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The Wild Woman: The Underworld's Muse.

"Underworld's Muse"

I heard at dusk the tapping of your glance
Green luminous rapture between my hair.
Your mouth's desire shaping in lustful dance
A dream of truth softly coating my lonely lair.

From the dark chimney a possibility so rare,
A throbbing heart before green mirrors met;
And I, filled with doubt, for I hadn't trusted yet
The exquisite essence of a stranger's stare.

They called you a four distilled in deepest darkness.
I saw The Muse seeking in Dionysus' Underworld
A sinister companion pouring in glass, red to sadness.

They called me a four, intolerable lust in madness.
You saw the Orphic poet startled by beauty unfurled,
Waving in tears to the loneliness of departing sadness.

We walked down to Gypsy Lane; now broken,
In Lust, In Love; where I said, and you heard,
The most beautiful words one has ever spoken.

And in the fields we danced and waved at love,
Intoxicated nights towards the farthest edge,
And when fallen; In Love, In Lust we pledged
Our indomitable souls forever to wisdom above. 

If you'd like to read more about the wild woman, this is a link to the blog post 'The Return Of The Wild Woman.'


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