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Men, Women And The Divine Feminine.

For the past two years I have been sharing the message of the Goddess, the Divine Feminine and the Wild Woman. Not everyone like this message. During this period I heard numerous things no one should ever hear, or have been accused of things not worth mentioning. What others may think of me or of others, has nothing to do with anyone, but them. We see what we want to see and hear want to hear. My response: to keep quiet and hold the fort. I believe in what I do. We do not have to explain ourselves to others, especially not to those that do not want to understand. There has also been an abundance of wonderful feedback and support, from both men and women. 

By emphasising how important the return of the Divine Feminine is, -and why- I know that the obvious and visible fact seems that I only focused my attention and intention on women, and by default neglected men. In a world were gender identity still has such a strong hold on the population, this line of thought is not surprising.

What it seems obvious to the untrained eye does not necessarily make it true. Timing is very important when it comes to share a message. Whilst it is true that during this period I have seen a large group of women uplifted and thriving, as the message helped them to remember who they are, the intention was not solely to empower women. Every word I write is to inspire both, men and women. I cannot interpret everything for others. Hopefully the message today will make sense by the end. 

If there is something that unites men and women is the pursuit of love. Romantic love specifically. This makes us equal to a soul level. In this sense we are not divided by gender, but driven by the soul. However, this is a topic for a different blog post. 

Regardless of what I have written in the past, my purpose and intention is to help men to find a common language to express ourselves, so as to make sense of this world. I also want to see men uplifted and thriving. The fact that I don't like the attitude and that false sense of entitlement does not mean that I do not care or don't want to help.

Traditionally men have been hunters, the providers. This time is long gone and we men are lost in an identity limbo without purpose or direction. From hunters and providers we have turned into disposable subjects to a system that does not provide for either men or women.

The majority of men have grown with such illusion to find out that, there is no longer room in this world for heroic acts in the traditional and dramatic sense that we all have been led to believe. In 'Balancing Energies: Restoring Male Energy And Raising Female energy' I wrote extensively about the upbringing of male children and the conflict we face when realising that everything is a lie.

It is a subtle lie, but one to which we have been exposed for such a long period that when we face the crude reality of adulthood, most of us cannot interpret. Patriarchal society has taught men that women are less, and even a commodity to satisfy our immediate needs. In a world that is moving towards the equality of both genders, the lost of 'ownership' and 'superiority' causes frustration, anger and even hatred towards women due to their unwillingness to comply with our most primal desires. 

Instead of taking responsibility and look back at the false education we received, so as to challenge it with self-parenting and self-education, the easiest way to vent such frustration seems to blame women as a collective. But it is not only women that suffer the consequences. We also blame society, forgetting that we are society, and that it is our responsibility to change it to what  we want it to be. No one escapes this responsibility, with the exception of children. By blaming others we give away all our power, adopting a passive role, similar to that of childhood when parents decided what was right and wrong or what we did next.

In adulthood we have the ability to find freedom. The freedom of one is the freedom of all. As long as there is one single soul suffering, true freedom is not possible.

The most flagrant act against the liberty and freedom of women is rape. Society's attitude towards rape is that it is something that happens. We continue allowing it with the assumption that there is nothing we can do to stop it, as it is generally an act that takes place in private. The truly worrying fact is the lack of interest of the authorities to tackle a problem that it is now endemic. We men as a collective are closer to the cave man than we might believe. If we add the permissiveness of the authorities to the illness, we have one true weapon which serves to keep humanity living in fear, and worst: rape is one way to coerce the development of the Divine feminine, so as to keep the level of consciousness conveniently low. 

Men, both individually, as well as collectively still have a great potential to evolve. Do not believe the message of the main stream media that argues that as species we cannot longer evolve. It is our responsibility to pick our battles and re-educate ourselves and others.

The true modern hero is that who stands for what he believes and knows that the actions of one have an effect on our immediate surrounding. And it is as simple as intervening to stop the misogynists. One doesn't have to go far to encounter such events. A conversation in a bar, often initiated by peers in the name of having a good time is a the perfect moment to put our foot down and demand respect for others. Have you ever considered how many times you've shaken the hand of a rapist?

These events take place all over the world and are even often tolerated in professional environments. It is time for men to unite in a common cause. We all know what is right and what is wrong. There's no need for me to tell anyone, but we must be vocal about it and take action. Perhaps being tough at school to avoid bullying was the only survival choice we had, although it comes at a price: we separate from our true selves and in most cases the damage is permanent, resulting in lifelong suffering. 

Be an every day hero and contribute to re-educate those that surround you with your actions. It might be hard at first, but eventually when our actions are taken for the good of the collective, these are inevitably followed by rewards. Your contribution might help to save the suffering of your mother, your sisters, girlfriends, wives, friends and daughters. Education is a lifelong journey. It doesn't end at school. 

The message that women will change the world is loud and clear, but it is necessary that they find support in men. The misunderstanding comes when men believe that this movement is to replace patriarchy with matriarchy. Women still have to work on themselves and also evolve to make possible such reality, by getting closer to the Wild Woman. It is not about handing the keys of the kingdom, so as women can do as they please. But it is important that men understand that it is not about enslavement or submission, but integration. The only possible way we are going to make it through as a race is together. This is only a possibility when we, both men and women join forces towards one love and freedom.

Fortunately there are already many men who understand this message. This blog post does not intend to criticise men, but to awaken each one of us to the reality we are living in and change it consciously. After all, we have been educated to think, feel and act in such abusive manner. If you are a man, ask yourself this question, with your history of involvement with women, your thoughts and ideas towards them, would you allow your daughter to date you? If the answer is yes, congratulations, you did well for yourself, but if the answer is no, you end this sentence ..... 

One last sad fact is that I have tried on several occasions to reach out to men. Sad due to the lack of interest and response. It is clear that women are much more interested in evolving and developing that we men are. The questions are; what do men truly want? and how are we supposed to find the answer if we never ask?

Finally, the reason why we men have to evolve and support women so as to change the world is a very healthy one. We need a new vision. It is as simple as that. A new vision of the world. A more colourful and magic world. This is only possible through the feminine eye, something that we men will only be able to see when we get in touch with the Divine Feminine within each man and realise that all we want, both, men and women is love, only love. Let's go of our need to control everything. We had centuries to find the answers. See what we created, what we have destroyed and consider if you want to continue living in this world as it is. What it might seem as a sacrifice today, will return to all of us with abundant rewards.

It is a matter of allowing something we are unfamiliar with. Let's forget about our immediate and past experiences with women and lets allow them to flourish. The fact that we have not yet seen the true potential of women, as neither have we experienced the full potential of men is because by suppressing and suffocating others we suppress ourselves. If you are reading this, I know you have enough ability to discern and to make your own decisions. It is your choice now. It has always been your choice. I made mine long ago. I do not want to live in a world in which by association I am a potential rapist or a pedophile. Do you?

A woman gave us life. Now it's our turn to give life to women and to a new world. 

It has been suggested to me often that I work with men in order to help them to find true love with the right women. It is a possibility, but for today and just in case this message is not clear enough, here it is. By publicly supporting and helping women to see their true beauty, I gained their love, support and respect. That's all it takes. My intention was a healthy one and I never asked anything in return. This is very important. If I have not been clear about this earlier was because the only way that we can show others is through action. 

The process to understand women can be a very complex one or not at all. Who said that they have to be understood? Try and love them all unconditionally, not asking anything in return and without ulterior motives and see what happens. Love is the language to use. Only remember this, love is action. Words are not really necessary.

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