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The Suppression Of Free Will And The Search For Love And Freedom.

Free will is a given at the moment of birth. The interpretations that humanity may give or have given to this universal right might differ depending on personal interests or that of the collective, often small groups of power, which by manipulating or by influencing the rhetoric, create a series of the beliefs that often deplete or remove altogether someone's true power. Your power! There can be discussion about it. We can philosophise on the subject until the end of time; but no human indoctrination can deny the divine in free will; it's intrinsic to the human being. It's in our spirit. To deny someone's free will is to deny yourself. 

When free will is denied with the intention to receive something from someone against their will if necessary, it might be possible to feel an immediate sense of victory, satisfaction or power. The truth being rather different. A small victory turns into a defeat that only serves to accentuate a character flaw and the fear to lose control over a person or a group of people. Several facts are ignored at this point, and that is that even if you get what you think or feel you want or need immediately, you're also missing the best expression of that person, as well as initiating a process of separation that may never end. A person who's manipulated to do anything against their will might comply at the time, but they might never trust you again. Whether the person who's been coerced understands what's happening or not, people learn and evolve from hardship. The truth can never be hidden. Truth always finds a way to speak up, to put everything and everyone in their place.

Only when someone feels free to express themselves in a non-threatening environment they'd offer the best version of themselves. There's much interest in making people believe that the individual doesn't have free will, as it brings an immediate sense of power. Power based on fear is not power. 

Fear of love.

In a world where the majority of societies act more like cannibalistic parents taking more from their subjects than they give, it leads people to accept a reality of scarcity in which to constantly look to improve living conditions, mostly focused on materialism that cover basic needs and others luxuries available or comfort one can get their hands on, free will sounds like a dreamer's verse lost in the wind. 

Usually when writing about a subject, I tend to speak of the whole -people-, as within each subject it's possible to encapsulate, if not all, a large amount of people who might be struggling with such issue or another subject that relates. In regards to free will, it includes everyone. The power to stop it or allow it, as well as the power to use it. 

Being free also involves allowing freedom in others. It's essential that we provide for our emotional needs. Seeking such fulfillment from others is not freedom.

The loss of free will begins at birth. Some people, the most courageous and daring do their best to keep it despite of the negative consequences that they probably have to endure challenging the status quo at the hands of their parents, the school system, the church or the authorities. It's the first sign of free will, and one that can lead others to desperation, as such individuals are uncontrollable. 

The evolution of society and human rights have been possible due to the rebellious involvement of a large number of people who didn't hesitate to go against the stream. Those people often paid a high price, such as their freedom or even their lives in order to break through a series of laws, beliefs and traditions that denied humanity their most basic rights. Moreover, people all around the world continue paying the same price. 

To live a happy, free life is for the majority of people an act of rebellion. The loss of free will most likely begins at birth, although from the beginning, and for different reasons, parents will influence the choices you make or where your future is leading. Such manipulation doesn't necessarily come from malice. It's likely to be born from fear instead. It could be over-protection or the simple fact that parents don't know better. In any case, it's a challenge that contributes to shape character and personality. Within any repressive system, being human, you will encounter one or another regardless of who or where you are, you also have a choice. If it feels and sounds of freedom, you're on the right path within a supportive environment; if it doesn't, it's your task to make it so. 

The debate on free will comes with hard truths difficult to accept. To realise that you at one point of another might have coerced or even removed completely the free will of others might not be easy to accept. Within the current flow of the collective unconscious, there's an overwhelming need in the individual to control their environment in order to live with a comfortable level of safety. Any type of behaviour that might challenge your emotional needs turns into a threat, for which reason we use every possible line of action to 'bring people to their senses': in other words; we manipulate others for selfish reasons, so as to make sure that one keeps feeling safe and comfortable. 

Free will is suppressed in order to avoid any change, coming from people whose lives are have become stagnant, whether they've achieved a certain level of comfort and safety or not. Often people's comfort zones are the most uncomfortable, but as they've not known a better reality, it's fairly easy for them to accept it as the best reality they can reach. Anything or anyone that threatens such scenery will be attacked, and their free will threatened. 

The suppression of free will is not be be taken lightly. Everyone is born with a series of gifts and talents. Whether the childhood of the individual is pleasant or not, the pre-established roots of society do have a powerful effect on people, as free will and personal expression are suppressed or restricted, encouraging instead an education that prepares people to reach and maintain a certain degree of functionality throughout life.

When free will is suppressed, it causes depression, anxiety, loneliness, melancholy and it can develop into more serious psychological problems, or even lead people to suicide. 

Free will is essential in the development and growth of a person. It's suppression is the major reason of neurosis in individuals, which at one point or the other in life reach a breaking point. There used to be the so-called middle age crisis, which people hit at a certain age, but this process seems to take over much younger people, whom frustrated by the impossibility to express themselves in all spheres of life find themselves at a dead end too soon. 

It's not that people's dreams die, are not pursued or forgotten, but that we forget that we're the dream while feeding the machinery of a system that doesn't provide room for self-expression. There's neither time, nor the means to achieve these dreams, not to mention to pursue them, while sacrificing mind, soul and body in order to reach a certain level of financial safety that allows us to attain a safe place within the established uniformity. 

The genius everyone is born within lies dormant within, not turning up for life as it's not required. It's essential to recognise that society doesn't allow individuality, and that the 'individuality' that has so heavily promoted over the last few decades is giving form to dysfunctional characters that want to be seen, seeking the attention and validation they didn't have when we were growing up from the world. This is clearly represented in the cult to the self that seeks as many followers in social media, where people show the happy highlights of their lives, but never the real reasons why they need attention, nor the traumas or the absence of love that isolates them. 

This phenomena can be summed up as lack of love. Lack of love from others, followed by the ability to love ourselves, nor the ability to express free will or a creative personal expression. In the process of suppressing free will, there's also a heavy suppression of the creativity of individuals who have been educated and trained not to be so. 

The genius within each individual is always there, although for the great majority, connecting with it seems to be an impossibility. The truth is that everyone is born with the ability and talents to reach a wonderful stage of self-expression as the world has not seen, but as we're too occupied regurgitating in our minds the messages of the noise of the world, which only speak of not being enough, or a mediocre future that has been mapped out for us all the way from birth, people do reside in the energetic field of impossibility. 

In my work with clients, whether in groups or individually, as well as numerous encounters with people in different capacity, I've witness substantial changes in people by pointing out the many gifts and qualities people have, as well as reinforcing each one, so as to 'rebuild' their character and personality. It's a tragedy that in adulthood people have to reach out to therapists and other wellbeing professionals in order to reconnect with the best version of themselves, learning tools and processes than most people already had from birth, but which are not used due to the multiple and constant messages of impossibility or the endless reminders that everything is difficult to achieve. 

Being yourself might be difficult within the current society, but it's simply a different kind of difficult, nothing else; one that embraces authenticity and which would inevitably makes life better, as well as improving levels of health and wellbeing, not only in the individual, but in those around. 

The difficulty in being yourself lies in the limitations imposed by others and that people have heard since an early age until it somehow became part of a false truth we embody. While everyone's personal truth certainly is something else, people don't miss a chance to remind us of such limitations and false truth. There's a successful version of yourself waiting to be embodied, one which leads to a life of joy, love and success. It's necessary to revert this situation by living a more authentic life, one that responds to the dreams and desires that lie at our core. If more people don't follow this path, it's only because we've become too accustomed to this old version of ourselves, reinforced by family members, friends and society, which immediately disapproved when someone shows any signs of change, improvement or a new type of behaviour that challenges what's already established. It might not be or feel easy, but it's certainly possible. 


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