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The Divine Masculine: Embracing Masculinity.

The energy of the Divine Masculine has been suppressed for centuries. While it is a fact that men have dominated society under the shadow of one male God, it is also true that such dominance has been projected from an understanding of aggression, entitlement, a false sense of moral superiority and violence. Patriarchy was founded on the negative and destructive parts of masculinity, to later on be encouraged. The prevalence of patriarchy and one divine figure caused to create a narrative that excluded the positive traits of masculinity, as well as suppressing the qualities of the Divine Feminine

With the emergence of feminism, especially by the late 60's, all things masculine have been condemned. In real terms, men seem to be guilty by default. In modern times men are encouraged to explore their feelings, emotions and their feminine side, but little is being said about embracing the true essence of masculinity, which is as necessary in order to balance the energies within. 

The Divine Masculine is not exclusive of men, women also must embrace their masculine side. The imbalance that currently sweeps the world has caused to adopt the most aggressive qualities, which women are also adopting to cope and survive in such a competitive society. While awareness of the origins or consequences of the imbalance is a stop forward in the process of restoration, one must also know that this energy is instilled in the collective consciousness and the collective psyche. In order to change the dynamic one has to focus on the solution, not the problem.

As children, men were taught to be detached from everything, and everything, thus separating from emotions. Being unable to feel and express feelings, men separated from their spirituality and their higher self, becoming intolerant and inflexible. Such detachment is detrimental, as men are taught to live within an impenetrable, in appearance, shell. While these protective walls serve the purpose during a period of our lives, so as to survive, it also stops one's true essence from manifesting and expanding, resulting in the void of love. The heart closes and the child never develops.

Being in touch with feelings and emotions, must not be confused with weeping or being over sentimental. It is a matter of allowing vulnerability and regain essential parts to connect with the higher self. The positive effects of this reconnection are clear when transitioning from boyhood to manhood, as a man must get in touch with the Divine Child before he becomes a warrior. This will be explained in more detail in a different blog post.

There's an incredible amount of strength in vulnerability. The absence or loss of spirituality in men, as well as the social pressure to conform to a system that no longer serves anyone, is making men, weak and irresponsible, and unable to cope in an ever demanding society.

Embracing the Divine Masculine allows men to get in touch with their spirituality, connect to the higher self and follow its guidance. Getting in touch with the Divine Masculine requires the study, as well as experiencing the mature energies of masculinity or the mature archetypes of the masculine: The King, The Magician, The Warrior and The Lover. 

It is also recommended to study the unhealthy or Boyhood Archetypes, which can be found in the book 'King, Warrior, Magician, Lover,' by Robert Moore and David Gillette

Embracing the Divine Masculine is a rite of passage from childhood to manhood. Age does not define a man. Under the shadow of patriarchal society, it's not only women, but also men who suffered the consequences of a controlling and divisive ruling establishment. 

As one advances through the different stages of masculinity until balance and embodiment is achieved, men can also expect to gain knowledge and perspective on intimacy. Intimacy being currenly something we seek through others, while it is an aspect that we must explore within and by ourselves.

The Divine Masculine is linked to direction and movement, transformation and growth. Men are essential to support the emergence of the Divine Feminine, the restoration of the Divine Feminine, so as to establish the necessary balance that allows the blossoming of a new world, that provides for the needs and wants of every living being. To support this energetic movement, men do not have to renounce to masculinity, but to reach its maturity and embodiment. 

The Divine masculine is also associated with responsibility, strength, intellect, brilliance, power, generosity, fatherhood, encouragement, material abundance, clarity and respect.

The study, experiencing and embodiment of the Divine Masculine allows men to restore the natural and calm confidence everyone is born with. Those who are interested in understanding and working with energies can also study the Native American Spirit, as it embraces all such qualities. It is an energy which is still vibrant and offers a more recent example of the Divine Masculine in an environment not yet subdued to the tyranny of patriarchy.

Once studied and explored, the Divine Masculine must take action from a place of inner peace, a healthy state and mature approach. Although the terms used are familiar, such as inner peace or mature, by immersing oneself in the journey of the Divine Masculine there will be paradigm shifts that will give a different meaning to the ones we're used to. 

In a separate blog post I'll provide practical ways in which one can reconnect with the Divine Masculine. For now, get excited about the idea that your contribution is essential to the transformation of the world, and that all it is required is to start or continue in the fascinating journey of the Divine Masculine to see a world with eyes that we have never known, in a brand new state of consciousness.

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