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Moving Towards Magic, Love And Freedom.

You asked for freedom. You asked for love; to love and be loved. You asked to play, to dance, to sing; to go on adventures. All these things you asked before you were born, and the purpose of the soul is to explore and achieve them all until you live in freedom and in love. 

A free person can be free in a man made prison, for the soul can never be imprisoned.

In a world that has been designed to be a prison for the soul, freedom is a constant act of rebellion. Freedom is the natural state of the soul, but little by little we lose as we grow up. In most cases the people who love us most turn to be the cruellest jailors, as they impose limitations and strict set of rules, so we can become the person they wish us to be. Everything has been mapped out for us. 

In the family equation what we want is never important. Some people are not built to fit the norm. In fact, no one is, but there are cases in which it is clear that the soul is on a mission and has a message to deliver to the world. Artists, singers, musicians, writers, performers being the most obvious. If you have a thirst for adventure, travelling, know new places, new cultures or even you resort to little escapades so as to be free, you also belong that that group. 

Humanity's lack of adventure leads most people to escape through drugs and alcohol, food, prescription medication, violence or sex to name a few. At this stage, in our minds everything is better than reality. When we follow this pattern we pay the highest prices for a little escapade, offering our bodies, time and minds to lesser gods, and worse, to people who don't care about you. Escaping from reality comes at a high price. There's no one we can blame for it but ourselves.

In some cases our loved ones would go to extremes to keep us from following our dreams of love and freedom. This phenomena is represented in different ways. Guilt is thrown around in the name of love. When a child is submitted to this kind of control, it is also possible that psychological 'problems' appear. While the mind is easy to control, the soul is not, and an internal battle begins. Prescription medication inevitably follows in an attempt to numb all senses. Ghost conditions might also appear, also diagnosed by a mother or father. OCD, ADHD, etc,. 

Welcome to Numb City, where you'd be just another passive citizen watching your dreams and talents wither throughout a lifeless existence intended to survive, not to be confused with life.

While this type of behaviour is mostly unconscious and it is very likely that parents truly do not know that they are inflicting a terrible damage to their children, as all they want is to protect them, ignorance doesn't make the harm lesser. As someone grows up and begins to interact with the world, new elements are introduced in the journey. If freedom is what you are seeking for, a man or a woman might come into your life. Rest assure that anyone that comes into your life speaking of love and freedom while your parents are still trying to control you, they will throw the first accusations to defame or exclude such people from your life. 

This is no longer ignorance, it is malice, cruelty and unconsciousness as it worst, speaking words of fear. No free man or woman would be affected by this. We are free because we never listened or bought into the lie of others. The irony is when a father who's also her daughter's prescription drug dealer in an attack of panic and fear accuses another man who speaks of love and freedom of drugging her with his dreams. Yes, your daughter got high on consciousness. Now go and report that and tell everything about magic. We fear nothing, and as we hide nothing, we are easy to find if you're looking hard enough.

The term for this is called 'Gas Light'. 'Gas light' is a 1944 film by George Cukor in which a husband convinces her wife that she is insane. In order to do this, he leaves the house during the day and changes the intensity of the gas so the lights flick and change at his will. When he returns home and his wife tells him, the lights are back to normal and don't change. 

Magic begins as soon as we are born. Then in most cases gets lost in translation. After a period in which we no longer believe in magic, we begin to wander in search of it. We might not believe entirely, but deep within we always know that it is there. Often, these men and women I referred to above are warriors of love and freedom that reintroduce you to it. As they are free, they will always allow you to make your own choices. You may follow them or return to your prison after a little escapade. It will never come from them to force any acts upon you so as to set you free. Freedom like everything else in life is something we owe to ourselves. No one else can do it for us. 

Life changes when we enter again in the realm of magic. You might have been called by a mad man in the street, touched by the kind hand of The Muse or taken to an entire new world where all dreams are possible. The most important fact to remember here is that once you have come in touch with the dream maker, all arrangements you might have made previously no longer have any validity. 

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