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The Power Of Kindness: Kindness As a Very Effective Tool That Could Change Your Life.

The word is out there; we have to be kind to each other. Everyone heard about it and everyone wants to be treated kindly. But how can one be kind in such an unkind world? How can we be kind to the unkind? The answer is simple. The practice, however, is not. All of us at one point or another have been unkind.

To receive kindness, we have to give it first. We cannot expect to be treated kindly when we leave a trail of unkindness behind everywhere we go. This does not mean that being kind is always going to have the expected results. Even the kindest people are treated unfairly, as this seems to be the norm. We should not expect immediate results if this is a practice we are beginning today. It takes time, although treating others with respect, love and compassion would certainly increase the chances to obtain an equal response immediately. We are not kind because we expect something, but because we want to change our life and the world with it.

No one can be truly kind if the action is not heartfelt, although as one spreads kindness, the appreciation we receive in return would increase the feeling until we own it. It is important that we understand that there are many reasons that make people unkind. The main one is that people hurt and suffer. The pain and suffering of others should never be underestimated. Many people don't talk about the problems they're facing. Everyone experiences the same feelings and emotions regardless of their circumstances. The fact that we don't know about it, does not make their pain and suffering any less. What they need is to be treated kindly. It does change the outcome in most experiences.

The fact that we are kind does not mean that we have to passively accept aggressive behaviours from others. When this occurs, we have all the right to stand firm and set boundaries. However, there is no reason why we have to treat others as they treat us. The energy we create in our interactions with the world remains with us. Kindness can only bring positive energy, as we are the creators. It seems that humanity underestimates the power we have as creators. Every action we take creates an energy. Love creates more love. Fear on the other hand creates more fear.

Being unkind is a sub-product of fear. One might believe that it is a way to set strong boundaries that shows confidence. If I am strong enough to be unkind and get away with it, people would respect and fear me, therefore I am a rock and I would get respect in return. This type of behaviour might work for a while, but not in the long term. It is not respect that I would be getting in exchange, but fear and fear will only take me to loneliness to deal with my own fears. If unkindness is being a rock, being kind is being like water. In the end, water will always erode the rock.

Next time you are faced with this kind of behaviour, take into consideration that you are facing a person who is suffering and that somehow lost touch with their heart and feelings. Deep inside, that same person wants to love and be loved, but they forgot how to express it or even how ask for it. An excellent way to measure our responses to others is to pause, take a deep breath and take a few seconds before we do. It might take practice, definitely an incredible amount of patience and we might not be in the mood at the time, but the rewards which follow are worth the effort.

What we give, we receive. It is that simple. No matter how kind you are, there is always going to be someone who suffers and might be unkind. If you are reading this, now you know the source of this behaviour. The other important aspect to consider is the energy that is created by our actions. If our actions are positive, this is the energy that you are creating immediately and which spreads fast. Anyone welcomes an act of kindness. The more people you touch with it, the wider that it is expanded. By the end of each day, your energy could touch thousands of people and all it takes is a small act of kindness.

Kindness improves your mood,  health and has an immediate effect on your sense of well being. Let's say that today you interact with ten people and that in every interaction you treat them kindly. Now imagine that each person you interacted with treats ten other people as they were treated by you, and that those people do so with ten more and so on. Can you do the maths? This is the power that as creators we all have. One action might touch hundreds and even thousands of people in one day. Eventually no one would have a reason to treat you in any other way. By creating this ripple effect, we are also creating the energy of the collective, hence it is essential that we measure our actions and what effect they will have, not immediately, but collectively.

The projection and effect that each of us has on the world is truly extraordinary, but as most of us believe that we are restricted to what we see physically, we miss the beauty of the invisible and the unknown. We don't really have to see. We have to feel. You might not perceive what you are creating immediately, but you are creating all the time. What we create is not only important, but a personal choice. The choices we make determine the direction our lives will take. We can change direction at any time we wish.

Being kind is a sign of strength and emotional and spiritual maturity; a way to show to the world and ourselves that we are in the right path. What we do to others, we do to ourselves. It is not about becoming a people's pleaser, but about transforming our lives and the world. It is a powerful tool of transformation, everyone knows how to do it and there is no need to read a book to understand it. Too often we forget how many tools we have available to transform and improve our lives. And these tools are available to everyone. Whether we use it or not it's a matter of personal choice.

And here there's a challenge for you. Be kind to everyone you meet for a week and see how your life changes, how others see and treat you. You might be surprised of the results. Kindness is an universal language. Everyone understands kindness, but not many understand unkindness. Our actions are a reflection of who we are at the present moment.

Since I created this blog the amount of kindness I have received from readers has been extraordinary. It is inspiring and encouraging to continue writing and sharing my experience with all of you. Unkind comments have been so rare  that is hardly worth mentioning. Therefore the blog posts continue being written with kindness, love and the intention to keep helping as many as possible to find their true path. Thank you to the kind and the unkind, as deep within, we all are love, want to love and be loved. The intention of the soul is always a good one, even if for a while we forgot its true expression.

But it is not only the kindness that I felt during this time. It also the acts of kindness that I have met throughout life and that brought me here. Take a while to reflect on the kindness you have received in your life and imagine how different it would be without it.

The last and very important fact is that kindness is difficult to take in sometimes. People are not kind to us because they want or expect anything from us, but to show us that love is always there, that it is possible and comes in the most unexpected ways. Do accept the kindness that comes your way. If it is genuine you will know the difference. Kindness is something we repay by spreading it. Be kind. Be love.

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