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How Karma Might Be Keeping You Hopeless And Depressed.

Karma is an Indian concept, with its origings in Budhism and Taoism among other religions, which argues that the actions and deeds one takes affect future events and even future lives. It´s the law of cause and effect.  When someone believes that they have experienced previous lives, and they might have, it´s easy to find a certain amount of comfort in the idea that all misdeeds and misfortunes in this life are due to karma from a past life, and blame on it what happens in the present or what comes next, thus accepting as a must, stories of doom and gloom that only serve to prevent happiness. 

It has become an extended belief among the spiritual community, -and the not so spiritual-, to accept that our current reality is all there is to life. "I did something wrong, therefore I must pay for it." The belief goes further, people also accept that the soul is affected by it, that the soul is somehow fragmented or misaligned. In other words, karma has become a substitute or replacement for Christian guilt. 

These concepts and beliefs are deeply ingrained in the collective consciousness. It spreads by word of mouth in the every day life in every geography of the world. Word of mouth can be a wonderful vehicle of story telling, but when karma is spread as a cliché. It there´s nothing positive or kind to say, it´s better to say nothing at all. Silence is full of beauty and wisdom. It is also avoidance, not taking responsibility for their own well being and happiness. 

Fuck karma! There ... I said it.

The concept of karma might not be as distant from the truth, but there are a few clarifications that have to be made. First, the human proclivity to negativity and self-defeat, and understanding life as such. Everyone has done something wrong, as everyone did many things right. If people were to re-examine their lives, they would realise that behind them there´s a long trail of good thoughts, good intentions and wonderful actions. So many people have been inspired by you. You just don´t know it. It's time you begin to take credit from it and change the perception of karma and it's effects.

The human tendency to self defeat and negative thinking is a plague, never expecting to be rewarded for the good, but to be ´punished´ for the bad because of karma. It´s not karma, but guilt that keeps the ball rolling and manifesting more negative experiences.

Having in mind that karma is going to strike back at any given time, people are keeping themselves small, attracting negative experiences and perpetuating the belief that perhaps, after a long period of redemption and good deeds happiness might show up to lighten up our story. Negative experiences are not only accepted, but people remain in them, while in reality, it would be so easy to remove themselves from any situation that doesn´t bring anything positive in your life.

If you don´t like it, don´t take it. Move on onto better things. Remember that it´s better to be alone, than keeping the company of those who cannot inspire us.

It´s pointless to revoke religion and move towards spirituality if there is not a shift in beliefs. Changing one negative concept for another keeps us where we were, small and hopeless. It's easy to control someone or the masses with the illusion of  fear, and karma has become a powerful tool to do so. What governments and religion used to do to people spreading fear and guilt, and still continue doing, the ´spiritual community´ is are doing to themselves, then to others. 

The burden of karma keeps breaking your heart. It is not possible to love with a broken heart .... spiritual or not. 

Understanding cause and effect:

Let´s use the concept of heartbreak to illustrate this point. Max -a fictional person- has had a number of relationships in his life. Throughout he left a trail of broken hearts to which he has remained somehow indifferent. He was always in control and left every relationship he was involved in. In his case, this could work in two different ways. It is not necessary -even though possible- to examine Max character in depth to explain why he holds firm to such belief and line of action. 

Why, can be reduced to two different possibilities: either Max is unconscious and unfeeling towards the concept, feeling and consequences of  heartbreak or he goes through life breaking hearts for sport. In both cases, the emotion created is the same, and so the consequences for others and himself. Every action, thought, word or feeling creates an energy. 

Breaking someone´s heart creates the same energy, whether the process is unconscious or not. In both cases, Max is looking to explore and experience the energy of heartbreak. His heart has probably been broken at some point in the past, even though it's possible he doesn't remember. At this stage he´s experiencing heartbreak form the outside, remaining unfeeling towards someone else´s emotions, but there´s a limit to how much heartbreak we can create in life. He´s curious about it. It does not mean that he does not care about what people feel, only that he´s unable to have the same feeling. Max is in a safe place, or so he thinks. 

Eventually the energy that he has produced and recreated for years is going to catch up with him. Usually people following the pattern of leaving relationships fear abandonment, therefore they begin relationships with someone they don´t really want to be with in the long term, which makes it much easier breaking up any relationship, romantic or not. 

Choosing to be in a relationship with someone we don´t really want to be with is an unconscious act, at least for a while. Eventually this person will meet someone they truly want to be in a relationship with. At this stage Max is probably going to be experiencing emotions that have remained buried deep within up to this moment. Vertigo! He feels vulnerable. Fearing the end of the relationship he´s no longer in control. His new partner is. Being in this position can be excruciating. The pattern he previously followed has been broken. What probably follows next is heartbreak. 

