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Creating New Paths In Life's Journey: The Way Of The Leader.

Every new path in life entails a certain degree of invisibility ahead. Most people look at existing horizons; others create them, as they already live in that sacred space that allows to expression of free will. One might be guided and inspired by the journey of others or what's already established, but initiative and personal input are essential in order to make the most of it, to discover the true self along the way. Intuition is a rich source in which to find leadership skills that as one goes along creates a new vision in this beautiful adventure called life.

People might not be aware of their incredible potential to create new paths following the leader within, nor the trail of inspiration that they leave behind. Every action, every word we say, every minute in one's life is unknowingly connected to so many other souls that at one point or another will be touched by the energy we leave behind. It is easy to underestimate the impact that anyone has on the world, as well as on others, as actions might not followed by immediate responses that we can perceived by the doer.

The path you create could have an amazing, inspirational effect on others. Human beings constantly create magic. Not being able to interpret the energy of your actions, might not allow you to see such magic, or how many hearts have been touched by you. Yes, you! The soul reading this. You have already touched the heart of many souls, it's only that you don't know it. 

My adventure began for me three weeks ago, ending this last Friday. During the early, brief morning meeting in our community, the coordinator asked for a volunteer to work by the lake and clear the path around it. There was no description of the job, and I only realised the hard work required once it started. It is not only leadership that takes initiative. It is required to follow too. In cases such as this, one either puts heart and soul, or they're on for an exhausting ride. 

Both, heart and soul are necessary to live every new moment of the now that's presented. 

By the beginning of the week it was impossible to know where the path was leading too. The ground was covered by nettles and bramble. With the help of a streamer, Kat, moved through the density of weeds. My job was to rake what she left behind with a pitch-fork, pile it up and eventually throw it over the fence on to another field. The job seemed endless. I loved every minute of it. Little by little a path appeared, creating new spots from which to observe and appreciate the magic of the lake. 

The description of the job, -which is not the point of this blog post- might be prosaic; the poetry involved in the final vision is not. This type of work, however exhausting it feels, brings immediate rewards, but of course one has to be in it, live it, feel it. 

By the end of the week the end of the path remained to be discovered. However, the segment that was created allowed to explore the tranquility of the lake and it's multiple possibilities. What is fascinating in this part of the journey is to see someone else's leadership skills, how following her drive and intuition she managed to break through wilderness and bringing personal expression open a space for others to create their visions and understanding of nature. 

As we advance in the creative process, every moment is a new opportunity to make new wishes that mixed with intention help to manifest our desires while the path is create. What is invisible and not yet existing materialises by magic. It's part of the shamanic journey. With intention we induce a dream state, planting the seeds of the magic to appear. How we concoct the spell determines what's yet to come in everyone's journey.

One of the problems we face as humans is that, when exploring our desires we tend to desire what we already know. The unknown path ahead is full of invisible feats that do not manifest because we stopped using our imagination in creative ways. 

When someone doesn't know where to begin, the best place to visit, so as to remember to where we're going is to the memories and dreams of childhood. The child knows it all, for the child is connected to source. The child is light, magic and soul. If your dream as a child was to travel and discover new places and meet different people, you might be a few years behind, but it's never too late.

I believe that there are many souls wandering around the world following their hearts and dreams, finding constant inspiration for themselves and others. It is essential to live and use our own experience in order to return to the soul. The soul is always there, ready to lead the journey. Every day, every moment and every situation are crossed roads that determine the destiny of our days. Not being able to see might have to do with lack of involvement, lack of leadership skills or both. Nothing to worry about. Anyone can begin now, in this moment. 

We're so used to follow the direction of a mindless society that we forgot to lead our own journey. Never forget that you're a leader. Many could follow your path, hence, our actions require integrity, responsibility and fun. Whatever you do, wherever you go, never forget to have fun. It's not necessary to get there, or not knowing that what we're looking for is always here, but without movement and that strong sense of direction of the true seeker, life wouldn't be fun. Life is only an uncomfortable mystery when we're afraid of the surprises.

There weeks later the path is open and clear; a place of beauty and magic. As the path is open, a new journey begins for me and to the over hundred people who walked it this morning. This time there's no need to follow anyone, and as I slowly walk around, it I get sucked into a new dimension, a new vortex to consciousness, with a feeling that it is a place I see for the first time, but that I remember as I left it and have seen before. A place I can call home. And with every glance, I discover like a child, that in the same vision there are thousand worlds still to explore. Follow the magic of the child, fall in love, and you're already there. There's no need to go anywhere. 

And I'm touched, truly touch. In Love, as it is mine and your birth right. And blessed, I'm blessed with the gift of nature, as you are. One day we'll all remember.


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