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The Strength In Vulnerability: The Freedom Beyond Fear.

Contrary to popular belief, vulnerability is a tool in everyone's personal development that when practiced regularly makes anyone stronger. In a world in which the collective consciousness constantly speaks of fear, broadcasting every threat to which we humans are exposed, being vulnerable is erroneously misunderstood as a sign of weakness. 

Fear of vulnerability makes humanity live in tension, being in constant guard, terrified of a future that does not yet exist. The belief is that if we are protected or feel safe, we cannot be harmed. Not being harmed is not the same as being strong. There's no safety in being safe when it comes to personal development. Safe does not allow us to grow. Instead we remain stagnant, wondering why our lives don't improve or why our feelings and emotions get the best out of us.

Being safe is a habit introduced by parents and developed during childhood. In time, attachment to it grows deep roots that restricts the playfulness of the soul. As it ingrains in the human psyche, we lose touch with the body, stopping the natural flow of energy. The mind fills with negative thoughts, while the body stores negative emotions that we are unable to express in healthy ways. 

Being emotionally safe also contributes to humanity's inability to communicate with each other. There are limitations to being human, which is what everyone seems to focus on, as in: "know your limits and don't go beyond. Don't even try." While there are limitations, there are also numerous abilities that we have not yet managed to master, but they are within each of us, ready to be explored. The percentage of people that managed to find out such abilities is still small, though increasing as the world slowly removes the veil of fear moving towards universal truth.

There are several elements in human communication still untapped; two of them being feelings and emotions. Both are incredible sources of energy that if allowed to flow freely would significantly improve the communication we have with others, to the point that verbal communication wouldn't be as necessary. Questions like how are you or how do you feel would become obsolete; and this is only the beginning. We would already perceive those feelings and wouldn't have to pretend that we're always OK because this is what's socially expected. It is OK not to be OK and express it.

As it is, there are many signs of love among people, but there's also an abundance of negative emotions, and even histrionics due to our inability to process them in the past. 

Depression is the evidence that society's understanding of being strong is driving humanity in the opposite direction. As living conditions get harder, the general feeling is of instability. Thoughts projected towards the future resonate in the present with echoes of gloom and doom. We fear the hardships of the future due to uncertainty or any lack of assurance in safety. There might not be safety in the future, but there's no disaster either. The future simply does not exist. It's only what we believe. Working today for a better future improves the conditions of the present with every day that goes by. 

Depression has become the number one illness in the world. By being strong for too long, we make ourselves weaker. We are taking less risks, which in turn only reduces the ability to explore those parts within in need to come alive. 

Being safe is also leading humanity towards the greatest social disease of all times until it becomes endemic: loneliness. This is the future that we are creating. Being safe might not break your heart, but it prevents you from falling in love too. Perhaps the most negative effect of avoiding vulnerability is that the heart closes. With the heart closed, the only emotions we feel are the negative energy that we have been holding within, and which can turn life into an emotional nightmare. 

Vulnerability has to be understood as an adventure, a vehicle that takes us through a journey of self-discovery. The soul is an adventurer that is here to explore the good and the bad, the darkness and the light until we remember who we are. As we grow, we change while developing character and personality. "People don't change" is a cliché so deeply rooted in the collective mind, that we no longer question it. 

People do change. The problem we face is the lack of courage to express it and stand by it as we develop due to pressure from family, friends and peers. Every time we go through a period of transformation we hear that we've changed. Yes, we have and the only way to maintain such change and to keep evolving is to be loyal to oneself. Let's not be afraid to show others who we are if these are positive changes and be more appreciative of people as they change.

It is not that we don't have the courage, but that we refuse to tap into it. Courage is always within,  and as everything else, the more we practice it, the more we develop it. It's not about fighting dragons with a sword, but demons and fears that hold us back from our dreams and the most beautiful expression of the soul. It is a peaceful fight when we surrender to our own truth and allow ourselves to say it. Yes, I Love. Yes, I Am In Love. Yes, I have changed and this change is for the better. 

As everyone is unique, there are as many personal expressions, as there are human beings. The key to make these changes permanent is self-acceptance and the expression of the new self, as well as acceptance of others. No matter what we do, there are always going to be voices of discontent around us, therefore it makes sense that we allow ourselves to be happy with our own personal transformation. The path to happiness is within. Focusing on what others will say keeps the attention and energy focused on the outside. As we transform, we inspire positive changes in others and our environment. Everyone can be inspiring when we allow the expression of the soul.

In order to be vulnerable, we have to feel the emotions appearing with every new situation without reacting. Feeling is enough. Whether we face criticism, rejection or any other hostile attitude provoked by others or simply by our own actions, we must feel, so as to evolve into a better self. 

Your heart might be broken and you might be brought down by circumstances at times, but it's better to be able to say that I've loved, than not at all. By being vulnerable we open our hearts, attracting healthier and more positive people, as well as circumstances. We might have to say goodbye to a few others, as they're most likely disappear. Tears that we didn't know we held within will come out and we'll cry in the healing process. This world needs more meaningful tears in order to heal.

The heart is a great communicator. Keeping it closed will never allow to transmit our natural message of love. The entire world is longing for love, but we'll never find it with a close heart.

Being vulnerable is admitting our insecurities and fears, giving apologies when required or accepting that compliment we always felt uncomfortable about. 

By being vulnerable we surrender to the Divine within and transcend the ego. Vulnerability is the process in which we expand, as we perceive healthier feelings and emotions without reacting to emotions. It opens our hearts and eyes to a new world of possibility. It is the journey to our own truth and freedom to find out in the end that love is all there is. As we move along in this process, we gain in self-trust, self-love and self-confidence. We become more magnetic and happier. This is a path that can be taken at any time and in small doses with a little bit of courage. 

Humanity has been too strong for too long and it took us nowhere. Perhaps it is time that we change directions.

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