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The Magic Of The Dream Maker

Perhaps the most unrecognised figure in modern times is that of the dream maker. Everyone knows the dream maker, but only a few would recognise them. In most cases meeting them might appear to be a coincidence or an accident, but not quite so; if they receive you, it's only because you're ready. 

There's an air of mystery surrounding him or her, something quite undecipherable. They don't advertise or talk about who they are, but only when you ask. Even though they might seem unapproachable, as perhaps you don't know what to say or why you feel compelled to talk to them, the dream maker is always available. 

Expect the unexpected when entering the world of the dream maker. Everyone is invited, although not everyone might be ready for what they will see and experience. In this case, the meaning of the saying "be careful what you wish for" comes to light. Within the world of the dream maker you will experience magic, the fairy tale, the drug free psychedelic trip, for this is a state of higher consciousness. It's unconditional love, the return to childhood, when everything was possible.

When he or she invite you into their world, it doesn't mean that they're offering you the world. It is your world they want you to see and remember. The dream maker knows that your world is as beautiful as theirs, only that different and it cannot be compared, as each one has an unique expression, essence and magic. Her realm is life in a different dimension where you can remember your dreams and live them once again if only for a while. He will encourage you to follow your dreams. She will urge you to follow your heart. Both, he and she will let you go as you ask. 

The craft of the dream maker is to be, just be. When we allow ourselves to be in the present moment, everyone is the dream maker. That's all it takes, being here and now without manipulating, without anticipating and simply allowing life to express its wonderful beauty and magic. 

The dream maker is here to give and will never take anything from you unless it is offered. How you value this experience might involve an offering in return. An exchange keeps the balance and it's an appreciation to magic that will contribute to more magic. But they know that magic is in giving, not taking. And what they have to give is endless. 

The figure of the dream maker is usually misunderstood as they might appear as if they have nothing to give in a world consumed by the idea of appearances and material wealth. One way to recognise them is through their eyes. Their eyes are magnetic, eeiry and in them you will see the the Universe, the endless possibility.

He will lend you his highly perceptive senses to experience your own reality; she will amplify the messages of your soul, so you can remember the message you carry within and your earthly purpose. 

Even though the experiences you will have are captivating and might seem to be out of this world, you will always feel safe and protected with the dream maker. Fear is an emotion of the third dimension only. When in their company you will feel surrounded by respect and love from others and throughout the experience you will feel all sorts of new states of being, such as confident, powerful, invisible, playful. All you have to do is ask and they'll provide.

He will never stay too long. And she will go when you're ready to move along without her company. If you fall in love with the dream maker, they will let you go without heartbreak and you might remember the experience you shared as a dream. The dream maker has shown you the most beautiful manifestation of their soul, so you can see and feel yours; and even though the moment might feel dreamy, in your heart you know that your gypsy soul is where you must return when you're ready. 

But if you fall in love with the dream maker and you want them to stay, then you only have to show the courage to leave your life behind and follow your dreams. Either way the dream maker will always love you, for they are In Love.

The dream maker is real, very real. Go and find them. Just remember; once you've been touched by magic there's no return, and your world will never be the same again. 

Next time you ask for help or make a wish, make sure you are clear about what you ask; you never know who's listening. Love and freedom are limitless fields of energy and dimensions for which you might to be as prepared as your imagination might believe.

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