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Why It Is Important To Be Selective When Helping Others

Everyone has a responsibility towards others, to help improve everyone's lives by sharing our gifts, talents and offer the best of us. What we give to others, we give to ourselves.This concept is not as widely spread as it could be in the current flow of greed that intends to satisfy individual wants only, in part promoted by the erroneous belief of scarcity in the world. We confuse what we need with what we want. Greed is an energy that is never satisfied. 

Seeking satisfaction through external sources gives away the true power that each of us holds within. 

There's enough abundance on earth to provide for the needs of everyone, only that our priorities do not seem to match with the necessary harmony that promotes a healthy balance that satisfies humanity's needs, as well as safekeeping the planet. This world does not need another superfluous item. Our true crisis is spiritual. 

I am a firm advocate in the belief that we have a responsibility towards others. However, this concept has to be read and understood wisely. One's own wisdom must be applied, so as to make sure that helping others does not become an obstacle towards our personal growth. First we have a responsibility towards ourselves. 

We have to be selective for obvious reasons. While helping others is a responsibility, as this is the natural tendency of the higher self, it is also a voluntary decision. We do not have to do anything for anyone unless we want to. First we must provide for our own needs. 

If helping someone means that we have to sacrifice something that it is essential to us, we must consider if the actions that follow create a healthy interaction with positive results for those involved. Sometimes what's essential to us is as simple as time and energy; others just one smile suffices.

The ideal interaction is that which offers an exchange of some sort benefiting everyone. Any situation that does not provide the best outcome for all parts creates an imbalance. This is clearly not the case, especially online, where people constantly ask for help offering nothing in return. It is also true that not everyone is in a position to help or even to offer anything to others. Perhaps if you're interested in helping others, you could allocate a limited amount of time to those who cannot reciprocate or return the favour. Finding a vehicle like this blog allows to share information with thousands of people.

Anyone committed to helping others must first find their own way to do so. It is essential to realise that one person cannot help everyone and be at peace with this knowledge. People will keep suffering without your help or contribution. 

It is also important to know if the person asking for help is truly committed to change and do their work. Unfortunately many people are not truly committed. They might simply be seeking attention or use others as a past time. 

Whatever reasons people might have to ask for help, it is not to be judged. The task of the the helper is to decide whether to help them or not. There are many reasons why people ask for help and everyone asks from their level of awareness. Not everyone is at the same level, and everyone needs and deserves help and recognition.

The reason why commitment is important is too obvious. The time allocated to someone who will do nothing with the time and energy invested in them could have been used to help someone else also in need and that is willing to do their work. Seeing how our time and effort is used unproductively will surely lead to exhaustion. Most healers burn out after a period. They know they can help. They know how to do the work and inspire others, but receive little or no benefit for their efforts. 

To be burn out due to helping others can lead to exhaustion, resentment, regret and even to have a negative influence in our perception of the world and others. If helping others doesn't help you, it means that something is not working and action must be taken to turn this into a positive. Sometimes good intentions are not enough, especially when they serve the selfish needs of others.

While it is important to be committed to helping others, it is of no use to anyone if healers render themselves useless due to overdoing it. 

Back to the notion that we have a responsibility towards others, when asking help from others, we do acquire this responsibility. The ideal scenario is that helps keeps moving forward and spreading to others, not only to one person. Seeing how help ends with one person to satisfy their immediate needs and with no willingness to spread the message or the same actions does not serve the purpose. The energy of helping others is one that must keep moving and reach as many as possible. The responsibility is for everyone, not only a few.

Helping others is also a learning process. Along the way we must learn to recognise those who ask constantly, almost daily and those who truly need and have to intention to make good use of our time and energy. 

Finally, this blog post is neither to discourage anyone helping others, not to prevent anyone asking for help, but to create awareness that time, energy and resources must be use wisely by everyone involved in such interactions. Sometimes the best help is not to help at all. Helping is one thing, enabling someone's ego, however, it is an entirely different matter.


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