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How Most People Sabotage Their Spiritual Growth.

The answer to everything is within, never outside. As young children we know all the answers. Everything that we need to know about life. There is no need for questions or to even talk. Some of us retain that knowledge as a  memory of home. Both, intuition and consciousness are high during that period. As we grow up there is a moment in which we break from it and begin to question everything. Suddenly nothing makes sense. Our parents whom by then have lost touch with that knowledge try and impart a different knowledge about the world and its reasons to exist. 

Regardless of how much sense it makes to them, it does not make sense to us, but as the norm is very persistent and we are constantly bombarded by it, we separate gradually from intuition and adopt a more practical approach on life. But there is still a part of us that remembers and wants to return to a more spiritual life. 

The spiritual knowledge to which we are exposed is that of established religions and a God represented in ways that patriarchal society has managed to interpret for all of us. These interpretations are filled with rules, regulations, blind faith and submission to a powerful deity offering incredible rewards once we die, but that limits our expansion in life. At one point or another we all break some of the rules if not all. We are here to have fun, to play, to enjoy the ride, to learn, to love and these beliefs which have been methodically implanted in our beings do not make sense. Instead, we become followers as we want to believe there is more to life than what we know. And there is.

The new spiritual movements, what is known as new age, have broken with these concepts and try to find more personal answers through different practices. As adults we see that these demands are unreasonable and separate from traditional religion and often the belief of God. New age is much more fun and speaks of values that resonate deeper with who we really are, but as we have been following an idea for so long, we fall again in the same trap and become followers of a new dogma. We move from being a follower to being a follower again, not the leaders that we truly are.

The four elements give us a clear image of the conflict between internal and external. No one wants to be identified with earth, a place where we all belong and from which we all try to escape to no avail. People want to associate with fire, in an attempt to show the flame we all have within. Rain is something we all want to avoid, even though water is what we are made of and something no one can live without. Water is life, but we deny ourselves this right. Everyone wants to be free, powerful and have endless energy, and yet, as soon as the wind blows faster and stronger than we deem appropriate we seek refuge indoors. We do whatever it takes to be comfortable and resist what surrounds us. 

As we begin to follow other ways towards enlightenment, too soon we are trapped by new beliefs which can become dogmatic and even fundamentalist, refusing to accept the beliefs and the path of others. This is our new way towards the absolute truth. The truth is that there are many different paths and they all lead home. Home is within. 

The new trend is misleading people to believe that we all come from different planets, stars, galaxies, celestial beings, aliens and so on and so on. Everything is here and now. We are on planet earth and this is where we belong. We can only find home inside. Never outside. Home is love. By wishing to return home, as many claim, what we do is stop living in the now, not appreciating what we have here and now. All those planets, stars and galaxies are here now. The fact that most of us don't have access to it, is due to humanity's low consciousness. There are other dimensions, and they're all here. As we don't see it, we don't believe, but it is only when we believe that we see.

Concentrating on ascension and enlightenment as a goal is positive, but the way to get there is not by focusing all our attention on that moment. In order to evolve spirituality we have to bring practicality to the spiritual. It is imperative to go through the experience, here and now. Let's take the way to ascension as a physical ladder, step by step. 

From one step to next we have to go through different experiences, feel our emotions, shed parts of us that we no longer need, go beyond our fears, dance with our demons and visit very dark places within. This is a painful and lonely process. By associating so strongly on the theory of whatever group we identify with, we are avoiding the pain and the experience. Avoidance is fear of finding out who we really are. 

What we all want is love, and love is locked inside each of us beyond our deepest fear. Without going through fear we will never remember such love, but only the illusion of it projected on someone else. This is the reason we have to go through the painful experience of feeling what we are not: jealous, angry, weak, cowardly, etc. This is not who we are. We are beings of light, in love deep within. Only when we give these steps we will know what our purpose in life is and why we are here. Then and only then we will stop questioning ourselves and others. 

I could write about ascension, the shift, angels and other planets in order to gain a greater audience, but I will not. Spirituality has to be practical and physical, as we are. Everything else only serves us to keep lying to ourselves, and for as long as we keep lying to ourselves we will never find the truth of who we really are. 

A friend asked me not that long ago about my spiritual beliefs, what dogma/religion/group do I follow and if I could help her to know her origins regarding one of these new and very popular movements. This is a question that people ask me very often. My answer to her is my answer to all. Don't buy into any galactic sagas and be yourself. I am freelance. I don't follow anything or anyone. There is a God and to God I bow. Nothing else, nothing more. 

I'd be very happy to go in more depth on this subject provided there is interest from readers. There is only one truth, not mine, but yours and only you can tap into it. That it is painful, yes, it is, but it is even more painful to live a life not knowing who we really are. We have turned self-sabotage into an art, and there is no one to blame but the self; no one else is responsible for our fear to know our own truth.

Looking at the stars and wishing that we could be there, due to the false belief that we can find our truth out there is pointless. If we cannot find our truth here and now where we are, we will never find it anywhere. But when we do, we would then see, that we are the stars.

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