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The Wild Man: Rising And Gathering.

The figure of the wild man is perhaps one of the most misunderstood, disliked and even feared by society. Rules and regulations that no longer serve the soul are to be broken, obsolete traditions changed and the truth must be spoken at any cost. In order to do so and as a catalyst of change, the wild man presents himself unprotected. His actions might even be interpreted as reckless at times. From the general stand point of a safe life and conformity, one might see certain behaviours as such, as he will risk his freedom and even his life to pursue freedom for all. But there cannot be change without risks and he is aware of this fact. He does not fear the consequences of his actions.

Infused by an incredible confidence in himself, courage and a vision of a new world that provides for the needs of the whole of humanity without exception, the wild man would do whatever it takes to achieve this goal. What others think of him is insubstantial to him. While he might seem an easy target, leading a solitary life that most people would confuse with weakness of character, the outcast, the black ship; the wild man is a man on a mission and he knows that in order to change the world, sometimes we must face unpleasant situations that he will take on like a drill through a wall. And when these situations are presented he will make a stand and remain until it is solved. In any case, he will seek for the best outcome for all when possible.

He is a leader that sometimes will lead, always support and uplift others in their healthy endeavours, as well as showing everyone, that we are all leaders. The time for humanity to begin to recognise that no one is above anyone else is here and this can only be shown by action. The distinction in this case is only that someone has to go first. Once he sees that his example has soaked the souls of others and encouraged them to lead, he will remove himself from the stage to allow others to enjoy a small kind of rebirth and celebration that comes when one dares to take initiatives and discover talents and gifts that remained dormant within.

Although solitary, the wild man is a people's person, loving both men and women equally. However, he is also a threatening figure to most men that will find him irreverent and defiant. It is easy for others to recognise in him the call of the wild within and the fire of the soul, reason for which feelings of envy and jealousy arise. Such fire is very magnetic and attractive. At this stage he is unbeatable, for not even death means defeat when one is expressing the soul. To the wild man, a shorter, but fulfilling life is much better than a life of conformity chewing the lie of a nine to five day after day. 

The wild man is a warrior of peace and love, although one should really avoid challenging his physical integrity. Gifted with the tunnel vision of a dream of love and beauty, under the appropriate circumstances he wouldn't hesitate to remove any obstacles at any cost, although in most cases, and I would even dare to say in all, confrontation ends when others perceive in him a gleam of madness of self-belief in his eyes. The blind faith of others can be very intimidating. 

In his relations with other men, this fact could represent a real challenge, as there is a disparity in thought and belief, which translates in lack of understanding or communication, as if speaking different languages. The wild man speaks not only with words, but with energy, conviction, feelings and emotions which in turn can be perceived by others; and while feeling emotions for him is most natural, such way of communication goes against the norm. Once this obstacle is removed, you will find a very loyal man, touched by a very recognisable innocence which perhaps he carries under a hardened image. 

This image comes from experience of a life not so easy. In order to preserve the wild from childhood to adulthood, he had to be true to himself from a very early age, constantly questioning everything that is wrong with this world regardless of the consequences. Such way of living is a magnet for both; a life full of extraordinary and poetic beauty, but also for very tough situations, which most likely were presented in childhood. He was born agent provocateur and marked with this sign for life. No one is left indifferent before the wild man.

Feeling emotions should not be confused with being emotional. The wild man is just that, a man, not a boy, therefore he will not resort to angry outbursts or childish school tantrums, dealing with situations calmly, almost as if removed from the them. There's power in detachment.

Although wild, the Goddess, the creative energy lives in him bringing balance and harmony. Wild is the only way in which one can express the free spirit of the soul, and although he is understanding of the limitation of the collective consciousness and the fear that it provokes in others, he cannot deny himself the right to find his true expression. In order to heal and find love within first we must break through fear.

Love is very important for the wild man, even though this might not be represented in a relationship. He's restless and will not stop until this world is what is supposed to be, not what has become. Love and peace must be expressed by the collective, therefore, his quest of love is most likely to be one of raising conscience and consciousness. 

