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Talk To Her: He Couldn't Talk to a Woman. Now He Can.

Many men struggle when it comes to talking to the woman they're attracted to. Some, in fact struggle to talk to any woman at all. Behind it, there's an undeserving feeling and a belief that tells that their not good enough. Men are not instructed in how to treat with women, nor anything else for that matter. No one teaches us what's truly important. The result is that we find love, relationships or commitment challenging. What would set us free, love, is what we fear most. From an early age, we're told to man up, to toughen up, to remove ourselves from feelings and emotions. That's a "girl's thing!" In turn, the pressure to distance ourselves from our true essence, often brings disastrous consequences that both men and women have to live with maybe for a lifetime. 

Men are expected to lead. But how can one lead when leadership is not taught from an early age? People are taught to fit in, to unconditionally belong to society, no questions asked; to keep our heads down and renounce to the most beautiful parts of being human. 

Separating from emotions creates an abysmal silence that most men use as a shield to protect their inner truth, which is what eventually would create a healthy connection with everyone else, the world, women and the self. 

Men cannot create a true connection with a woman without a deep, emotional element. One gets lost in words. Not truly knowing what to say, we get lost trying explain and over-explain what we don't understand: ourselves, in an attempt to tell others that we're good enough, that we deserve to be loved. Love is not just a feeling, it's a state of being that one only remembers when falling in love. Then words are not necessary, but on the way back to love, we continue explaining, while trying to understand what we are all about. 

I've already written about how men are as emotional as women, only that this is expressed in different ways. Here's the blog post if interested: 'Men And Emotions' 

Meet Nathan.

Nathan is not his real name. When I met Nathan, he was 25 years old. He was completely disconnected from himself. He exhibited low self-esteem and a frustrating lack of confidence in his natural abilities; abilities that he never used. During our first meeting he exposed every single obstacle that he created in his mind over the years in order not to have a relationship. My response was that any man can have any woman he wants -within reason-, anytime; that the secret is a sense of knowing, which lies covered by patterns of behaviour, beliefs and that it becomes a natural state of being by the choices we make. 

It is OK to change our beliefs, especially when new beliefs give us what we most want.

He had no reasons, but excuses.

In his own words, Nathan was overweight, short, not good looking, suffered from low self-esteem and it was obvious that he felt extremely uneasy around women. He kept a good distance from any woman, despite the fact that he was interested in a young girl. He also believed that the only way he could attract the woman of his dreams was by being successful in business. Business and money were his only focus. A means to an end. The problem was that he was neither in business, nor had the money. Thus he created another insolvable problem.  

Asking for help.

Everything began to change when he realised that he couldn't achieve what he wanted by himself and asked for help. It's a hard step to take. Men don't like asking for help, as we don't like to ask for directions. We live under an obstinate spell trying to project an image that we're in control. We're not. It was not an easy step to take. At no point I offered any help, nor introduced him to my coaching services. It was his choice to ask. More often than not, we need help to get what we want when we don't know how to get there. Help is always available, but one needs to ask.

Changing perspectives

I use Gestalt techniques -energy- and psychodrama when working with clients either face to face or online to recreate an experience that shows where the person is at the time. Such experiences reveal the beliefs and perspectives that one has on their current reality. When one beliefs that something is impossible, it does indeed becomes impossible. At the first opportunity Nathan had to talk to women face to face he jumped against the wall, as if he was trying to hide in it. Two minutes earlier he bragged about getting the same girls that were present in the place where we both were. 

These experiences are incredibly powerful, as the energy created is conducive for feelings and emotions, but also are eye openers to different possibilities. There were also numerous conversations during our interactions. Once the problem is identified it's easy to focus on the solution and work on it. Focusing on the problem or the beliefs he held are counter-productive. The mind is a master in creating problems. 

The heart is a master in finding solutions. 

Obsession and patience.

From the moment he signed to work with me he obsessed with reaching results immediately. It's not how it works. One needs to be patient in order to see the problem, accept their limitations while moving towards the solution. He was not. 

Talking and treating with women is much easier than what most men believe when it comes from a place of knowing. Knowing is an energy that every man holds within. No exceptions here. It's also a feeling, reason for which blocking emotions for a man is counter productive. 

Nathan's urgency prompted him to fixate on a co-worker, an older woman he claimed to have feelings for. He had misinterpreted her friendliness and took it as interest. It was clear that there were no loving feelings. He just wanted to 'close the deal' immediately and find sexual gratification, so as to prove to himself that he could do it. Knowing this I helped him to set a date, making sure that it took place in a safe space. One of the wonderful aspects of Gestalt techniques is that it doesn't allow to cause any harm to anyone. 

