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Living Self-Love. Week 6. Taking Action.

For the past few weeks I have encouraged everyone to look and live within and to explore healthy selfishness, which can be summed up as not taking anything from anyone and causing no harm to others. This week I am going to suggest to open up, as well as to clarify a matter of great importance if we want to fully experience self-love.

The majority of people live under the false belief that when we inflict self-harm, they only person we are harming is ourselves. While this might seem to be true in appearance, it could not be farther from the truth. What we do to ourselves, we also do to others. We are all connected. This means that any harm caused, whether to ourselves or to another is transmitted energetically.

All our actions, thoughts or words are energy. The energy we create in any of our actions does not only live with us, but it is also perceived by the rest of the world. This energy could be called constant karma and whether we like it or not, makes us prisoners of who we are and will inevitably attract other people who function at the same vibrational level.

A common example of the consequences of our actions can be met again and again in relationships. We move from relationship to relationship without taking notice of who attract. The truth is, we always attract the same person for as long as we function in the same ways. As we meet a different person we believe that everything is going to be different this time; and for a while it is. I am talking about romantic relationships. For a short period everything is wonderful, but too soon people begin to react as the people in our past. As their actions are defined by personality and character we might believe that it is different. Deep down we know it is all the same. The mistake that follows is to judge that person, as their actions have nothing to do with love, followed by hardly ever questioning what we did wrong, if anything.

By the time a relationship ends in abrupt ways, many would choose to criticise the other person, both in private and in public. We must remember that what we do to others, we are also doing to ourselves. Our actions affect all. No one escapes from the energy that is created. In most cases and without our knowledge, we continue causing harm to ourselves believing that we can throw the stone, hide the hand and not be harmed by our action. We simply cannot. Everything comes back to us.

A romantic relationship is only one example. These actions take place with family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers and strangers. Let's be aware of what energy we are sending to the world. If it is not love; it is definitely not the energy we want to project, however difficult this might be at the time. It is not about forgiving. It is about letting go if we want the episode to end and move on with our lives.

There's much more to discuss about this topic. Today I would only like to emphasise that every action we take should benefit everyone involved. It is also worth mentioning that by now, and for a long time even before you read this blog post, you already knew everything you needed to know about self-love. It is time to take action and begin to show ourselves that we can truly embrace self-love and live it. For this purpose I am going to suggest two different activities to be taken when convenient and at your own pace.

Taking action one: Begin a new project; something that will make your life better. It is time to dust your dreams and bring them to life. Begin now. You are ready even you don't believe you are. Do whatever you can do now and learn as you go along. Improvise and use your creativity. The rest of what you need will come when you take action. Don't set a time frame. Even if it takes the rest of your life, it is better to live one dream that takes a lifetime than none at all. You already know what you want to do. Do it. Stop the excuses and take actions that will lead you there.

Ask for help if necessary. It is possible that when you ask for help you ask to the wrong person. Don't be discouraged if the answer is negative. There are 7 billion people in this world. One person should not undermine how you feel about your dream. It is possible if you take steps. And listen to yourself.

It is very possible that as you take action you meet the people you have been wanting to meet all you life; people who share your hopes and dreams. Come out of your comfort zone and engage with the rest of the world.

Taking action two: Help someone else to achieve their dream in whichever way you can. Sometimes even the smallest amount of encouragement can make a real difference to someone. By helping someone else you are beginning a ripple effect, as well as beginning a new cooperation. Do not forget that this is their project and it is not for you to take over or to do it yourself. You may enable someone, but they still have to do the work. This is a very healthy way of learning new channels to project your own dream. Do not forget that your dream comes first. Make sure that when helping others you still have time to achieve your dream.

Both of these actions are medium or long term. To gain confidence you might want to begin with a small project, so as to see it through.

If you missed previous weeks on self-love, these are the links to week five and week four. Week four will take you to previous weeks if interested.

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