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The Key To Abundance, Consciousness And The Higher Self.

Within each individual there´s an inner compass which allows them to follow the path towards abundance in all forms imaginable. Unfortunately it remains overlooked in the shadows of the unconscious. People are hardly aware that it exists, as society rarely provides the appropriate parameters and platforms for personal realisation. Everyone knows the meaning of integrity, but rarely its true value or what's gained by embracing its energy.

We´re all society, therefore, what everyone does to improve it and change it with the purpose of creating a world that serves the needs of everyone, not only a few, is of the utmost importance. 

Everyone´s contribution is important. No exceptions. Sometimes all that is required is a simple act of kindness. There´s no need for great achievements, nor grand, public eloquent gestures. Simplicity contains an enchanting energy, which is often overlooked. Simple, is enough. Everyone can do their best without comparing to what others may or may not do. To improve the world, we improve ourselves. 

The world is in serious need of a new education system that provides true knowledge and the suitable tools that people can manage from the moment of birth in order to grow up with the feelings of internal peace, love and happiness. An education that tells everyone that we are good enough as we are. An education that is not based on fear. As currently this is not the case, one has to return to love learning how to along the way.

This inner compass is integrity. The definition of integrity is: "the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that you refuse to change". It also means, wholeness, undivided. 

When we look at this definition, it's easy to interpret that being honest and having moral principals must match those already established by society, religion and tradition. 

The kind of integrity that allows an individual to reach a certain level of awareness and conscience, so as to become whole again and in touch with the higher self, might differ from that of the uniformity of society. It can be recognised through feelings and emotions. Every person on earth is given multiple choices daily being free to opt for one or another at any given time. These choices do not always represent a moral dilemma. A person could be following a certain type of diet and decide to skip it when no one is looking. It is the feeling that follows after, which affects emotions, the state of being and always comes with a lesson. 

Actions, thoughts or a few spoken words are inevitably followed by feelings. In order to sharpen the senses, so as to identify this inner compass one needs to pay attention the immediate feeling. It's easy to recognise, not always easy to follow. A clear example of how an action or a situation affects someone's emotional field is as simple as to look for a cafeteria or a bar. There are places someone would not visit because it offers a vibe that does not match their energetic field. When this is the case, to enter a place not of our liking causes an uncomfortable emotion. The feeling was already there at the door, as a premonition of the emotion to come. Why we keep choosing the wrong place to be might have to do with the fact that uncomfortable is familiar. Familiar is not necessarily healthy.

The same applies in interactions with people. A person chooses to communicate with some people, but not with others. The key to find it is in everyone's personal choices. During communication with others, the problem arises when the people one chooses to mix with do not add any value to their lives or personal growth, but subtract time and energy instead, and yet, they do continue engaging with the same people for different reasons.

These are simple examples that help to identify what one is truly looking for; an emotional state of well being. Integrity is a commitment to the self, not so much to others. Acting in ways that deface our values and integrity due to peer pressure never brought any good to anyone. It causes separation from the core. The more these actions are repeated the longer is the journey back home, the journey to love.

Following the integrity compass might not be an easy task. It requires to abandon habits, certain beliefs and ideas that at some point were understood as truth and might be deeply ingrained in one's belief system. This represents one of the major obstacles in personal growth. People don't like changes. They might not be supportive nor understanding of the new you. 

It's impossible to have integrity and follow your dreams while still trying to please everyone around. It might take a lot of courage and a great amount of energy to be yourself once the process of expansion and growth has begun, but it's worth it. 

If there's no commitment to the self, there can be no growth or it would be delayed for as long as we stand on the fence pondering whether we should be authentic or not. Often, what deters someone is not others, but one's own fear of the unknown, fear of leaving behind certain aspects of their lives and personality traits that have been with the during a long part of the journey. Not knowing what comes next, may lead to doubt and hesitation. While we wait to give a step forward in the right direction the same mistakes are repeated again and again.

Embracing integrity brings one great benefit to life, which is the narrowing down of the options left ahead. As you leave what no longer serves you, you will be presented with different choices and opportunities carrying different energies that would certainly lead to better emotional states. No one can jump from one stage to the other without removing habits, beliefs and actions that only act as heavy burdens. Being used to it doesn't mean that we must follow them by inertia. It's essential to let go. 

However comfortable one may be to continue acting in the old ways, it is perhaps important to notice that many of these types of behaviour, habits, actions and thoughts have been conditioned by others, society, culture or religion and that in most cases have been adopted in order to survive; in order to be accepted. Question everything. 

It's also possible that mistakes made are not fully conscious. For this reason, paying attention to our emotional state at the time would provide with an answer. In a way, this is trial and error process. You are the student and the teacher. If one continues seeking an answer, they will certainly find it.

As one growths in integrity, they create a different energy within, one which is more in tune with the true self. The new energy vibrates at a different frequency attracting new people and situations. It's a matter of feeling and emotion. Do you feel depleted, numb or uplifted?

Perhaps it's easy to embrace integrity when alone, but the true challenge comes when communicating with others. This aspect is the of the utmost importance and one we have to pay attention to. It's often the case that we talk to people expressing fear, as if coercing them into making a decision that they'd rather didn't take, in order to be benefited from such interaction. When communicating with others, they must feel the freedom to make their own choice, transmitting an energy that whatever the outcome may be, we remain unaltered. It's their life, their decision, thus it's a situation that should benefit them.

We can't talk of love while we're trying to achieve it by fear. If it's not love, is better not to have it at all.

There is a child within, a child that exists long before the inner child is born and who has all the answers. Integrity is what that child would do in each situation. When in doubt, ask the child, they have feelings too. Which emotional state this child lives in is always up to you. Integrity is the path to freedom, where love lives. You were once that child; whole and undivided. You're complete as you are, but you might not remember.

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