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Shadow work: Taking Responsibility For Our Healing.

The following is a very effective tool for personal healing that anyone can use at convenience any time they wish. Everyone is responsible for their own healing. Having the support and direction of others might feel and it is in fact wonderful, but no one can heal for us. Too often we put too much emphasis on what others can do while overlooking what we can do ourselves. Feeling is an act of self-love.

This method is a simple as to feel every feeling and emotion that we face. Humanity as a group is unfeeling. Living in a society in which each individual has been led to believe and encouraged to compete with each other, giving priority to our individuality above all, feeling has become a human need widely ignored. And yet, everyone has feelings and suffers silently due to avoidance. Follow your intuition, trust the process and above all, trust yourself.

Allowing our feelings to run through is essential for our well-being. Every feeling has an energy and when suppressed, the energy continues in our bodies and will transform into a different feeling, usually one to which we are used to express without shame, as it is considered normal. In the majority of cases, the feeling most of us are comfortable to express is anger. Anger has somehow become an acceptable feeling, regardless of the consequences and the feelings that come next. Usually shame follows anger when expressed to others. It is also unfortunate that we feel so comfortable expressing anger in front of the people who love us most and often against them. 

Human beings are designed to feel. There is no shame in feeling. When someone has a reaction that it is considered excessive or over dramatic, the reason that lies underneath is the long term suppression of feeling. We have put too much emphasis on expanding the mind and the intellect with the belief that our minds alone will solve our problems, but as long as we hide feelings and emotions, the heart and the soul will continue pushing to come through and interfere with the most brilliant ideas one might have affecting also our behaviour.

An unfeeling heart will resort to distractions and self-harm in a wide array of practices which are considered normal: drinking, drugs, comfort food, over exercise, procrastination, casual sex, excessive use of the internet, video games, watching TV and a long list of distractions that each individual will practice according to their knowledge, experience and personality. 

By feeling we separate from what no longer serves us and begin to forget what keeps us trapped in our journey towards light and personal development. As we forget and stop these, in appearance, harmless practices, we begin to remember who we are. Feeling is the key to remember our true essence. 

This is a simple experiment that you can try at home at any time to give you a first hint towards the right direction. Choose any evening of the week to do this. Disconnect all gadgets, mobile phone, TV, radio, computer, etc. Make sure that you are alone in a room and don't allow any interruptions. Don't check your messages or reply to any of them. Just be and do nothing with it except feeling. If you use any of the above gadgets regularly, you will feel withdrawal symptoms very soon. While disconnecting from technology is not the answer, you will experience feelings that are hiding the reason why you need the use of such distractions in first instance. Disconnecting from technology is only an example.

Do the same with any feelings and emotions you have: sadness, jealousy, loneliness, anger, hate, etc, without taking any action, just feeling. By feeling you will release the energy of the feelings you have been holding in your body throughout life. The more you feel, the weaker the emotion will become. This is a long term practice, so don't expect to be healed from one day to the other. The emotion might return throughout life, but as you have taken responsibility and are used to deal with it, it will appear weaker and with little influence over your behaviour and natural response to situations that trigger such feelings and emotions. 

Don't over do it. This is not a 24/7 practice, but something you begin by doing for short periods of time when convenient, otherwise it could be overwhelming and lead to a new way of suffering and self-imposed torture. 

It is essential the you spend time alone to do this. You might choose to go for a long walk, but always alone and somewhere where you know you are not going to meet someone. Avoid all distractions as mentioned above. It does take courage to engage in this practice, but you already have more than you require within. You might not know this, as you have avoided feelings for years. Every feeling and emotion that is felt will make you stronger and will allow you to reconnect with the true expression of the soul. 

In order to heal, we have to take responsibility. In the end, you are the only one who can do it. No one else can feel for you. It is your choice and you can make this decision now. Give it time and be patient. It takes time. After a while, you will thank yourself for it. Don't forget to take care of yourself and have fun along with. I have highlighted other articles that might help you with this practice. Enjoy the process.

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