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How To Give An Authentic Voice To The Soul: Things We Never Said.

You might remember this period of your life or not, but there is a day in childhood when we stop talking to our parents first, as we develop a distrust of adults. At that age we are not yet aware of the reality of the outside world/ We are still infants. We are, however, aware that the beliefs, words and actions of adults do not match with the expression of the soul and in order to prevent negative influences from coming in, we close down. Nothing is the same ever again. 

This is a tragic moment, as it is not only ourselves who stop expressing, but the soul itself and all its beauty and magic. It is an instinctive action on our part, not a conscious decision. This is also the time when we begin to forget all the universal knowledge we were born with, and instead begin to follow the path of fear. The reason why we take this stance is very easy to explain. As children we explain stories that are full of magic, but which sound only fantasy to our elders. 

At the beginning these stories are received with joy. We hear compliments, see people smiling and even find encouragement, but as we grow older, such stories begin to feel uncomfortable. The characters, imaginary or not turn into threats as the plot conflicts with a reality adults have become so accustomed to that it is no longer challenged. Childhood then becomes a landscape without magic. Real or not, we become accustomed to reality as we are told and what is worse, we begin to question ourselves. 

The feeling of nostalgia for something we cannot really define and which seems we never had conquers our bodies and minds. The truth is, the nostalgia is for something we lost; our connection to universal knowledge. We still hold the feeling that there is more to life than this. What determines whether we recover this knowledge or not is the choices we make in life and how far we distance ourselves from that moment in childhood in which everything was simply magical. 

In more practical terms, what happens next is that we stop sharing with the world anything that is beautiful about us. The protective wall grows taller, stronger. We are determined to never let anyone in. This is, after all, the most beautiful place there is. It is home; a place where we feel safe, only that we have locked ourselves out and somehow we forgot where we left the key. Home is the place within where we really belong, but from which we separate trying to protect it. We are preventing others to come in from the outside. The struggle to defend it is so fierce that we become more and more entangled with the outside world. A sense of loss inevitably follows.

We have to consider that the one who makes such a choice is the inner child. The inner child does not grow in age or form. He or she always remain the same. The other fact to be aware of is that the inner child is stronger than its adult, and for as long as we neglect to reconnect, they will continue preserving paradise with all their energy. This is an energy created to survive in the 'real world', and its source is usually anger or even hate. 

There is a way to reverse this process, so as to allow the soul to be free again, and this is to give once again a true voice to the soul by beginning to open up to the world and speak up all the things we have been holding in. It has been so long that perhaps we don't remember, so we begin with our feelings now and the beauty we still perceive. Perhaps the motivating element in this journey that will take us back to the full of expression of the soul is that without it, we will never really know who we are. We can read as many books as we like, philosophise as much as we want to, but without the feeling of home within, we will never know. In order to live it, we have to feel it. 

The formula is very simple, although in a world that has forgotten magic and in which beauty, love and a hopeful future seem to have become rare species, it also takes courage. Everyone holds a beautiful treasure within; a treasure that we have turned into the deepest secret and which we are somehow ashamed of. It is not the fact that it is shameful, but a place of such beauty that the general belief is that it has no place in this world. We all want it, but only a few of us dare to express it.

These treasures we all hold in, are the things we never said. Comments as simple as I love you are in fact rare expressions in this world. By beginning to express the inner beauty, we would not only make our lives better, but we would, day by day, change the world. Think and feel all those things you never shared with others, neither in private, nor in public and what would happen if we set them free all at once. Unknowingly, we are holding love hostage and depriving ourselves of a life of freedom. It is not only beauty and wonderful expressions, but our love for life, love for ourselves, for others and the world. 

By opening up again, we would undoubtedly become more vulnerable. In vulnerability we will find the key to healing, as we experience new feelings and emotions. The reaction of others might be of surprise and even scepticism, as they may have never heard such expressions from us before. Let them wonder while you shine. Shame might appear. In order to conquer our fears, whether this is shame, anger or any other negative emotion, we have to feel. There is no healing without feeling. 

As we progress in this new journey, such negative feelings will eventually disappear, as we are replacing them with inner magic, love and beauty; everything that this world is lacking. Words have an incredible power to heal, hence we all should be more thorough with the things we share with others. One of the reasons our speech is in most occasions negative is due to the fact that we are still protecting the soul while being unaware of the power of our words. The fact is, no one can touch the soul. The soul is already protected, untouched. We can separate from the soul, but we cannot destroy it. The soul is much stronger than anything else in this world. There is a lot of mythology and fiction about losing or selling the soul. It is only fiction. We have been sold too many ideas soaked in fear and the majority bought it. 

There are many people who are in touch with the soul, but whom are afraid to freely express what they see and feel fearing the reactions of others. As it is not the norm, we are somehow too cautious in the ways we speak. The other restrictive fact is the human resistance to change, what others may think of us when we speak of beauty and love, while what we really should be afraid of is to live a life without true expression. 

Both our dreams and deepest desires are not real because we don't find ways to express them. Instead we allow the voice of collective consciousness to define the world and who we are, without any serious resistance other than the occasional tantrum. Withholding our true nature in a voiceless state makes us weak. From then on, the path most of us follow is one in which we seek answers outside. We look for love and beauty in others, so as to obtain some sense of confirmation that we are worth loving. Each of us holds the key to change this world. This is of course a collective effort, but before this happens, we have to begin with ourselves. 

Let's make a kind, loving word not to be understood by others as an ulterior motif to get something from someone, but the norm. It is only when we lose the fear to express our true beauty that we can all become free. Be the first one to step up and express it to the world, as well as to remind yourself of who you are. It is your choice to be an outspoken leader or to remain a passive follower of a truth that you no longer believe in. The time to speak up is here and now. The world needs your individual contribution, so as to transform into what it really should be, not what it is now. Your words matter; and it is the wish of your soul to set them free. It is your choice. 

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and imagine what this world could be like and what your life would be if we all expressed all the beautiful things we never said to each other. 

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