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How Helping Others Increases Your Possibilities Of Success.

There are several ways in which you can improve your the chances to succeed by helping others to be successful. The key is to see the opportunity even when your reality seems to point out that there are none available. 

This is an exercise to train and expand your creativity and imagination. First you must consider what you want to achieve. When doing so, it is as important to have the idea and direction, as it is to be flexible with the outcome. In order to do so, you need a purpose, but you also need as you go along, to be open to recognise a new opportunity even if it doesn't look like what you imagined at the beginning. Allow yourself to be surprised by what might come.

The exercise is to help anyone -you- who has the drive and the intention to succeed to enter the unknown and discover all those opportunities one couldn't think of due to personal circumstances. Let's imagine that you are unemployed and broke. It is not the worst case scenario. You are still healthy and able to produce an incredible amount of work with persistence and dedication. Plus you have time on your side. 

It is usually the case that when someone is unemployed, they feel the need to gain employment before life begins to happen again. This kind of thinking is simply a waste of life. Something you don't want to do. You have most likely been employed before and you will be employed again. You might not have material resources, but you do have time to create a better future and what you do today determines what you will have tomorrow. Instead of passing time waiting for luck to strike, seeing days gone by without any results, you might want to inspire others.

Everyone has an unique talent that no one else can offer. Knowing this, the first fact to consider is to know that you have no competition. In a world that encourages competition as a way of living and to prove achievement and success, you are holding a treasure, which is very likely untapped and yet to be discovered. This is your dream. A dream that perhaps you have given up because society has to many requirements to allow it to happen. It's time to change your perspective. 

Competition is exhausting. It denies individuality and one must follow already established patterns which do not leave much room for personal expression. In order to compete, most people have to tick the boxes. Once they're ticked, this is what we become, a job description, a formula, a pawn within a greater game in which our expansiveness is limited. Think outside the box and you are out. 

The possibilities are endless whether you know it or not. If a job is what you are looking for, the most obvious choice is to find someone else in the same situation and create a partnership or a group. Help them to find a job even if it's not on your field. By doing so you will come in contact with different people, employers or companies that might have a position for you. You might also gain a friend in the process. 

The idea is to be proactive and seek new opportunities. A period of unemployment tends to be discouraging. By creating a group, you will find encouragement, ideas and how to look at it from different angles. Life is something we do together and this is also a fact essential to remember. Together we can go further than we can do alone. Don't allow your circumstances to isolate you from society. 

You might have a specific skill that could be applied immediately in a professional environment. Add this to your intention and approach companies that might benefit from it. Offer them your expert help and advice. Volunteer your time if necessary to show your worth. This could be a skill you have developed in your career. Remember that many might be able to do what you do, but no one can do it as you do it. Your very particular way of doing things is the magic touch that is required. Add your personal qualities and life experience minus personal problems you might be having. Focus on the outcome, not the current situation if it's not working for you.

When approaching someone, do your research and make sure that there is something there for you. Sometimes helping a company could secure you employment or an excellent reference that would allow you to approach the next company from a more confident position and perhaps charge them for your services. It's a great opportunity to build your portfolio. Think big and allow yourself to approach anyone you believe that could integrate your knowledge, skill and experience. 

It is important that you receive something in exchange. Be selective with whom you choose to help. Unfortunately there are people out there willing to take only, but never offer anything in exchange. 

Bare in mind that the most successful companies in the world are always looking for innovative ways to improve their services.

When offering your help, have a clear idea of how far you are willing to go. Do not allow anyone to overload you with work and do not take over their work. Someone else's project already has an energy. What you want is to add your energy in order to contribute, not to do someone else's work. If you approach the right people, both parties would recognise this. The secret is to join creative forces, not to cancel each other out.

You might have a partner who is unemployed and job seeking. In this case, the goal is not only professional, but personal as it involves feelings. The natural tendency is to do as much as you can to help. It is important to remember that the person seeking is the one who has to do most of the work. Your assistance could help polish and improve their proposal. It is team work after all, and with the right attitude a common effort can only add up. Ask yourself this question. What's in it for you even if the goal is to help them to find a job? 

When we do things for others, we must also benefit from it. This is not a case of I-do-this-for-you,-so-you-have-to-do-this-for-me. Sometimes the pleasure of seeing someone coming out of a difficult situation is enough. Your reward does not have to be tangible either. This is a question that only you can ask yourself and answer. Helping others is satisfactory enough, and the energy you produce will certainly return to you with unexpected rewards if you believe it will, but we also live in a practical and material world. 

The purpose of this blog post is to remind you that you cannot give all your energy to someone and receive nothing in exchange. What you get is a different matter. In this sense one must also be creative and flexible.

If you'd like something specific in exchange, ask for it from the beginning. And if you offer to do something; first, do not promise what you cannot keep. Make sure that you deliver what you commit to. Initially it is better to offer less and deliver more as you grow, rather than offering the sky and not being able to reach it. You are building an image and a reputation. Make sure that it grows steadily. 

The intention of this exercise is to channel your creative energy through others and with others. It might be difficult to find someone immediately. In this case, you might want to approach a friend that is already in business. Choose carefully and if you do, consider whether this is a giving person, or someone who's in the business of taking as much as they can from others. You know your friends better than anyone else.

It is also important to remember that when you offer your skills and cooperation you have time for yourself. What we are looking for is a healthy exchange, not to work for free in an dead end job.

In some cases your contribution will be essential to the success of a project, especially if this is at the early stages. Make sure that your contribution counts and it is recognised, but also offer something that only you can deliver. It could be a long term project that offers no immediate returns. Take your time to think and feel how you can contribute and how you can create an opening that allows you to continue offering your unique skills and experience. Consider important questions: what do you want to achieve? How do you want to be involved in this project? And perhaps the most important of all, how could your creative energy expand within this project? Keep asking questions until you find the answer you are looking for.

There is not one way of doing things. Everyone has their own. Read this text as a starting point, take what might work for you, dismiss the rest and let your imagination roam wild. This is neither advice, nor a step by step process. Turn it into an adventure. Be as flexible as you can. After all you have nothing to lose. Take risks, get excited and make it your own. Help and be helped. 

Remember that you are an extraordinary being of light and that within you there is a place where everything is possible. Everything you need is already with you. Love, trust, belief, courage. Keep repeating it to yourself until you believe it and don't forget that all these things require practice. Start slow and keep increasing your input and energy. The universe is generous with those who give. And never forget that you have to be open to accept its gratitude. Everything is possible. Whoever told you that something is not possible was lying to you, even if they didn't know that it was a lie.

Finally, be careful who you share your dreams with. There are those who will always find obstacles and ways to make it impossible. 

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