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Getting Women With Mind Control.

Mind Control is a pseudo-science which claims that the thought process in others can be controlled with psychological techniques. It's supposed to introduce new or unwanted thoughts in the mind of people. In other words, it's re-education with an ulterior motive behind and for someone's own personal benefit. For the last two days I had been working on a blog post, which coincidentally treats a similar subject: how a man can find or attract a woman, and the steps men can take in order to do so. My approach, however, it's as effective as it is healthy, as well as non-manipulative, for both men and women. However, as mind control as a way to get women was brought to my attention by readers, I decided to take on this one first. 

In my previous blog entry: 'All men are the same', I wrote how men as a collective have gained the way women perceive us, however different one might be from the other. Women need us. They want us. They love us. They fear us. Not the best stage, nor feeling to approach postures in order to find a common ground from which we can create healthier relationships. 

If you have not read the blog post mentioned above, 'All men are the same' is not a blog against men, nor masculinity, but an informative and encouraging one to change perspectives and direction as a collective.

When a man meets woman there's a important factor that all men have to consider. Most women already had some type of negative experience with men. It doesn't necessarily have to be in a relationship per se, as it is as simple as the impact that a family member, being a father, grandfather or close relative had in their development. When the negative portrait of men comes as a direct result of a relationship, what a man has to consider is that even though he enters a new relationship with the impression of coming with a clean sheet, we have to move through all the emotional debris left behind by another man. This woman might already be responding to triggers and created boundaries that may be impossible for him to overcome. 

Triggers and boundaries go and live deep, often causing mayhem in relationships, for which reason a different blog entry would be more appropriate to explore the subject.

A man's good behaviour or intentions alone may not be enough to overcome the damage created by another man. Often this issue can be represented subtly, and neither of the partners may be aware or able to recognise it. 

It's often the case that relationships do not have the appropriate closure, leaving previous relationships open in terms of energy. Now you're in competition with an old boyfriend, ex-husband or worse; a mindless lover. At this stage is easy to believe that one is a hero or saviour; that we're going to make this woman feel safe. 

Women don't need to be saved. They want to be loved, feel wanted. This is safe.

The point is that this woman has been manipulated in one way or the other. Whether this is trained mind control or not, the consequences are something we all have to live with. It only makes relationships more difficult, if not impossible. When a man is in a relationship, having to face unexpected reactions that do not make sense and may be out of proportion, that woman might not be reacting to him, but to a previous lover.

Everyone leaves an imprint in their lovers. The questions are, what mark we want to leave behind and how we want to be remembered.

As children we grow up with the idea that once we reach adulthood we're going to lead a perfect life. We've already seen all the mistakes adults make and move forward with the conviction that we'll do better. It's possible to make it better, and many people achieve to break with family patterns. One of the purposes we have in life is to break with the negative traits in behaviour, beliefs and habits that don't serve anyone. To break with the tyranny of patriarchy, which equally damages both, men and women, is the purpose of the collective. Patriarchy survives due to mind control.

The idea of perfect is what moves individuals to try and control everything. Even though we've never been in a relationship, we already have mapped out how it works, how perfect is going to be, not considering that a relationship is formed by two people or that the other person also has their idea of perfection. 

Mind control is the inner child trying to control everything. 

Mind control is what the Nazis did to Germany and the German people. We all know how that ended. 

Mind control is what pedophiles do to children to keep them in shame and silence, so as to continue abusing them. 

Mind control is admission that we're not enough and we need an instrument of power to dominate others. 

Mind control is coercive. 

Mind control is abuse.

Mind control is the way of the coward.

Mind control is fear of being authentic. 

Mind control is what politicians and media inflict on the general population. 

Mind control is how religion manipulated people with fear for centuries. 

Mind control is what the banking elites are making everyone believe, in order to make us think that live in a world of lack and scarcity. 

Mind control is the same manipulation from which we've been trying to escape since childhood. 

Mind control speaks of low self-esteem, of someone who doesn't believe he can get what he wants with his natural abilities.

There are numerous and different forms and expressions of mind control.  

It's unfortunate to see that in order to make a quick buck some men are teaching or at least trying to teach mind control to other men. It's even more unfortunate that there are men biting the bait and paying for such services trying to learn manipulative techniques in order to get what they want from women or anyone else. This is also a sign that they've been already mind controlled. Oh, the irony!

Let's say that these mind control techniques work and that one learns to control and manipulate women in order to get what they want, usually a quick fix. It might get a man what he wants for a while, until he realises that this is not what he wants, although it might take him a time to reach that conclusion. It's not the way to reach self-realisation or to find out who we really are. What we do, the behaviour and beliefs we feed and embrace is who we are and what we become. 

What we do to others, we do to ourselves. How we treat others, define who we really are.

Picture this: A man uses mind control techniques to manipulate a woman. As this woman is facing both, an external and internal struggle to act in ways that probably contradict the true essence of who she is, she's not only divided; she becomes as shadow of who she really is. The man gets the package, but not the heart. She might go along with it for a period of time. Eventually this woman will want to escape from the emotional and energetic prison where a man put her. And she will. 

The truth is that one can manipulate and control another for a while, but everyone is strong enough to resist and rebel against the tyranny of an oppressor. Love is freedom, which is the opposite of what mind control produces. 

We can't control anything. Once we are in peace with this fact, life becomes much simpler. 

Everything in life is a paradox. Many of these paradoxes come charged with a great amount of irony. While trying to control others, we also put a halt on our personal development, renouncing to explore the amazing qualities that every human being is born with, as well as the incredible possibilities for growth and to create a wonderful reality. 

If you want to connect with women to get want you want, offer them love and freedom. Those are the two of most powerful magnets, as it allows for a space where women can express the best of what and who they are. 

Mind control lacks empathy, kindness, love, honesty, trust or care; all the good human qualities, which might illustrate what a man's intention may be. This is certainly not the portrait of a man, but the obvious underdeveloped traits of  a boy; the inner child running on a tantrum, seeking revenge against women.

If a man truly wants to make a connection with women, so as to get what he wants, the steps to follow are those that embrace masculinity or the divine masculine. Perhaps it seems a harder road at first, but once developed and absorbed, connections with women, with the self and the world become much easier. 

There are amazing traits in masculinity, which men are overlooking, while we're still trying to get a quick fix to our frustrations, instead of looking in the mirror and face our own demons. Controlling others is just another way to escape from responsibility. Only that this time, with mind control, it's not only the man who suffers the consequences. We do also harm others.

The danger in trying to apply mind control is that once the individual realises that they can't control anyone as they imagined, and that even if they did, it wouldn't be for too long, he grows in frustration and anger. There might be a rapist in the making. Life is in the choices we make. What a waste of imagination and creativity.

If you benefited from the information provided in this blog entry, I accept donations -donation button at the top right of the blog-, so I can continue writing more blogs posts. Thank you for your generosity and kindness. 


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