you're ready. 

There's an air of mystery surrounding him or her, something quite undecipherable. They don't advertise or talk about who they are, but only when you ask. Even though they might seem unapproachable, as perhaps you don't know what to say or why you feel compelled to talk to them, the dream maker is always available. 

Expect the unexpected when entering the world of the dream maker. Everyone is invited, although not everyone might be ready for what they will see and experience. In this case, the meaning of the saying "be careful what you wish for" comes to light. Within the world of the dream maker you will experience magic, the fairy tale, the drug free psychedelic trip, for this is a state of higher consciousness. It's unconditional love, the return to childhood, when everything was possible.

When he or she invite you into their world, it doesn't mean that they're offering you the world. It is your world they want you to see and remember. The dream maker knows that your world is as beautiful as theirs, only that different and it cannot be compared, as each one has an unique expression, essence and magic. Her realm is life in a different dimension where you can remember your dreams and live them once again if only for a while. He will encourage you to follow your dreams. She will urge you to follow your heart. Both, he and she will let you go as you ask. 

The craft of the dream maker is to be, just be. When we allow ourselves to be in the present moment, everyone is the dream maker. That's all it takes, being here and now without manipulating, without anticipating and simply allowing life to express its wonderful beauty and magic. 

The dream maker is here to give and will never take anything from you unless it is offered. How you value this experience might involve an offering in return. An exchange keeps the balance and it's an appreciation to magic that will contribute to more magic. But they know that magic is in giving, not taking. And what they have to give is endless. 

The figure of the dream maker is usually misunderstood as they might appear as if they have nothing to give in a world consumed by the idea of appearances and material wealth. One way to recognise them is through their eyes. Their eyes are magnetic, eeiry and in them you will see the the Universe, the endless possibility.

He will lend you his highly perceptive senses to experience your own reality; she will amplify the messages of your soul, so you can remember the message you carry within and your earthly purpose. 

Even though the experiences you will have are captivating and might seem to be out of this world, you will always feel safe and protected with the dream maker. Fear is an emotion of the third dimension only. When in their company you will feel surrounded by respect and love from others and throughout the experience you will feel all sorts of new states of being, such as confident, powerful, invisible, playful. All you have to do is ask and they'll provide.

He will never stay too long. And she will go when you're ready to move along without her company. If you fall in love with the dream maker, they will let you go without heartbreak and you might remember the experience you shared as a dream. The dream maker has shown you the most beautiful manifestation of their soul, so you can see and feel yours; and even though the moment might feel dreamy, in your heart you know that your gypsy soul is where you must return when you're ready. 

But if you fall in love with the dream maker and you want them to stay, then you only have to show the courage to leave your life behind and follow your dreams. Either way the dream maker will always love you, for they are In Love.

The dream maker is real, very real. Go and find them. Just remember; once you've been touched by magic there's no return, and your world will never be the same again. 

Next time you ask for help or make a wish, make sure you are clear about what you ask; you never know who's listening. Love and freedom are limitless fields of energy and dimensions for which you might to be as prepared as your imagination might believe.

The book 'Reuniting with the Twin Flame' is now available on Amazon. Dealing with dynamics and a detailed exploration of the twin flame relationship, the content is exclusive to the book and cannot be found on this blog. 

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This is a three piece blog. Read part 2 and 3 below.

Part 2: Moving Towards Magic, Love And Freedom. 

Part 3: Betraying Magic And The Dream Maker.