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Making Your Life And The World A Better Place

There are many people that at looking at the state of the world feel the unstoppable need to fix it or 'save' it. However well intended such impulse may be, 'saving the world' can be detrimental in most cases. Exhaustion is one of the symptoms that someone might not have the right approach. It's too common a belief among the spiritual community or the so-called awakened or conscious people. People feel called to save the world by any means necessary. In order to do so, people neglect the most important factor that could make their dream a reality: themselves. Eventually exhaustion and the feeling of scarcity consequently lead people to want to save themselves instead.

Focusing on external negativity can only increase a negative feeling within. The realisation of personal powerlessness follows. Personal flaws and limitations become visible, and at this point, what we're really looking for is to save ourselves. Whether we admit it or not, there's an expectation attached to the intention. A return wanted for our efforts. It's not possible to change anything while feeling negative or lacking clarity. Negativity can and has to be transformed with action. Let's begin at home. 

If you get exhausted because you're trying to save the world, it's because you're trying to save yourself.

The concept is paradoxical. No one is under any obligation to make the world a better place, while at the same time, everyone has the responsibility to leave it in a better state that they found it. Everyone also has a responsibility towards others, here and now. The latter is a concept that most people have yet to realise. Kindness costs nothing. Let's begin there.

What we do to others we do to ourselves. Change the order and we're left with; what we do to ourselves we do to others. Treating ourselves to a reality of lack, that's all we can offer: the lack of anything that's being experienced and felt. 

Good intentions alone don't suffice for this purpose. Usually, the less material means one has, the more they feel obliged to save the world, while the wealthier majority do nothing or little to promote changes that set solid basis to create a world that provides for everyone. 

With this in mind, people wanting to make a difference end leading lives of self-sacrifice, as well as being burdened by lack, which in turn only leads to resentment and to perceive more negativity from the world and others. One cannot stand alone on this mission to improve the world. The world doesn't need to be saved. We do.

If you believe that you made an agreement with the Universe to save the world before birth and that in order to do so you have to sacrifice everything and everyone, change that agreement now. Sign a new one that serves to improve your life and sign it today. Give yourself the permission to experience and feel such freedom. It's not a matter of turning your back on responsibility, but to be responsible for your own well-being and happiness.

The answers and solutions to this dichotomy come through community and unity. It's not for you to do it alone. The main problem is that as individuals we still have not understood that in unity we're stronger, and that only through it we can solve every issue that is not presented as impossible feats. Most people are still burdened by the belief of lack of abundance which translates in selfish attitudes to provide for themselves only. Even when we have nothing we can continue giving to ourselves, others and the world, but society has been built on the importance the material, making it increasingly more difficult to change this belief, as if owning nothing or little was who and what we are. 

The truth is that everyone is gifted in one way or another and that within everyone holds treasures that if shared with the world could make this world an extraordinary place to live in.

Your responsibility with the Universe and the world is to take care of yourself first, to build your life on healthy and abundant choices: physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually and psychologically. Without a solid base, the impact that one can have on the world is small. Living on a constant state of lack, one remains needy, constantly catching up. Not only causes resentment; it's an exhausting way to understand life. Lack is a belief, but so is abundance.

It's true that small, personal initiatives can and do improve the world and change lives. The examples are many. Anyone has the ability to transform the world, to have a great impact with their actions. But what's the point to sacrifice health, housing and even relationships in order to make this world a better place? It's everyone's responsibility, not only yours. It's essential to find a balance between what we give and what we take.

People who venture into such initiatives are extremely driven, persistent and do it from a place of knowing. This sense of knowing is essential, and if they're capable of carrying out such feats, it's because that feeling is permanent in them. Working from a sense of hope or believe helps, but might not be enough. They're also people with an incredible ability for sacrifice. It´s a leap of faith in which knowing is the only safety net. However, they sacrifice the unnecessary, not what's essential for their well-being and survival.

More than the lack of material means, what we lack is the permanent sense of knowing. The faith that comes with knowing is as real as the reality that we witness in the world. Perceptions changes when we look at the mirror within, for in its eyes faith, love and abundance always thrive.

Try and picture this: No personal comfort, sacrificing personal relationships, romantic or platonic, friendships, even family. Renouncing to a career, jobs, stable accommodation, money and even jeopardising health or personal safety, also on occasions risking your life or your freedom. In such cases, the actions are taken to a different level. The more we risk, the more we get. Sometimes the result is losing it all, but people who manage to live like this always get up again, dust the dirt from their backs and have another go at it.  

Try and imagine standing in the street alone having lost everything and knowing that everything is going to be OK. You don´t know how, but you know that your inner compass will take you there. It's not by luck that certain people always land on their feet; it's a matter of knowing. In knowing all the right circumstances would appear to get through whatever obstacles appear.

