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Soul Readings: An Immediate Shift In Energy And Consciousness.

There are numerous tools and practices that anyone can use in order to better themselves. Sometimes external guidance is needed, sometimes one takes the initiative to get the similar results. A soul reading, what many people refer to as psychic reading is one of them. There's little anyone can tell anyone else is regards to their life or personal development, except when for several reasons one is experiencing severe disconnection from their core. This stage is easy to recognise. Negative thoughts or inner conversations take over and from then on the path is uphill. How someone gets to such state varies and it's not the subject of this blog post. How to get out of it, it's determined by someone's decision to bring change. A soul reading is connection.

Why is it called Soul Readings?

A reading is a channelled message from the soul. In order to proceed with the reading, the reader has to connect with someone else's spirit. Everyone has this ability, which is presented to most people as what's called a 'gut feeling'. In my case, I only channelled the message that I receive, put it into words and deliver it. I believe that everyone has the ability to make this connection. When asked how I do it, the answer is simple: I take the time.  

What is it and how it works?

Whether someone believes that everyone has a soul or that it has a message to deliver is of no importance either. The effects and benefits are the same. Everyone is free to believe what they wish and to apply it to their life in the best way they can. What we believe is what surrounds us. Often people need to receive a message or a sign from someone else; one of the reasons why people get soul or psychic readings. 

The method is simple. The reading is done from making a connection with someone's energy or soul through a face photo. It's easier to connect through the eyes. It's as simple as to clear the mind and make such connection within seconds. From then on, every word written is a channelled message. 

The first part of the reading draws an image of the child in their pure essence. It's followed by a 'print' or description of the soul, which emphasises the gifts, talents and attributes of the person that's been read. Often the message includes things that only the person receiving  it can know. The last part is a series of channelled messages that someone might follow in order to either find an answer to a long standing questions or future steps that would bring the most benefit in their life.

The process in which is delivered makes a difference, as there are a few easy steps to follow and what to do with the reading. It provides an immediate shift in energy, which helps to change perspective and see life or the current situation from a different light, as the energy is closer to whom one really is, as it has an influence of someone's consciousness. 

At this point is when the detailed 'instructions' or steps play an important part in what happens next and how someone feels when receiving the reading. It's not really possible to describe the experience, as one only knows once the reading is received. However, it does create a substantial change, which is guided throughout the whole process. The process including the reading can take up to three hours, sometime longer. 

It does answer questions and brings clarity. 

In order to get some insight, I believe that the best is to read some of the reviews from people who received a soul reading already, and that can be found on this page.

The following blog post offers more information on how to get a soul reading, including free ones. 

Finally, a soul reading is not a final solution, but it has proven to be an incredible tool for self-development and shift towards healthier emotional states. 

Free readings are offered in this group weekly: Soul Readings


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