It is very likely that he passes through your life like a storm and that for years to come you still wonder how such a short period could have been filled with such richness, beauty and madness. If this is your case right now, know that everything you saw in him is also in you, but you might still be looking outside for answers. He was there to show you for as long as you needed to see it and it is now your responsibility to look within and find it. Also know, that if he loved you once, he will always love you. It's only that he had to go. 

The wild man is both, inviting and elusive. He has the soul of gypsy. Freedom is most precious to him, and at the first sign of possession or manipulation he will raise the red flag. He can be very patient, but there are only so  many times he can be tested. One day perhaps he decides to settle and remain, then he will tell you and you will know what love sounds like when spoken with the soul. But he doesn't need to be loved by anyone. He already has all the love he needs within.

He's is not driven by lust. If lust if in his drive, he's not the wild man. The wild man understands sex as a sacred act and when engaging in it, worship of the body and the soul can be expected in a intimate journey, a dance of two souls towards a healing dimension where only you and him will exist. 

The wild man is here to wake up the world, to support and help to raise the Goddess that is in each of us. He understands that comfort and many other things most people seem to have must be sacrificed; but he also knows that it is not sacrifice at all. He already has everything he needs and wants within. He is a man In Love. Possession is not a word in his vocabulary, as he does not want to be possessed. Do not try. Solitude is for him a form of prayer to the universe, an homage to himself.

Even though he is confident and proud, he wouldn't hesitate to bow in reverence at the first sight of your soul, and for this he will show gratitude. 

The wild man treats everyone with kindness and compassion, but wouldn't allow anyone to take advantage of this. He knows that there's a tendency to interpret such behaviour as weakness. At this point he can become quite intolerant and while he wouldn't do anything to harm others, he has his ways to show his strength in imperceptible ways. There's nothing to fear about this, as he would give plenty of warning before action is taken. Very rarely he will tell you who he is. He is a man of action, even actions are not seen, and he's not here to explain himself to the world.

The wild man is touched by ancient wisdom, as he never separated from the soul, not even at his most unconscious; hence, he is still in touch with the higher self. He is also a teacher, as he knows this wisdom and knowledge must be shared with all. Universal wisdom when share makes us all incredibly powerful. It is also and act of unconditional love.

He is incredibly strong, like a mythological figure, and the softer he is, the stronger he becomes. A paradox. The wild man is not here to destroy, but to create and inspire. However, a note of caution must be given here, as the paradox is something not yet fully understood. The harder you try to destroy him, the more you are going to suffer and destroy yourself. While he's not here to cause harm to anyone, he will destroy egos, false beliefs and challenge everything that is wrong in this world fearlessly. He is very aware of his strength and knows how to measure it. Others are not. Such strength lies dormant in every man. The only difference is that the wild man knows that this strength is with him at all times and he's in touch with it. 

The wild man is beautiful, regardless of what he looks like. Yes, beautiful is not an adjective that undermines him, but that describes him perfectly.

In such challenging world there are still practical things he must learn, such as finding the right language to communicate with other men so as to gather and take responsibility; take care of himself and realise that all those negative and hard experiences that once helped to chisel his character and wisdom are no longer necessary. That life can be much easier by following the path of least resistance. Beyond that, there's a life of abundance for all.

His natural curiosity for the unknown fuels this learning and he's not only not afraid to make mistakes following his intuition in a constant leap of faith, but he is also proud of those mistakes and embrace them as part of who he is. Such mistakes will never harm anyone, not even him. If something doesn't work, he will try something else and life continues being as beautiful.

The wild man is here to uplift your spirit, to reflect and destroy fears until others can see their own soul. He might knock on your door asking for help, only so he can help you. When hesitating, look deep into his eyes and you will know. Do not fear. The wild man is a selfless, gentle soul that is here to serve. He knows this. Now you know it too. If you wonder why you should help him when asked, he has the strength and the courage to go to places that most people wouldn't dare. He wouldn't hesitate to dive in the darkness to bring you love and light.


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