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The Most Beautiful Love Story: Manifesting Love.

As a norm, when I write a blog post I do my best to be clear about all the elements that build the story and how it can help everyone to change their perspective on the subject. It is not the case today, as this is just a story and I leave it for all of you to interpret what it means and how you might be able to use it. Therefore, I'll leave all comments and facts to your imagination. This is a real story that took place many years ago about manifesting love and this is how it happened. 

It was around 7 pm. I had been at the university library all day. As there were still two hours before closing time I picked another book and started reading it. For some strange reason by the time I finished reading one sentence, I forgot its content. I read the first page several times and yet I couldn't remember anything I had read. My conclusion was that I had to call it a day and move on to something different. 

I still had two hours of library, so I moved to the computer room. I felt overloaded with words and knowledge. Somehow I felt that something had to come out before I could feed my brain with more information. I knew then I had to write something creative. What to write, I didn't know. I had a computer, a blank page, a very strong intention, and thus, far I had been listening to the signs. 

It was then that I saw a girl standing by the the printer. I had never seen her before that day. However, the feeling I had was that I knew her and even before I decided what to write, I made that girl the subject of my story. This is the moment when both, Adolf and Max are born. Adolf is a bitter, middle age writer. He likes the girl, but riddled in a world of impossibility where love is not possible, he creates the first character, Max, with dubious intentions.

Hence, Max is a character born with the only intention to fall in love with this girl. Adolf's plans are however, not of love, but of pain and suffering, as he has decided that Max will indeed be in love with her, but never be able to experience love with her. Within a paragraph of being born, Max liberates himself from the control of the writer and decides to write his own story. Throughout the entire story, there's a struggle: Adolf tries to gain control of Max to no avail. 

When Max begins to write, he talks only about this girl and how much he wishes to express his feelings to her. He would do anything to be near her. Soon the magic begins. It is not possible to see where fiction begins or ends, as love and magic fills every space in the present moment. At one point Max realises that this girl, whose name is still unknown to him is a hacker. She has access to his computer and knows that Max is writing about her. She also knows what his intentions are, which makes it even more awkward for him, as his only expression is through writing, to which she has access. 

As this was the last story I wrote in Spanish, this girl become a pirate. A pirate is or it used to be the Spanish term for hacker. This twist is also the beginning of an adventure in the quest of love. Reality fills with magic. 

It is closing time at the library. Before I leave I wrote down a phone number written in an ad on a board that students use to do skill exchanges. There were many ads, but only this one called my eye. By the time I got home, Max is really excited, as the phone number I picked at the library is the phone number of the girl standing by the printer that evening. As we have never met before or know anything about each other, it is impossible to know, but somehow, both Max and I know that this is her. We are certain about it.

By now Max is really excited that he knows her name: Fiona. Such is the excitement that I have no choice but to call her even though is quite late. When Fiona picks the phone, the feeling is that this is a woman I already know and yes, I do know that she is in fact the girl standing by the printer. To add more magic, she also knows that I am the one calling. But how is this possible? We've never met before. We don't know each others names or what we sound like. 

After a long conversation, we arrange to meet three days later at a different place at university. Max can't wait for the meeting to happen, but at the same time he's at peace knowing that their first meeting is near. As she already knows what he feels, he also knows he doesn't have to say anything, just turn up and be. He also knows she feels the same way towards him. 

The next day while Max continues to write his story, I am sitting at the computer room at the library, and as fate wants it, there is only one free computer next to me. And of course, Fiona appears and sits there. An unexpected encounter. The 30 seconds or so that it takes me to react seem an eternity and I feel like I've been busted. She knows, I know. As we had already arranged a meeting that week, Max feels that waiting for that moment is worth it, but what is the point of waiting if we are already at that moment? Fate doesn't want us to wait three days. 

To make it even more awkward, Fiona begins to laugh, at which point I have no choice but to ask her: "Are you Fiona?" to what she replies: "You're Manel. I knew it. I knew it was you. I don't know how, but I knew it was you." 

"I also knew it was you and I was just writing about it." I said. From that day, Fiona read the story as it was written and delivered every day. From that day, there was also love. A lot happened in between that moment and the end of the story. And, yes, this story also has an end; one which no one but me has so far managed to make sense of. There was no apparent reason to end, and yet, it did. There was also a lot of magic to this end. And sad or not, it was perfect.

Another curious fact was that weeks before I saw the name Fiona written on a piece of paper and I told myself, that Fiona is the name of my future girlfriend. Was I manifesting or was I remembering what will happen?

When the relationship ends and with Fiona out of the picture, Max didn't feel there was any point in continuing writing the story, so he decided to put an end to it. As Max separated from Adolf, his creator at the very beginning of the story, he had no identity or vocation which to follow. With this in mind, Max tries throughout to find both; vocation and identity with not much luck or not luck at all. 

In his last words he describes what the experience was like: "I've tried to be a pirate, a poet and several other things since I was born in order to belong, but what I am, who I really am, is a verb in love. I Am In Love. 

I have spoken and written this message many times before: I Am In Love. All the elements are here. Today I feel it is for others to interpret what this story means. 

I lived other love stories, as I believe most people have. I hope the title of this blog post is not misleading. When one is in love, their story is always the most beautiful. The reason I wanted to share this message is not to claim that mine is in fact the most beautiful of all. Love is not a competition. The intention is to share a few elements and the magic that came along with it.

I also believe that the one and most beautiful love story one can have, it's the one that we have with ourselves. But that's a different story. 


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