Heartbreak is necessary in the process of self-healing. Keep breaking your heart until it opens. It´s either this or to live with a broken heart all your life. A heart that was once broken and you might not remember why or how.

A turning point.

Everyone enters this life with a clean slate. Believing that you come to this life with a karmic debt equals the concept of having committed the original sin for the simple fact of having been born. Did you really?

We come to life with free will. We come because we want. We choose our parents, our experiences. Everything that you experience is your responsibility. Free will is with us before the moment of birth. It is not given, it is an intrinsic part in everyone. Let´s stop thinking and believing that there´s an almighty God out there giving at will to some, and not to others. 

The experience of heartbreak can occur as early as at the moment of birth. If this is not the case, it will surely happen during the first years in someone´s life. It could be an experience so subtle that most people do not remember, but one that hits home so deeply that will determine relationships with ourselves, the world and others. 

We make what we want out of this life. At any given time we have the freedom to choose what we want. Let´s stop blaming karma, and let´s take responsibility for our lives. It´s almost certain that the bad karma that someone is experiencing right now is the representation of a script written and repeated again and again by unconscious parents that did not know better. In a way, we become echoes of the words and beliefs of our parents, as an unconscious way of obeying them. 

You´ve been programmed as a receptacle of absorb experiences that validate the ´truth´of your parents or parent figures and what you experienced during childhood. The sources where we get information, whether spiritual, religious or practical will keep leading us in circles to the starting point. If you have experienced that feeling that after a long process of soul seeking you have to begin all over again, this is what it is. The circle has not been broken.

True story:

Anything can change in a second, with a deep breath or not. You have everything that is necessary to become free once again and be who you really are. It is a matter of belief.

Stop listening to your parents or to the noise of the world. Begin listening to yourself. Beware of those who claim that healing is a life long process that ends at the moment of death. There´s no need to suffer for the rest of your life. Beware of people, practices and beliefs that claim that your soul is split, need to do karmic work, chakra alignments that only serve to keep you down, isolated and feeling that you´re not good enough. 

Change your thoughts, change your beliefs, change your life. Separate from anything or anyone that is not ´selling´you the amazing creative possibilities or the outstanding beauty that you have within. Stop asking yourself what you´re doing wrong or you might have done wrong. Give yourself a break. How long do you have to ´pay´for your ´karmic´sins? There's no need to. 

Wrong beliefs lead to wrong actions. Review your life, thoughts, beliefs and actions. Choose who you want to be and follow through with integrity. Let yourself shine and lighten up the world. Encourage others, see the beauty in them and let them know.  One way I´ve followed since I remember is to see the beauty in others. I have been reminded of it often. When I do soul readings for other people, beauty, goodness and love is all I see. Find your way of seeing this beauty, then see and feel what difference makes in your life. 

The soul is always protected. The soul is always complete. If you feel differently is only because throughout life you've been lead to believe that you are not good enough, or incomplete. You are good enough. Find your truth, what makes your soul dance and do more of that until everything that separates from it vanishes from your life. 

And do yourself a favour, stop believing that karma is going to hit you back. How many times do you have to be hit before you rise and be the beautiful manifestation of who you really are? 

If there´s something that doesn't allow people to grow is the human being´s inability to take a pause, sit down and move through emotions. For as long as someone keeps avoiding feelings and emotions, they keep attracting more situations and more people that will keep bringing the same reality. 

You are good enough. Start believing this. Watch your self-talk and listen to who is really talking. It could be your parents, a teacher, a member of your family or your last or current partner. Be kind and loving towards yourself. Make a simple plan to talk with love to yourself and act on it. 

The soul is complete and most likely having fun, rolling its eyes and laughing and what you're doing to yourself. If it´s not fun, loving or healthy remove yourself from it. 

As per karma, forgive yourself; truly forgive yourself and see how your life changes. Perhaps all you need right now is to have the courage to give yourself permission to show the world who you truly are. No matter what you do, people will always find a reason to point out a negative. This is their truth, not yours.

Don´t blame karma. You are the one stopping yourself. Take a step forward and revisit the unknown, what you forgot, which is nothing but the magnificent beauty of who you really are. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, feel your emotions and see what's at the end. Those emotions hold the answer, but as long as we keep avoiding feelings, we deny ourselves. It's easy to blame karma, not so easy to feel.

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