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Money, Money, Money: Can Money Be Spiritual?

Money. We hate it, we love it, and we hate it again. It is the object of our desire whether we have it or not. A fact we live in denial of. As a collective, humanity has no yet managed to understand what money is or how to use it, and those who do are the ones who own it and control it. The rest, which is the vast majority lose their  humanity to make ends meet. The truth is that we cannot live without money as the world is today. It is possible to live without it, but only a few are prepared to sacrifice that this entails.

There are only a few people in the world who truly understand that money is an energy. It has been said that money is an energy far too many times, but I never heard anyone expanding on it. To me is sounds like text book rhetoric; something-we-say-because-we-heard-it and that sounds as we are in control. We are not in control.

The elites have a very clear understanding of what it is, and as such, they use it in ways convenient to them in order to produce and have more of it. It is too easy to say that money is an energy without giving an explanation as to what it means. The first problem we face is that most people cannot feel the energy that surrounds us. Everything in the universe has an energy, but as we don't feel it, we look and understand everything literally. Money per se is nothing. The way we use it and perceive is what contributes to give it energy. The energy that is currently attached to is negative. Any energy can be transformed from negative to positive and viceversa.

Money is used by the elites, banks, governments and corporations to create a neurotic energy in which most people feel trapped. As money is deliberately withheld from us, the general feeling is of scarcity. We never have enough. The consequences are that we work more and harder to have less and to have more of what we don't want. Our attitude towards money follows the same pattern that has been imposed on us. We withhold money from others in a climate of distrust. The result: money does not flow and any energy that doesn't flow is a block on our wellbeing.

We have the power to change the way money is being used, hence changing also the energy. The truth is that humanity has the power to change everything we put our hearts and minds to. The reason why the world is not heading in the right direction is because we are living in a state of apathy. The overall belief is that change is not possible. This is nothing but a lie that we keep telling ourselves by making governments responsible for everything that happens in the world, but the only way in which we can change this world is by taking responsibility, and this requires taking actions that help transform the world for the benefit of all, not just a few.

Humanity has been led to believe that this is all there is. The current situation of the world is a lie. Too much emphasis has been put on the idea of individualism in order to fragment the collective until it has been rendered powerless. Humankind, as a collective has given all its power and trust to people who do not care about the general population. In this case, governments represent the figure of a bad father without the care and love of a mother. It is paternalistic and condescending. They tell us what to do and how to do it or else. Any cry for freedom and protest from the population is followed by a repressive action from the security forces which function under the false pretense that they are here to serve and protect us. The evidence says otherwise.

The role of corporations is not better. They are bad employers giving little reward in exchange for our efforts and time. The underlined message is that we are not good enough and we don't deserve more than we get. Corporations made us believe that we are disposable.

There is a practical solution in order to change the way we use and understand money. First we need to reconsider what we really need. How many material things do you need? How many activities and what is the nature of such activities? Are you decisions and actions giving you what you want or are they some sort of escapism.

Money is a powerful energy, which is currently used to keep people down. Most people are giving too much in exchange for what we receive. We know it and yet, we return to a 9 to 5 every morning in order to survive. The intention to change the trend cannot come out of greed, but from a place of equality, kindness and a fair exchange. We all should have enough to live comfortably. There is one way to use the energy of money in ways that could make a difference. This is by beginning to give our money to causes that matter.

There are already many people who have set a small part time business, often running it from home and in their spare time. You might not need another necklace or earring, but there is always an time in which we need a gift for a special occasion. We seem to be very happy to go to a high street shop to buy a present, often forgetting small businesses. We can purchase a piece of art from an unknown artist, a jar of strawberry jam from someone we know or vegetables to make a healthy meal. By doing so, we are exercising our right to use the power of money and focusing it on a person. We are not giving to a corporation. It helps to empower others in their enterprises, as well as to stop feeding the businesses and institutions that get most of our money. You do have to power to change the way in which money is used, as well as making the choice to use this energy in a different way. Giving our money to those who use it to render us powerless is the essence of our beliefs. Sadly most of us keep feeding this energy and belief.

When it comes to spirituality I often hear that we have to offer our gifts for free. To a certain extent I agree with this statement. There is an universal knowledge that belongs to all and should be shared with everyone. However, this statement also carries a sense of entitlement that begins when people demand time and energy from someone else. The fact that someone has a gift and willing to share it with others, should never be a draining experience for them. The idea that we do not have to pay for spiritual services is one of the reasons collective consciousness remains so low. It shows that we give too much importance to the material, and that everything ethereal should flow freely.

People who dedicate their lives to help other in whichever discipline they choose to, also have to eat, dress and pay bills. If we do not manage to making a living, we can hardly help anyone else. Time and energy has to be paid for as long as money rules the world. Whether you choose to hire these services or not is a different matter. Many people need guidance, hence the existence of this blog, but it is not a carte blanche for anyone to demand my time and energy, as it is not to demand it from others. There are limits to what one person can give. By honouring others, we are honouring yourself.

Giving without receiving causes and energetic imbalance, that could have terrible consequences for the giver, such as illness, exhaustion or lowering consciousness. Let's remember that what we do to others, we do to ourselves. In my case I have never approached anyone without meeting their expectations and demands. When there is an amount to be paid I pay it without bargaining. It is important to consider that this is an investment on ourselves.

When we hire spiritual services, we do so in order to improve ourselves so as to regain a part that we feel is lost. While all the answers are within, sometimes we need the help of others. Money in this case make us accountable. In the past I have offered help to some people free of charge who could not even be present at the time set for our meetings. The reason is that by not offering money in exchange, we do not give the service the value that truly has. If it is free, it cannot be that good. We are in many ways addicted to paying for what we want, although we do not always purchase services that benefit us. I believe that it people paid for happiness, ethereal and invisible as it is, they would be happy by making it a conscious effort. After all they paid for it.

Those who choose to set a spiritual service could very well function in the private sector earning a good salary in a different activity. No one is made of money or time. We do have to make money and time.

Money and spirituality is a touchy subject. The reason that people do not have money for spiritual services is not that they do not really have the money, but that we choose to spend it on something else. Sometimes a £1000 spiritual retreat would bring more benefits to us than a £3000 holiday in another part of the world. The way we use our money is also who and what we are. And one question we have to ask ourselves, is dining pizza and beer every weekend more important than our happiness and spiritual growth? I believe it's not, but then, it is always a matter of choice.

The way we use money can give all of us freedom and happiness. It does not buy the love of others, but it can certainly help us to find love within, which is what really matters. Paying for spiritual services transform money into a positive energy that can then be used to continue helping others. Let's know where our priorities lie.

Perhaps only to add that in my previous blog post 'How to reconnect with your higher self to writing' I already offered my opinion on what we all should give for free to one another. Before we demand someone's time and energy, let's consider if we would work for free.

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