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Tears Are Healing: This Is The Reason Why.

Everyone has shed tears at one point in their lives, especially as a child. As children, we have neither the experience, nor the knowledge to interpret most situations we go through. Generally, tears are associated with a bad experience; therefore it is not surprising that we avoid crying, as tears as a norm always come after a negative experience. Crying is not part of the negative experience, but the beginning of the healing process. This, of course, does not apply to tears of laughter. 

Crying is the body's natural resource to cope and eliminate the bad energies that we absorb from negative or stressful experiences. Everyone who remembers crying, must also remember the feeling of relief that comes after. As the general understanding is that crying is a sign of weakness or the admission that we cannot cope with the situation, most people try and avoid it at all cost, especially in public. Popular mythology says that boys don't cry and women are too emotional. Yet, one of the most powerful tools for healing we have as humans is crying. Avoiding it only makes us weaker. Not only it perpetuates the trauma, but it makes it stronger, deeper. 

Every situation we are exposed to has energy attached to it. Our response to these situations is what determines the influence that the experience has on each individual. We can resist it or go through it the best we can. Going through the experience without resistance does not mean that we accept the situation as truth, but that we do not allow the situation to have any influence on us. By accepting that this is the present moment and facing it as it is, we empower ourselves. The experience might be negative or positive, and all of them carry a message for us to learn, but what is important is that once the experience is over, we remain the same. The experience is not who we are, nor it is the energy that comes along with it. 

If the experience is negative, resisting it only increases the amount of negative energy that we absorb. When the experience is traumatic, the energy adds to the energy that we have already accumulated through life. In order to heal, we must find an outlet to expel bad energies in a healthy way. Buying into emotions such as anger and acting on it will only increase and strengthen negative energy. It's important to remember that this energy is depleting and limiting. 

Imagine that your body is a cloud, and the energy is the condensation that it is stored within. When the condensation and pressure are too much for the cloud to hold, it releases it in the form of rain. Negative energies act on the body in a similar way. Picture every negative experience you had in your life stored in your body. The more negativity you have gone through, the more negative energy is accumulated in your body. If the body does not find an outlet to release the energy, there will be a point in which it will react to it. 

Withholding these energies can lead to illness and could even be fatal in some cases. As energy is something that most people are not aware of, try and imagine it as tears filling your body, adding a sense of heaviness, lethargy or any other symptoms you may be experiencing. 

While the body is filled with these energy/tears, we are unable to feel our bodies and the emotions that are trapped within. This is the reason why we can go through life not really knowing what emotion we are driven by; the inability to feel and the disconnection from our bodies. In order to heal, we must reconnect with the body and feel every emotion that we hold within. And what is blocking this process, are the tears/energy we hold within. 

Now imagine that finding that outlet to release energies and driven by the pressure of circumstances you begin to cry hopelessly for hours. Your body keeps eliminating negative energies that are stopping you from achieving what you want. This is what is commonly known as energetic blocks. Let's say that you cry for hours, and while the situation that drove you to tears might still be unpleasant, the sensation in your body is different, lighter.

Three hours worth of tears will eliminate a great percentage of energy, allowing us to feel more of our body and emotions. In the healing process, one might cry for months, even years before the energy is released. It is essential that we cry when we feel like it. This is not something we can leave for later. 

Crying is understood and experienced differently according to gender. Men would do anything not to cry. Boys have been trained not to feel and definitely not to cry, whereas women are more prone to do so. The difference in both reactions are clear. By withholding tears, men are more inclined to feel strongest emotions, such as anger or hate. Everyone would agree that men are more aggressive and violent. Aggression and violence does not necessarily have to be expressed against others. The effect could easily be inwards. 

Women on the other hand cry more often. One can see a woman crying hopelessly one minute, to return to a cheerful and festive mood the next. This is because women find it easier to release such energies through tears. Once the energy is released through tears, we can go back to a more positive mood and act it out. In both cases there are exceptions. The immediate reaction is that a woman behaving like this is hysterical. It is not the woman who is hysterical, but the world we live in. 

I know through experience that during a long period of my life I could not feel any emotion other than anger. In my healing process I only reconnected with my body and emotions when I began crying, both in private and in public. And I did this shamelessly so. Without those tears, I would have never become who I am now. Due to circumstances I trained myself not to cry as a child, so as not to give others the pleasure to see that they got the best of me. The older I was, the angrier I became and none of the outlets I chose in order to cope with life were healthier, but detrimental to my spirit, my health and my life as a whole. During this period, there were moments in which I really wanted to cry, but the resistance I had built in didn't allow me to do so. 

Don't hold your tears and cry as much as you like, whenever you like. I wrote this before, and I will continue doing so until the message gets through. Everyone in this world needs to cry endlessly until we are healed from all traumas accumulated through centuries of existence. If everyone began to cry today and were not to stop until all the negative energy is out, we would wake up to a new dawn of light. Then, we would know what love really is.

There is no shame in crying. What is truly shameful is a society that does not allow a human being to cry or to feel their emotions. And that is a tool of control and repression. Cry, cry and cry. We all have reasons to do so. There are plenty of smiles hidden under those tears. And within, you will find endless reasons to smile.

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