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Sacred Sex: Is The Sex You Have As Safe As You Think It Is?

When 'Sacred Sex: Honouring Heart, Body And The Miracle Of Love' was written, it had a good reception by readers, with a few exceptions. I've mentioned this before, if someone doesn't like or believe what they read or see, move on. A few people wrote 'essays' trying to prove me wrong or telling me what to do. How futile to write such long, and abusive pieces trying to prove others wrong! There's no truth in abuse.

What I write is always from my own personal experience. The knowledge channeled through me is a message many people feel identified with. Hundreds of readers have commented that what they read from me is a feeling or thought that they had, but couldn't articulate. One of the joys of writing and sharing this blog is to awaken in others a part in them that they already have within.

This is the reason why we share information and knowledge. Without sharing, knowledge has no power.

If I comment on this today is because sex is a gift that belongs to everyone to express it in whichever way they wish, as long as it doesn't harm anyone else. "A human right", as the character interpreted by Lisa Bonet in 'High Fidelity' described it. 

Whether heterosexual, homosexual or any of the new fashionable definitions that the media has created to label everyone these days, sacred sex is their right too. Labelling only causes separation.

If sex was considered sacred by everyone, soon we'd all realise that every person is also sacred. With this understanding, we'd treat each other as such. It's obvious that we do not. 

I don't believe that there's anyone alive that wants to be treated in ways which are not loving, respectful or divine. The problem is that the world leaves the Divine to a father figure that's blamed for all that goes wrong in the world and who awaits in 'heaven' while humanity deliberate fails to take responsibility for its actions. The Divine is in you, ready to be awakened. 

There are powerful reasons to begin to treat sex as a sacred act, as well as other people. Other than the physical expression during sex, there are many other things going on, mostly invisible that people don't perceive until it's too late. 

First, this blog post is not to tell anyone what to do when it comes to sex, or who to have it with. We were given free will. Remember this! What we do with it is a entirely different story. Whether someone has it with only one person in a long term relationship or they practice it with numerous lovers, the decision is always yours. Sex could be a loving act that everyone enjoyed if we weren't afraid of the many labels that come attach to it. Imagine that!

Everyone is responsible for their own energy and what we do with it. On a normal day, we come across many energies from as many different people. This is the reason why it is wise to stay away from certain people, not during sex alone. An argument or a conversation that goes wrong can leave us in a bad shape for the rest of the day due to the energies we absorbed. 

During sex the exchange of energies is even easier and stronger. Some people can pick up energies that remain with them for the rest of their lives. It could get to the point that these energies have a great influence on them and ruin their lives.

What most people are not aware of is that during sex, we are not only dealing with our own energy and that of the other person. We could be dealing with the energy of several people. even hundreds of energies in one room. The problems we face is that most people are not aware of it or don't know how to clear such energies, which could lead to a life of suffering. 

If you ever had sex or even great sex with someone else, but felt bad energetically afterwards, rest assured that there was a negative energy in the room coming from a former sexual partner from either you or the other person. These energies could be there from childhood, as it is the case of sexual abuse in children. Great sex turns into great dissatisfaction.

Sex opens channels that connect with every sexual energy we have experienced in life, and it affects all. Every energy is a living memory in the body that might awake during sex if actions, the situation or simply words trigger them off. It's not always the other person. A negative energy could come from us too in the same way previously described. 

Someone using the services of a sex worker is most likely to pick some of these energies. That service that helped to ease an immediate need for a short while might last a lifetime. They could be spreading them around for as long as they live. Neither these energies, nor sex should be taken for granted. It could affect your behaviour and make you do things that you'd never do naturally. 

There's no need to go to extreme cases. Someone with a busy sexual life and numerous partners can carry also these energies. Anyone can carry the energy of the people they had sex with, plus the energy of those the person had sex with without even knowing them. Not a pretty picture.

It is important to be selective when choosing a sexual partner, get to know them, know where they've been and most importantly who with. It's not a matter of interrogating others, but more of a period of getting to know each other in which these energies and behaviours will be revealed. It is OK to change your mind at anytime and just say no. 

This article is not to discourage anyone from having sex. Sex is healthy; some people not so much. Everyone has the ability to perceive energies in one way or another. It's neither a matter of playing detective trying to uncover an unhealthy energy that might be damaging. Be your authentic self and such energies will be exposed. The energy of a person can be felt from several meters away by almost everyone. We always have to right to remove ourselves from any situation without any explanations. 

There is the reason why sex is and should be considered sacred. A person that sees sex as a sacred, healthy practice will be able to deal with certain energies, but also stay away from others even when they have multiple lovers. 

A few months ago during a spiritual gathering, I had a conversation with a woman who makes a living with sex. When she revealed this fact about herself several days after we met I was surprised, not to see her there, but that she was so clear of negative energies. Shen then told me that she clears her energies before and after every sexual encounter. It wouldn't surprise me that everyone having sex with her felt better afterwards, and not necessarily due to the sexual act, but due to her awareness and the power of her intention.

Remember that you are a Divine being and that it is your right with something as important as sex to have the better experience you can. If sex, but also every other action in your life is a sacred act, you're being true to yourself and your soul. It is time for humanity to awake to the reality that we are Divine creatures and begin to treat each other as such. In sex, like in everything else, it's not only what's done and given to you, but what you do and give yourself also. Choose safe.

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