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The Magical Healing Power Of Music.

In a previous blog post, 'Letting Go And The Music Of Heartbreak' I wrote of an alternative and flexible way in which to listen to music in order to let go of past relationships. How we face situations in life determines the feelings that are produced by events, the memories created and how we feel when we remember.

Music is particularly important in everyone's story. In a way, it works as invisible ink that through life is used to write our story on the soul and psyche. What we write on it and how we write it is everyone's personal responsibility. Each individual is responsible for the way they feel regardless of what experiences they've been through or how we've been treated.

Music is used by many in order to create healing spaces. Some, like music therapists or healers might have training and a method to follow. Some others resort to experience and intuition to recreate the same results. Everyone holds an incredible power within to heal. This path is found through intuitive intelligence; an intelligence which transcends ego and intelligence itself. 

If we paid attention when listening to silence, everyone would hear the music within. Then the magic begins.

However advanced one is in their personal or spiritual development, sometimes it is necessary to ask for help. There are periods of stagnation in which nothing seems to work or one is not advancing at the same pace that they're used to. We don't always have to do it alone. An incredible synergy is created between people and souls when we work together and move in the same direction. 

One voice, one heart, one soul. 

A few months months ago I was sitting with someone who had repeatedly asked for my help, but whom refused to give anything in exchange, as his asking came from a place of entitlement. Of course, like everyone else I like to get paid for my work. I had been listening to him though. It was not so much as refusing to help, but to show that sometimes we have to make an effort and invest in our personal development if we want to obtain positive results. This is a brief account of what happened. No words can truly describe it. 

As I listened to him talking about heartbreak for the hundredth time, I asked him to pause. It was obvious that he had not listened to a word I said. Words don't really teach. Experience does. Hence, I needed to get his attention in a different way. As he allowed silence in, I began playing a famous, popular song, the perfect vehicle to work with feelings and emotions. The song is about remembering, longing and if listened to it repeatedly, to never let go. The vivid representation humanity has of heartbreak.

Next I played another popular song, expressing gratitude for having had the wonderful opportunity to love such a special someone in their lives.. No longing, no melancholy; only appreciation and love. 

The third song was written and sang by a talented friend of mine. A song about the pursuit of freedom, returning to the soul and revisiting the essence of home. As I talk to him, I had already changed my tone of voice. A subtle adjustment imperceptible at the time. Every word, movement and piece of music  that was played followed a deliberate intention: to heal. 

Thus far, he revisited the experience of what he knew in his life to that date. With Chopin's music the attention moved inwards, touching his emotions. Even though he was new to classical music, the feeling of the composition sounded familiar: longing, in pain, seeking inner peace through the love of creativity and inspiration. Rachmaninoff sent him deeper into his emotions. A feeling of isolation followed by a sensation of heaviness and lethargy. 

With the purity of Bach he stood before heaven's doors and shown the path to God. At first Brahms was too much, too rich to handle. He neither understood it, nor liked it. My response to him was: "this is God talking to you, but you're not listening". God as in Brahms' music. 

To such feeling of uneasiness I added Beethoven. A music that brought in him a different emotion, and the intention of courage. As the music changed, I described to him the energy of his feelings and emotions. Beethoven was a place he wanted to be in, but a feeling he couldn't recognise. By then he was completely out of his normal state of feeling, being so absorbed by the intensity of the healing process. 

It was the perfect time to return to Bach and show him the doors to heaven on earth again. As this time he allowed the unknown, flowing in the energy that had taken over the room, I presented him with Brahms again, although a different piece: "Lullaby." At recognising this piece of music he showed the wonder and relief of the child within. It was God talking to him. He was listening again. 

By the time I stopped playing music I asked him to tell me what he was talking about before the unexpected session started. Not only he couldn't remember, there were no thoughts in his mind. He reached a state of bliss. Heaven on earth. His beliefs and fears about hell disappeared that day. All need, want and desire vanished. The rest of the evening continued with the same feeling and thoughtless minds. He tried to bring thoughts to his head to no avail. With a new set of beliefs, his sense of entitlement collapsed and he was happy then to offer payment in exchange.

What happened during the session was a sudden shift in vibrations rising consciousness. In his case the change was significant, as this was a man who up until then had been living with the lowest vibrations of apathy, lethargy and depression.

Gestalt therapy allows to recreate such magical experiences, inducing states of mind, opening up to wonderful energies in which someone can explore multiple possibilities in personal transformation. We all  are naturally  magic. Each one of us has the ability to visit such enchanting places. Let's believe and allow it. If we cannot get there by ourselves, it is always alright to ask. 

Remember: One voice, one heart, one soul. Then magic is universal. 

If you decided to take the initiative and experiment with music, let me emphasise that all healing is flexible and that intuition will take you far. Choose your tunes and let the heart dance towards the healing music of your soul. 


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