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A Twin Flame For The End Of The World.

A few months ago I decided to start writing about twin flames because there seems to be a lot of confusion and misunderstanding regarding the subject. Three blog posts later, I am still receiving messages from numerous readers asking me the same question. Is this my twin flame? 

Whilst in many cases it would be possible to answer such questions, it is a process that requires plenty of work and wouldn't offer a complete answer. There is no certainty in love, as there is no certainty in anything else. One day everyone will realise that the magic of life lies in uncertainty and spontaneity. Life changes and so do people. 

Looking for certainty in someone else's answers prevents us from finding our own answers, and worse, there is a risk that we become accommodated, taking for granted that the fact that we met with our twin flame means a lifetime together. When we take someone else for granted, we are beginning to say goodbye to them. Love is action and must keep moving from beginning to end. In the same way we keep feeding our fears with worry, we can feed love to energise it and make it grow. Movement and action inspire creativity and produces more love. The problem is, that most of us return to the same old paradigms, beliefs and habits that make us stagnant, preventing anyone from evolving and knowing who we really are.

As I wrote in previous articles, the twin flame will only appear when we are ready to receive them. It is true that there are ways in which we can accelerate the reunion. Certainty or a false sense of safety are not them. Love in a relationship is in itself an adventure that we must experience fully and from which we have a great opportunity to learn who we really are, whether we are with a twin flame, soul mate or anyone else. The unknown is full of charming surprises. One way to understand and learn from these situations is to let go of our need for control and allow what happens within the relationship. True love only appears with the end of ego.

We only meet with the twin flame when we are prepared to let go of who we are not, and embrace who we truly are. This is the end of the world as we know it. Our own and very private world. Only when this happens, we open to love. For this, we neither need to be in a relationship, nor meeting with a twin flame. All we have to do is accept our truth, so as to open up to new worlds and new dimensions that we forgot existed. The dimension of love.

The process is easier with a twin flame for one simple reason. When we meet with the twin flame, the attraction is irresistible and we have fallen in love with the perfect mirror to get to know ourselves in depth. The person we have in front of us is an identical reflection of us. However attractive this might sound, it is also a reason for destruction and self-destruction. The death of the ego. 

Being with the twin flame is up to the present moment the most enticing and inspiring relationship we ever had. The level of understanding is greater than anything we have experienced before. It allows us to experience life in joy and love. Our intentions are the best we ever had, and we are in love. The honey moon period is close to perfection according to what we have experienced in previous relationships. It's time to celebrate and dream of a life of togetherness. 

When we pledge our soul in love to someone else, being them a twin flame or not, an inner awareness and determination should wake up. This is how we a begin to allow the destruction of the ego. From that moment on, we are determined to not lie to the other person. Lying to them or to anyone else equals to lying to the self. It is a different kind of truth and understanding that must be taken into consideration. 

In the presence of a twin flame, all our demons and fears gather together to reflect the truth we have been denying ourselves to that point. And it is pointless to even try and deny our truth. It is, however, a false truth. Truth being our feelings and emotions. Jealousy, anger, possession, control, etc. They know what we think and what we feel. Now try and lie to them. Lie to them and you are not only lying to yourself, you are beginning the process of separation. 

The situation that is created can be excruciating, as, not only you are facing your demons and fears all at once, your twin flame is also having the same experience. It is a wild reunion of demons and fear dancing with a vengeance. You are also the perfect reflection for all that is good and all that is bad in them. How we act or react to such situations determine the future of the relationship. Be comforted and aware, that both, demons and fears are illusions that get you distracted from who you really are: a being of love and light.

By accepting our truth, the immediate impression that we have is that we become weaker. The ego is resisting the process of its destruction. We have admitted to being jealous for no reason. The ego is in a state of alert and it's going to fight it. Ego would do anything at hand to prevent any changes or letting go of control. Ego is also a very clever entity -not intelligent- and has an incredible ability to reinvent itself.

In addition, once we admit to something that we have not allow ourselves to accept previously, the only thing we can do is to feel that emotion. When we find the courage to do so, we also lose another ally that we had throughout life: the power to express ourselves through language. 

Once I have admitted to being jealous -even when I see that there's not one logical reason for it, and I know in my heart that my twin flame will never betray my trust- and decided not to react to it, I cannot longer validate my existence with statements such as: I've never been jealous in my life, as it automatically becomes a false statement. This is only an example of what might happen. Finding the courage to admit it, even if this is only to ourselves and having the patience to go through the experience being overwhelmed by the emotion of jealousy is crucial in the inevitable journey towards love. 

It is a period for silence, meditation and self-reflection as we adapt to a new way of living.

This is unfortunately a very difficult step. Dealing with such emotions make us physically weaker and might give the impression that we are depressed. We are neither weaker, nor depressed. We are learning new ways of living and feeling. If you can be humble enough to admit your flaws; two magical things will happen. One: you will realise that you are none of those things, but patterns that you learned in your childhood; and two: those feelings and emotions become so weak, than if they ever appear again, eventually you will be able to get rid of them with ease.

I also see there's certain confusion regarding the longevity of the relationship with the twin flame. They might stay or not. For the twin flames to remain together, it is necessary that they both engage in this process of truth and deal with their emotions. It is possible that one or even both decide to keep lying to themselves. This is not a malicious way to lie, but a self-defense mechanism that have allowed us to make it to this day. Which path we want to choose is a very personal choice. Sometimes twin flames are not ready to be reunited for long periods, so as to achieve the level of consciousness required to experience true love. Most people are not. 

Whilst romantic love and relationships are wonderful experiences in life, nothing guarantees that someone will remain in love or in a partnership for the rest of our lives. We are here to experience life and love, to dance, to sing, to be creative and help each other grow. Sometimes people need to continue their experience alone without us, and we must let them go if that is their decision. There cannot be true love without letting go either.

At the level of consciousness the world is currently in, not many will remain with their twin flame. However, collective consciousness could rise and change at any time. Then, we will all realise that love is not so much about personal gain and satisfaction, but about loving each other from a place of acceptance of others as they are and freedom. But it is not true that twin flames cannot remain together, as many readers have understood. They can. One also have consider what's their life mission and what they came here for. The soul is free, and must continue being free. 

These articles are written with the intention to share a message, knowledge and helps others to have a clearer understanding of situations that they may be facing, never to give uniformity to all experiences. No one knows your experience better than anyone else, and how you face and evolve during these experiences will determine the outcome. If you believe that once you meet your twin flame, they will leave you, the most likely scenario is that they will. In this sense, the same principle applies to the believe that you will never find the job you want.

Considering the current state of the world, the egoistic society we live in and the low level of collective consciousness, the arrival of the twin flame in your life is intended to lead you to the end of the world as it is right now. You can only become a better person. Rejoice that you've met and make the best of it. No matter what happens, let go and keep loving them. The relationship never ends. We are forever united. 

Sometimes, letting go is as simple as overcoming the need to control everything and everyone. You are the first one who wants to be free, we cannot expect anything less from others. Love is freedom and acceptance. 

Let go of the twin flame idea and allow life to flow. It is more likely that they will then appear.

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