After two weeks of texting backwards and forward he desisted, realising and later on admitting that he only wanted to take advantage of this woman. Nothing else. Not reaching his 'target' he was truly disappointed, despite the fact that I told him that getting a woman by deception is not something I teach. My work doesn't allow room for casualties. This is how trying to deceive others becomes self-deception. 

However calculated his intentions were, during this period he was exposed to his own emotions, revealing where he may have gone wrong, and how his beliefs remained obstacles to what he wanted, it was a positive experience. He managed not only to talk to a woman, but to set a date. Nathan was given ample space and time to identify whether his actions were right or wrong. He was the judge of his own behaviour. 


In order to teach Nathan how to connect with the sense of knowing, I had to show him through experience. Wherever we went, there was always a woman 'interested'. As he could see this, he repeatedly asked me how I managed to attract these women. The answer to this was: nothing. I don't do anything. I know. It's a feeling; an energy that's not threatening to women, nor anyone else. 

Despite the fact that on every occasion attraction took place I always walked away from the situation. At seeing this, he created a new intention and a new belief. This was that by being near me, he would get to choose among one of those women, as if they were objects that I owned. It was no longer about meeting the right woman. Any woman would do. The truth is, I wanted no one. None of those women were intended for me. Attracting a woman while working with someone would have been a betrayal to the principles I base this work on, as well as being highly unprofessional. The objective of such 'attractions' were to show Nathan that in order to attract a woman, no tricks were necessary; that a man doesn't have to jump in to the first opportunity that's presented. 

The fact that we can do something doesn't mean that we have to. 

In order to get what we want, often we have to say no to what we don't want. 

Heaven and Hell.

More often than not, personal beliefs stop us from getting what we want. Not only Nathan had fallen captive of a cultural belief of hell, he had created a reality that day after day manifested a reality of hell. How this belief transformed during the course of one evening is written here: 'The magical healing power of music.'


Over a period of weeks, his beliefs as well as his self-esteem changed. Nathan grew in confidence. He no longer feared approaching women, although the impossibility to interest a woman still lived with him. 

The one mistake he was making now was that whenever he approached a woman, he used the same words and terms that I talked about. Nothing wrong with this, except for the fact that if it's not spoken from the heart, there's not a feeling to transform a belief. At this stage he had hit another wall: lack of authenticity. 

Lack of authenticity is the reason why trying to learn tricks in order to 'seduce' women doesn't work. If it doesn't come from the heart, one might be able to manipulate someone else or a situation in order to satisfy a momentary need, but it never reaches someone's heart. It's pointless. 


The experience of heaven and hell helped Nathan to open his heart and see multiple possibilities by holding on to an authentic feeling. From then on, teaching him different energies proved to be much easier. After three months of intensive work, the miracle happened. Not only he had lost the fear to talk to a woman, now there was a woman interested in him. My job was done, but there was still a conversation pending. 

I reminded him of the first conversation we had months earlier, all the obstacles he talked about, his beliefs. He had not changed physically. He was still overweight, "short" as he described himself, broke and every other excuse he had created for himself. But his perception and beliefs had changed. What he wanted was now possible.

Now he was living with the feeling of knowing, realising that he didn't have to do anything. Just being. No longer there was a need to trick anyone. He 'knew'. 

When our work together concluded, I left Nathan with these words: "Now you know. Use it well." Throughout this process, he had learned the benefits of good intentions, as he had experienced the consequences of following a hidden agenda. The choices were open and only for him to decide which direction to take. 

Talk to Her.

Talk to her is both, a personalised program, leading any man regardless of their circumstances, to a sense of knowing, so as to be able to approach women in a healthy and confident manner, as well as a book in progress. This service that was limited to face to face meetings is now available online. 

Despite the fact that for over twenty years I've been encouraged to offer this service to a wider audience, I've always been reticent to meet a demand that encourages deception as a means to an end. Trying to trick someone into a relationship or merely sex, is just another form of self-deception, a way to reinforce the belief that one is not enough, therefore one feels inclined to control and deceive. Tricks or deception are both byproducts of fear. It might offer temporary 'success', but it's also the first step to the end of any relationship. 

It's an empowering process that helps to reconnect to who and what he truly is. Knowing is a powerful state that helps to increases confidence, as well as serving to deal with numerous situations on a daily day basis. The ultimate goal is love; to reawakened the magnet within.

It will also be available in seminars and webinars within months. 

As the world is embracing a shift in consciousness, the solutions to our problems go through healthy and conscious choices that anyone can meet. The secret is in the choices we make. 

A similar program on dating, relationships and intimacy in order to create more conscious relationships is also available for women either through Skype sessions or face to face, as well as a number of upcoming seminars and webinars.

For more information email:

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