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How To Reconnect With Your Higher Self Through Writing.

Since I have been publishing my work in this blog, many readers have expressed their affinity with my writings and how it resonates with what they have believed in throughout life, but someone they never managed to give it expression. This raises a question and at the same time offers a collective answer to all. Is this work really my work? Yes and no. It is my work because I dedicate my life, my time and energy to it. and I worked hard throughout in order to be able to access this information in order to share publicly without interference from any of the false beliefs that so deeply affects humanity.

Recently, in a non-related blog post I encouraged everyone to share their knowledge with others. Another reader commented on my disregard towards copyright. But how could I have a copyright or any sense of entitlement over universal knowledge, which is something that belongs to all of us? The source of universal knowledge is endless and I am certain that it will provide me with enough material to write for a lifetime. This is a source to which we all have access. Perhaps the difference between me and most readers is the ability to connect with this source through writing since I remember. What made a difference is the fact that I never stopped writing despite the opposition that I encountered. I never stopped believing in myself.

The source is my higher self; and my higher self is also yours. In fact it is ours. It does not belong to anyone and belongs to all. The best way I can describe it is that when I sit down to write, words begin to flow and fill the screen, as if someone else had taken over and when it is finished I wake up. While I am very conscious of the fact that I am writing and what I am writing about, the feeling, is as if I am writing by dictate and all the information I am requesting is presented to me. Writing is a gift that was given to me and for which I am very grateful. As neither the gift, nor the source belongs to me, the way to express gratitude is to share it with others. To share is a pleasure, a way to open my heart to the world. Now, imagine that you have written these words.

This information has been kept from humanity for too long and it is time that we begin to share it, so as to raise the level of collective consciousness. When we write, we are connecting to our consciousness. The intention we set when we decide to write determines the outcome. We can write to satisfy the ego, or we can write to honour our higher self. To use this knowledge against others, so as to keep them living in ignorance, manipulate or to look down upon them, would bring consequences that we do not want to experience.

The book 'Conversations with God' was written in such a fashion. The author sat down to write and realised that all answers came to him. This is a method that anyone can follow. It is also very easy when we manage to provide the appropriate space and circumstances. It is what I consider to be a collective answer to all. And it is so simple, that in a world in which we do not seem to be able to function without struggle, we do not believe that simplicity can give the answers we need.

The suggestion is that everyone tries to connect or reconnect with the higher self through writing. Writing, as I described earlier is a meditative state. It is also healing and will provide answers to all existential questions you may have. In order to do so, we have to pause and make time to write. Once you are ready to write, clear your mind and don't focus on the end result, but in what is coming to you at the time.

At this stage we are not writing for publication, which does not mean that the material could not be used for such purpose at some point in the future. The intention is to write everything that comes to mind, whether it makes sense or not. The answers might not come immediately, but with practice, answers will appear. If we have been separated from the higher self for too long, it could take longer. It is a matter of practice, and what you will be practising is, a state of being; to live in the here and now.

The more we practice, the more results we get. I would like to emphasise that we have to make time. Making time for ourselves and for the things that really matter to ourselves. To give you an idea of what you will find if you decided to engage in this activity that I highly recommend, the information that you are looking for is the knowledge that you were born with and that during the first years of your life made so much sense. We disconnect from this knowledge somehow when we begin to listen to the noise of the world and others, but the knowledge is still there and you have access to it when you pause and make time for it.

It is also very important that once we access this knowledge we follow it and use it to improve our lives, as well as sharing it with others from a place of humbleness. To use this knowledge for personal gain might not bring the results that you may want. This knowledge is given to us selflessly and giving away must also be a selfless act. This does not mean that if you are dedicated to a spiritual professional career, you don't charge for your services. You do. People must pay for your time and energy, as they pay when they go out to a restaurant to have pizza and beer on a Friday evening. The general misunderstanding about money and spirituality is a topic I will cover in my next blog post.

Don't worry too much about syntax, grammar, punctuation, etc when you write. All these rules are only distractions and this kind of writing does not need any of it to begin with. You can always go back to it and edit it at convenience if you decided to do so. This is a great way to listen to yourself and your intuition, and perhaps the inflection point in which you begin to stop listening to the noise of the world. In this case, the noise of the world is every wrong belief and false idea, such as the competitive nature of humankind which prevents us from sharing our knowledge with others. This idea comes from fear. And you, deep inside are love, just love.

I suggest that to begin with you choose to hand writing instead of typing. In this way you it is easier to bring feeling and emotion to your writing, which is where the healing process takes place. Buy a writing pad and use pen or pencil. Make it a ceremony. After all, you are going to honour your higher self. Make it count. As you listen to your intuition, be flexible with the process and do what is best for you. My suggestions are only a starting point. Remember that you are a leader, not a follower and that you must do what is best for you.

Listen to yourself. The answers you are looking for are very simple and you may want to begin to believe in the magic of simplicity. With writing alone we can heal from all our existential ailments. The healing power of writing could remove depression, stress, anxiety and a long list of fabricated fears to which we bow daily. Pause and make time. And that time is now.

Please share this blog post with others. It is time that we begin to lose our fear to share with others. We are not competing against each other. We all are in this together.

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