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How To Prevent Negative Energies From Affecting You: Transforming A Negative Into A Positive.

Every day I see numerous posts online in which people express the unfair treatment they receive from those to whom they have given their time unconditionally, opened their hearts and sometimes the doors to their homes. It is a sad reality, but one that we can change with time, love and patience.

There are two truths that we have to come to terms with. One, that our good deeds are not always reciprocated by those who benefit directly from our efforts. When this happens, the next step we should take is to let them go as soon as we can. 'Letting Go Of Toxic Relationships' is essential to have a healthy and happy life. Kindness is too often confused with weakness, and by keeping a firm position we show others that kindness is actually a sign of strength. 

Two, some people will never return the favour regardless of what we do for them. When this happens it is important that we do not allow it to get us down. People don't act this way because of their bad nature -in essence, we are all good-, but due to the fact that they might be trapped by a negative experience. They have yet to learn to trust, themselves and others, as well as to appreciate what is done for them. When circumstances add pressure to the healthy development of people, they tend to close down and adopt a selfish attitude born out of need. Give them the possibility to express themselves without the constrictions of normal life instead and you will see them shine. 

However, the growth of others should not be a burden to anyone, and after a certain period, the healthy step to take is to say goodbye. Their actions are in most cases unconscious, even if they affect us in a negative way. 

It is also the case that when people are trapped by a negative dynamic, they tend to sabotage the good deeds of others. In this case, their actions might or might not be unconscious. Whatever it is, it is better to concentrate on what you can do and ignore their actions no matter how harmful they might be. It is important that we go through the experience in a positive manner. 

Recently I have been affected by the actions of one and perhaps even more people. As a result, I have been blocked from sharing my blog post on Facebook with the exception of my personal profile and the two pages I have. I believe that anyone who has read my blog can see that the intention behind is to help and inspire others to create a better life for themselves and others. The actions of one can cause an incredible ripple effect that contributes to change the world as it is and make it what we all wish it to be.  

I am not the only one affected by this. There are other people writing and sharing blogs online that have received the same treatment from people and the social media vehicle I already mentioned. It's a sad truth to realise that Facebook does not check the nature of such blogs and does not offer the option to appeal their decision. Even sadder it is to realise that a place that was created to be sociable, punishes those who are most active of all. 

When I say that it has affected me and others, I want to make clear that this 'temporary ban' affects me only in the way that I allow it to. In my case, I do not allow it to affect me at all. First, there is nothing I can do to change the current circumstances. What I can do, and I am doing is to get even more creative than I have so far. Instead of dwelling on it or to ask questions why this, why that, what I am doing is to seek and find new platforms in which I can communicate with a larger audience. A proactive response to a problem dissolves it until there is no problem at all. 

When we are attacked in one way or the other, our response is essential to overcome the difficulties that might affect us. Personally I do not allow it to affect me. These barriers are put there to help us to expand and be more creative. I could either choose to sit down and give up on my work for two weeks or to find new ways to project my message to the world. My choice is obvious. Being creative is a way to honour our soul and in times of duress, using our creativity and imagination put a block of the negative energy of others.

When we choose to concentrate on what we can do, the empowering effect of our actions is almost immediately. The more energy we use to be creative and find other ways in which to achieve what we want, the closest we are to the true essence of our soul. And in this case, the soul is loving and forgiving. 

As someone is following a negative dynamic in their lives, their inability to expand in positive ways attract negative energies that take over who they really are. These energies are clearly exposed in acts of selfishness, envy or jealousy to name a few. What these people do not seem to be aware of is the fact that we all are very well protected by Divine beings that surround us. You might see them or not, but they are always there. 

This has two effects. The first and most important is that the energy from which their negative actions are built, bounce back and returns to them with a vengeance. It is what we call karma. And if someone wonders why their lives have been at such a poorly state, they should review their actions for the past few years and see what they have attracted and created for themselves. We are responsible for our actions and everything that happens in our lives. Causing harm to others might have an immediate effect on them, but the consequences of their actions are far greater than what they expected. To throw the stone and hide the hand does not work when the universal intelligence is watching. And it is always watching. 

We might be able to fool people for a while, even for years, but the result of our actions finally catch up with all of us. We can plant the seeds for the greater good, from which we will receive a generous reward in due time, or we can choose to make the lives of others miserable for as long as we can. In the end, the universe is always watching and listening. 

If you have been affected by the negative actions of others, whether intentionally or not, be patient. Concentrate on you creativity and cut the cord from those who have created the situation. Focus on what you can do and continue doing that. The more creative you are, the more you will expand and learn about your real abilities to create what you want in your life. Don't do to others what has been done to you. Trying to get back at them won't help. Revenge is more of the same energy. Let the Divine beings that protect you do their work. Ask for their assistance and they will work for you. 

When or if we seek revenge, we cut ourselves from the Divine or our true nature, disconnecting from the powerful energies that are here to help us. 

I understand that sometimes the actions of people are inexcusable and the immediate human reaction is to retaliate. Don't! Concentrate on what you can do to make your life better. The rest of what you need will come, but we need to be patient and wait for what we need to come.

The law of attraction is very clear on this, you reap what you sow. You can either act as the the warrior you are, tap into courage, or buy into the fear of others. One of the reasons why we are affected by negative actions is due to the fact that they are born from fear. Resorting to creativity and focusing on what other possibilities might be out there waiting for you acts as a shield, protecting you and returning the bad energy to those who created it initially. Let's conquer fear with the creative experience of the soul. Do this and see your life changing in ways you never imagined. 

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