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Betraying Magic And The Dream Maker.

The second part of this three blog piece states that once you have come in touch with magic or with the dream maker, any previous contracts you made in life no longer have any validity. Understanding this is essential to guarantee that your path continues in the light, not in darkness. 

When you first met the dream maker you made a wish and asked to explore new experiences that made your life better. If he or she agreed to help you, by now you must have experienced everything you asked for and more unexpected surprises, things you never believed were possible. As the dream maker is someone that moves a lot and hardly ever stays too long in one place or in someone's life, it is very likely that you have returned to your all routine. 

The first days of your return will feel almost as magic and eerie as they were with him or her, but as time goes by, your old life and habits become more suffocating. Now you have a different reality to compare, so it is no wonder that these previous arrangements now seem too disproportionate or uncomfortable.

Let's say that you asked to experience a healthy relationship in which nothing is taken from you and in which you can give freely or love or freedom or all of it. Once you have gone through the experience, you will recognise the energies of those men and women who approach you and be able to differentiate between a healthy energy or a negative one and act and choose accordingly. This is the perfect opportunity to change patterns that no longer serve you. 

If you asked for love and freedom, you might feel that your family, relatives and friends keep you in a prison they call 'love', but which offers little of it, which is what you most desire. The dream maker would have warned you about returning to such habits and the consequences that come with it. 

In most cases when we enter the realm of magic, we tend to associate it with certain people or places. The fact is that once you experience magic, it follows you everywhere, as the forces of the Universe move accordingly to make it possible. Returning to old habits, such as alcohol, drugs, mindless sex or an unhealthy relationship to name a few will make you reality feel worse and you might not know why. 

By now you know that all feelings and experiences you had with the dream maker were enhanced and amplified. The 'betrayal' of magic is nothing but returning to old habits. If you have one of these experiences, you must follow the healthy steps you learned during that period and be true to yourself. One does not have to renounce to family or friends to have a healthy and magic life, but setting boundaries might be required. At the same time, one does not have to renounce magic to keep family and friends.

As the experience with the dream maker is a jump into a fully conscious life, it could be too intense for some people and even tempting to return to old habits to have some sense of normality. Not everyone is ready to move into consciousness so suddenly, and it is OK not doing so. Just remember that every action and decision you make might take you far apart from magic, and the colourful fairy tale you lived with the dream maker turn to darkness.

The further and deeper you insist in going into darkness the more unbearable magic will make it for you, so you finally wake up, follow your dreams and return to the ways of the soul: playful, creative and magic. 

If this is the case, the reason is that there is something to see in darkness and do not forget, this is the path you chose, the hard path. No one is to blame for it but you. Make your darkness conscious and bring truth to your life. This is your own truth. 

You might have asked help from a dream maker not knowing who they were, but you recognised their abilities and their willingness to help you. If this is the case, honour your agreements and see your life returning to light. If you asked help from someone and after a period of 'enlightenment' your life turned to darkness, this might be the reason.

Beware of betraying the dream maker. They might not seem much to the outside world, but they are the strongest of people and are very well protected by the forces of the Universe. And never; never play with the heart of a magical man or a magical woman, for their heartbreak will return to you tenfold when least expected. 

The dream makers live in love and are In Love and will continue loving you regardless of your actions, words or what you do to them. In time you will wonder why they never hit you back. This is because they are here only to show you the way home and everything they do is with love, only love. Their heart might break one minute to heal the minute after. Their souls and hearts are on fire. This is how they heal the world. 

In love they will patiently wait until you look back at that time they touched your life, see their expression in the eyes and you realise that this is love, that this is safe and this is home. Then you'll understand, that there's nothing to forgive, that everything is forgiven; that they loved you all along.

If you decided to separate from magic and the dream maker, remember what they told you, that what you experienced with them you can create yourself, that it is not necessary to return to them. He or she will always let you go. There's not in them any sense of possesion, only love. Dream makers don't create dependency, they provide ways for your to find and live in freedom. If you forgot, the way back to magic is to honour yourself and honour yourself, and be, just allow yourself to be, here and now.

And in case you doubt, if once they loved you and fell in love with you. They're still in love. They're always be in love with your beautiful soul. 

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