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Keep Walking: Taking On The Challenge Of A Leap Of Faith.

A leap of faith is a rite of passage in life that can be taken consciously, or one that it presents itself unexpectedly by circumstances. In both cases it appears after a period of transition in which everything seems impossible, a time of fictitious failure. Sometimes we have to fail and keep failing in order to get to where we want to be and most importantly to what we want to achieve in life. Failure shows what we're not supposed to do and where we're not supposed to be. Nothing else.

In whichever way it comes, a leapt of faith comes along with an element of fear; another illusion that has been created by past failures or the previous impossibility to do that one thing we were led to believe we wanted to do. As we lose creativity and spontaneity growing up, it is easy to conform to the established ways of the world. When the time comes, you will recognise it. Do not fear it. It is an adventure in which everything is new, a period to find your true worth by applying your knowledge, experience and wisdom. You are ready. You are always ready.

In a society that promotes safety as a basic parameter to establish success, taking a leap of faith might appear to be a foolish step to the majority. No one ever managed great feats without taking a risk. Whether you've been driven to it by circumstances or by the feeling that waiting for what you want no longer serves the purpose, go for it, with love and an open heart. Life is kinder with a smile. When facing it, you will also feel a sense of relief to leave everything that is known behind. This is the scary part.

The purpose of this blogpost is to initiate an action that causes a positive effect in the lives of millions of people across the world. It begins as a personal initiative, but I believe that many will join in in order to make it possible. It is also an encouragement to follow your heart and take that leap of faith that might have been waiting for too long.

One person alone cannot change the entire world, but it can certainly make it a much better place.

I've written previously about the ripple effect of a positive, creative action, and how many lives everyone touched without their knowledge. In this case, as it is going to be a documented process, the effects will be visible to everyone. This article might only make sense by the end.

With this in mind and my heart, I am starting a new journey today. The idea of 'Keep Walking' has been with me for years, but it never seems to take off for one reason or another. The purpose of it is to find a natural remedy -a lifestyle- that helps to deal with the symptoms of PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). This is a medical condition -not considered an illness- that has disastrous consequences in the lives of millions of women. The effects can be as harmful as heart disease. More information on PCOS can be found at the end of this blogpost.

It's not only about this particular condition. There are many other conditions that affect many other millions, such as IBS, chronic fatigue or Crohn's disease amongst others, which I believe still have to be challenged with a natural approach.

There are clear indications that the symptoms can be reversed, but without trials that prove the methods efficient, I do not feel that it is appropriate to share it with the public yet. Unfortunately modern medicine has not come up yet with a solution to any of this ailments, only providing a very aggressive treatment that causes an additional number of side effects, for which no treatment is offered either. We must take our health into our own hands, take responsibility and change the human relationship with medicine and disease.

We have entered a new phase in history in which humanity is facing a number of serious ailments that affects millions, without a cause or remedy. These are conditions that have appeared in modern times and they're spreading wide and fast.  

This initiative also intends to show that one small action can in fact change the world. We change the world one day at a time. Together. We do it together.

In order to raise awareness and raise the funds that allow these trials I am creating a challenge, hiking along the USA Pacific Crest Trail (2.659 miles) or (4.279 km) long. During this period, which begins today I will be travelling around England seeking support, travelling in whichever way I can, either by transport or simply walking.

A leap of faith must embrace flexibility, improvisation and spontaneity, therefore, what's important in this case is the walk, not where the walk begins or ends. The Pacific Crest Trail is a wonderful challenge, but the walk could take me from England, where I reside at the moment, to Mongolia to give an example. A walk is a walk, and if this is more viable, one must consider all alternatives to make if feasible.

The challenge begins today. It is both, scary and exciting. Scary because it is a jump into the unknown without a safety net relying on the goodness of people, couch surfing, house sitting, a tent in the countryside or staying with friends.

I believe that people are intrinsically good, as this is the first impression that I always get from everyone. The only way to prove and sustain this belief is to put my trust on others, as I have been doing for years with different outcomes. I know that during this journey I will meet a large number of wonderful people, make  new friends and visit places that will undoubtedly leave a mark in me and bring an invaluable contribution to this cause. I am also hoping to contribute in different and positive ways in the lives of many others.

"Always leave people better than you found them."

As a small initiative, it can be accomplished with a small sum of money. The idea also entails the possibility of a self-sustainable charity, creating a business that offers innovative services to already established companies and professionals, something I have also been working on for years and that it's almost ready to be launched.

At the same time, this is an opportunity to create employment, as well as improving the overall well-being of many professionals around the world. The intention is not to simply receive, but also to give back to others.

Everyone knows someone who suffers from PCOS in silence. One of the consequences of suffering this condition is the devastating effect that causes on self-esteem. Some of the symptoms are: multiple cysts in ovaries, hirsutism, obesity, acne, infertility, boldness, anxiety and depression. It can go as far as developing a heart condition, endometriosis or diabetes.

There's something rather tragic in the process of being diagnosed with PCOS, although it does not differ from any other ailments-, and this is that it affects girls in their teenage years. The first step is to visit a doctor who has no answers. Medical science has not reached that far yet. Two important questions arise here: why do we keep asking questions to those who don't have the answers, and why do we believe their hopeless answers? Unfortunately this is the way we've been educated, to trust the 'truth' of authorities and recognised professionals.

By no means this blogpost is intended to offend or to put down the medical profession. Without the invaluable help of modern medicine, surgeons, doctors and other medical professionals, I would not be here.

However, I believe that when someone cannot provide an answer, we must continue seeking it by any means possible.

Doctors and modern medicine are necessary and do carry out a wonderful task in society, but like any other professionals, they're limited in resources and knowledge. Being diagnosed with PCOS equals to being delivered a life sentence, with no possibility to change it. When someone is told that there is no remedy for a condition or disease at such early age, the nocebo effect hits home. When this happens, it creates a belief that might be irreversible lasting a lifetime.

The nocebo effect removes all hope and the possibility of a healthy life in this case. The person affected enters a reality of impossibility, creating a belief that might continue for life. It is easy to be resigned to a life of ill health when a medical practitioner announces that there's no solution. There are thousands of documented cases of people healing from conditions far much worse than PCOS, such as cancer. If someone can heal their own cancer, we can also heal any other condition.

Everything is possible when there's belief and enough strength supporting such it. Let's make this venture possible and bring hope to millions of people.

Donations are of course welcome, but there's also the possibility to get a soul reading from me, as well as life coaching/personal development sessions on Skype to get a return.

One thing I'm certain in life. Everything is possible, and you and I can make this possible too.

I'm open to hear ideas, comments and perhaps new ways in which to make this a reality. I know that this venture could go horribly wrong, but this is not a belief I embrace. Again, I believe in the goodness of people, and I have hundreds of stories that prove this belief.

The next few months are going to be an adventure shared with many others, and from this blog, I'd do my best to continue inspiring and be inspired by you all. It has been over two years writing and sharing this blog, and there's one thing that I have seen and perceived from my interaction with the world, that has been love. For this, I am grateful.

The book 'Reuniting with the Twin Flame' is now available on Amazon. Dealing with dynamics and a detailed exploration of the twin flame relationship, the content is exclusive to the book and cannot be found on this blog. 

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