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Reuniting With The Twin Flame: The One That Got Away. (UPDATE)

The e-book, as well as the hard copy of 'Reuniting with the Twin Flame' is now available on Amazon.

There are numerous elements in a twin flame relationship that make the experience a special connection much sought after in recent years. The search of the twin flame is not only a personal awakening, but the reconnection with an instinctual memory worth seeking and experiencing. The connection with the twin flame is the reflection of a book of love in which one can see, feel and understand the other person, and through them, as well as through a shared experience understand the self. It is a fertile ground, a period of magic.

Over the past three years after the publication of several articles on this subject, there has been an overwhelming demand on unresolved issues on twin flames that are met in this book: ‘Reuniting with the twin flame’. It has been written with the intention to offer guidance, as well as to answer the large number of questions received during this period, also offering a flexible approach that can be applied to everyone’s reality. Inner guidance is also recommended in this book and how one might find it and/or follow it.

The text is encouraging of everyone’s quest of love, opening doors and new possibilities within relationships with the purpose to overcome the obstacles presented during the twin flame connection.

While it is a relationship characterised by intensity; it is raw and often overwhelming due to the deep connection and a sense of knowing between two people, it is also a fresh, creative space for limitless possibilities. One might feel exposed, but also beautiful, supported and loved. It is the return of forgotten memories and dreams.

It is also a time for deep feelings and emotions. How to navigate through the heart during this period is essential in order to grow, both personally and as a couple. The relationship is an adventure in itself, fear and demons do turn up to make themselves heard for one last time. However, the dynamic of the relationship is more festive than chaotic, more loving than antagonising. In time, people do realise that fears and demons are not as scary as they used to be, that being in love is a much more powerful force than the alternative.

The figure of the twin flame is explored in depth, as well as an account of the reasons why the twin flame appears in someone’s life, but also why they might choose to move on. Neither the longevity of the relationship, nor the end of it are predetermined. Everything can be changed and transformed with love.

There is also a study of deeper psychological and emotional issues that may affect this relationship or any other, as well as the relationship that one has with themselves, and how through understanding and awareness, the relationship can help to heal old wounds, bringing new light to love.

There is love and magic in the air. A quality that everyone can recognise. Twin flames are respected and admired throughout by others, as it is a powerful union that displays an extraordinary energy that touches everyone. As this energy is highly recognisable, as well as the deep, strong connection, it prevents interference from others. The twin flame relationship is often ground breaking. The complicity and merging of energies in both people combined characterised by fearless intention. Everything is possible during this relationship. Every moment creates a spark. Every interaction serves for inspiration. Conversations are deep and eloquent in actions. However challenging it may seem, making an effort to create a better self, and a new life by engaging in continuous inner work eventually pays off.

This book also explores and encourages how to strengthen the relationship with the self in order to create a solid and lasting relationship of a couple. The relationship between twin flames is not only intensity, emotions and deep connection. There is much more to it. It is rhythm and dynamism. A constant dance between two people in love. Both are perfect for each other, intimate accomplices in an adventure planted with limitless possibilities to reach a state of being that transcends their humanity. Such possibility is also intrinsic in the human being. Life is a series of choices, which, when answered with integrity, truth and authenticity opens channels to abundance. Abundance of everything and for all. Everyone is gifted with the necessary attributes that allow constant expansion. Everyone is a leader. Twin flames meet to teach each other love and self-love, and through such powerful vehicle to become aware of and practice their leadership. Then, all types of love can have the same effect. Why we continue taking love for granted is a story written in this book, and a question that everyone should ask themselves. To love and be loved is a privilege, not a birth right to be taken for granted. Truth can only be spoken with love. 


  1. I love the art; any chance you sell prints?

    1. You might want to contact the author. The link to her site is on the blog post.


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