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A Love Spell: You May Try This At Home.

Perhaps the most underestimated element of love is its simplicity. Love enjoys simplicity, a kind ear, a gentle gesture, a pause, silence, and above all: commitment. Commitment to make it lasting, as well as to allow it to flow, to create true magic between two people. 

I believe that many relationships fail because people fall in the false perception that in order to make love work, one has to make grandiloquent gestures. It's true that everyone has a different perception of what love is, but perhaps we focus too often in forcing upon others a part of us that is not necessary; a part that's already seen and appreciated. Sometimes repetitive offerings may be suffocating. 

Making it louder doesn't mean that one loves more.

It is at this point that we may feel rejected and react or overreact. In every case and in every relationship it's a good idea to listen and to hear what the other person wants, to give them what they're looking for naturally. 

The paradox of love is that everyone wants to love and be loved, but at the same time it can be the most overwhelming force; something that not everyone is ready to receive.

This is too personal a blog post. For this reason I am going to omit many examples of what I want to convey here. To me this is sacred love and for this relationship to remain so, detials must remain private. I believe that the message will come through anyway. 

The episodes I'm prepared to share took place in France. We lived in a small apartment, where our remain was supposed to be temporary. For reasons that do not add any value to the story the stay was longer than it was supposed to be. Eventually this created an uncomfortable situation. However much she loved me and wanted me to remain, she was also in need to recover her personal space.  

One evening I asked her to ask me to stay. "Let's see what happens." I said. She remained silent for a few seconds. When she felt ready, she asked me to stay. When asking her how she felt, she admitted feeling good, in love and certain of what she asked. From then, the energy and connection between us kept growing and flowing. I must add that if she had not felt it truly in her heart, no words would have changed anything that night.

A few minutes later we kissed. This is the most beautiful kiss I've ever experienced. By asking me to remain, I felt accepted; wanted. The kiss was an exchange of energy so soft and so intense at once that she could feel it for the first time. A natural flow of energy similar to a current of electricity connecting two bodies. She asked me how I did it. I did nothing. It was one word, and it wasn't mine.

The following day she admitted to feeling great and having plenty of energy. At that point I only reminded her that it only took one word of love and acceptance to make the magic happen. I felt great too. In fact, we were both in bliss. In Love. 

No matter what life throw at us, this is a moment that remains sacred in time. An everlasting moment. A single moment in time that makes it worthwhile to have lived. 

Every week after midnight we left the house to deliver leaflets as part of her involvement as an animal activist. One of those nights in particular left an incredibly beautiful memory. We walked for a couple of hours in the rain in a winter night. Before that night I could have never imagined that a simple walk could create such beauty, magic and love. Looking back this is a moment that will always beat in my heart, and yet, given the details I'm sharing, one could argue that there was nothing that make the moment that special, though it was. Everything is in the experience. It was, however, an ode to love, created with the simplest of intentions. No expectations, just being. 

On a different occasion, when doubt created another veil of uncertainty and negatives, I asked her again to think of a positive thing about me and to tell me. Once she found a positive and she expressed it out loud, the feeling changed. That night I was called a witch. And yes, magic did happen again.

There are more details to the anecdotes that I'm sharing here today, but I don't believe they add up anything to the message. The intention of this writing is to inspire and encourage others to create their own magic, to focus on love and on those details that can make any relationship a wonderful place to be. Anyone can make magic. Anyone can love and be loved. 

To cast a 'spell' is as simple as setting an intention, and to make a commitment to the relationship. Do it with love and see life changing. Words can either create magic or bring us hell. How we use them determines where we're going next in life and in this case, within the relationship. Do it for love, in love and with love, without ulterior motives and see the relationship growing. 

Use your imagination, listen to what your partner has shared with you already, their desires and anxieties, and in their words you'll find the magical words to cast a beautiful spell. Forget about the futility of what you don't want and focus on what you both want.

Do feel free to cast such spells at home. It's safe and you might and keep falling in love with the same person again and again. 

This requires a constant commitment and the ability to make it work from the heart. Love is not something we can do with the mind. There's not a clever way to love. Do think about it, but do feel it too. At the beginning of a relationship, everyone sees good in others, but as our needs and expectations are not met, too soon we fall into a demanding trap of negatives. Keep seeking the positive, keep seeking love. Use your imagination. In love you'll find that it lies at the centre of your heart. 

I do realise that this might sound to simplistic in a world that has given in to cynicism and hardship. We've forgotten who and what we are. Who we are it's a simple as love; and love does love simplicity. Do try and see what happens.


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