While we're preoccupied about the next meal or how to pay rent, it might be difficult, if not impossible to remain in a place of knowing unless this has been a way of living and one is used to it.

There's an element of needing to be liked and praised by others attached to such behaviour, as if by caring and doing, others will have a better opinion of us. Having been active for years on social media and interacting with thousands of people online and face to face, I know that this isn't always the case. No matter what we do, how well we do it or how good intentions may be, there's always going to be the one, and most likely several others that won't approve of what we do. More to it, they'll let us know, and not exactly in kind ways. It's their fear. Don't buy into it. If what you're doing brings you a sense of peace and well-being, continue doing so.

For as long as we depend on the validation of others, one is always going to second guess themselves. No one is ever good enough to satisfy the needs of everyone. People are too comfortable in their comfort zones. Anything new that may represent a slight challenge to their beliefs is a threat to them. As they have no defense, they attack. Proof that their comfort zone is flaky, lacking in conviction. What´s attacked is your pursuit of freedom, which ironically it´s viewed from self-built prisons. 

What's missing in most people is the ability to pause and question their beliefs. Society has reached a stage in which everyone is on a defensive mode in order to preserve the truth they've believed so far. It's not easy to change a belief, as it causes pain and suffering. It cannot be that the world is a mess and that everyone is doing the right thing at the same time. It doesn't make sense. People are facing constant challenges on their beliefs, as global energy changes towards a shift on consciousness, in which everyone is faced with old demons and truths they've suppressed for too long. People no longer know why they feel the way the feel or where these emotions come from, as they might not be aware that truth is an unstoppable force that would cause all sorts of mayhem until it's revealed. There's no place we can hide from the truth. The sooner we accept this and embrace who we really are, the sooner we'll achieve inner peace and then with the world.

When someone lives with a sense of knowing, there´s no need to go around proving others wrong.

Going out of our way trying to prove someone else wrong is indicative of having too much time in our hands to see, to judge and voice discontent, which may imply that they're not doing much with their lives. When we're fully engaged in our life purpose, it feels good and one simply doesn't have the time to go around seeing fault in others. We do more of what works and might help ourselves and others.

Most of the frustrations that we experience when making this world a better place is to witness that apathy and selfishness of others. It's important to remember that everyone is at a different level of consciousness and that even though people would benefit greatly from what we have to offer, personal development is tied to timing. No one learns a different way to live or behave before their time. Often people have to continue making the same mistakes time and again until they have enough of their own self-sabotage. 

Be a good person, but above all, be good to yourself. Improve your life and reach clarity. Negative opinions can't have an impact on you then. The point of this approach is to remove the insecurity that comes along with popular validation. Do what you do because it makes you feel great about yourself, not because you want to be liked.  

We lead by example. Use determination to make your life a better place, and as it improves gradually and naturally, see the world around you changing. Not just the world, but the quality of people around you. This is the challenge for everyone, to improve ourselves. Choose activities that make your life extraordinary, not forgetting the simple and basic aspects of it, such as finance, health, fitness, employment or friendships. It makes an incredible. We cannot make a difference on the world when we can´t make a difference in our lives.

No one can fix what might be missing in the world if they miss it in themselves.

Being liked by everyone should be the norm. Unfortunately it's not the prevalent currency in today's society. By seeking the acceptance of others at all costs, we lose authenticity, and the best of ourselves along the way becoming a puppet to other people's wishes. In order to preserve authenticity, one may want to get used to the idea of being disliked, and accept it. Like yourself instead by making your life a beautiful experience. Leading a life that makes you happy, you wouldn't have the time to feel the dislike from others. 

Silence is a powerful ally.

Remove all toxic people from your life. Remaining in toxic relationships only brings more of it. It stops growth, as well as having a greater negative impact than what it might seem when we're going through it. Staying in unhealthy relationships or situations is often a matter of convenience, however inconvenient they might be. Life is adventure and what you make of it. Live it to the full. Sad or not, it's a fact of life that we leave people behind. Sometimes, the sooner the better. 

Find activities and people who match your ideal of life, even if this means what it might feel like a long journey through the desert. For this, we explore, go to new places and open up to strangers that in time create friendships. Then and only then one has the opportunity to make a difference to the collective. It's said that "we become like the five people we spend the most time with". Who are you spending time with? and why?

Invest in yourself. Find the means to do so and pay for the best. The list of activities is endless. Whether you're interested in spirituality, personal development or not, there are numerous choices. Life in itself is personal development. Choose those that help you grow and become a better person. Some people may choose a retreat or a yoga class while others would prefer developing practical or technical skills. How you grow is always your choice. Learning to cook is as spiritual as attending a meditation class. 

In order to grow, one often needs to seek guidance from others. There are many professionals that can provide it. Money and costs are always a touching matter, especially among the 'spiritual' community, as money is still seen as a symbol of corruption and evil. Money has nothing to do with any human emotion. It's the belief and emotion attached to it, not to money. 

