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When Everything Goes Wrong.

One of the most beautiful things in life is the unknown. However uncomfortable uncertainty might make us feel, it is there for a reason, and it is usually to show us a lesson, to give us direction and the possibility to find and express free will. In order to find the right path, we must allow it even when everything that could possibly go wrong does indeed go wrong. When something is not meant to happen, everything relating to it will appear as obstacles. It is best to surrender, take a deep breath and let it go. 

Whether we know what we want to do with our lives or not, everyone has different ideas or projects in mind. Thoughts and ideas develop in order to see them through. Sometimes the simplest things in life are the most difficult to accomplish for unknown reasons. This has been my experience recently. And what an experience! 

For over a year it has been my intention,and still is, to create a charitable foundation so as to find an alternative treatment for PCOS -Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome-; a medical condition suffered by millions of women for which traditional medicine does not provide any solution. As the Christmas period is approaching, the idea was to run a raffle and raise funds in order to be able to register it and set the first stone. There is much more to say about this, but the details are irrelevant to what I would like to express today. 

The idea is simple and in theory, easy to carry out. It is as simple as ordering raffle tickets online, advertise it in local coffee shop and sell the tickets. But simple does not necessarily mean possible. Ordering the tickets is a fairly easy operation. It takes a phone call and a small amount of money to place the order. In this case, the communication I maintained with the supplier was excellent. They also offered a fast delivery service without additional costs, unlike most companies that delay the delivery for up to ten days. 

Within 3 days the tickets had been delivered. As I still had to find someone to design an original poster and logo, I never thought to check the tickets until it was too late. When I did, I realised that they had not been numbered. I must say that I spent an entire evening laughing at the very mischievous sense of humour of the universe. 

To make things even more interesting, the two people who offered to design the poster bailed out shamelessly one after the other. Not everyone is cut out for charitable work. In my experience, most people are very happy to ask for help, but when something is asked from them in return, the discourse changes and many of them vanish into thin air. Fortunately, there are also true gems who constantly offer help and support. This fact also has to be mentioned. 

The comment about people in this story is as unavoidable, as it is purely an anecdote. The fact is that, everything that could go wrong, did. Again, these are just details that do not add up anything to the message I want to convey. When every single step in a process is an obstacle, it can be interpreted either as a challenge that one has to overcome, or as a sign from the universe to give it up and move in a different direction. There is always something to learn from the experience. 

When a situation like this appears, it is important to read the signs. It is not a matter of what I am doing right or wrong, but what are the possibilities available. The  process is still simple and with not much invention could still be carried out, but when every aspect of the operation faults from beginning to end, one must consider whether to carry it out or not. 

I have been working on different projects for over a year. Even though everything is advancing, the progress is slow. Due to circumstances I have currently been left with only one option and one project. It involves a lot of work, mostly writing one draft after the other until the business proposal I am preparing is finished. Even the internet at home has died without a logical reason. Coincidentally, a friend who is also involved in the preparation of this project has been experiencing similar problems with the broadband and connectivity. 

Rather than feeling frustrated due to circumstances I cannot control, I immediately accepted and understood all the wrongs as rights. Instead of seeing everything as an obstacle, I look at everything as signs directing me towards the right path. A raffle campaign is seasonal, has an immediate effect, but also has a limited lifespan. None of the other projects are feasible in the near future. However, the one I have am working on, although is one that requires time and patience until the moment that offers a return, it is one with a certain future, as well as being what I want to do.

Everyone is presented with similar situations at one point in life. Some projects go through successfully, while others never see the light of day. The more we try, the higher the possibility to have a long list of failed projects. The question is, are they failed or did they appear in such way to stop us from entering a situation of doom. There are times in which failure should instead be considered success. Not getting into a career that would eventually make life miserable is as good an example as any. 

How we interpret these events will undoubtedly shape our lives. One can enter a period of doom and gloom where nothing appears to work and read it as their destiny. "This is what the rest of my life is going to be like." "No matter what I do it is always going to be the same." "Nothing I do works." I am almost certain that everyone is familiar with these expressions, either because we have said them or heard them from someone else. What we belief is what we get. 

Awareness is in this case very important to change the outcome. Every successful person has a long list of failed attempts behind. No one becomes successful without the strife. We can either give up or move on and try in a different way or do something else. What matters is that we try. Accepting that nothing will ever work is one certain path to self-defeat. It creates an energy that will lead every project to failure. Every project has a different life span. We cannot bring the same energy to the next one. If this is the case it is better not to begin at all. 

When a project seems to fail, it is essential to accept that this is they way it is and let it go. By doing this we can focus the attention and energy on something else. It is a way to train and transcend ego. After the initial feelings of frustration, negativity, etc, the way forward is to detach from the situation. It is impossible that everything we attempt is successful, especially when it involves the participation of other people. Ego has everything mapped out and when the simplest change appears, it creates resistance. We can either fight the situation or find new ways in which to move forward. 

This text does not intend to encourage anyone to give up at the first difficulty that appears. In many occasions, we just have to find a different way of doing things, something we never tried before. This is the beauty of the unknown, and we will never know about it until we have tried. There are, of course, projects that require persistence during a long period of time. This blog post is written to illustrate that perhaps the project we are focusing all our energy on is actually distracting us from what we really should be doing instead. 

By letting go, one transcends the ego and gets closer to our divine nature, the true expression of the soul. This particular situation can be applied to multiple episodes people experience in life. Not achieving what one had in mind is not really a failure. Failure is to have never tried. Let's keep trying and persevere. One day we will get what we really want and it will be the most unexpected, something we could never think of. Only when we enter the unknown. 

There is hope after a 'wrong' episode. One only has to explore all possibilities.

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