When seeking guidance, hire the people who tell you that growth it's possible or that don´t drag you with their services for the next ten years. Personal development takes time and one has to be patient, but reaching a healthy state of being doesn't have to last a lifetime. 

The way people spend money and for what purpose is fascinating. It's also a determinant factor in personal development and health. Some people wouldn't invest in their personal development arguing how costly or expensive it is, but won't hesitate to pay for overpriced pizza and beer every weekend. It's as important to consider the value of what we buy, as it is to look as its lasting effects. This is an important fact that's widely overlooked; that the way we spend money is closely associated with someone´s comfort zone. 

The way we receive money is also related to our comfort zone, which is most likely linked to personal beliefs and someone's upbringing. If the manifestation is scarcity this is due to the belief that poverty is an honourable place to be. It's not!

We do not invest in ourselves, because we have not been educated to love ourselves. Instead we choose pizza and beer, which might serve to feed immediate needs now, but which we might regret tomorrow. The problem is neither the pizza, nor the beer, but the belief and attitude that sets people on the survival mood that procures for that pizza and that beer so as to go on without further ambition for better days. There's a time for pizza and beer, as there's time for any other practice. 

Years ago I was presented with the opportunity to attend a retreat. As I didn't have the cash to pay for it then, the first reaction was to say no to it. "It's too expensive". I said. And it was expensive considering my finances then. Within a week intuition told me otherwise. It took me a second to change my mind and go for it. Not only by the end of the retreat I already had the money to pay for it, it was one of the best and wisest decisions I made in my life. By the end of a sequence of retreats the money was already in my bank account to pay for the next one. There were no many pizzas or beers, but there was growth and abundance. One added value and growth to my life, the other didn´t. It´s a choice.

Retreats, seminars or  self-development courses are no different from learning to play an instrument, a new skill, travelling for months to discover new places, people and cultures or acquiring different professional skills that enrich who we are. It applies to everything, from diet or clothing to any other purchase.

We are the choices we make.

The problem with wanting to save the world while we can't help ourselves is that makes life extremely uncomfortable, as the energy that is required to energise ourselves is usually wasted on ventures that lead nowhere. It's not that housing, a job or our finances might not be the best -we don't need the luxury-, but that we forgot and renounced to our dreams. The longer we choose to live an ordinary life instead of leading an extraordinary adventure, the stronger and more negative emotions are. An unexplored life inevitably leads to personal dissatisfaction, and eventually to the deepest regret. Time on earth is finite. Do it now.

Taking care of yourself doesn't have to stop different activities that help the collective. The latter should not be the priority, but an addition. 

There are many ways in which we can change the world or inspire others to do so, but it's not a must that comes before your needs. If you have a skill or a gift that serves this purpose, find a way to make it viable, turn it into a business even if it's only part time and get paid for it. If your skills or gifts only helps others, exhaustion, frustration and resentment will inevitably follow. 

We live in a world where money is necessary. If and when people approach you preaching down that your gift should be free, see how they live and if they follow suit. Most likely they don't. One truth that we have to accept when we want to 'save the world' is that in so many ways we're screaming our need to be saved. 

Everyone has a different perception of life and the world. Find those activities, people and places that make you happy and do more of that. It's an inevitable truth that in order to accomplish this, one has to come out of the comfort zone. It does take courage, but what it might be scary and uncomfortable for five seconds could well be the path to love, happiness and a wonderful existence. Forget what they told you, that you're not good enough or that you will never accomplish your dreams. Pay attention to who's talking and their intention. These statements usually come from people who left their dreams behind long ago or never managed to accomplish anything themselves. 

Putting pressure on yourself often derives from the belief that you're not good enough, and as result you use or waste all your energy trying to prove yourself.

Yes, this world needs fixing. Everything can, should or could be improved, but there's nothing that we have to do. All we need to do is be. Be the best version of ourselves, and when we get there, everything else follows. When we feel well, we procure healthy environments and the well-being of others. When we hurt, we hurt others, as well as the environment. 

Having said and written this, you may choose to ignore all of the above and do what your heart calls for. Just pay attention to your level of energy. Most often than not, what causes lack of energy is lack of action, not to follow your dream. Your dream contains the magic necessary to manifest the world you want and everyone needs. Don't let anyone to tell you otherwise, especially that little voice within that keeps reminding you that you're not enough. 

There´s a moment during childhood in which everyone has clarity. You might have forgotten, but it´s still within you. If you remember, follow your bliss and do it. 

If your life has been characterised by all or any of what's written above and you feel exhausted, it might be time to pause, rest and seek what energises you. This is how we improve or 'save' the world. Saying no as many times as needed is what leads to what we really want. Your responsibility is with yourself, then with others. The more you sing and dance and radiate vibrant energy, the more people you'd attract to your cause, to then see, that you are not alone.

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